Monday, March 16, 2009

A Pig now say.

Pig confirms that my room is not messy... but erm... yeah, the same... i just have a lot a lot a lot of stuffs (but at least my stuffs are properly placed and all)... ehem ehem...
Mwehehehehehehehe, i'm not messy nyat XD (but my boys are!)!!

I actually owe Pig something (to be posted here), but i'll leave it for another day, simply because... LAZY XD!!!
And i want to *try* to sleep early today, hehehe!
But anyways... YOU FIRST, hahaha! Toodles!~


静雯 said...

so guai! good girl! mummy luv ah!

eiko-chan said...

Of course lar, HAHAHA =P!!
Now your turn, faster faster!!!