Saturday, October 30, 2004

Graduation Party... (TBC)

Last Thursday (28th October 2004) was the last day of school.
The school threw us a "graduation party" on that day. We enjoyed it. Nevertheless, emotions run high (For me, that is...).
But some teachers looked happy as a matter-of-fact (Happy that they don't need to see us again! We WERE the worst batch as confirmed by Pn Chia, hardest to control she say... Hmph! -_-* But we were good boys and girls in F5!)...
But i've to go study now, owing to the fact that i DID not study for SPM... yet... so erm... full details of the event soon...
Paiseh (Sorry!) ^-^!
BTW, the worst and most horrible thing that ever happen that day, was not the seperation... but arranging our desk for SPM (And sitting for a short test to let us "experience" how it will be like in the REAL exams... but we ruined it... details soon...)! Ish! Trust the school to ruin everything... and yes, they can!

Friday, October 29, 2004

Graduation... Last day of school...

On 28th October 2004, it was the last day of high school life for the 2004 Form 5's of SMKDU.
Good and bad memories (And records) were made throughout our 11 years of education. Wearing our erm... "nice" school uniforms (Why can't they make it like Japan's?), creating havocs, being naughty and most important, being "us" (For now that is), teens!
But whether it is good or bad, the most important is the sweet memories. We might never get (Ok, we WILL never...) to experience it again.
That includes wearing uniforms (Unless you pursue a job which requires uniforms), being innocent and angelic (Ok, maybe not "that" for our year - We are noted by teacher as the "hardest-to-control-bunch"!), asking innocently to go to toilet, possessing handphones and illegal stuffs, finding a "safe-spot" for a place to hide that illegal stuff during spot-check - or to ponteng, bringing a heavyload of books everyday, getting scold by teachers, doing homeworks etc... and the occassional "run" from PC Chong, our disicpline teacher, should we be doing illegal stuffs like ponteng.
It might seem easier to "ponteng" during college, but theres no "lecturers" to hunt for you... therefore, kills all the fun and POINT of "ponteng"!
And of course, now we have to trouble and busy ourself everyday to find some clothes to wear so we do not get laughed at for wearing the same clothes everyday... ah, the fun of school life... time passes too fast... One minute, i was in F3, thinking, "Wah, still long road to F5! Still 'young'!"... Next minute... *sigh*... SPM... and worst, leaving school...
Of course, the joy is leaving "Add Maths" behind... Hehe...
Good friends were found... and some, enemies were made... The JOY!
I'll definately miss school and everything that goes with it (Except Add Maths... and SPM...)... but... oh well...
Theres still SPM... but i'm not looking forward to it...
Though, we're still wearing the same geeky uniform and going to school for it... than, it'll officially be out last...
School is fun. Appreciate it.

New w-inds. skin! ^-^

Tada!... again... ^-^ What do you think of the new skin?
Something is wrong with the old skin's pics, and also i wanted to use this picture of "w-inds." to be my Blog's main pic. Luckily, i found this skin, and after making certain modification, i add the pic and wah-lah, my own skin ^-^!

This pic is from Fah-chan, owner of w-inds. Club! As for whether this pic is "made" by her, or she got it from w-inds., i don't know ler =^-^=! Have to ask her!
*Most of other w-inds.'s pics are also from her! I asked permission dee (And the sweet Fah-chan allow! Arigato ne!) so don't say i steal!!! -o-*

Go visit the webpage! Its a must for w-inds. fans! Loads of w-inds. goodies ^o^!

Just a short one to talk about the skin! ^-^

p/s: When you open this webpage, strange characters might appear. Its because i wrote it in Japanese and Chinese, and well, this skin probably can't host it (My previous2x one has no problems!)... i don't know lar... hehe, not very good in com stuffs.
Anyhow, it made the frame looks weird too -o-*! But to fix it, just go to "View" at the upper left corner, go to "Encoding", and click on "Unicode". Everything should be back to normal... if not... well, it works for me lar that way! Hehehe!

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

New skin, bad settings...

*Pic of Keita!

Tada! What do you think about it?
Personally, i REALLY like this skin! The feeling is good, the music goes with it... but there are catches...

1# - No title...
2# - Theres this blank gap at the top (Nothing that i can't do to make it nicer!)...
3# - The worse one... No "comment"!

The 3# one is just... bleurgh!!! Theres the word, "comment" there at the end of each journal, but the link doesn't work!!! I tried a couple of stuffs... FAILED!

But since i really like it (And my tagboard is there...), so i'm keeping this for a couple of days until i find a nice skin i really like, or erm... if i can't stand the "no comment and title" part, i'm putting back my old one lar!

Though, kudos to the one who made this skin! Its really nice ne? I really like the feeling! If you're reading this, tell me how can i "enable comment"! I tried Blogger's way but i don't know where to paste! Anyway, it didn't work...

Off to "mum-mum" than study dee lar! Ganbatte!

Sunday, October 24, 2004

The Dream...

Ok, i had this really weird (But rather sweet) dream today!

I had tuition this morning... ok, this doesn't relates... a bit lar...

Anyway, my dream was like this (Dang! I should've written it somewhere this morning! Now i forgotten bits dee!)... erm... i think i was in this pub or something with me mom. I know shes me mom, but the feeling is like we were best buddies, pals, going clubbing or some-sort.
Than we walk to this bar table... this REALLY small bar table! Its like... TOO SMALL (Compare to the real ones...)! Like 4 school desks combined together, or maybe slightly larger than that... ONLY!
Ok, instead of a bartender, i saw 鄭元暢 - very cute!!!
He was a model... but yet, he was mixing drinks too, acting like a bartender! I mean, i know his a model (Those "feels" in dreams~), but felt a bit strange (In the dream and now...), that he's mixing drinks!
Than yadda yadda, things i can't really remember - and the same scene replay (Walking to the bar table...), except now is... aiyo, i also paiseh how to say ne... except now is, we are "in love with each other" (Serious! No perasan or anything!)! I can strongly feel it!
And the way he looked at me is the way 葵 (Acted by him) in 薔薇之戀 look at 百合 (Acted by Ella)!!! Very very very lovingly!!! - For those who don't understand, go watch 薔薇之戀!!!
But the catch is, well... someone (I think its my dad... but he doesn't look like my dad! I can just feel that he's my dad or something ler!) doesn't agree that we be together and stuffs and tries to seperate us! I can't remember the details, but i think the next time (The same "go-to-bar-table-scene"), we tried to pretend that we are just normal friends, or is it we don't know each other at all?
Than i remember this real important incident - which i'm not telling anybody - happened, and bla bla... finally, we got to be together! I think that "someone" finally gave in after all and... my mom woke me up... -_-"... Because got tuition...

I don't know whether tomorrow want to go to school anot ne! Got a couple of reasons...
1# - Haven't study... plan to study at home (Scare school waste time too!)!
2# - Lazy
3# - Got Chem! My chem sucks! I don't know a single thing, and my teacher loves bombarding me with questions i don't know how to answer (Because i don't know a single thing)! Its double period somemore!!! Ahhhh!!!
4# - Lazy
5# - I want to study!!!

But there ARE reasons to go... and they are...
1# - Good girl mar! Go to school! Somemore last year!!
2# - Pn Ng say will teach some accounts! But its only 1/2 and less hour...
3# - Got BM! But only one period, and don't know will do what actually...
4# - Maybe can get some extra informations...
5# - Good student should go!!! Hehehe...

Should i go? AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bought two issues of Junon today (October and November 2004)! Cost me a bomb! But i think Oct's one more worth it, although 2 also worth it (What?)!
And i found out w-inds. just released their latest photobook!!! Must call Kinokuniya tomorrow to check price and see if want to buy anot!!
... well, most probably will buy one lar!!! Hehehe!!!
Plus, i'm most probably going to buy their 2005 calendar! Also a "bomb"... but erm... this one REALLY still thinking! But most probably buy... since "this" (Some reason) and my brother's most probably buying Ai-chan's one...!
But unless i have the extra cash, unless i'm going to Japan,... or else i'm not going to buy again anymore... if this time i buy!!!
I'm going broke ne! I still have Jay's concert ticket to purchase, w-inds. latest photobook and calendar (Somemore calendar by Nov 7 must order dee!)! AHHH!!!

Dilemas... AHHH!!!

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Feel The Fate

*The story below may be confusing, because i just write it as my "mind tells me too"! Hehehe! So very "my point of view" and my type of "writting talking"... But nevertheless, it also tells of what and how important etc w-inds. is in me life (Apart from Jay whose already so strong and important in me life!) and the history... our "fate?"... etc etc...
But i re-read also feel blur blur! Hehehe!

w-inds. really improved since their debut! Their song is always the best but improving (What?), Keita's vocals got better and stronger (Compare it to 「Forever Memories」! So cute but big difference!), Ryo and Ryu's rap getting better, performance also better, dancing always that good one lar but also better... everything better! Improving every new time i see them, although they already always the best! Hehehe! What kind of "sentence" is that?

I remember when i first heard of them, i critisize them and don't hate them, but i don't like them either!
My first memory of them is at night, i was watching tee-vee with me dad and saw their first single, 「Forever Memories」's PV (Promotional video = MV). That time i still don't know them! Never even heard of their name!

And i was guessing whether they are guy or girl!

Because they look like girls (Kei-chan has long hair, Ryo-chan looks sweet and cute and Ryu-chan looks girly innocent!), but the vocals sounds girlish, but more guyish too (Means can feel its a guy's singing - although voice abit girly?)! So me and my dad was guessing whether they are guy or girl. My dad say "definately is girl"! He say he never see people wrongly before! I was still doubting, than their names appear, and i knew its guys dee lar. But they are so girly! So... the critisizing starts? Hehehe!

I also saw their performance in Popjam before (I love KinKi Kids' Koichi last time, so i always watch Popjam as its hosted by him, and probably nearest to Koichi you can get in Malaysia!). 「Feel The Fate」 and 「Paradox」. Still dislike them as i think they very erm... understand lar... Hehehe... but than i got slowly think Ryo-chan is cute, and kinda started liking him... Only Ryo-chan... Paiseh... hehehe... not w-inds.! Only Ryohei... -_-"

But than when i went to Japan at year end 2001, i don't why, but i was attracted to Kei-chan! When we were in Kyoto, we went to the temple. On the way were shops. Some shops sell artists pics, and... i don't know why but i bought Keita's pics! Hehehe! At that moment, i really don't know why i buy it! Maybe its the "attraction"?

And than i started liking them bit by bit (Saw their performance on TV, mags so...)...

I went to Harajuku (Only me and me bros. The original tour was to Tokyo city tour, but we skip it for Harajuku! Hee!) to shop for Johnny's stuffs (I was a big fan of Johnny's artists than - Akanishi Jin... Hehehe!), and when after shopping in Johnny's shop i went to this other artist shop (Selling artist stuffs) and well, when i saw Kei-chan's pics, w-inds. pics, i bought some! 0_o And i critisize and dislike w-inds. last time... hehehe...

My biggest regret is... when i arrive back in Malaysia... i fell for w-inds. dee -_-"! And theres mags and stuffs on w-inds. i didn't buy when i went there! Ahhh! But anyway, i started listening to their songs and pay attention to their stuffs... Because Kei-chan's voice is really mesmerizing! And soon when their single "Another Days" was released, the "attraction" grew stronger and stronger... when "Because of You" was released... BOOM! Head over heels and almost gila dee! Hehehe! That song was really nice and bla bla bla -All the lovey dovey stuffs lar-!!!

Than buy their CDs and all (Go crazy...)... but after "New Paradise", they didn't release single for quite long (Their average is 3 months 1 single), and i fell for Comic Boyz and Jay Chou (And still are ^-^!!! Jay!!!~~)... and into Chinese songs... i was quite "apart" from J-pop dee at that time, but when w-inds. release their singles (Keep myself updated with their website and TVBS's F-Generation!) i will still listen to them, but not that crazy dee lar...

Strangely, i still buy their album...! Habit? When i bought home their 3rd album, i didn't even listen to it! Just kept it! Strange ne? I also bought "w-inds. ~ Bestracks ~ (Their compilation album), but i listen to it once than i kept dee! Em... -_-"
*I love 「キレイだ」!

But when 「四季」 was released and when i was trying to find and dl their stuffs, the boom came back! I was looking to dl 「四季」 one, but i end up searching more (Other devoted's website, etc etc), so the boom mar... Hehehe...

And that day i checked their official website, they will perform in Popjam!!! But i forget to watch!!! So the next day dl their performance in Popjam, and the more i listen to the song, the more i fell in love with it! And after dl the MV (A very touching touching one!), bla bla bla!!! <--- Understand lar!

I also found out... they will perform in Taiwan! Their first overseas performance! Open concert arrr!!! Ahhhhhh!!! So near... yet, so far... I got SPM that time... and also, my dad won't really allow lar... so... so near, yet so far... Kei-chan!!!

Anyhow, i really wish they will come to Malaysia, or somewhere near (Like Singapore or Thailand? Hehehe!) and hopefully, i'll be able to go! I really wanted to see them! Japan is too far and too expensive! But maybe when i work will?

Aiya, "future" think now still a little too early! Now must concentrate SPM! If we're fated, we'll definately "meet" someday!

Can you 「Feel The Fate」?

- 「Feel The Fate」 is w-inds.'s 2nd single!

p/s: Actually, just like w-inds., last time i critizise FLAME and Lead when they first debut! But than... i will slowly like them one... Strange ne?
Another strange thing is... 3 of the boybands are from the same company, Pony Canyon...
How strange can you get? 0_o

New title, new blog...

Ok, the title's a little tad too weird! I mean, i've only done some changes to me blog -The TagBoard and so...-, i haven't even change the skin yet for crying out loud! But its something i'm going to do... maybe not the near future (I've yet to discover a skin i like...), but definately soon? Hehe!

I really like my board's new name (Iñ thè mïddlè ðf ëtè®ñìtÿ ~~永遠の途中~~ [Eien no tochuu]). It is actually the title of w-inds. (My fave japanese boyband~~ Ahhh~~) latest single, 「四季」's c/w song, 「永遠の途中」. The meaning of the song is quite sad, the background music itself sounds sad! And Kei-chan (w-inds. lead vocal, Tachibana Keita 橘 慶太 - Me 2nd husband... hehehe...)'s voice is powerful enough to send the message, and touch the listeners, whether or not you might trully understand the song (As its japanese...)! Maybe one day i'll post up the lyrics for 「四季」 and 「永遠の途中」 plus translations!... once i find a suitable and quite accurate translation... Hee!
*BTW, my blog's description (At the top there) is a short part of 「四季」's lyrics! I think that parts quite touching, so thats why i post it up there! Although my blogs name is 「永遠の途中」, i post 「四季」's lyrics because i think 「永遠の途中」's quite heart-breaking and sad... so mar... understand ler!

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

w-inds. 「四季」

Kya! Finally, i got to see w-inds. latest single, 「四季」!
I was so touched! That PV (aka MV) is sooooooooooooo nice and touching! I love it! 大好き (Daisuki!)!
Its something like, 3 of them is sort of at the past, and they met their young self and their family members... I don't really 100% get the message its trying to show, but i still love it, and its cute! Especially the part when the ticket Keita is holding, the date on it is his birthday! How cute is that?
The young boys acting as w-inds.(Except Ryuichi - The other boy is young Ryohei ka?) are soooooooooooo kawaii too!!!
BTW, the Keita wearing the white sweater looks so... kya!!! CUTE!!! Kakkoii da yo!!!
I love it!!! 大好き、 大好き!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2004


Today... i didn't study!!! Ahhh!!!
Tomorrow will study, but tomorrow... to go to school, or to not go to school... That... is the question...

I don't know whether anot want to go ne! Hehehe! Because tomorrow got school's unofficial Sejarah test. I want to go, but i also don't want to go... -_-" Because it'll be VERY boring before the exams... nothing good to do... but i want to go... erm... er... dilema!!!

Ok, decided... if lazy tomorrow morning, don't go... if not... go... Oh well, this is SUCH a brilliant way to decide...

But half my heart tak mau go school ne... it'll be super boring for sure, mind, and... haih... 2 of my very good machis won't be going... and it'll be 100% bored to death... and damn lonely dee... Wah!!!

But to go anot? I don't know!!!

Plus, both my good machi had an argument... i'm in another dilema... AHH!!!

Ooh, there are bruises on my hand!!! Erm... when did i kena that one??

I'm bored outta my mind, i don't know what i'm talking now!!! But hmm... if i'm that bored, why not i just go study? Stupid! I'm sure flunking? Choy! Ganbatte!!! Must study smart, than do my best, than hope for the best!!!

Half my post here is complaining about my studies... my life REALLY isn't interesting... -_-"
But i'll live it to the fullest! Ganbatte!

Now... to solve all my dilemas before i go to sleep! Or... when i wake up... Haih...

Ooh, i want to buy Tension's latest album soon! Hopefully they'll come soon! And hopefully they WON'T COME during SPM exam days! Or else i'm toast!

People studying hard and smart for SPM, ganbatte!!! Good lucks and go go go!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Why do animals have to suffer?

I don't understand this... why do animals have to suffer?

They bought happiness to a human's life, yet, they also suffer the sickness men do. Its not their fault!

Last night when i was going to sleep, i was listening to the radio (988). The program is hosted by "Chan Fong" where people with problems all call him and talk to him, and he tries to solve it with advices etc, and this guy called. I was heartbroken when i listen to his story!

He own a dog of, should be around 10 years dee if i didn't heard wrongly... And the dog is dying of blood cancer (Or some cancer)...
He (The dog) was suffering. He won't eat, won't drink, won't sleep. When they try to feed him water, he'll just spit out blood. And... oh my god! I cried when i just heard him said that his dog was sick (Note: I'm a crazy animal-lover! Dead-crazy! Dead dramatic! And dead-emotional when it comes to animals!)... Than i wondered... why do animals have to suffer? Its just unfair! Its not like they did anything wrong - humans did more wrongs - but... they have to suffer sickness like us humans do! Its so unfair!

I hope the dog, no matter how he is now - or where he is -, i hope his happy and if he's still here, i pray he'll get well soon!

I can't have a dog, due to some stuffs, so i never got to chance to experience what dog-owners do... but i do hope all you dog/ pet-owners out there will

treat your pets as good as you can, and never make empty promises ("I'll bring you out tomorrow"... but it ends up the next tomorrow, or next next tomorrow...)... who knows... they might just leave you when you least expect it... That is why treasure every moment together, do everything you can for him, so you won't regret if anything happens...

Thursday, October 14, 2004


Jay's "Imcomparable to Jay"'s 2004 World Tour Concert in Taiwan on 2nd Oct 2004! The concert is a huge success! Congrats Jay! Kya! I'm so happy!
p/s: My baby can dance! Yeah!
pps: Please don't get goosebumps...

Wowza! My last entry is Sept 11 ne! Mandy's right... i DID not update my blog often... I feel so paiseh ("Shy" in hokkien) =^-^=...

I'm so gonna flunk my SPM!!! Oh well, must ganbatte and try to do my best and START STUDYING!!! Can you believe i haven't even touched my book (Well, not exactly "haven't touched" but... got touch... just haven't read it throughly!)? And my Add Maths sucks, and my Chem and Physics sucks! WAHHH!!!

Luckily Accounts sort-of-is-getting-better... Because that day during school's exam (An unformal one, just to make sure we still have things to do while we're still in school, i guess...), i copied Irena's (Whose sitting next to me - Tables WE ourself arrange very very near each other... Very memalukan... but... oh well...) Question 1 lejar's imbangan duga... because my lejar still suck... but i realise i'm starting to get a hang of it! The only reason i can't do lejar is because i haven't practise/ read it the night before. And Irena throw in a few tips... maybe a few more practises, and i MAY really really get the hang of it, and get quite better marks for question 1! Well... now, to Question 2... -_-"

Its surprising how the things you learn in class leak out from your brain like a bad tap THAT easily... I guess the saying goes, "Practise and study is IMPORTANT"!

Hmm... add maths is my very first paper and also my WORST paper (I never did wonders with it...)... I never do well in this subject (But surprisingly, i can do it better in class... I guess this proves that my brain is so "twing", it can only handle straight forward ones, and not pernyataan masalah... tsk tsk...)... Luckily its first... i can concentrate and get on with it faster, than i'm through, through and i NEVER EVER EVER EVER want to touch it AGAIN for the rest of my life!!! NEVER!!! You shall never make me (I'm getting dramatic... -_-")!!! NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
p/s: And lets hope after high school, i'm really really REALLY through with Add Maths!!! No "additional subjects" of it OR EVEN about it! I quit! No to Add Maths... or calculus... or anything that needs me to wreck my brain until its like... AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pps: Please excuse me for my language... and temper... Like i said, i'm getting dramatic (More like, i'm ALWAYS dramatic... -_-")...

Better stop yakking and blabbing about how my exams sucks, otherwise, it'll be a "Blog of bad exams"!!! Anything good happen today? NO!
Mandy and Irena skipped school... and i'm so lonely... You guys better come to school soon!!!

Haih... i'm beginning to think that i do not really have that much "goody-good-close-friends", do i? I was sitting next to someone, but the other 3's tables next to mine are connected, and mines the only one which is not connected, and stands alone... Hmm... I feel so coooollddd in class... brr... *teeth clattering*...
But i love my friends! I appreciate them and I LOVE THEM!!!~

Muaks, I love Jay!!! Hehehe!!!


Hmm... first time using blogspot ne! The blog i used currently is X-Fresh's blog! But i posted very little stuffs nee... Not much compared to my Zorpias!!! Hehehe!!!
Nothing interesting about me life lar... Go check Amane's!!!

Saturday, October 02, 2004


就是帥, 就是屌, 就是周杰倫﹗

Yeah!!! Jay's concert in Taiwan tonight (無與倫比 10月 2 日) was successfully held!!! Shuai!!! Congrats darling Jay!!! YEAH!!!

Below is news regarding the concert (News extract from Taiwan's Yahoo! news)!

周杰倫熱唱台北夜 近四萬歌迷情緒高亢

【中央社 】






隨後他與舞群熱歌勁舞演出「我的地盤」,這首被他視為最難背的歌詞,今晚果然「突槌」,由於一度忘詞,他臨機把歌詞改為「方文山 (作詞者) 你寫的詞實在太難背」!耳尖歌迷都發出會心一笑。



News extracted from: Taiwan's Yahoo! news.
This piece was copied from my Zorpia journal.