Friday, June 25, 2010

It's my birthday!

I'm 23 this year =D!

But i shall stick to tradition, and maintain that i am 17 this year!
OH YEAH FOREVER 17 teehee! (^^ )
(Although as my friend said, 21 would be the best age to be "forever" because it's the legal age lols!)

So yeah, i am pretty much horrible at telling stories, so i'll just let the pictures do the talking with my random retarded captions =D!

Naima Ave asked me out for dinner on the 19th at Chili's Empire Mall =D!

I can't remember what i said, then when Naima frowned i took this pic XD!

Ok, whose hand photobomb this picture hmm hmm? (it's Cheryl AhMa's btw.)

With Sharizal "Milk Pa" Teh Tarik!!

And Cheryl AhMa!

And special guest Lauren AhPoo!! XD

She was actually supposed to surprise me, but i saw her while we were waiting for our table hee XD!

Thank you so much guys ♡!!

Some pics!

Our side!

Paparazzi-shots of AhMa!

And mine =D!

Ice-Milo at Chilli's =D!

(as much as i like Milo, don't think will ever order it again - though this is the third time or so - because different outlets different taste, and this one's pretty watered like MEH!)

Then the food!!

My Southwestern Grilled Lamb!!

AhMa's Chicken Crispers!

Both taste totally good with Honey Mustard!!

And Naima's Portobello Mushroom Burger! (did i get it right?)

Mmm, ok i want burger now!!

Then after noms we were chatting and all, when suddenly the Chilli's staff came over with my cake!!!!!!!! ♡♡♡♡♡

Totally wasn't expecting it!! THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS!!! XD

RT's Strawberry Tart mmm ♡!!

Making a wish!~
(Haha, not telling you guys what i wished for =D!)

See the candles! Only 17 =D!

The candles were then all pushed way in and i had to get it out with my mouth!!

And comes tons of head-pushing, foundation-to-cake-transfer, strawberry rolling off cake, cream on face and kissing anyone near me to get the cream on their face's instead OH YEAH XD!

After dinner, i was told that there's another surprise for me!! WEEEEEEEE XD!

Naima covering me with my scarf so i can't see what they have in store for me ♡!

Yeap, it was pretty funny XD!!

Then Milk Pa, AhMa and AhPoo took off with my bag (silently) to prepare the surprise while Naima lead me to the surprise (where the whole way i couldn't shut up and kept yabbering hee)!

And waddya know!! MY SURPRISE XD!


My present with my girls ♡! Thank you i love you guys so much!

Sexy underwear woot!! XD

Group-shots =D!

Ballooooooonnsssssss!! ♡♡

The people who made it all happen ♡!

Yesh, Milk Pa included =D!

Effingly lucky to have you girls in my life really (^^ )!

And check this!!

Ooh, and on our way home someone actually highlight and honk at our car lols XD!

Surprises, Cake and presents, BALLOONS, good noms and Awesome people!!
(and 7-11 at 1-2am for milk teehee!)
What more can a birthday girl ask for (^^ )!!


Sunday, June 20, 2010

What's my age again?

I'm effing effing horrible with words, so i really don't know to express my gratitude properly, but i really really love and appreciate everything, and thank you guys SO SO SO MUCH!

You made my 23-year-old 17-year-old birthday a blast!
I love you guys so so so so so much!

Thank you ♡!

Teh-Tarik-Blast! Hah! XD

ps: Will be posting more pics soon =D!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Of fools and idiots.

I promised good karma till next month, but i really can't help it.

I like how Kpopsecrets gives good LOLS, but sometimes some stuffs rubbish writes just sends you off-course. The "!@#$%^&*" kind.

Honestly i don't know what i want to say, i'm just really angry because of that third line. To hell with my usual opinion on "everyone can have their own opinion". YOU MAY NOT LITTLE TURD.

It's fine you don't like him, but please don't act noble self-righteous shits saying rubbish like "but i rather see them whole with someone i don't like then broken apart". (it's THAN get your grammar straight - lol at myself for correcting others on grammar when mine is nonexistence as well weeeeeeee)

I don't want to pretend i know, or understand the boys, as i myself see my 4-years-fandom as some sort of a phail! most of the times.

But again i will say this. To hell what others think of me saying this:

You don't know him.
You don't know the rest of them.

With a freaking self-righteous limited mind as yours, you will NEVER EVER see YoungWoon with the rest of the boys the way i see them.

That said, one good thing that comes out from this whole thing...

Despite my 4-years of phail! fandom, at least i'm still better than you.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

One of the best parts of L4D2.

Having long-ass-names just-because.

  • Pigs can fly
  • Bieber is Awesome
  • PearlPorkFTW
  • Bieber Blast!
(ps: In case you think we are "Bieber-fans", you're wrong. He is our TeamTehTarik's sacrificial subject teehee!)

  • JoJoisshorterthanme
  • Nick
  • But im a LAAADDYYEEE!
  • Cheryl Ho is taller than me FHL

  • Miley Cyrus
  • Justin Bieber
  • Michael Jackson
  • (i also don't know sowee teehee!)
Oh yeah, we once had Paris Hilton too =D!

A tribute to a classmate of Poo's and i's =D!

  • My new crush is Jake Gyllenhaal
  • Coach
  • Super Ultimate Ninja Attack
  • Girlcrush on Kristen Stewart
The night we have nicks such as "I want Lok-Lok" and "I want Peanut Butter Waffle" too =D!

And we NEVER have the same names twice (except Justin Bieber, because let's face it, it's nice to friendly-fire him and let him be mauled by the infecteds. Bieber blast HAH! Teehee!).

Oh yeah!! XD

Of self-righteous people.

If you've read Cheesie's latest entry...
Ok note, i'm not defending her just because she is one of my favourite Bloggers, but putting it from my point-of-view...

I don't believe she said: "Now everyone should go for guys for their looks first. You should follow what i say."
I honestly believe what she has posted is what she herself wants, and she doesn't have to go through her beliefs(?) and all by YOU right?

What's up with self-righteous people really?
You are self-righteous, good for you, please don't go unleash it onto other people because quite frankly, i'm pretty sure i rather live MY life, MY way, rather than YOUR way.

If you think about it, whatever i do *I* have to face the consequences MYSELF. You can go about preaching and being self-righteous, BECAUSE YOU DON'T HAVE TO FACE WHATEVER I DID.

Not everyone is alike, and quite frankly, i rather be myself even with negative traits, than a self-righteous person.
Those self-righteous people are probably not even those "good-nice-people", just using their self-righteousness to conceal their not-nice-parts.
For example, someone who condemns others for being gold diggers, when they themselves are one, but they find some other way to hide the fact that they are by saying "i'm-in-love-with-his-personality" those crap you know.

I've met people who likes to appear as the "very-nice-likable-to-everyone" person, perhaps in fear of being judged by others?
But in the end they end up manipulating people who are closest to them, who probably won't even judge them to begin with, just so they may appear as the nicest person to everyone else.

Which if you think about it, it's kinda revolting, as in the end they turn out to be someone everyone else wants them to be, not who they want to be.

To those self-righteous people.
Please stop pretending to be self-righteous, and condemn people for THEIR choices.
Because in the end, YOU are not the one who have to live through their choices.

Cheesie for example: Are you her future kid? Are you living with her that whatever choice she makes will effect YOUR life?

So shut your trap really, you are ruining the world for people who aren't afraid to be themselves.

Quite frankly, i rather people admit their flaws than giving reasons to cover those flaws up, because after a while you just see those "cover-ups" as a way of fear of being judged.

Not everyone is perfect, but as long as they can embrace their imperfection by admitting them, instead of making excuses and deny it, they will still be the more "perfect-person" than you are.

Ok, sekian.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

This is one for the record.

I was thinking of what to write for my FB status, when unknown to me, i turned my head to the right and see HeeChul, in one of her rarest moment, sitting there looking up at me with big goggly eyes (and not making a single sound).

I know she's asking for something, but i was lazy to move, so i asked her what she wants.
She looked back, blinked, and brush herself against my leg, so i continue updating my status ("thinks HeeChul is a fat balloon.").

Then later i turn to look at her, she was sitting by the door looking really sad and emo.
Trust me, if you see her, you would feel so too. The sad eyes, head on floor and all...

So i got up, and the minute i got up, she too got up and head to the kitchen (signaling me to follow her).
I did, and waddya know, her bowl was empty, and she wants food.

I'm pretty amazed by what she did, because every time when she meowed at me when she wants something, if i'm busy i'll usually ignore her, so maybe this time she tried some other method, or coincidentally or whatever... but either ways, you have got to admit it's really cute (and it works!!).

Ah, seriously, cats.

Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. XD

Thursday, June 10, 2010

In a bitching mood.

I've basically come up with "two types" of fashion-Blogs by girls.

There are those who acts like a bimbo, but really, between-the-lines(?) or so you can see a very smart and intelligent girl, just with the few bimbo-moments perhaps (face it, we all (girls) do!).

And then... there are those which are effortlessly bimbo.
The "Classic Bimbos".

The former which i really like, and latter which despite the annoyance, i really enjoy reading because it's really REALLY funny, and provides good entertainment XD!


And on to another matter...

I'm starting to not understand attention-seeking me-me-me people, to the extend they are really annoying me even though it's none-of-my-business.

If you don't take the initiative to do something, don't complain if the outcome if not what you want.

If you think you've tried, still not what you wanted, it's probably you didn't try hard enough (though you think you might have).
It is possible that nobody even realize it (since you didn't put any effort in)?
Either ways, still don't complain.

If you are just trying to seek-attention, by all means, my deepest sincerest apology that not everyone/ everything/ every outcome, can and should give in to your attention-seeking-needs.

Seriously, and i thought I was whiney and complainey (which i am, seriously, but this just blow everything out of porportion) (= =")...

Get this:
Not everyone have to do everything you want.

Not everything have to go the way you want it to be.

People have their own life. Things have to run their own course.

If you think people/ matters are not paying enough attention on you, look back, maybe you are the one who didn't pay enough attention back.

You can't blame anyone if so no?

Stop blaming others first, and look at yourself before you whine.

If you still want to continue so, by all means, go ahead.

Just don't blame anyone when things don't go your way, and especially if you are pushing people who are to close/ real/ true(?) to you even further.

Because seriously... GROW UP.

ps: That coming from me is pretty rich, but whatever you know, my Blog =D! Muhaha!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

On religion.

Someone tweeted Xiaxue saying "You are no one to judge our God".
I replied "So it's ok for them to judge other's God, but no one can judge their's??".

It got me thinking, what about when certain religious people (the annoying ones) judge other people's Gods? What gives them the right(?) to do so then?

I know not everyone is like that, trust me, i really do.
But you know, there are always those few who annoys the crap out of me, and hence, that reply.

I am a strong believer of being yourself, and respect others for being themselves.
If you are, say, a devoted Christian or a Buddhist, go ahead. I respect you for that.

But if you go on to criticize others' religion (or even implying) so to make yourself seemed the best, you're only making yourself and your religion look bad. You will also lose say respect from me.

I have nothing against the religion, because if i did, that would make me a hypocrite.

But i really really can't stand followers who go on to insult others religion, or "comparing religions" (expressly or impliedly). Really?
It's giving your religion a bad name, don't you think so? I've encountered so many people who are so, and honestly, it's really annoying.

Most of my friends are religious, and i love and adore them, because that is who they are, and i accept them for being themselves, just like they accepted me for being a not-very-religious Buddhist.
They will never seek to insult and down-trod my religion just so to make themselves seem as "the better one".

So honestly, i have nothing against the religion, but i have every bit against followers who like to "compare religion" and judge others' religion. Trust me, i've heard a lot, and have been preached a lot too (the annoying type).

Some of my favourite peoples in this world, who i know personally, are super religious, but i still adore them to bits, simply because they accept and respect me for who i am, never try to change me, and also, they don't preach nor go thinking "my religion is better than yours", and i love them for that!

Just saying.