Saturday, June 12, 2010

This is one for the record.

I was thinking of what to write for my FB status, when unknown to me, i turned my head to the right and see HeeChul, in one of her rarest moment, sitting there looking up at me with big goggly eyes (and not making a single sound).

I know she's asking for something, but i was lazy to move, so i asked her what she wants.
She looked back, blinked, and brush herself against my leg, so i continue updating my status ("thinks HeeChul is a fat balloon.").

Then later i turn to look at her, she was sitting by the door looking really sad and emo.
Trust me, if you see her, you would feel so too. The sad eyes, head on floor and all...

So i got up, and the minute i got up, she too got up and head to the kitchen (signaling me to follow her).
I did, and waddya know, her bowl was empty, and she wants food.

I'm pretty amazed by what she did, because every time when she meowed at me when she wants something, if i'm busy i'll usually ignore her, so maybe this time she tried some other method, or coincidentally or whatever... but either ways, you have got to admit it's really cute (and it works!!).

Ah, seriously, cats.

Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. XD

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