Sunday, February 25, 2007

Super Junior-t, LIVE on Inkigayo!


I'm still pissed, bu i'm feeling more HAENGBOK!~

You JUST have to love Super Junior-t nya XD!~

They performed LIVE on Inkigayo just now!

Which erm... while they were performing i was lazily asleep on the couch...

But yeah, i was SO with them, supporting them there and all...

... mentally...

But no doubt, I AM THERE WITH THEM!

Supporting them o(^∇^)o!


And... on another good part...


난 좋아!~


He looked so handsome now!

As always o(^ω^)o!~

Just waiting for the performance to fully load, then i can enjoy the LIVE version of 로꾸거!~


They performed 첫차 as well btw!~




우리 슈퍼주니~~~~~에요 ♪!!!!!~~~

This is freaking annoying.

I borrowed this cousin of mine my Sims2: Pets DVD.

I've already told him, its dvd. CD-ROM couldn't play it, as from memory, i think his com was CD-ROM.

I joked with him i didn't want to borrow him, he cried.

Anyways, they conveniently brought it home.

Last year.

I've asked back for it more than twice.

And he have the cheek to tell me he lost it when i ask back from him just now. And even told me the story of how he lost it (Can't install, and even tried denying it.

How i feel like slapping his head off to Timbaktu.

Its not about the money actually.

Ok, slightly. Its RM15.

But more important is the lengths i've went to to get the game, so i could play it. I practically went OVER THE MOUNTAIN AND SEA (sorta) just to get the game working.

And he dare lost it.

If he showed some apology for the lost, i could've take it much better. Actually, i feel i wouldn't have even mind?

But no. He dare give me monkey-stories for it. Not even a single SORRY.

Luckily i maintain. Otherwise i would've shove his head down the drain outside my house.

Bloody hell.

To top it all off, i required Auntie's help to call me, so i could just "act out" a simply show saying how my friend is "rushing me" for the DVD, and thus, I NEED THAT FREAKING DVD BACK ASAP!

But... disappointment. Little bit help also ask N.E.W.S.*.
*North, East, West and South.

You can never get good help these days. Same with what happened to my w-inds. calendar.


I should've just wasted that EXTRA RM8 and bought it in Malaysia, some more can "add points" to my own Isetan card (And get vouchers! WEEEE!~)!

But no, i choose to get it there so my friend could get points, and after that i can wait for 6 months to get my calendar.

Its 25th February 2007 today.

The calendar can be used starting from 1st January 2007.

Sometimes, being a genius is all it takes to getting bloodily annoyed, irritated and disappointed.

To top all that "top-stuffs" up...

Class is starting tomorrow.

Maybe i should call in sick.



ps: Isn't it nice if that can officially be used to get an MC?

How wonderful the world would've been.


Super Junior-t

I get cranky when i don't get enough sleep.

Thus, i slept from around 5pm to 11pm just now.

Having waking up 6am this morning to accompany mom to the temple!


I had been sleeping late and forcing myself to wake up early in the morning due to events!

Actually, its really not-that-early, but considering the time i had slept the night before.


Yes, it is "early-in-the-morning"!

Super Junior-t
- 로꾸거!!!

Super Junior-t will be debuting tomorrow 3.30pm KoreanTime on SBS Inkigayo!

Pray everything will go well and smooth, and ALL THE BEST TO THEM!

As nervous they are for tomorrow's debut, I'M FEELING NERVOUS AS WELL!

Though i can't catch the LIVE BROADCAST, for obvious reasons...

I can feel that i'll be there tomorrow to support them!



*dances to the song*

Its just such a nice, catchy and funny song XD!~


Everyone has did a GREAT JOB for the MV!

I've watched it like, a lot of times!

Its just so nice and addictive!

Although i would've prefered it if KangIn had more appearance time, but i'm grateful for the BIG TEDDY BEAR's TROT-DANCE-STYLE in the MV!

YoungWoon-yah, YOU ARE LOVED XD!~

Although i've had a very full lunch this afternoon, i'm feeling hungry now.

Shouldn't eat anything now, since its already late... but i can't help and ate two pieces packets of biscuit just now o(=.=")o...

Tomorrow guarantee face will appear bigger than it already was.

Actually i feel its more due to MOUTH ITCHY.

And because i went to the loo for some withdrawal just now?

However... still...

How to lose weight if so?

I've already had QueenOfTheFreakingUniverseAmanda biting my head saying i'm FAT this morning o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o!

But somehow it coming from QueenOfTheFreakingUniverseAmanda, i've no bad feelings towards it.

It just makes me feel like FIGHTING and WORK HARDER!

After biting her head that is.

But back to my "work harder"... always end up... *sigh*...

Continuously cheering and encouraging myself... but...

RyeoWook should come back and supervise his nuna's eating habits from now onwards.

No, let me move there and accompany them when they do their schedules!

Guarantee i'll lost weight immediately!

Apart from wanting to look my best for them...

Because looking at them... they are TOO YUMMY...

... i'll forget to eat XD!~

Anyways, they are too yummy i'll be FULL all the time adee, won't i?

Super Junior is kimchi LOVE o(≧▽≦)o!~

~~ ♪~~~ 로꾸거 로꾸거 로꾸거 말해말 ~~~!~

ps: Class starting soon.

Bugger. Tomorrow's my last holiday day.

I miss my classmates. But at the same time i don't want to see them as well =P!

It signifies CLASS IS STARTING o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o!


However, being positive:


*dances to the song 로꾸거*

Friday, February 23, 2007

Everyone loves Wooky!

As always *beams proudly*!~

Its WONderful how sometimes the smallest things can make your mood better again =3!

Like my WOOKY's voice!~

And Wonny, and Woonny!~

Gosh, i have a thing for WOOK, WON and WOON?


I love them X3!~

But as always, Wooky will always be the best of the best XD!~

*brings little boy out for ice-cream*

Everybody loves our little RyeoWook XD!~

I like the standing boys expressions XP!~

Wooky's Angelic voice o(≧ω≦)o!~

Wonny's 느끼-sexy voice o(≧Ⅲ≦)o!~

Woony's sexy-husky voice o(≧▽≦)o!~


Dancing Out in Summer Paradise ♪!~

우리 슈퍼주니~~ 에요~~~!!!!!!!!~~

Thursday, February 22, 2007

KangIn is NOT BLONDE anymore.

A very cute shade of dirty blonde, sorta, now!


"Because Baby didn't like me blonde, so i change it to another colour Baby will like!"
said YoungWoon with a big grin splattered across his face, anticipating something in return for his thoughtfulness.

"Awwwwwwwwww, Baby did this for me," said a touched YoungJi in return.


YoungJi hits YoungWoon's head with her super huge red bag*

Liar baby,
the blonde was supposed to be a "mid-phase" or something, because he was changing hair colour!

You announced it at
the beginning of your radio-show lar dear, that the blonde was not permanent o(=.=")o... so of course i'll know... literally speaking...

*Eyes a sulking YoungWoon rubbing his head...*

I STILL LOVE YOU (and your hair) XD!~

*glomps YoungWoon*

BTW, let me explain about the "mid-phase-hair-colour" thing!

Lighter hair colour/ Bleach-
blonde = easier to apply other colours on.

KangIn went blonde, then today he dyed another colour one it, so the hair will "catch colour" easier!

Kinda like what
JungSu-oppa did before!

I think thats what
ShinDong-oppa is doing as well!

Anyways, in
KangIn's case he "added-colour" to make it dirty blonde or something!

Which i love, but his "
blonde image" will always stay with me XD!~


Looking at him...

He reminds me of a
PINEAPPLE now... somehow XD!~

Sleeping with a pineapple, hmm.

I love,
his still so cute XD!~

BTW, a "certain-project"'s FIRST STAGE, sorta, has started!

What is it?

I'll leave it till
some other time to explain!

But anyways, after starting it, i was watching ChunJi, and i had to sit
SO NEAR to my screen, i might look as if i'm "sticking-my-face
-on-the-screen" from the back!

Can't wear my glasses, and didn't wore contacts cuz!

Somemore HeeChul was sleeping so snoozily on my chair, i didn't have the heart to move him away... yet...

So, i was "sticking-my-face-on-the-screen", and my butt was only
quarter on the chair (HeeChul taking another good half-quarter of it!).

Then i put ChunJi on
full-screen mode instead *big toothy grin*!~



Yah~~, i just
love looking at him in this hair now!
Ok, actually i had always
love looking at him, with or without the hair-colour!~

Its just something with
his looks, smile, personality, face, bod, bumm and especially, VOICE XD!~

I CAN STARE AT HIM ALL DAY XD (And creep him out!~ Not like he ever would, because we would end up looking into each other's eyes deeply XD!~)!~

But looking more at him...

He reminds me of...




As much as i love him (
Shin-chan!), i love my pineapple more XD!~

It must be the socks,
it must be the socks XD!~

Oh yeah, and these days... something is
wrong with my digestion...

Farted alot, luckily no smell =P, and stomach will occasionally get the "urge-to-go-toilet-ache"...

Somemore alot of
nose-poo... eiiii...

KangIn's fault! WARGH!

Ooh ooh, i see someone else sulking now!

*runs to drag SiWon along*


ChangMin, RyeoWook and KyuHyun along as well*


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

KangIn is BLONDE.

Bright blonde. To be exact.


Like JaeJoong, but his hair is back to black, and the still blonde SungMin!

But DanHoBak looks freakingishly adorable as blonde, that his hair should either stop growing, or start growing in the colour blonde from now onwards!

Oh yes, and EeTeuk, so did ShinDong... went BLONDE!


I need time to get use to it!

It was fast with DanHoBak, and the rest i'm not feeling weird or anything but...


As much as i love you dear, i don't think i like it.

But maybe because he had been wearing a beanie and his hair looks all flat and all!


He looks like this funny comedian guy from some Korean variety show (Or was it a member of some group?)!



*plans to take advantage of when YoungWoon is sleeping, will take out scissors and box of BLACK DYE*


Ok, better go now, i need to go sign-up for kickboxing lessons.

YoungWoon likes to be abused XD!~

But yes, i've just founded i've actually liked two guys who likes K-One, some international kickboxing thing!

The other would be the guy who i had just successfully thrown his CD cover back at his head XD!~

Oh yes, and also go dye my hair BLONDE!

You can't change it, so you go with the flow XD!~

No, seriously.



I'm considering it now XD!~

Even if i don't like it, i can always feel humiliated in the two weeks my hair is blonde, then dye it back after!



As always XD!~

Apart from the yummies and the powies (Angpows!~), there's also...


I could've slept last night at around 12.30am or so...

But i ended up drawing cartoons and loves and all those stuffs ALL OVER my Super Junior planner, and at the same time listening while CousinPrettyKat watch Hana Zakari no Kimi Tachi he!~

Its so funny even from listening, and i've actually watched it before! So imagine how i was when i watched it, accompanied by my trademark "monkey-laugh" (As my mom said it sounded like o(=.=")o...)!

Oh, and its the first time i saw CousinPrettKat watch a show and laugh this mad!

I really didn't regret from watching the show! Thanks YesAsia XD!~

The drama is, though honestly very exaggerating, but its also very nice, relaxing and funny!~ NYAH XD!~

I want to dress-up as a guy and go attend a boys school as well XD!~

Well... that is if the boys school has cute guys like YuZhe, Jiro or WuChun... or even freaky but cute ones like DaShu!

Otherwise... from the stories i heard from my guy friends who studied in boys' school...
Thank God i'm a GIRL studying in a co-ed school!

ps: As much as i thank you YesAsia, this does not give you the right to hike up prices of stuffs which I want to buy.

Apart from that, you're free to hike up any other stuffs which i didn't want to buy.

Thank you for the kind thought and cooperation =D!~

pps: I was just reading WuChun's Blog (Thanks to the link from AuntieMunMun's Blog!~)!~
*AuntieMunMun, tell WuChun he should change his Blog's banner, he looked so funny XD!~

Anyways, i was reading this post:
I freaking lazy read chinese one, otherwise wouldn't have even bothered going there =P!!!

So jealous of him o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o... getting to spend CNY with his family and close relatives... even going on holiday with them!

Of course, i'm grateful for what i have!~
But just jealous of the fact he spent it with his family and close relatives, SUPER ALOT OF PEOPLE!


I've always believe that CNY should be celebrated with all members of family and close relatives, all enjoying each other's company and siao-ing and "gambling" and stuffs!

But i was wrong, apparently, because i spent CNY with just my beloved family and some of my closest relative, all WHO I DEEPLY LOVE!!!

All other closer relatives are either far-far-away, or those i use to feel we are close are just too lazy to move their bums from home.

I missed the old days where all of us would gather and go bai-nian and ki-siao!

I guess times change when you grow up!

Oh well!

I've actually resented some of my "use-to-be-close" relatives for being so "unfamily-like", also because of a certain something, but i guess everyone has gotten used to their own ways of living, so i shouldn't think much of pulling people who didn't want to be together to come together, just so because of the name "family".

Whats the point, really!

Yeah, i find i'm rather resentful! No good, no good!

Then i read this thought shared by WuChun:
It’s pointless to keep thinking of the sad memories. Let bygones be bygones… so STOP THINKING OF IT because it’s only you who choose whether you want a happy or sad life. I want you to be happy and I know you can achieve that!

Thank yous Mr WuChun!

So yeah, whats the point of feeling sad and resentful (Its no good for health as well!) for people who are not simply worth you "feeling" for them!

Always be happy, and be thankful for what you have!

Your family members and other relatives who are still close to you!


Tuesday, February 20, 2007


May everyone be in the BEST OF HEALTH and get LOADS OF ANGPOWS!~





Excuse this.

Argh, i know this is my FIRST POST of the NEW YEAR... but i can't help but to bitch this.


I'm SO SICK that EVERYTIME an event is up, I have to plan for EVERYTHING.

Take this new year for example, i have to PLAN, then CALL or SMS everybody, and if anyone couldn't follow the main plan, I have to plan and change everything again.

Then call or sms everyone again. Check check, and confirm, then call or sms again.

I've just spent almost ONE WHOLE HOUR calling and sms-ing everyone. Just so everyone could make it.

As if i'm made out of money.

And i ended up having to sacrifice the time i've originally levied for myself. Since everyone is only free then.

Not that me sacrificing that time is anything "big" seriously, but yeah, i just like to complain.

As if planning the whole thing is not enough, i even have to plan transportation.

All the time, mostly i plan i drive.
That is after i get my license.

Aiyar, everytime i drive. So i should better be known as the driver.

But no, i prefer a better name so i named myself co-pilot.


Seriously, as much as i love driving, sometimes i would feel like destroying my baby (the car you dimwit).

Then i would have the perfect excuse to sit back.

But nope, i love my baby, and i know, even if i can't drive, i would still be the one calling and sms-ing everyone, and then it'll all finish with ME, BEGGING people to drive so we all could go together.

You could say i no need to plan, but i can't live without planning.

I'm not those type of people who can just go with the flow.

No, i need to plan. No need stick with the time exactly, but at least i must know that there is a way where things could flow to.

If i didn't do any planning, i would be stressed and confused, and ended up feeling something wrong with my heart.

Yes thats me.

Until i finsh everything i've planned that i would feel better.

You could say i could just plan for myself and ignore everyone else.

But no, i can't do that.

I've tried, but i ended up including everyone else.

Because you see, i can't, and don't do "individual planning", unlike everyone else.

Because i don't like to feel left out, so i don't like it that other people are left out from the plan as well, even if they are willing to be left out.

Yeah, i admit maybe its that i'm extra 8 as well lar.

But seriously, i'm not an individual planner.

Not so selfish lor.

Sometimes i really admire those people who can just be so selfish and plan themself, then no need headache so much.

Or people who sit back, and let everything else be arranged and planned for you.

Or people who just sit there and wait to be called into the plan.

No need to even ask anything, because in the end, it'll all fall into face, because eventually, that worthless, unappreciated, dimwitted fool will plan everything.

I jealous.

Maybe next year i should just try sitting back, then let everyone else plan?
Forget about it, in the end i'm sure i'll be the only one planning and calling and sms-ing everyone again.

Oh well, at least "i tried".

Seriously, thank God for nice people like Tracy who will always do the planning, and Mak who isn't so fussy about driving, and also all the cooperative people like all of us in college.

If i have to plan all the time you wouldn't see me here now. I'll probably be in Hospital Bahagia.

I should learn how to plan and keep my head straight at the same time. Everytime i plan if someone messes it somewhere, even a small bit, i can go all haywire adee.

So thank God hopefully, everything goes well for the Perhentian trip!

I'll help of course, being busybody me, but its nice someone else who can keep things straight be the main planner!

And also everyone else in class whose always so cooperative!

Oh, what about my Redang trip you ask?

Since last year i've planned.

Everytime everyone give me high hopes all the time.

But it'll all end up me being the most dissappointed one all the time.

I hate everyone.

Oh well, thats life.

I need another Blog to bitch in btw. Hmm.

I feel like Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde now.

However you spell it lar.

Because as much as i try to be a nice person, and just let everyone take advantage of me, let me be taken for granted, the other side of me refuse to be downtrodden and want to stand up and be appreciated for, so i end up bitching and complaining in my Blog.

Regardless which side i'm being now, its not like anybody cared lar seriously.

Oh btw, have i mentioned i really hate this Chinese New Year in Penang?

Because i have this group of great people who can just simply forget about the tradition of all family members going bai-nian together.

Just because its too much of a fuss to come down to the island.

Like i said, its not like anybody really cared about my feelings lar.

I told you. I hate everyone else.

Except a certain few.

Don't worry. I'll be ok in a few hours.

So busybody. Should change.

Friday, February 16, 2007


But urge to block.

Actually this was written last night, but i got too sleepy and lazy to edit it properly so i didn't publish it =P!

Thanks to dear KameJess for the w-inds. Hanamuke MV XD!

I love Kame (to eat) for them! The rest of JE can be the "side-dishes"!
You know, Korean dishes requires alot of side-dishes (ban-chan) =D!~
*hides from Jess*

Sleepy and tired, but still watched that MV!

Apart from the huge urge to throw my Keita's album at his head everytime i see him (Heehee, so revengeful =P!)...


The person who dresses them =3!

You see... Keita has a great bod.

But skinny legs.

In this MV, don't know who the bloody hell is the coordi... gave him a pair of leg-hugging jeans.

He looked like an unbalanced giant dancing o(>.<)O! If it was me, being Keita's sweetest thing alive (Muahahahaha =D!)...

I know how to dress him as to bring out the best point in him.

BTW, Keita's face is getting so long and skinny it made him look like a skeleton in the MV!



As said, i know them (Keita especially!) best, so i'll know whats best for him as to bring out the best point in him.

Gosh, what am i doing here then?

Honestly =P!

Oh, shall not leave this post without complains about SuJu as well.

SiWon tried using KangIn as his kissing target o(=.=")o.

Honestly dear, no need to practise one lar (You're good enough XD!~).

*hides from scary fans*

Serious 느끼!

You deserve your nickname XD!~


I can never have any complains on my Wooky-yah!~

My purr-fect little man XD!~


Oh, but his getting too thin... still cute...

사랑 사랑!~

Love my little Wooky!~


Ok, shall retire to bed now!

Sunshine beach summer everybody XD!~

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Wooky vs Woony.

I was torn between listening for to Shukira or ChunJi.

ChunJi is bora and DJ-ed by KangIn.

Shukira is non-bora DJ-ed by EunHyuk and EeTeuk, and my little RyeoWook is the guest.

Thank you Auntie for informing me of RyeoWook's appearance!

So what happened in the end anyways?

I switched on BOTH radios..

I initially muted ChunJi, because it was lagging, and i want to listen to my Wooky (Sorry Woony!~).

But ChunJi didn't lag the moment Shukira came back from the songs.

So i ended up listening to BOTH at the same time.

Kim RyeoWook (RyeoWook) vs Kim YoungWoon (KangIn).

Who won?

KangIn's sorta won, because somehow, the volume was louder, but i still manage to pay attention to both of it... somehow.

Because there was RyeoWook's voice.


But Shukira is just SO SMOOTH, should just pay all attention to Shukira XD!~

So proud of little RyeoWooky!~

He sang both "theme-song" for Shukira and ChunJi!

So do M4U (YehSung's radio!) if i'm not mistaken!


I'm not sure about Shukira, but i'm very sure he wrote that song for ChunJi!

And i'm 95% sure Shukira's theme-song as well ne XD!~

He sang both song so wonderfully XD!~

I especially like ChunJi's song's ending part ("~~ChunBangJiChuk~~~!")!

Shukira's song was great too XD!~

Aren't you just proud of the little Wooky=D?

I am XD!~

Oh, i was listening to the theme-song Wooky sang in Shukira, and when it ended i changed to ChunJi, and ChunJi's theme song was just playing XD!
But it lagged. So i didn't get to listen to the theme-song in full.
Shall get Wooky to sing it to me tonight.

Enough. Go do work.


As much as angpows are important, STUDY AS WELL (hopefully, as long as i don't get sidetracked...)!


ANGPOW especially...



Tuesday, February 13, 2007

What is this?




"Go sleep, i need my beauty sleep," says the HeeNimInMe.

"But i'm feeling so hyper right now XD! Where's RyeoWooky? I want to feed him ice-cream XD!~" says a hyper kimchi.

"You'll be fatter than ShinDong if you continue eating. And ShinDong is slimming down (So you're losing!). GO SLEEP!"

"But but..."

"I'm going to hide all your ice-cream if you don't sleep now!"

"O... ok then..." sulks kimchi and heads to find dreamland.

Which was found with YoungWoon o(≧ω≦)o ♪!~
... ZzzZzzZzz...

Good night everyone!

Have a great day ahead =D!~

Teuky-virus spreading.

Teuky-virus is contagious.

May also be known as JungSu-bacteria.

First it spreads onto YoungWoon, who spreads it onto me for being in close-proximity for a long period of time

I should return it to YoungWoon, who shall then bring it back to JungSu, and then we shall help destroy it together with happy kimchi songs!

*dances around*

Well, as much as YoungWoon had spread it to me, i'm still one of the "main-carrier", seeing that JungSu and i are pretty much born around the same time.

People born around June and July are super-emo-freaks.

Trust me, its sorta proven.

Our mood-swings are probably worst than of a pregnant woman waiting to give birth.

Ok, i wouldn't know how its like, seeing that i was never pregnant, but whatever, i can't find a better comparison.

Even the smallest thing can make us (or rather, ME!) EMO.

But the smallest thing can also make us (or rather, ME ME!) feel better very quickly.

Like YoungWoon and Shin-chan socks XD!

Which is why, i can't help but being fangirly.

It just pulls me out from emo-ness much faster.

Though its one of the main "cause" of my emo-ness sometimes, but usually, they can always be count on to put that smile back on me again.

And i like smiling. Its nice to smile =).

Smiles are contagious.

One smile on them can put 10 back on me.

I always felt i never belong. But i had never felt so with them.
Probably because i didn't know them, but whatever.

So when people don't understand that, or feel its "silly" to fangirly, i can get emo.

Can't people understand i'm just like that?

Can't people just accept me for me?

And yes, thus i can feel very agitated and annoyed when people diss my favourite idols.

You see, i'm very protective of people and things i love.

As i consider them to be part of the peoples i love, i can never accept it when people diss them.

Its like dissing my family and friends. People who i love.

Except constructive criticism i guess, but it still depends. Thats another story anyways.

Where am i going now?

I was about to write about ONE ISSUE, i end up jumping to ANOTHER ISSUE.

I need to keep the things in my brains organized. I'll go bonkers if i continue so o(=.=")o.

Anyways, my main-point is, from what i was saying initially (before i jumped into my fangirly issue o(=.=")o...).

Though i can get emo really easily and fast, and as much as i can get better easily and fast as well...

We are just born mask-wearers ne?

But this is getting freaking tiring.

Isn't there anywhere in this world where we can just be ourselves?

Tough luck i guess.

I want to be like HeeNim.

I feel so mean for pulling Teuky-oppa into this. Maybe he doesn't feel the same way as i do?

특이 오빠 사랑해! 파이팅!


shall retire to dreamland as well for now!

As much as its tiring, FIGHTING!

Beach, i'm coming XD!!!~

The only place where i feel i truly belong.


ps: I don't know what talking me. Just forget what you've just written. I'm probably just blabbering as caused by the emo-ness.

KangIn's Ideal Girl.

So anyways, i found this topic on a forum about KangIn's Ideal Girl.

Reading on, i compared myself to his "ideal girl".

Typical of a fangirly, hmm.

The results are not very pretty.

But i like =D!

The bolded coloured ones are my answers to his erm... statements?

KangIn's Ideal Girl
a girl with chubby cheeks
Passed with flying colours.

dark skinned/tanned girl
I guess i am, my arms are quite dark.

a girl who eats watermelons with juice dripping on her face
Can i refuse to answer this one o(=.=")o?
Me messy eater.
Nuff' said. Thats why i usually prefer to use a spoon for my watermelons.
... Only
YoungWoon-oppa i guess.

a girl like JeonJiHyun in My Sassy Girl
I guess i can be. Not the "pretty-sassy-type" like Jeon JiHyun (Who i really like as well!), but well... just... minus the word "pretty".
Actually, probably much more than just the word sassy.
Try going on
Google's Language Tool thing... and find the translation for 野蠻. You'll get what i mean.

a girl like LeeYoungEun in Nonstop4 (the way they talk)
I'm not really sure how Lee YoungEun is like, having not watch Nonstop4. But if she is the way they had described her in the forum, as an airhead...
I guess i am one then. Am i?

a girl with pretty feet
Failed miserably.

a girl with pretty ankles

he said that he's almost a "foot-ist" (only care about feet)
Oh yeah, and i'm a "butt-ist". Serious.

body size height:170cm weight:45kg
NO WAY! I don't want to be a malnourish-pole, and get blown off with the wind! However, Jeon JiHyun seems to be one (She's 172cm and 48kg!)!

a girl who enjoys wearing a white t-shirt with jeans (he especially likes levis501)

a girl that can control him (like get him whipped lol)
*smirks and grins* =D!

a rebellious girl who would do THIS if he asks for THAT and THAT if he asks for THIS

a girl who's body is leaning towards the left (he said a psychic said that his future wife would have a body like this)
Har? Is there anyone like that?
But i can be... if he is constantly on my left side =P!

a girl who has bad digestion (also told by the psychic lol)
NO WAY as well. I love my toilet bowl too much, i even have a name for it.

and then some other bits and pieces that weren't included in the above picture
-natural (undyed, unpermed) hair... usually implies straight black hair
Have dyed, but had always preferred black (Getting it dyed is fun sometimes!). No long hair though, otherwise i can't get on rides at the amusement park. Because my head will be overweight (Hair too thick).

-a girl that says everything she wants to say

-a girl that doesn't try to act cutesy
Well, i don't feel i'm acting cutesy lar. I'm just being me. But i do like to aegyo. ... Thats acting cutesy isn't it?

-first toe has to be longer than the second toe
My cousin say my right legs' second toe is almost slightly longer than my first. Otherwise, both are of the same length.

-a girl with thin ankles
I'll go make myself have thinner ankles if you go make yourself have a smaller butt (bum).

-a girl who wears sneakers
LOVE IT! Can live with it forever (With flip-flops too though!)!

-a girl with small hands
Failed miserably. Hands too chubby.

Credits: Soompi forums

YAH, i feel i'm so mean XD!

I'm countering KangIn's love for feet with my love for bums.
Ok, that sound so wrong. But i do like checking out guy's bum and his one is too big.

So yeah, i'll go "thin" my feet if he go "thin" his bum.

... on second though... no, DON'T!

But i actually like his (bum).
That sounds so wrong again XD!

I shall defer from talking about KangIn's bum, or anyone else's for that matter, for now.

Until i feel like it.
Say already like no need to say right?


I do like KangIn's bum.

Teeeeeeeeheeeeeeeeee *dances*!~

Oh yeah, and conclusion, me and YoungWoon are just not meant to be.

Unless he stop about his "feet-fetish", and i stop my "butt-fetish".

... though, above all odds, and how opposites attract and all...

Ok, we are meant for each other XD!~

Because we love each other =D!~


Monday, February 12, 2007

Super Junior - K.R.Y. 100 days ..

Congrats to Super Junior - K.R.Y.'s 100 days!

Super Junior - K.R.Y.!
KyuHyun, RyeoWook and YehSung!

축하해요!~ 사랑해!~

아자아자 파이팅♪!~

Since their KBS MusicBank 뮤직뱅크 debut on 061105!

Can't wait for their next appearance!

Super Junior 파이팅!

우리 슈퍼주니~~어에요~~~!!! ♪


☆★☆o(≧ω≦)o★☆★ ~♪~!!!~

Credits: YehSung-oppa's CyWorld


KangIn-oppa has a big bumm!


Sunday, February 11, 2007

I don't like it.

I really hate it when other idiots disturbs the people i love.

I especially hate it when it is antis who are disturbing my darlings.

Especially when its towards Super Junior.


Its so bloody annoying! Don't they have BETTER THINGS to do?

Its such a waste of time and money!

Can you believe those idiots are even willing to waste money just so to annoy them?

Talk about wasting your parents hard earn money!
If they earn their own money, then donate it to charity instead, or use it to support your own idol!



This is freaking annoying.

Especially that this is towards Super Junior. And since i understand Super Junior better.

I'm not worried about HeeNim, he can handle it WAY BETTER than how i imagined i would've handled it.

I'm more worried about the emo ones.

YoungWoon. JungSu and HyukJae.

JungSu-oppa threw his phone on Shukira the other day because those bloody idiot antis kept calling and sending text messages to them!

And when i mean they keep "calling and sending text messages to them", don't expect nice little notes.

No, they are all rude, insulting etc text/ calls.

Those antis.

To waste money so they could send those idiotic stuffs to annoy them.

YoungWoon, JungSu and HyukJae are all DJs, so apart from idiotic disturbing rude annoying irritating messages sent to them during their broadcasting time.

Now, they had started attacking them by sending text messages and calling them TO THEIR OWN PHONE!

As HyukJae was typing an entry in his CyWorld (Equivalent to Blog!), he was saying that his phone is ringing non-stop and stuffs.

Somemore he is pleading to them to stop it, but obviously, it would just attract them to do more.

He is so nice.

They only post their feelings and stuff on their own Blog, and JungSu even apologized after that because of the "phone-throwing-accident".

Can you believe those idiot antis counter them for every-single-thing-they-do?

They really very free lor, to look at people they hate 24/7 just so they can attack them every single chance they get.

I'd rather spend my time looking at people i love, for fear that if i look longer at the people i hate i might puke.

If i were them, i wouldn't be that nice.

If i were them, i would've reported to police and file a lawsuit towards every single one of those idiots if i were them.

I wouldn't even mind wasting my time.

I would even go through anything to file for those protection thingy from the court against them. So if they come near me (or even call me), then they can be arrested again.

Since they are willing to waste their time for me, i should very well waste my time back for them right?

This is just courtesy. I'm just being nice.

I wonder why they didn't do so. They are just being much nicer than me.

Maybe there are reasons behind why they didn't report or whatsoever. Maybe police wouldn't even cared?

Or simply maybe because they don't have an annoying kimchi nagging and annoying them, meowing non-stop every minute behind them to sue those bloody idiots.

Those idiots should be thankful i'm still a cub.
And who knows if i can pass my first year?
And also that English Law does not apply in Korean's legal system.



Is jealousy really such a strong force?

Most reasons behind all these hatings are just JEALOUSY.

I really don't understand this, as much as i can be jealous and dislike a certain arist, i might diss and gossip about them.

But i doubt i would ever attack them.

Good example, Park ShiYeon.
As much as i dislike her, its all down to GOSSIP only. I can gossip about her non-stop, how fake she is blah blah, and THATS IT.
As much as i dislike her, i don't think i would ever like, be going to her and attack her, throwing rotten kimchis onto her face.

I doubt i'll even say all those mean stuffs to her in front of her. Its just plain-rude.

Its not like she had injure my family and friends. Its not like i even know her! I don't have the right to insult her in front of her!

I just dislike her for the way she portrayed herself. So what i can do is just gossip about her. Why attack her until she feels miserable, and her fans feel miserable and angry as well?

Even if i really hate her, i doubt i'll devote a good number of hours in my life just to attack her on her websites, or phone her with prank calls, or whatsoever.

24-hours a day also not enough for me. Why do i want to waste more of my precious time disturbing her, making myself mad so i could hate her? Its not good for health ler like that.

I rather sleep. My beauty sleep!

Somemore imagine my phone bill!

Most important part is, I DON'T EVEN KNOW HER!

Why the need to attack her until like that?

Plus, who knows, she "could" be a really nice person deep down, and all those things we had "seen" could be fake (Her nose!) and created, so as to let her gain popularity to earn more money!

Hey, we need to work for a living. They too ok?

Those bloody antis.

They are just making everyones life miserable.

Don't they realize that doing so, its just making everyone sad?

Even themselves.

Because they might feel happy and all at the moment they succeeded, but little do they know, it might be getting to them quietly, because hating or have bad feelings towards someone, anger, it can never be good to your heart.

Can't they just stop? And bring goodness to everyone?

I pity their miserable lives. The need to make everyone else miserable as well, so they could feel better at being miserable.

Freaking miserable idiots.

The freakingishly most annoying part is they don't even know Super Junior.

They don't even know how hard they had worked in order to achieve their dreams.

They don't even know all the hardships they had to endure.

They don't know how tiring their lives are.

They don't even know them!

Its not like Super Junior had injure them or anything right?

The only person with the right to criticized Super Junior is US and ONLY US!


We are Super Junior fans. We KNOW and SAW what they had to go through.

If they didn't give a good performance, we might be bias, but at least, we understand and give them CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM.

Not criticism to bring them down and make them feel like a pile of dirt, like the antis.

Actually, i feel comparing the anti to dirts are like an insult to the dirts.

But anyways, do the antis see that?

No. Why?

Because they are blinded by the jealousy and anger in them.

They can see no goodness. They see nothing but only negativeness.

They should be locked up in a box and sent to Timbaktu.

Bloody freaking idiots.

Oh what had Timbaktu done to deserve you idiots?

I pity your miserable lives, and Timbaktu.

ps: I'm sorry if the whole post is a bit the confusing here and there, but i can't help it when i blabber, i just need to get everything out.

To summarize it:
- I hate antis.

- Antis are a group of people with miserable lives, thus they need to make others feel miserable as well so they could feel better. Oh what miserable way.

- They have no rights to do this to Super Junior, or any other people in fact. What had the latter do to deserve all this?

- They are freaking rich, and have a lot of time free-time.

- They should be sent to Timbaktu, though i pity Timbaktu for having to receive them.

- Do you think Sheltox will work against them?

pps: I hope YoungWoon, JungSu and HyukJae are doing better now!

As much as those idiots are there and are always be there, WE are there as well!

Ignore the harsh words people give you just to bring you feel down, so you can be like them. As miserable.

No, trust in the support we give you! And be strong!


Saturday, February 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Baby Simba!

Today's my little Simba's birthday!~


We I celebrated it by buying a piece of lovely NY Strawberry Cheesecake from Itallianis (However you spell it.) and had it while... watching Hana Zakari no Kimi Tachi He o(=v=")o...

No lar, i actually watched some Super Junior clips during the first few bites THEN only proceeded to watch Hana Kimi*!
*Which, btw, is getting more and more exciting because WuChun's character is falling more and more in love with Ella's character and his acting is getting better and the climax is almost reaching XD!~

Now that the part where i love to celebrate MY BIRTHDAY comes out!

How i wish i have a Korean birthday XD!

Because you see, baby actually has TWO BIRTHDAYS*, like JunSu of TVfXQ!!
*Something like registering late after birth or something!

So yeah, we'll celebrate his birthday again in April o(=v=")o...

But anyways, TWO BIRTHDAYS also means getting presents TWICE right =D?

Cheap skates, even if two birthdays also, one's family and friends would normally choose to celebrate the day when you were born into this world instead of the official one right?

Celebrate the REAL ONE and leave the OFFICIAL ONE to rot.

But to think again, Koreans count their age TWO YEARS OLDER.

Unlike Chinese who counts ONE YEAR, they count their age as TWO YEARS OLDER.


I'm contended with the way my age is now, please don't add MORE NUMBERS to it thank you o(=v=")o!

But not to worry, we can always create ANOTHER BIRTHDAY for me ne =D!

No? Andue?

Whe XD?

Eh chamkan! Why did they count YoungWoon's birthday as ONE YEAR OLDER only then?
Mola, don't want to know, don't want to think! I don't want to confuse myself!


ps: I tried playing ChunJi radio, and it took a while to load.

So while i was not expecting it, the player decides to PLAY suddenly, and it scared me as to why suddenly YoungWoon's voice came out o(=v=")o.

Jumped abit in surprise somemore, so paiseh.



As title.


Sorta "as-title".

So many people annoyed me today, without me wanting to get annoyed.

No seriously, i was "suppose" to be in a GOOD MOOD today, but i got annoyed like, somehow, ALOT OF TIMES. In just today.

Even the Itallianis (However you spell it.) people manage to annoy me by somehow packing my cake in a different way from how they use to do it, which resulted in my lovely Cheesecake all "destroyed" because the strawberry sauce leaked out and all.

Stupidity i say. They use to pack the sauce seperately one.

Argh, don't want to talk about this anymore.

Let me meditate by eating my Cheesecake, and feel peace now.

ps: Oh yah, i manage to annoy myself as well... by forgetting something which i had wanted to post about o(=.=")o.


Even Blogger annoyed me too by forcing me to upgrade my account.

But i guess its good too in a way?



Tra-la~~ *hops and skips around*!

pps: I remembered what i wanted to say!

Just now upon reaching home, some idiot from an unknown number msged me this:
"Siapa ini? Boleh kenal ke?" (It says something like, "Who is this? Can i know you?". I can't remember the exact words, no point remembering something as idiotic as this.)

I was actually tempted, upon receiving that, to reply:
"Hantu" (Ghost)
"No" or "Tak boleh"
Or just to scold him in a foreign language or something.

But i didn't want to waste my time so i deleted it =P!

Now upon thinking.
Maybe i should've just msged something idiotic and sarcastic back, just for the fun of it!

Oh well!

But if he/ she dare call, i know what i'm going to say =P!