Thursday, August 31, 2006


Wah, so old adee X3!~


(Puts pic of JalurGemilang after she've taken it!)

MERDEKA *ties the JalurGemilang like a cape and runs around the house's front yard like Superman*!
BTW, Superman probably haven't met Edna from The Incredibles, otherwise she would've warn her about his cape, and the casualties which a few other superheroes has met DUE to their capes!

Anyways, yeah, i love my country =)!
Its not the best country in the world...
Nor the most modernized country in the world...
Nor the most beautiful country in the world...
Nor the safest country in the world...
Nor the friendliest country in the world...
Nor the richest country in the world...
Nor the (Put some descriptive noun here) country in the world...
But i love you all the same =)!
For globalization and shopping malls, and especially, FOOD FOOD FOOD, the people in it, our WONDERFUL nightlife which consists from yumchar to clubbing and Starbucks, and of course, for being Malaysia =)!
Yeah, its definately not the best country in the world (Except for the bloody Taxis! Ruining Malaysia's beautiful image!), but it IS for me, and i'm proud of my beautiful country =D! Because its MINE and MINE only =D!~
Ok, and other Malaysians too ler o(=v=")o...

I love driving around the town and exploring some new roads around KL!
I love going yumchar at night (And i shall miss this the most if i shall have to go to overseas o(T-T)o...)!
I love it that we're multi-racial, one person MAY know ALOT of languages *Points at selfs and beams*, and even though we are not exactly "not-racist", we still have respect for each other for being fellow Malaysians... or just being polite perhaps, and we did lived in harmony with each other for many years, and we love each other =D (Sometimes...)!~

If you can find me another country where the weather is pleasant, yumchars are available even at 5am, FOOD are available round the clock, taxi-drivers who are HORRIBLE to the max (If you're a foreigner, as much as i love Malaysia, let me warn you about them!), not forgetting SHOPPING from probably 9am to 10pm and perhaps longer (Not just till 5pm or whatever!), PENANG FOOD, our tropical greenforests, our very own Tiger-species (There IS a MalayanTiger, one of the tiger's sub-species!), ME =D!

I love my country o(^-^)o!~
Wah, so patriotic XD!~
I really like it that when i was driving to my house, seeing so many houses putting up the JalurGemilang flag, SO PROUD =D!~

Not the best, but its good enough for me =)!

Once again,

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Dancing Out!


Wow, this is kinda sudden right?

I also didn't expect to change it but erm, yeah, just suddenly, then erm, yeah, and then photoshopped a pic and then er... erm yeap, changed it adee o(^^;)o... hehehe! That simple!~

Well honestly, its nothing "brilliant" ler, mind o(^^;)o, but i like it, and thats all it matters right =P!

Its not like i joined a Blog pageant or something...
Is there even such a thing?

Anyways, i finally got over the emo-ness, and has watched the WHOLE MV, and happily anticipating the photobook now o(^-^)o!~

And yes, against what i've said last time about buying the photobook but not looking through it, this time...

I DEFINATELY buy the book, of course and no doubt, but this time... hehe *grins*...

I will DEFINATELY go through the whole book properly and purr-fectly =3!~

FIGHTING kimchi XD!!!~


ps: I like HanKyung's expression looking at the song/ Blog's title "Dancing Out"! Hehe, in case you didn't see the wordings there ler, use too light of a colour o(^^;)o...
But still good!
Even made a funny one XD!~ Will post it next time!

Monday, August 28, 2006


kimchi's last day of work today =3!

Although honestly, i don't know why, but i think i'm going to "sorta" miss going to work.
- The salary, no doubt X3!~
- Get to "curi-malas", by going downstairs to buy bread for breakfast while working hours.
- Squeezing into the lift and going way up to the 19th floor every morning. I missed that somehow o(=.=")o... must be my obsession on tall buildings i guess?
- And SALARY =D!

But i guess if i felt tormented waking up every morning when i felt like lazing in bed, and the thought of "work" the next day makes me feel like jumping out of my grandma's bedroom window... yeah, i guess its OK to stop now =)!

Gives me a VERY GOOD reason to SERIOUSLY clean my room this time, plus reliefing me of the everyday torture of thinking "OMG, how if i have to call people for surveys today?" and etc!

I really want to thank my supervisor! Because somehow, she didn't ask me to call anyone for the last few days! Instead, i got asked to do some other jobs i don't mind doing!
Even if i did fell asleep doing it o(^^;)o... OMG! I really should sleep early!

It was fun working for the month if you ignore the "calling" part =)!
Saving up money for my w-inds. Summer Concert fund! Plus good experience!
But i guess i still prefer study now!
Until the time comes, i guess i'm not ready for "real-world-work" yet o(^^;)o...

I still want to stay in my fantasy world for now!~ NYAN X3 *flies*!~

BTW, went to watch Monster House today after work!

Despite it being cartoon, i don't think its a really "suitable" movie for children!

In fact, i suggest younger children to stay away from it o(^^;)o... its seriously quite freaky at some parts...

Maybe its just me, hmm...

I don't understand why whenever i go for movies ALONE my mom will say:

"Alone also can go watch movies meh?"

Erm, why cannot ALONE go watch movie one ka?

Sure, its emo if you think from what side, but if you think from another side,

I'M GOING TO WATCH THE MOVIE! Not "watch" my friends!

And seriously, not everyone is a "movie-buff" who needs to watch every movie to their interest!

And not everyone is interested in every movie and needs to watch it... unlike me o(^^;)o... hehe...


And also not everyone is as free as me o(^^;)o... and is willing to take out time + money just to pay to watch movies oftenly...

So yeah, whats the problem with going for movies alone?

As long as you don't mind right?

God, i remember how my Aunty (Not Auntie Amane, but my cousin's mom!) reacted when i came back from watching movies alone!

She was like, all compassionate with a pity-look on my face as if i was the "saddest-being-on-earth" and went, "Next time you want to go watch movie you ask me along, ok?"...

I was like "Mwo nun go yah o(o.O)o?"...

Serious, you should've seen her expression o(^^;)o...

No, its not because she wanted to watch the movie too or anything... Well, i guess not everyone can understand going to watch movies alone is PERFECTLY FINE!

Oh well!~

BTW, just bought a pair ofpink slippers today!


But a lil "big", but mom says "home slippers" are like that, hmm...

It has a crab there! Reminds me of HyeSung-oppa o(^^;)o...

Another choice was a light grass green and purply, and a lighter pink with a sheep on it!

Which, reminds me of DongHae-oppa o(^^;)o...

What am i going to do?

My whole world has been revolving around them now!

Everything i do i think about them!

Example watching cartoons and wondering if HeeChul-oppa would've liked this kinda cartoons too, or is he only a DisneyClassicCartoon fan?




Not forgetting Cinderella (Although i got the chance to watch Part 1 that day =D, but its around the ending part o(_ _ )o... I WANT TO WATCH EVERYTHING AGAIN!)!

Hmm, maybe if i go bonkers from waiting too long, i might end up taking my salary and buying all the DVDs o(^^;)o...


Sunday, August 27, 2006

Dancing Out!

Went to KLCC for shopping today!

Emo shopping, you may say... because of... *emos*...
But retail therapy really works ne!
After like, a couple of times of going shopping but end up buying nothing home, finally managed to bought some of the stuffs i wanted today!
And by the end of the day, i was as happy as a bowl of KangIn-brand-kimchi-chigae!

Nyan o(^-^)o!~

One of the best purchase (After the ice-cream!) was the NoguriUdon!

Apart from being the pack of udon SungMin-oppa was happily labeling in SuperAdonisCamp, which then KangIn-oppa reminded him that DongHae-oppa's team could just destroy the package, so the labeling was useless... it was also...
I can imagine my Noguri's head there while cooking the noodles X3!~ Hehehe!
ps: I bought it because of "Noguri", i didn't really remember what noodles SungMin-oppa was labeling till i came home and rewatched it o(^^;)o...

Then went to LotteMart, but there was no more CheomMilMil o(T-T)o...
But bought kimchi anyway!
The REAL EDIBLE FOOD KIMCHI! Not the kimchi me, ok?

Bloody big pack o(=.=")o... they don't have smaller packs there... ARGH!

But why me buy the food kimchi?
Because hehehe...

To make my kimchi-brand kimchi-chigae XD!~
Recipe courtesy of Auntie and NoguriKangIn!~

I seriously wanted to thank Ah Theng Jie Jie aka Soey here!
Go visit KilikuluCafe btw! GREAT WEBSITE XD!~
Apart from the fact that she just had dinner with UncleAhGuan's family, after that she drove ALL THE WAY FROM PUCHONG JUST to come to my house to try my first time made kimchi-chigae!!!
And i had to dissappoint her because it wasn't sour enough o(T-T)o...
But she still finished the whole pot for me o(o.O)O!
Haven't done my full promotion yet, just you wait yah =D!~

One of my fave, squid with wasabi =D!

And also, after like, two years or so walking pass that stall without buying the squid and rice...
(Pic to be uploaded soon)
I finally bought one box to try today!
But i'm not buying again, too expensive o(^^;)o...
Unless if its fresh ler!

The best purchase of the day seriously goes to the ice-cream!
Its just normal cone with milk vanilla ice-cream... but... OH. MY. GOD!
Its even better than Haegan Dazz or Baskin Robbins!
But i didn't get a chance to take pic of the heavenly-ice-cream o(T-T)o... Somemore that ice-cream is only "purchasable" in Malaysia once every year, during the Isetan Hokkaido Fair or something...
Its just so heavenly, words CANNOT describe it!
One of the reasons why i went to KLCC today was also because of the ice-cream, because today was the fair's last day, and due to last year's experience of the ice-cream, i knew i HAD to go back there, JUST FOR THE ICE-CREAM!
And boy was i NOT dissappointed X3!~
Not going to elaborate more... in case i start craving for the ice-cream suddenly that i'll break into Isetan KLCC like, NOW, just to have some of the ice-cream again o(^^;)o...
ARGH!!! UNTIL NEXT YEAR o(>.<)O!!! I'M MISSING IT ALREADY!!! Enough, let me go bite my Noguri now to stop my craving for the ice-cream...
I miss it o(T-T)o...

Don't know why, but today:
I tried to connect my Clie to the com, but it won't work... explore explore... turns out i didn't plug in the USB cable o(-__-")o...
And just now, i tried to connect my camera to the com, it won't work despite me clicking the USB button a few times... turns out, i didn't plug in the USB cable... again o(-__-")o...

Suddenly back to my normal blogging way o(^^;)o... but i seriously prefered HeeChul-oppa's style!
So artistic in my point-of-view!~
Going to do that again next time =D!~
Save everyone's time as well!
No one need to read too much, i no need to type so much XP!

BTW, tomorrow last day of work!
My room is so scary in the "tidy-sense" that i scared myself o(=v=")o... hehehe...



I told Auntie:

"my feelings very complicated now o(-__- )o..."

"you mixed with chili?"


True also...

kimchi + chilli = mixed complicated?

Yes, i AM kimchi o(^^; )o...

kimchi eh yo! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!


So typical of me, to speak three different languages at the same time...

I am seriously "rojak-ed" o(=.=")o...!


If you're wondering why the weird way of writing so unlike my old style of typical blabberings...

Ah, i'll reveal what happened.

I had been reading HeeChul-oppa's diary entries in his cyworld...

Oppa is such a deep thinker, it made me think deep as well!

But being kimchi me, who is not used to "thinking-deep", it just makes me feel emo o(=.=")o...

Ah, i want to watch Sleeping Beauty!

Kinda random har o(^^;)O?

But i've REALLY love it, and REALLY wanted to watch it again, eversince like... FOREVER!

But i'm being stingy on the price for the DVD o(^^;)o...

Maybe i should just pay? But thinking of the list of stuffs i wanted to buy soon...


Maybe i'll buy in SG? Lets see how ler o(=.=")o...

Anyways, back to oppa's diary, the more i read, the more i feel emo...

I don't know why... somehow?

Maybe because the more i read it, the more i sort-of "understand" oppa?

But this was too much at once o(-__-")o...


But oppa's diaries entries are so crazy maybe it made me crazy too? Hmm...

And he wrote about Fishy, Simba, HeeBon, etc...

Ah, so jealous!

Not just the Simba part, mind...

Hey, i want to be Simba too!

Simba is my all-time favourite character in Disney, and still is now!

I've avoided watching The Lion King because of this... i know i'll get teary-eyed even BEFORE i watch it again!

BTW, if i watch it again this time, it would probably be my 16284621273512371237623723 times watching it again perhaps?

Along with the other Disney Classic Cartoons! Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty etc!

As much as i love the newer Pixar ones, Disney Classic Cartoons are still THE BEST!

No competition!

Its because we grow up with it ne o(^-^)o?


Ok, maybe i shouldn't be Simba...

I need to find myself a new character o(-__-")o...

And no, no evil stepmother of Cinderella!

That would be scary o(=.=")o... serious scary...

Perhaps... i don't know who suits me seriously o(=.=")o...

Let me think about it!

The Lo Mai Gai from that-certain-store-mom-always-buy-from is so delicious btw! Yum!~

This is such a long entry, nyan!

I want to eat KyuHyun-baby... he looks so delicious (As always!)!




I miss them badly...

I miss him badly...

Its like wanting to embrace the wind...

No matter how much you wanted to embrace it...

You can never manage to embrace it...


Or if you are like noguri trying to throw kimchi into the kimchi pot for kimchi chigae...

No matter how much you tried...

You can never manage to get the kimchi in there...

Because has Simba and Baby to protect after her =D!

Along with some other Princes!

Nyan X3!~


Enough, i talked too much today o(=.=")o...

Tau Foo Far!~

Yummy =9!~

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Some pics to share!

Everyone remember HeeChul and HanKyung?
No, NOT Kim HeeChul-oppa of SuJu! But rather, the two little kitties living around my neighbourhood X3!~
I lazy go into the whole story ler (In case you fall asleep!), so i'll just touch on it a bit!

First, the mother (Quite close to her as well!) moved two of them to my house when they were very young! I think only a few weeks old?
But somehow, they moved away the next morning =(...
I didn't get to see them until just last week or so, they came back! Thanks to Ah Theng JieJie who alerted this news to me while i was working!
Although sometimes they will dissappear (Usually after a heavy rain! Had to find somewhere to hide!), but usually you can find them staying outside my house!

The name i've gave to them is really a miracle ler!
Although like most cats, they won't answer when you call them, but i reckon HeeChul has quite a good grasp on his name now =)!
As for HanKyung, when he was younger he was really shy but once he knows you he's quite cute and friendly, but now... erm... really fearful of strangers o(^^;)o...
Although he will usually run and hide when i go near him now, but not as bad as the first time ler! At least he'll let me pet him now, but he'll always snarl at me first when i get near him o(=v=")o...

They are real cute, especially HeeChul! Because the way he walks is like... CUTE XD!~
HanKyung is alot bigger than HeeChul, i reckon he took all his food?
But HeeChul, overall, is really cute and retarded XD!~
You can see him playing with himself most of the time when he has nothing better to do XD! Jumping around like a mad kitty X3!~

BTW, because HeeChul is much friendlier and approachable, i manage to take more of his pics instead of HanKyung! HanKyung always hides o(=.=")o...

Enough of my blabberings! PICS XD!~

This is HeeChul-baby XD!~

HanKyung! ROAR XD!~

Mother cat and kitties!

As you can really see, HanKyung is afraid of everything and hiding near the mom whereas HeeChul is walking everywhere o(^^;)o...

HeeChul was always biting the mother's tail when he get near her XD!~

More HeeChul!

Silly retarded look nyan X3!~

HeeChul is not that afraid of me adee, and then he was sitting near me, then suddenly play and bite my shirt o(=v=")o...


Then after that HanKyung was playing with HeeChul... when suddenly...
... both of them climbed up the tree o(o.O)o!

Climbing trees expert! REALLY CUTE NE X3!~

Some collection of cutey HeeChul's pics =3!~


And BabyGirl who was sitting nearby!

Hehehe, her and her "babi-fied" looks XD!~

And apart from the cats!
My Be Delicious!

I love green apples =D!~

And from last time yumchar pics!
Auntie's drink (Chocolate i think?)!

Mine and Hyukpi's favourite =D!~

And last but not least...

That is Auntie talking to Jae btw =3!~

Ok, now i disappear!
Go kacau the NoguriKangIn =D, then hug my ChoiMario, BabyKyuHyun and BabyRyeoWook to sleep first =D!~

What the...

KL the third rudest city in the world?

Not that i disagree, but not that i agree either.
Malaysians may not be super polite, but we are not rude as well. Maybe some are especially unfriendly, but overall, not ALL are unfriendly!
Rude is definately the wrong term to use!
And even if the term "rude" is to be used, i seriously don't agree with placing third in the world.
Like i said, Malaysians are not rude, but sometimes we can be rather unfriendly because of "cautiousness" towards the other person... or perhaps because of the weather...

Whoever who did the survey (The KL part!) should just go jump into the KLCC pool!
Zip, thats all! Not elaborating anymore on my opinion adee incase i end up making no sense o(=v=")o...

I'm better now =)!
For certain reasons *dances*!~

Friday, August 25, 2006

Emo-ness attack...

Sometimes i really admire HeeChul-oppa...
No, i really do admire HeeChul-oppa... perhaps even envy?

Apart from the constant contact with my ChoiMario and the rest of SuJu, apart from being able to perform freely to his own desire, apart from knowing his taste, what he really likes and does not need to worry or care about what other's think on his tastes, apart from being able to be himself, apart from being surrounded by true friends and people who really care about him, apart from being able to express his feelings and opinion on what he really feels all the time without any worries in the world (Being straightforward ler!)...
On second thought, i just admire and envy HeeChul-oppa ler... for everything!

Honestly, i don't know him, but you can really "feel" how his like when you see him from those variety shows etc!
Its like, his true self is already there! What you see is what you get! And his not afraid to be himself!
Being CinderellaHeeChul, his cute clothes and bunny slippers!
With all his little dongsaengs who loves and respects him!
Sure he may sound mean sometimes, but thats who he is =P!

I seriously envy HeeChul-oppa... he is just so himself... and is not afraid to be himself...

If i was even half as alike as HeeChul-oppa, my world would probably be a better place...


Hehehe, just being emo because of a certain something...
HECK! They don't read my blog! I'll just go ahead and blurt it all out!
Keeping it to myself only is really difficult in the sense it'll make me more emo perhaps, and that i'll probably feel better if i say it out... to whoever it may be even...
If i were not to do so, then whats the point of having a blog =)?

Anyways, it goes like this... prepare yourself...
There's this group of friends i use to hangout with always during Form1 to Form3.
ShiYin, Julie and SzeYin!
The "e4"!
But after entering Form4, where our classes are really different and far apart, we didn't always hang-out much (Usually during recess last time!), but i chose to believe that we are still "quite" close, even if we are not alike the "old-times"...

Then after graduating, we "said" we'll continue, with our "weekly-yumchar-sessions"...
Which changed to "random-ly", because everyone was kinda busy with their own lives, exams tests and all!
I was the only "very-free-one", because being me, i seriously "slacked" through ICPU o(^^;)o... And apart from that, i also feel that taking a break for a few hours from work won't "die" one mar, as long as the work doesn't need to be hand in the next day ler!

Anyways, due so because they were usually "busy", the sessions got lesser, somemore because its like, if I didn't initiate the plans to go yumchar, chances are nothing will happen...
Hello, if you looked back, seriously most of the time i suggested it one o(=.=")o...
But of course, i suggest then we split work on contactings and all! Not only ME have to contact everyone!

And then after my graduation, i seriously did no calls, and NOTHING happened (Yumchar-wise!)!

So last Monday upon bumping into ShiYin at PasarMalam, i asked "Hey, lets yumchar this Fri before everyone else gets busier!"!
Also because there's alot of stories i want to hear, and it has really been awhile since we gathered!
Plus since i very "free" now, and i also feel that probably when i start classes i'll definately be "busy", so the chances for yumchar in the future might be lesser!

So we spread work, with me contacting Sze, and Shi always in contact with Ju can contact Ju!
But Ju can't come, she was "needs to study and was grounded"!
I guess as long as we're not 21years old yet, we can still get grounded huh?
I DO have another "point" on her reasons, but i choose not to disclose it, abit the too private!
But don't care ler, as long as Sze and Shi can still make it, why cancel it?

Sze darling CAN make it last Thurs (Said will reply back on Wed, but end up ME reminding her on Thurs o(=.=")o...), but just now she sms-ed me she forgot she had replacement classes for her language class, so she can't make it...
WHAT. THE. *toot*!
But yeah, got class so what to do?
Then i replied her an emo one, just to state how i feel, and then asked her to tell mom we cancel the whole yumchar ler, since otherwise it'll be only me, Shi and ChunTuck then.
Then... no reply anymore...
*toot*, you FFK already at least can reply say "next time we go out ler", right?

I've developed this "point" sometime ago, and i really want to tell that to them, but i guess i'm not like HeeChul-oppa? No chance too anyways!
I have this feeling is that only I am interested in meeting-up as to not let the "friendship" die down, they are just "keeping up" with me!
Thus, if I wasn't even in abit interest for the yumchar-sessions, seriously, NOTHING would've been done...
So yeah, you have it, because seriously, out of 5 times, i was the one who initiated the idea of yumchar at least 3 times... but of course, they do help contact contact, and not i contact everyone!

But anyways, for now, i am FED-UP of all this already... i mean, whats the use of "meeting-up" to strengthen the friendship when only I am the one interested in so, whereas everyone else wast just keeping up with me?
As my last two posts has said, i don't believe in "close-friends" who won't be in touch for like, a month or so, and only one side is trying to "stay the same" while the other "couldn't care less" to contact the other or so.
Just like SamSoon as well, may i honestly state this point here. But that is another story.

So anyways, yes, my conclusion now is that they are my friends, and i seriously love them as friends as usual.
But i've had enough of having to be the only one who is to initiate all the meet-ups so we could stay in touch and all.
I feel that i don't want to care much more whether we stay "close-friends" or not, because it just makes me emo-er! Especially when i plan, then they cannot come etc, makes me emo worst!
Especially cuz now i'm still "nursing" a heartbreak from "what-had-happened-during-July"!
So yes, thats it!
Same with SamSoon and some other old friends as well!
I've decided that i don't want to have to be the only one whose interested in keeping in touch.
If you're not interested, why should i be?
Close-friends don't "do-that" to each other.
Maybe its best if we stay as normal-good-friends ler =)! At least i'll feel better on the not-often-contactings!

Stating my point, thats all!

Now, back to another case...
I miss a certain 13 guys REAL BAD...
I'm worried i might just pack my bags, buy the airtickets to Thailand, and fly there!
Even without any "company" OR tickets to the concert!

But if you "think" logically, this is SERIOUSLY a bad idea because:
1: CousinKat's not back in Bangkok at that time.
2: Alone nya for all attacks, no one else. SO EMO!
3: Its Thailand. I DON'T BLOODY HELL SPEAK THAI (Except "Sa-wa-dee-kaa"!)!
So yeah, its seriously a "bad-idea" o(=.=")o...

Especially when i've missed out SO MANY chances of meeting them *super emo again*...
So i'm just afraid that now, my heart might take over my brain and command my legs to Bangkok!
Cannot, really cannot go! SAVE MONEY!
I can't believe i've even felt of using the money i saved for my next year w-inds. concert to go to Korea, just so i could see them again o(=.=")o...

They are seriously "torturing" me...

I hate Super Junior... for doing this to me...
But i can't... i'm too into them adee now... it might be hard to get me out...
I miss RotiPlanta o(T-T)o...

Aiyar, just be a good girl, stay at home, and stuff your head into emo-ness lar o(=.=")o...
bloody hell...

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Bite me!

Newer edit:
This is Eric-oppa...

And he is BOTAK =D!~

So bo-liao again o(=.=")o...

ps: Made sense but i really don't know what i'm trying to say all of a sudden earlier of this post, so yeah, at least BotakEric-oppa's picture for the whole entry to look good =P!


But i'm spreading my "dictator-ship"...
... and claiming KiBum as MINE (From now onwards!) =P!


My darling dongsaeng-bebe yah X3!~

Not that anyone can have any objections on this o(^^;)o... i'm just "claiming" him as my darling dongsaeng ONLY ler!
Something that goes along the line like MY RyeoWook-y, KyuHyun-y and ChangMin-y!~
I'm their beloved nuna yah X3!~
*mumblesGod,meandmy"nunasickness"again o(=.=")o...*

You may ask why the sudden "KiBum-claim-age" ler o(^^;)o...
Erm... actually...
I'm just bo-liao nya o(^^;)o...
Because honestly, ALL SuJu member's ARE already MY oppas and dongsaengs Though ChoiMario is excluded from this as he has already claimed me as his first *blush*...!
Erm... perhaps except DongHae ler (I still want to dance the "retro-dance" with EeTeuk-y-oppa and bully the rest of SuJu with KangIn-y-oppa o(^^;)o...)... but his still my oppa...
I'm not making any sense am i?
Good, because i myself don't get what i'm saying XP!~

Point given! Don't understand just ask me ler =D!~

Anyways, don't forget that i have Official-Claims (Only on the "hanryu" for now!) over (Means THEY ARE MINE! NO TOUCHY AT ALL!):
LittleBoyChangMin (BiBi excluded from this!)

And Unofficial-Claims (Means its ok if you "claim" them! But they are MINE as well!):

"Writers-block" now, can't think of more o(^^;)o... Nothing better to do so bo-liao-ing now o(^^;)o...

... hmmm... i have this feeling anyone whose not a fangirly and read my blog may feel that this is very "immature" etc etc...
But you're not ME, you're not a FANGIRL, and you may NEVER understand this feeling, so you have NO RIGHTS to "brand" me as immature!
Been there done that and being me and doing it is TOTALLY DIFFERENT!

But i've totally graduated from being those "fangirlies" who'll squabble like mad over the idols ler...
And the "I'm his biggest fan", "I'm a bigger fan than you"... i feel like puking upon remembering what i heard from my cousin's friend who has said that to me, indirectly through my cousin...

Being a fangirly has no age limit seriously =)! Nobody is too young or too old for it! It just depends on how you want it, and how you see it!

Anyways, WHO CARES!
I seriously don't know where i'll be without being a fangirly and having all my idols to "support" me through emo and rough times, though they "may" be the cause of the emoness, but OH WELL!

We just love them no matter what, don't we =D?



I can't believe this...

Bloody office has banned all access to the internet during work...
They took off the address bar from the internet explorer to prevent you from going to other websites! Alot of other stuffs has been restricted as well!
I have a feeling that some of them will be quiting pretty soon!

It was really stressful and pressure for those doing the calls because all they can do is call, call, call only and nothing else, as apposed to being able to surf the net and calling last time! They even made a quota you have to fulfill each day o(@@)o...
Not that the pressure is only on the part-timers ler, i guess the clients are pressuring the supervisors and all, and we weren't making any progress, so i guess its time for "drastic-measure"!
And honestly, we DO slacked quite a bit o(^^;)o...
Luckily i'm quiting soon, hmm...

Anyways, being the usual genius kimchi...
I've discovered ANOTHER way to surf our own preferable websites during work =P! Despite the restriction and all!
Not that i did it, i tried only and it really worked!
But seeing the tight atmosphere during work and all, i guess its best i don't do anything for now ler o(^^;)o... hehehe...

It has been the public school holidays, and i haven't heard a sound from SamSoon!
I'm not going to act and say something that goes like "Not that it matters..." or etc, but frankly, of course it matters! We ARE close friends (before) mar!
But i guess there's no point if only one side is making the "effort" to strengthen the friendship =)!
No matter how busy or PK one might be, i seriously don't believe in close friendships where there's not a single point of contact within weeks! Or one side is just letting the other side do all the contacts, and plannings and all!
Sometimes there isn't even any reply after being contacted!
I'm not saying anything ler, of course i still love our darling SamSoon =)! And its seriously our darling SamSoon's "style" o(-___-")o...
But i just feel that maybe we just won't be as close as before?
Molla o(@@)o...
Or maybe our darling SamSoon is hanging out with Daniel Henney, so she forgot about us?
If she does so, CONGRATULATE HER!
... bo-liao again o(^^;)o... hehehe...

ps: Note that what i've just typed doesn't only apply to SamSoon lar! To some other high-school-mates as well ler, but not that they read my Blog too =P!
And as close as we are, the closeness was lost during high school, so, oh well!
I just feel that we might not be as close as before adee ler =D!~

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Anyone else...

... wants to "take" more money from me?

First w-inds. photobook release this month, then it was rumoured that they might be releasing WORKS Vol.5 on September 20th, and SmellyeJay releasing his new album this September 8th, and TVfXQ! will be releasing their album (Maybe photobook too?) sometime during September as well...

And then...
Darling SuJus will be releasing their new photobook AS WELL very soon... on September 4th...

They all look so yummy XD!~
All pics taken in Malaysia btw o(*v*)o!~

Not forgetting... attacking Singapore for Shinhwa-oppa's concert this September as well o(=.=")o... not forgetting that SG does sell quite a number of w-inds. stuffs there too...
I can see my money flying away *cold wind blows past*...

But i guess you can call this "haengbok" o(^-^)O... that is until reality hits you o(^^;)o...

Credits: mySHINHWA

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Gah, can't believe i managed to "con" myself into continuing work! Even after Eva's sudden departure from work last Thursday!
Hehe, she misses her MapleStory =P!

Anyways, am really going to quit next Mon ler!
Anyways, i WAS going to quit next week actually, seeing that Shinhwa-oppa's concert is like... SOON XD!~
I've said that i wanted to work until the week of the concert ler, and i've never thought that next week IS the week of the concert!
So ngam ngam, since i was going to stop next week anyways, and next week IS the week of the concert, so in a way i did not like, break the "oath" i've made to myself on when to stop work right?
You got what i mean?
I'm not making much sense am i o(^^;)o...? Hehehe...
But its so bored, OMG!
Hope next week faster come XP!

LOADS to do before the concert!
After the TVfXQ! concert "experience", i've said that i want to "train-up" abit so i could at least withstand a few hours standing while waiting for Shinhwa-oppa's concert to start! Especially since our places are like TVfXQ!'s concert, which is STANDING...
One month has passed...
And i haven't even do anything yet o(=v=")o... GAH!
Using "work" as an "excuse" somemore... more GAH!
So seriously, after quiting, must really at least "train" abit!
At least hopefully can tahan longer than during the TVfXQ! concert, cause even though when they come out you'll forget about everything, but don't want the "wait" to feel so long and suffering, so yes, better train abit ler o(^^;)o...
Its good for health too =D!~

Loads to do too, apart from that...
Such as "shopping" while Megasale is still on...
And the most important of all... CLEAN MY ROOM!

Moved in for like, so long adee, but still erm... haven't erm... do anything, hehehe o(^^;)o...
I've seen BabyBrian's room (Of course X3!~)... omg... SO NEAT AND CLEAN AND TIDY o(>.<)o! Compared to mine... heaven and earth o(=.=")o... And also MinWoo-oppa's room, and also owner PrinceDongWan-oppa's one... sorta...
OMG o(0-0)o!
So yeah, must at least tidy and clean properly before classes start! Otherwise once classes start sure won't do anything adee one, like last time o(>.<)O! FIGHTING AGAIN! Target: Not necessary 100% neat and tidy, but at least must 80% as Brian's place!

Edit 11:51am:
I've checked the calendar...
Next week is NOT the week of the concert...
Its the week BEFORE the week of the concert...
Paiseh, miscalculated o(^^;)o...
But eitherways, still quiting, and then going to make full-use (I hope!) of the extra time!

Sunday, August 20, 2006


There are a number of pics i've photoshopped halfway, or waiting to be photoshop, but like, till now also haven't do anything o(^^;)o...
So just finish it up, and post now ler!
Then i can get a new batch to idle in my com for years before i post it up again =P! Mwehehe!~


First up!
Remember THAT NIGHT? Where i had one of the BEST DINNER in my life =D?
The food was good, but the "company" was the best of all *blush in happiness*!~
Its because...
Different tables, but so what, we were dining together in close proximity and same restaurant somemore X3!~
Anyways, my family and i went to Starhill for dinner last weekend, so i get a chance to roam around that place again, and relieve the beautiful memories!
It was seriously one of the best memories ne, Auntie =D?

Whats with the "SungMin EunHyuk STARE STARE"?
Hehehe, don't want to tell you =P!

Oh, not forgetting, we actually chased SuJu from the hotel to the restaurant!
We were REALLY CLOSE during the chase!

SiWon-bebe was just SO NEAR ME, RIGHT INFRONT OF ME... OMG *blush blush blush*...

Ugh, i actually got the chance to take this REALLY NICE picture of Baby, but... hish, their stupid manager blocked my camera o(=.=")o... grr!


Some pics of food from the family dinner as well!

I love the steak! BLOODY DELICIOUS XD!~
The gravy seriously compliments the steak (Don't ask me what that means, i just feel like writing that =P!), and thus, MARVELOUS X3!~

FHBro brought back my favourite, STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE for me XD!~

One is the KoreanStrawberryCheese i posted on one of my entries earlier, another is the cake bro bought!
Which is better?
I definately choose the one bro bought! Because it means i can eat it as well! NYAN XD!~

So far, i only know of ONE PLACE around KL for this yummie-kin, and i really love it X3!~
Hope there'll be more places, near me, selling these cakes in the future XP!
I know Japan and Korea has ALOT of these cakes X3!~

Yeap, went to Auntie's house last night for her yummy "Auntie-brand Kimchi Chigae" and "Auntie-brand Potato Salad"!
Auntie so creative yah!~ Don't jealous i get to eat and you don't =P!
Hehe, because SamSoon missed out the chance to have TWO of Auntie's best speciality that night! She couldn't come cuz!
Too bad SamSoon, next time hope you'll be luckier ler =D!~
BTW, no pics of the Potato Salad, because erm, we were watching SuJu at that time and erm, er, made me forgotten to take pics of it o(^^;)o...
Blame it on SiWon-ny, KyuHyun-ny and RyeoWook-y! ALL THEIR FAULT XD!~
Hehehe =P!

SO MEAN o(>.<)O!!!

Yummy =9!!!~

And yeah, final pic!
And the blue sky compliments the condo so much X3!~
I took it while Eva was driving on the way to work! Otherwise if i drive, its kinda difficult for me to take, right o(^^;)o?
Anyways, one reason why i like this condo alot was because ITS SO GLASSY XD!~
So bright and nice X3!~

Anyone want to it buy for me =D? To save me and Baby's trouble on saving to buy it?
*runsaway before crazy fans attacks her*

Just made my own:
"kimchi-brand Potato Salad"!!!~
But nobody wants to try it o(=.=")o...
Mom also looked like i'm feeding her "poison" nya o(=.=")o...
Hoi, i cook punya food not bad one ok o(>.<)o!!!
I like ler! YUMMY X9!~
From Auntie's recipe btw =D!~ VERY EASY!
NYAN, next time want to try my own "kimchi-brand kimchi chigae"!


Some pics of cats that i've took, then photoshopped!
I was kinda sleepy when i photoshoped some of the pics, which explains why some look so erm... hehehe o(^^;)o...
But anyways, hope you like it! ENJOY!~

Previous post with similiar style pics here!

ps: Around 20 pics+ btw, may take some time to load o(^^;)o...

And the current "dominant-male" around my house now is...

Aiyar, so shy XD? Hehehe!

Hehe, he has a silly looking face X3!~

My little kitties HanKyung and HeeChul's mother!
Too bad HanKyung and HeeChul has dissappeared again o(=.=")o... haih...


Both of them are real good friends =D!~

A very "posh-cat" staying near my house!

And i had seriously embarassed myself in attempts of taking pics of this posh-cat o(=v=")o... to the extend i looked suspicious probably, oh marshmallows o(^^;)o...

Purposely went to the park to take pics =D!~
Only got one cat, BUT ITS SO CUTE TOO X3!~
A really cute cat who got attracted to my camera (Thus whenever i try to take his pic at his level, he kept on walking towards the camera o(^^;)o...)!

His colours are really nice nyan o(^-^)o?
Meow XD!~

Some pigeons that were at the park too!

And one more random stray cat pic!

Hehehe, i've posted this before, but this is "another-version"!
Love his looks! Accidentally frightened him cuz, and he was attempting to run away o(^^;)o... hehehe...
Took it from my car too btw, and caught this angle of his just in time X3!~

Thats about it!
Watch out for my next PICTURES UPLOAD =D!~ After photoshopping!~
Hehe, because went to Auntie's house just now! She treated me to her special "AUNTIE BRAND KIMCHI CHIGAE" plus "AUNTIE BRAND POTATO SALAD"!
Seriously, SamSoon really missed out on the yummie-kins X3!~ All i can say is really too bad =P!

Oh btw, missed out the potato salad pics because erm... busy watching SuJu to remember taking pics of it =P!