Saturday, February 26, 2005

I'm back XD... for now -_-"...

Hehehe, now using me cousin's computer again! Arigato ^-^!
But i heard from my dad that maybe this tues or wed can get internet line at home already, so even if no computer yet can borrow bros laptop lor XP?

Aiyo, i very dilemma now ler! Don't know which course to choose and if choose this foundation course, because its express class so very hectic until July (From March until July, 8am like that till around 4.30pm @_@...)... aiyo, i very lazy and "stressed" to choose @_@... i want to remain "leong dei gun" until July, so no need express class XP!!! Just kidding lar!!!
What to do, i'm the one who chose to be "leong dei gun" so mar have to accept my fate lor T_T... but anyway, aiyar, don't want to talk about it for now lar XD!!!

Oh -_-"... my SPM results out soon... very scary ler... don't want to talk about it for now also lar... XP!!!

Ooh, theres something i want to talk about regarding the "Zhou Hou Lian"! I wrote it in a piece of paper, but i didn't bring it over -_-"... nvm ler, next time only input and change the date ler XP!!!

Em, i really still love Jay Chou ne XD!!! His still my favourite idol and NO MATTER WHAT i support him because i love his music and his voice XD!!! Ganbatte ganbatte ^-^!!!

Aiyar, don't know what to talk for now -_-"... because either always go out with cousins or friends, or hehe, clean room or go back old house pack stuffs and feed rabbits -_-"... and my time passes weeee~~ fast, i really don't know when is it sometimes -_-"... too fast dee... really can't remember what happened in the past few days and yadda yadda yadda all the stuffs ler XP...

Ooh, today is lao po's birthday XD!!! Happy birthday lao po da ren ^-^!!!

BTW, i want to buy Nitendo Advance SP soon XD!!! Yeah!!! But really hope i won't get bored of it fast ler -_-"... need to enquire more lar actually too...

And also, this coming monday is my driving exam again... also very kia kia, i hope i'll pass lar!!! Hmm... ok, if i really pass, i'll dance "Super Lover" by w-inds. again? Sounds no sincerity ler -_-"... erm... i'll decide something soon ler!!! Please pray for me to pass!!! Arigato!!! I'll ganbatte ^-^!!! Ganbarimasu!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2005

The feeling of a broken heart...

I really wish them happiness from the bottom of my heart! Truthfully and really really true punya (@_@ eiko-chan uses weird english... which reminds me that eiko-chan DO have her own language XD!!!)... but no one can deny that my heart is broken...

To be honest, i'm happy for them now, but i really felt my heart has been broken, shattered to many pieces... hard to mend?
I know i said give me a few days to cure, and after that i'll be all right... I may be smiling and hahaha everytime, but my heart really felt sore...
Also to say, the feelings of "shi lian"??? Hehehe... now felt how it is dee, next time won't be that bad XP???

I felt like crying... but i can't cry... the tears just won't come out... its like my heart died dee? Hohoho! Stupid word usage XD (@_@ Another weird eiko-chan language -_-"...)!!!

Apart from steering clear of Jay's stuffs (Except my Blog skin [Which i wanted to change for a while but since i can't use my com now, i can't change and save this skin's HTML yet, so =(...] and my handphone's caller ringtone, all my Jay items in my room had been kept away, even the car sticker also i've taken it out to be kept for a while, and i've tried, for once in my lifetime, changed the radio channel when i heard its Jay's song... somemore its my favourite song, "Qi Li Xiang" [I did cry the first time i hear this song, this proves how much i love it!]!), i also felt steering clear away from my friends... i don't know why, just felt like it... except Jing Wen -_-"... hahaha, because she called me and i just answered the phone ler -_-"... hehehe...

Like i said, just don't worry, after a few days (Ok, actually, i've set myself to "recover" tomorrow ^-^! Slap me if i don't XD! I'll contact my friends and i would stop "feeling heart sore"?? Hahaha!!!) i'll be ok and i'll be back to my usual self (Ano genki genki genki ippai no eiko-chan XD!)!!!
But i really wanted to go to K to sing my heart out XD!!!~ I know i'll feel 100% better then... hahaha XD!!!~

eiko-chan now fully announce to the whole world that... "WO SHI LIAN LE XD!!!"!!!~

But why i sound so happy about it @_@?

Friday, February 18, 2005

A day when my dreams were shattered...

Today... i felt horrible...

Jay Chou and Patty Hou (Host of Azio E-news) has confirmed that their dating/ seeing each other...

My heart took a plunge like... oh my god, i don't know what... like...

My dreams were shattered...

At the same time, i was also thinking, "Why Patty? Why not Jolin or Landy etc? Why her?", as i know i'll be able to accept the others better...

And i'm a mean and evil and horrible terrible girl... in the first few minutes of knowing the news, i ACTUALLY wished that they break up soon!!! I'm really a horrible girl!!!

But after awhile, after the news sank in to me, i accepted it, wish them happiness, and hope they'll be happy together...

Who am i to decide who Jay shall be with? Its his life and his world, as long as he is happy ^-^...

I'm very sure, i'll still continuing supporting him, i love his songs, and he is still me best and most possibly still favourite idol! Jay still rules no matter what!

Haha, but i think my big reaction on knowing the news (And becoming a mean and horrible girl...) is because of a few reasons...

I cannot accept him and Patty (But i can accept him and Jolin etc etc, as its been a very long time since their rumours had been flying around!) because... because... I'm very sure its because i'm jealous of Patty!
She's smart, beautiful, elegant, open-minded, have a good command on both english and chinese, an anchor woman, sweet voice, can speaks perfectly, people loves her, everyone loves her (BTW, shes also voted as Taiwan's Dream Lover or something!) etc etc... She is really just perfect!!!

But hmm... perfect guy matches perfect girl ne XD?

And also, the reporters took a picture of Jay and Patty really intimate with each other when they were in Japan (Jay hugged her from the back XD!)... i think its another jealousy strike XP??

Haha, and a few other reasons... i forget dee -_-"... hehe, next time only add XP?

Erm... and erm... I guessed i should've expected that THIS, will happen...
Last time in E-News @ Azio, when Patty went to Jay's shop for an outing, thinking back, Jay's eyes like shines when he look at her, when he talked to her... like shes really special... its really different than the ways Jay talk to other people... and i heard (Forget hear from where...) that Jay is trying to court her, just that Patty shows no interest... and than rumours about them starting to surface... etc etc...

And this morning... i was thinking of this also...
Jay and Patty had been rumoured to visit Japan together... i was wondering could it be true? And i told myself, whatever also, please please, Jay's partner PLEASE NOT be Patty, please be Jolin or something but NOT Patty... but haha... it came true! I should be a erm... physcic (I spelled this wrongly -_-"... lazy, i'll correct later...) or something? Hehehe...

You may not think this is related, but for me i think it is...
Last time, every night before sleeping, i'll definately hear a Jay song on the radio...
After moving into the new house and no radio at night for a few nights, after manage to obtaining a radio in my room, i've never heard his songs on radio at night anymore... i think i never even heard any of his songs on radio so far @_@... accept that concert LIVE one and a few times (One hand is enough to count how many times...)??
And i did felt our "bond" between an idol and a fan loosen, as in torn apart... not as "close" as last time...

Aiyar, cincai lar! His happy and i'm happy dee XD!!!~

Ok lar, until here ne! But neeways, although i already accepted and wished them happiness, i still need to steer clear away from my Jay stuffs... on the contrary, ALL JAY STUFFS TOO... for now ^-^! I'll be fine after a while and when Jay's back, eiko-chan will be back too ^-~!!!~ Sore ja, bye-bye XD!!!~

BTW, i know i'll always support Jay, because Jay is Jay and i love Jay, his music etc! Jay rocks ^-^!!!~

ps: Ooh, yeah, that day when i went to "sip tai sui", i went "kao chim" and asked about Jay's career too! The "chim" says that his career this year will not be so good, but there'll be a "gui ren" that'll help him over the bad times and his career will get better!!!
Could that "gui ren" be... Patty ^-^???
pps: And don't go telling me this, to everyone...
"Shattered dreams or not, you still have no chance with Jay, ok?"... say this, and i'll DEFINATELY steer clear from you for a month too -_-*!!!
Humans (Especially me -_-"...) are meant to have dreams... don't tell me no one doesn't, ok?

Monday, February 14, 2005

Pindah rumah dah XD!!!~

Yooooo minna-san, ohisashiburi desu XD!!!
Long time didn't online dee, cuz pindah rumah mah, and com and internet haven't set up so T_T... kesian me...
Luckily now can use in cousin sis punya house ^-^!!! Arigato XD!!!~

Oh mami, my new room is very super incredibly awfully terribly etc etc.... MESSY XD!!! You can't walk straight ne, have to walk all around this and that (That explains how bad it was 0_0!)... and i don't want to walk over my book, but if i don't... i can't get to my bag -_-"... ooh mami... Really must ganbatte pack it soon yo XD!!!~

Em, and today ne, went to watch "Seoul Raiders" with Ah Theng jie jie, Uncle Ah Guan, Anna jie jie and Kaijie!!! Wahhh, quite funny!!! Not bad ne!!! Not as bad as the paper says!!! Which, as i had learn my lesson, never trust the reviews newspaper writes... its always the opposite usually... for me that is lar XP (A few years back, the same writer wrote a review about "Just One Look", saying how great it is, how nice etc etc... but watching it turns out to be... very xian -_-"...)!!!

Um, tomorrow (Today actually, pass 12am dee!) is Valentines Day! Going to go out with Lao Po XD!!! Yeah!!!~ Happy Valentines Day everyone ^-^!!!~

Ok lar, until here for now ler, next time got more time only bla bla bla and bore everyone (Muahahaha, i'm evil *grins*!)!!!~ Don't miss me yo XD!!! Hehehe!!!
Ja, good night, bye bye for now ^-^!!!~

I'll be back... muahehe... XD!!!~

Friday, February 04, 2005

Trust me... never ever...

Trust me... never ever buy too many mags if you'll be shifting house -_-"... Thats what happened to me...
One of my treasures are my mags, apart from my CDs, comics, softtoys, junks, Kawaii babies etc etc... and my mags are not just one or two or five... its ALOT!!! And i just put all of them in a box and its HEAVY!!!
Nevermind the "ALOT", Japanese magazines are heavier than normal mags, i suspect its cause of the paper quality or something... i only carried a few copies (I think 5...) and its already kinda like @_@... imagine when the whole box is like... full of Japanese magazines... @_@...

Yes, i'll be moving in to my new house from today onwards! Hehe, but i haven't completely pack all my stuffs yet... i have too many junks -_-"... now you know the balasan of buying too much stuffs -_-"... i hope my room won't end up junk X0... but its bound to be -_-"...

We were suppose to go in early morning, so after i wake up, bath, than i pack a few more important stuffs i haven't pack the day before... my Jay CDs and w-inds. pictorial book XD!!! If there is any of my very first belonging into the new house, it'll definately be both of it!!!
Than after that clean up abit, than i go back to the old house and finish putting my last few mags into the heavy box (@_@!)! Yesterday i did halfway dee, than thinking its too heavy maybe i should move abit abit there lar! But since got workers moving, might as well just trouble them help me move the heavy box lar XP!!! Thank you!!!~

But theres still my comics -_-||... my softtoys -_-|||... my decoration stuffs -_-|||||, my remaining books and mags -_-||||||, my clothes -_-||||||| and and... -_-||||||||... alot alot alot to do somemore @_@...
Ganbatte eiko-chan ^-^!!!~
Oh, and because shifting dee, maybe cannot update Blog often X-0!!!~ Don't miss me yo XP!!!~ Hahaha!!!~
Hehe, need to see where to put Jay's auto poster and my precious w-inds. 2005 Calendar, and a few Jay's poster XD!!!~ But Dad don't let put poster =(!!! As long as its nice ok dee lar XD!!!~
Oh yeah, but the room still got a few stuffs not fully done =(!!! Have to wait till after CNY!!! Bear with it for now lar!!!~


Thursday, February 03, 2005

Bloody day!!!

Today is such my bad luck day! As they say, this year rabbits "fan tai sui", but i wondered am i the only one whose luck are bad bad bad!!! Its been kinda bad since this few days!

I have this tape where i record all my favourite stuffs, Jay Chou on Ent News, w-inds., etc etc... but around last month, when i wanted to record something, i discover that it went missing! Fine, i thought maybe misplace somewhere, but after that cannot find!
Yesterday, i saw Jay on Ent News and i demand my mother hand out the tape (She got hide some other blank tapes before.) tomorrow morning so i can record Jay! I thought she maybe mistaken that tape is hers, so hide lar... but it turns out...
My mother hide it from me fearing i might "explode" because SHE RECORD OVER MY JAY CHOU!!!
Its around 2 months ago since she record over!!! So long dee, you're sure i will explode!!! I've been looking for it everywhere!!! And now she only tell me!!! Has she told me earlier, i wouldn't need to waste my strength looking for it! Moreover, if i haven't demanded, i might get it like maybe 10 years later?
Since its so long ago, i'm definately pissed off WORST! Damn geram you know!

I missed out taping my w-inds. because she hide the tape somemore! And urgh... don't want say why dee lar!!! One things for sure, if she would've told me earlier, things would've been much better! At least i'll have more stuffs to tape over that stupid drama!!! So this whole day, my mood was totally pissed off, super bad!!!

Oh, and when she told me she record over, she say one hour only. One hour @_@... ok, fine, tak say anything first. When i go play the tape to see the damages, SHE TAPED IT OVER FROM THE BEGINNING!!!
If it was from the end, or even if she taped over that Jay Chou with Ke Jun Xiang one, i'll be fine, but SHE TAPED OVER THE BEGINNING!!!
And so did the Qi Li Xiang i've been taping for days, i've waited and even changed my tuition classes to be able to record it somemore!!!
Now, its all ruin!!! Although i can't remember what i tape at the beginning, but i can bet its really something important!!!

And because the bloody internet won't work, so i mar call me bro, ask if can use his laptop, as last time when the internet down, his laptop can use but main com cannot; and that IDIOT refuses to borrow me use!!! Download stuffs, SO WHAT!!! Download also can use one what!!! Its not like i'm gonna close his downloading (Which reminds me, last time he did that before too!) or whatsoever!!! Stupid idiot!!!

Than after all those stuffs i refuse to talk to anyone, and won't answer me mom. When go OU, i went see Loo Yee, and thought i might as well buy the Jay Chou's Imcomparable to Jay Live VCD from her because it'll be cheaper (RM38/=), and it can soothen my mood abit lar... but it turns out, i bought it for RM42.20, more expensive than May Yee (Yes Auntie, you may laugh!)!
Worst is if she (Loo2) told me earlier that if i waited abit longer, can get cheaper price, i would've waited because after chatting awhile my mood better dee!!!
So i bought Jay's LIVE VCD more expensive... sh*t! Always buy more expensive one! No wonder i always broke so fast lar!

Before OU, went to see the new house and my new room lar... and the pink they painted on the wall... ITS NOT THE PINK I WANTED!!!
The one i wanted is darker pink, more warmer and sweeter, but this one is NOT the one i wanted!!! So of course complain lar! But my dad scold me say i should put an effort in my room, know what colour they paint before they paint because if paint now, tomorrow will smell... and who told me when they paint abit can come and see, if tak suka just tell them? I don't even know when their painting the bloody wall!!! So i can't see when they paint abit or not right?
Plus, my room's lighting is bloody ugly and its bloody warm because of the wassit... halogen light or something!!!
The light is really BLOODY UGLY!!! GRR!!!

Ooh, i'm getting so British XD!!!

Bloody day!!! Hope it gets better or i'm sure i'll crack later!!! GRRRRRR!!!
BTW, call me unfillial, but i'll still be mad at me mom!!!
And i'm not sure if i'll like my room thanks to the bloody wall and the bloody lamp (See, told you i'm getting British!)!!! It makes me feel like vomiting when i look at the wall!!! Makes me feel cold too!!! Ugh!!!

Hopefully after CNY can fix that colour lar!!! And the cupboard door sucks btw!!! Need to fix!!!
ARRRRRRR!!! Don't want talk already lar, i'm getting angrier now!!! Cause stupid idiot brother of mine just pissed me off again!!! IDIOT!!!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Never ever listen to Jay's LIVE CD out in public...

See this one!!! LENGCAI XD!!!~

Jay rules, no doubt about that XD!!!
But seriously, don't ever listen to his LIVE CDs in public on discman!!! Especially when you're walking alone in the mall or something!!!

Why??? I have my own reasons...

I was in OU just now, listening to Jay's latest CD, the "Imcomparable to Jay"'s Concert LIVE CD disc 2.
I was walking around alone, and naturally, totally absorb in listening to Jay's wonderful songs! Totally in my own world!
Its kinda normal for Jay to forgot his lyrics or change his lyrics during performances, and of course, its recorded into the CD as well...
I think i was listening to "Ge Qian" that time, i can't really remember... one things for sure, he was singing a song, and i think he forgot the lyrics, because he changed it, and i find it funny and i smiled...

I smiled to myself in public! And i was walking alone than!

A normal person who was looking at me at the time would've think that this girl (Me!) was totally bonkers or something to suddenly smile JUST LIKE THAT!!! They wouldn't have know that i was listening to Jay's concert CD, or know that what i find funny! They'd probably didn't even notice i'm listening to CD!

But lucky for me, no one saw me smiled... i think... i quickly hide it after realising i'm smiling!!!
Than after that, i made a wild mental note to myself... never ever, listen to Jay's LIVE CD in public to avoid the same thing from happening XD!!!

Maybe you guys don't find anything funny about changing lyrics or when he talks during concert etc, but i did -_-"... so...
But although i said so... i'm very sure the next time i go out, the same CD will still be in my discman... and i'll still be listening to it XD!!! Otherwise, i'll probably change to disc 1? Hehe!

Its just one of me styles! Made a mental note, but forgot about it just as quick as saying "Yeah"?? XD!!!~
Yeah XD!!!
Erm... what mental note was i talking about just now?? Oh well XD!!!~

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

My emotion is desending like D Major...

Yesterday (Being that its past midnight dee!), i've just had one of the worst days of my life, but nobody knows... nobody seemed to care either... nobody even told me what i really wanted to hear... and worst off, nobody seemed to remember... when i myself count it as one of the very important event... they'll probably only remember and ask a few words if i tell them?

I maybe "hualihuala" on the outer appearance, but i'm really sad... i maybe smiling and talking cheerfully on the outside, i may seemed that i had already pulled myself back together, but i'm really really sad deep deep down somewhere no one will know, and probably no one will even find out or even notice... being that the person involved is me...
Tears almost rolled out, but i manage to get it back in (Come back! Come back you rolling pot of tears XD!!!)... I just tricked everyone by putting a mask over my real feelings! Should i congratulate myself on my purr-fect disquise, on my purr-fect ability to hide it? Yes, maybe i should go and open myself a bottle of Pepsi (I don't drink champagne ^-^!)...

As said in the horoscope stuffs, Gemini are easily hurt and they don't show their feelings easily too... the person who said that should be given credit!

I find caring for people is kinda a silly thing ne? Even though you cared for everyone, and hoped to be cared back the same way... not necessary the same way, just a way which you yourself will be happy, or at least, the person you cared for will treat "your care" properly and not take it for granted!... But usually, it doesn't come back or its just taken for granted!
When someone tells you something, you remembered it and worried for them... but its also taken for granted! Hah, but maybe its just me that only feel that way! I'm a big bag of emotions XD!!!~
But hey hey, i'm destined a life of being taken for granted because i'm a busybody XP!!! Ne?

When you're really feeling down, you just hope someone there will listen to you... but its hard to find a hearing ear these days... everyones more interested in themself, and only themself (Or something they cared...)... unless you tell them you're feeling down and needed someone to listen...
But even if so, the stuffs you said like goes in the right ear, and come outta the left ear... it never stays put... topics will change faster than the speed of Shinkansen (And thats saying something!) when they thinks its not of importance, that its just silly stuffs...
It may be silly stuffs to everyone, but it may not be for me... i take most of my stuffs seriously, especially stuffs i SUPERLY cared for, even though its silly to the whole world...
I'm not ashamed to say, although i really wanted to meet someone who'll listen sometimes, i sometimes don't listen too...
But i think i listen more than was being listened too!
Lucky i can depend on the forum to babble some there and to have someone share the feelings too sometimes! Or else everything will be bagged up in me and i'm sure i'll explode one day (BOOM XD!)!!!

But thank God i found you! Thank God i "have" you!
Although it may just be in a fantasy, but at least, with you, i found confidence and a reason to smile =)!
I also found you telling me something which i really wanted to hear yesterday, on my way back from the road of total devastation! Its not in reality, but its sufficient!
Though sometimes you made me cry, and broke my heart (You heartless git XD!!! Just kidding XP!!!), but at least, truly and deeply, even though it may not be in the real, i find that you listened and you care...
Arigato ^-^!


Ahhhhh XD!!! I just had a bad day on some other stuffs, and i totally bragged out everything i'm totally dissatisfied about (Luckily i manage to stop myself... or there'll be more @_@...)!!!
Hmm... i should be awarded a Nobel Prize for talking too much! Hey hey, i at first wanted to make this post nice and short, but i ended talking to much... again (Typical!) -_-"...