Monday, June 13, 2016

The irony in this...

I wrote a bloody good reply to this article* (Please do read it!), but there was some problem with the comment box, so I couldn't publish it.

Not going to let it go to waste so here it is wtf.

If I can be honest, this article started off depicting what happened to Yong Wan Jun on the plane, but towards the end it seemed to me it's more like an article how "not all men are sexual predators". 
How about we focus on why does she has to tiptoe around her harasser, even though she was the one being sexually harassed? Instead of making a big round just to say "not all men" and "men can be victim"? 
Is the point of your article Yong Wan Jun being harassed, or just to let everyone know it was not right for her phrase it that way? 
She wrote that post while she was still on the plane. At that point of time, she was obviously terrified and worried for her own safety, especially after leaving the plane. I'm not going to put it against her if she is not concerned with being politically correct after having been harassed! 
She was scared to even get help. She have to make excuses because a simple "no" wouldn't even cut it. She had to sit there with his hands around her shoulder, and can only leave that situation when he went to the toilet. She was made to feel guilty for rejecting his advances. Why? 
Because that man feels entitled. Just like how some men feels entitled that women should not have generalized all men even though she was scared and couldn't be bothered to write a politically correct post at that moment
I meant not to offend you, but I do hope you see the irony in your article.

Also, to ALL MEN...

Unless the woman does not know a single MALE in her life - be it a family, friend, co-worker etc... - we ALL KNOW that NOT ALL MEN.

I think it's ok to mention it.
Heck, if someone were to say "all women are...", I will definitely say "no, not all women..."... but to be offended, and made it into such a big deal instead of focusing on what happened to the victim?

Honestly, the only word I can think of now, what that writer felt... "MALE PRIVILEGE".

And people say we don't need feminism.

* In any case you were too lazy to click or read the article...
TL;DR - the article was about an FB post ASTRO Supersports host Yong Wan Jun wrote, depicting how she was sexually harassed on a flight, and the writer round up and concluded the article with how Yong Wan Jun should not have made the generalization that "all men are sexual predators".