Saturday, March 07, 2009

I need to lose weight.

Ooh like that's a big surprise *sarcasm*.
I promise, if i don't lose at least *some* weight before June, i'm going to:
  • Shoot myself with a piece of rubber-band.
  • Jump out from my living room's window.
  • And throw myself into a swimming pool.
There. That'll make sure i keep to my own promise!!
Ok fine, i know it's not convincing, at all, lar.
Because for starters:
  • Shooting yourself with a piece of rubber-band doesn't exactly hurt.
  • My living room is on ground floor.
  • I know how to swim. Even if it's a matter of throwing me into the middle of the ocean and watch me swim back to shore, i'll still most likely survive. I think. It depends lar.
Oh gosh this is difficult.
No, I'AM difficult.
I should just start of by STOP EATING BEFORE SLEEPING!!
It's "addictive"(?) (no lar i'm just being an idiot what turf)!
You start doing it one time, then you keep doing it everytime!!!

And i think i just killed a tree or changed the entire weather for some small random town somewhere in the world... or something...
Maybe it's effect will be something like in the movie "Day After Tomorrow"... except they'll probably huddle off somewhere nice and warm (sorta) like er... in their local pub or something (somehow all those movies always show like small town people like to hang out in local pubs or something, i guess i'm stereotyping but whatever). Anyways...
Because i just put on Resident Evil: Extinction (OMG Milla Jovovich is the coolest wei!!), with lights turn on and fan full blast and erm... came to erm... write this entry... yeah...
So guilty. Waste electricity.

On the other hand... i heart HSM3!~
Am contemplating if my love for the movie (and the songs! Woot!) is enough for me to bear to part RM50 or so (i think) to buy the original DVD.
You did not read what i just wrote.

OMG, reading what i've just wrote.
I love my blog, ㅋㅋㅋ!~
(And so obvious my minds gone completely bonkers or something now hasn't they?)

Bahboo, i need to start sleeping early what turf.

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