Friday, June 25, 2010

It's my birthday!

I'm 23 this year =D!

But i shall stick to tradition, and maintain that i am 17 this year!
OH YEAH FOREVER 17 teehee! (^^ )
(Although as my friend said, 21 would be the best age to be "forever" because it's the legal age lols!)

So yeah, i am pretty much horrible at telling stories, so i'll just let the pictures do the talking with my random retarded captions =D!

Naima Ave asked me out for dinner on the 19th at Chili's Empire Mall =D!

I can't remember what i said, then when Naima frowned i took this pic XD!

Ok, whose hand photobomb this picture hmm hmm? (it's Cheryl AhMa's btw.)

With Sharizal "Milk Pa" Teh Tarik!!

And Cheryl AhMa!

And special guest Lauren AhPoo!! XD

She was actually supposed to surprise me, but i saw her while we were waiting for our table hee XD!

Thank you so much guys ♡!!

Some pics!

Our side!

Paparazzi-shots of AhMa!

And mine =D!

Ice-Milo at Chilli's =D!

(as much as i like Milo, don't think will ever order it again - though this is the third time or so - because different outlets different taste, and this one's pretty watered like MEH!)

Then the food!!

My Southwestern Grilled Lamb!!

AhMa's Chicken Crispers!

Both taste totally good with Honey Mustard!!

And Naima's Portobello Mushroom Burger! (did i get it right?)

Mmm, ok i want burger now!!

Then after noms we were chatting and all, when suddenly the Chilli's staff came over with my cake!!!!!!!! ♡♡♡♡♡

Totally wasn't expecting it!! THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS!!! XD

RT's Strawberry Tart mmm ♡!!

Making a wish!~
(Haha, not telling you guys what i wished for =D!)

See the candles! Only 17 =D!

The candles were then all pushed way in and i had to get it out with my mouth!!

And comes tons of head-pushing, foundation-to-cake-transfer, strawberry rolling off cake, cream on face and kissing anyone near me to get the cream on their face's instead OH YEAH XD!

After dinner, i was told that there's another surprise for me!! WEEEEEEEE XD!

Naima covering me with my scarf so i can't see what they have in store for me ♡!

Yeap, it was pretty funny XD!!

Then Milk Pa, AhMa and AhPoo took off with my bag (silently) to prepare the surprise while Naima lead me to the surprise (where the whole way i couldn't shut up and kept yabbering hee)!

And waddya know!! MY SURPRISE XD!


My present with my girls ♡! Thank you i love you guys so much!

Sexy underwear woot!! XD

Group-shots =D!

Ballooooooonnsssssss!! ♡♡

The people who made it all happen ♡!

Yesh, Milk Pa included =D!

Effingly lucky to have you girls in my life really (^^ )!

And check this!!

Ooh, and on our way home someone actually highlight and honk at our car lols XD!

Surprises, Cake and presents, BALLOONS, good noms and Awesome people!!
(and 7-11 at 1-2am for milk teehee!)
What more can a birthday girl ask for (^^ )!!


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Cereal said...

ooops!! my comment is so late! LOLOL baby , u're not the only one surprised when the Chilli's Staff came out. ahahahaha!