Thursday, March 19, 2009

I despise liars.

A few months from not driving on KL road... is it me or has KL drivers gotten more lethal??
Just a short drive to Sungei Wang, and i almost:
- Got knocked by a lorry.
- Got squished by a bus.
- Got smashed by a van.
- Run into a motorcycle.
- Bump a Vios' backside.
Ok lar, i was exaggerating. But no denying KL drivers has gotten a lot scarier... or maybe i've gotten tamer...???
Or maybe... i'm just being drama???

I've got to say, some things you can bear, but some just ticks you off don't they??
And among all, the one thing that ticks me off most are LIARS.
I guess sometimes it's inevitable to lie... but if you really must lie, at least lar be convincing and ensure nobody (or at the most, the person you're lying to) finds out!
In such situations, it's either you confront, or just pretend all is fine and dandy, and secretly smile to yourself when the person continues to lie, but you and i both know the truth.

I seriously hate liars, it's worst than people who uses the elevator to go one-floor up... when the stairs or escalators are nearby!!
No lar, ok, i think the latter is worst. And litterbugs. OMG seriously.

I once saw this guy who was quite good-looking (and that's saying something, considering we're in Malaysia and all).
His hair was smartly styled, he was dressed casually nice and all.
He was standing in-front of me, second in line, at the ATM, and i admit i did stole glances at him.
Then, the person in-front of him finished and walked away, but he (that person) forgot to take his receipt.
Now if the person in-front of you forgot to take his/ her receipt, you'll just take it (perhaps take a glance at it if you're a busybody), and just courteously throw it into the bin right?

That "so-called-good-looking" guy in front of me, took the receipt... and threw it onto the floor.
I was like what turf!! The bin is just two steps away (because his a tall guy, so two steps were more than sufficient)!!! Why can't you just throw it into the bin??
I was tempted to pick up the paper and throw it into the bin, just to show him what does courteous means... but he stepped on the receipt so...

Anyways, i stopped glancing at him afterwards. His lucky i didn't run to the nearest toilet and throw up.
Seriously. Good-looking and all, but attitude worst than a pile of poopoo!!

Oh well, this world is makes up of all shapes and sorts and sizes etc. I'm just glad people i'm close to aren't people like that (^^ )!~

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