Wednesday, March 25, 2009

MacBook Air.

Using my dad's new MacBook Air now.
!@#$%^&* I ALSO WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fast, sleek, pretty, slim, FAST!!!
OMG i'm so going to steal it from him tonight, and erm... erm... hide is under HeeChul's bed!
Hah, it's so freaking thin nobody would even think something is there!!

Though, the fact remains i *still* doesn't like MacBooks. Complicated nevermind, can learn... but slow until (when i used my bro's one)... that for one i was thinking if am i so DongHae that my bro's MacBook works fine him, but malfunctions at my hand??
But my dad's MacBook is like... OMG!!!
It's like surfing the net OUT OF MALAYSIA ok, those super fast, one click *shoosh* and the page opens those type.

What turf. It's just a MacBook, why lar the internet connection like so much faster???
And the start-up... OMG!!!
Oh right... AIR mar... what turf.
And i think i sound like a computer-illiterate now, what turf. I'm not, ok...
Ok, maybe just a little... but yes, i don't know anything about MacBook at all so it's ok.

Operation "steal-Air" commencing in 13hours.

So retarded, omg.

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