Monday, July 31, 2006


Yeahs XD *throws confetti into the air and dances little kimchi dance*!
I just love BaskinRobbins for that! NYAN X3!~
*continues little kimchi dance*

Placed the order just now during lunch, paid, just need to go collect it after work!

Hish, i'm getting fatter o(=.=")o...
Ignore the ice-cream part, ice-cream is such a "miraclous" food, i can NEVER get plummer due to over-consumption of ice-cream!
I have 2 stomachs:
One for food, another for ice-cream =D!~
My "second stomach" enables me to eat ice-cream no matter how full i am!
Cheerys =D!~
Hmm, lets just say that my body works in a pretty weird way =D!
ps: I am every little kids envy =P! The being-able-to-eat-alot-of-ice-cream-part of course o(^-~)o!~

Back to the original topic, honestly, my reason for getting bulkier now, its because i've been having "regular-meals" too often these days!
And i've just managed to successfully shed a few pounds last week (Yeap, put back the "few-pounds" i shedded o(T-T)o...)!
These few days i've been having breakfast, lunch and dinner!
All on time and in its PROPER AMOUNT!
Not that i'm skipping meals when i'm trying to lose weight! I always believe that one should NEVER skip meals!
I mean, we are so lucky to be able to have PROPER MEALS, but yet we are skipping it? If so, whats the point of having food for you?

No, i believe in having regular meals, just that you should eat less every meal!
Or try eating less for meals that you can eat less ler o(^^;)o!
If there's the food you like (Ei: Chicken Rice!), feel free to indulge as long as you don't "indulge-again" during the next meal o(^^)o!~
Because to me, it is a privileage to be able to eat!
Just not too much, but nyat, my self-control is BAD too lar o(>v<)o!
But i'm working on it, so FIGHTING =D!~

Thats all for now =D!~
Btw, my 500th post!~ CELEBRATE =D!~
*dances MORE little kimchi dance*

Sunday, July 30, 2006

A look from a different angle...

Good kimchi will be posting up some a number of pics... later =P!~
This post will be edited, so please look out for it =D!~

In the meantime, here's one i REALLY like X3!~
Jeng jeng jeng!~


Lets do this pose soon yah, Mi-Ui, SamSoon and BiBi =D!~
It'll be fun X3!~ YAH XD!~

Ok... go sleep now o(=v=")o... hehehe...

Edit 4:23pm:

One new thing i found fun in doing =D!~
Taking pics of animals =D (Ok, maybe not "that new" since i've always like to take pics of animals o(^^;)o...), and after that, photoshopping its colours to add "the-touch" X3!~
Just discovered the joys of editing the colours o(^^;)o... what to do, "late-exploration" XP...

Regarding the pics you're about to see, it may not be anything of "super-artistery" (Literally translated as "very-artistic" from the eiko-chan dictionary!), but i like it, it makes me happy, and thats all that matters doesn't it =D!~
Also capturing the animal at its best angle makes me happy too =D!~
Yeahs!~ Good "new-hobby" XD!~

Enjoy o(^-^)o!~
**Note: All pictures are taken by me, and are not allowed to be reproduced without permission! TQ!~**

The King!

Mother and daughter!

Pics of my darling 2.90, or better known as "Baby" or "MeowMeow"!~

For some reasons or another, cats seem to take HIGH INTEREST of my camera lens whenever i put it at their eye level when taking pics! They'll walk near to it and smell it! CUTE X3!~

MeowMeow mets her match =P!

Meet "BabyGirl"! A feisty but beautiful cat who always manage to attract male cats XD!~

Got the "retarded-manja" look most of the time too X3!~

Some random cat pics i took when i happen to stumble upon them by chance and manages to play with them!~

Now its the Doggies' turn =D!~
I didn't really get the chance to see and play with alot of dogs, so thus explaining why the majority of my pics are cat pics!

This cute puppy belongs to Eva's Prado and Nike! Only around one month old ne!~
Her brother and sisters have successfully been adopted =D!~ Yeahs!~ So she's waiting for a good person to bring her home too o(^-^)o!~
She's a very cute and obedient doggy, even though she's still so young!
She won't simply bark, and also she wagged her tail happily when i was there, and then cried when i left =(... makes my heart break nya...
I especially love her black features, but white "chest-hair" XD!~

Hope you find a good owner soon yah o(^-^)o!~
Too bad i cannot adopt her =(... haih...

This is Eva's Prado!

Real handsome boy! A mix between a GoldenRetriever and CockerSpaniel, which explains his good looks!
GoldenRetriever = Handsome and good-looking
Cocker Spaniel = Beautiful and elegant
Not a bad combination XD!~
Prado's a real obedient and friendly dog, not to forget active and hyper XD!~ No wonder his daughter and son are so obedient too X3!~

I still remember when Prado was a little puppy, and when i went to Eva's house, he sat around my feet always because Eva was not home yet!
Even though it immediately left for Eva when she came home o(^^;)o... what to do, i'm not his owner mar XP!~

Such a big boy now, but still so handsome X3!~

Not to forget, the Penang "Beach-doggies" XD!~

Miss him, hope i get to see him when i go back next time =D!~

Thats all for now! Maybe later will go to this "small-park" nearby to take more pics of cats XD!~
Yah X3!~

Friday, July 28, 2006


The guy who ruined my "wave" XD!~
And also the one "guilty" of being my baby HyunWoo's appa!~


May you stay as sexy and hot forever!~
Wave more for kimchi yah X3!~
Saranghaeyo!~ Saengil Chuka Hamnida!~

p/s: Guilty as his charged, i'm also guilty for forgetting his birthday earlier o(=.=")o... because i thought his birthday was next month July... but next month is August isn't it?
Stupid kimchi o(=.=")o... no wonder feel today something wrong lar XD!~


Kept on repeating that song while driving XD (My Baby AE86 must be getting sick of it =P!)!~
And also when i went shopping at OU just now on my Baby Creative XD!~

So addictive *swoon*!~
Especially the part when RyeoWook-y goes "그남자가 내가 되게 해줄테니..."
And of course, everytime KyuHyun-ny sings i'll definately...

Contact probs
Just now i went shopping in OU!
Wanted to go out at around 7:45pm, but end up leaving around 8:10pm due to my blasted pair of contact lens o(=.=*)o!
It "melted" when i put it on!
Making my eyes feeling a REAL STINGY-ING feeling + VERY RED EYES like albino bunny rabbits o(>.<)o! I have two pairs of these "special" contacts! Which i got from the doc because my eyes had some problems earlier last two months!

The first pair with the correct power, i wore both pairs without realising that the stingy-ing comes later! One side was easy to take out, but another REAL DIFFICULT! And when i took it out, it immediately "crumple" together because of dryness!
The second one i wore one side, but got abit sting-y feeling so i took it off! When i placed it on my palm soaked in the solution, you can see a small part of the edge there "crumpled" already, which only happens due to dryness!
And thinking back, i still managed to wear it to TVfXQ! concert (THANK GOD!) which was like, the last few weeks!
Then itchy me, since i've already got my eyes "uncomfortable", i went to try my old pair of "normal" contacts lens, because the last time when i had my eye problem, wearing these "normal ones" will make it REAL ITCHY!
But surprisingly, just now, IT WAS OK!
Even till now (I'm wearing it as i typed!)!
I guess i "rest" my eyes enough so its ok now (Touchwood!)?
Eitherways, i'm REALLY going to take good care of them for now! Phobia already o(>.<)O! Take good care of your eyes! When it feels uncomfortable, the feeling REALLY wreeks o(>.<)O! **Phobia is the "new slang" i got now due to the realisation of my phobia to call New Zealand =P!**

Shopping =D
Wasn't really in the mood to try on clothes, so just went looking around, and deciding which shop to attack next time when i have "the mood" to try on clothes!
Anyways, because i was "quite sweaty and sticky", i don't feel nice if i DID try it on o(>.<)O! I mean, i DON'T want to buy clothes sweaty people tried before! So what makes it that other people WANT to buy clothes i tried when i'm sweaty?
Except if i'm some BIG SUPER STAR lar =P!

Anyways, i tried to remember which shop i had stuffs to buy and all...
Until the end of the night... i suddenly forgotten all of it o(=.=")o...
Luckily only a few shops only, so roughly remember ler!
Hope can remember when i really go to "try and buy", otherwise have to keep going back... SIEN!

This weekened really must attack shopping malls around X3!~ YAH XD!~

Thursday, July 27, 2006


**This post will be edited throughout the whole day, because no point i post multiple entries on the same day! Please take note =D!**

I HATE making calls to NewZealand!
The line is REAL BAD, i don't really understand them, and they don't get me either!
Oh well, at least now i'm more use to it, at least i can get what their trying to say ler...
But no, they still don't understand me...
I can't just pretend an "accent", its bloody difficult for me to force out an accent just like that! I prefer it to come naturally, and i can tell you, asking me to "speak accent", and since the line is bad they can't hear me so i need to repeat the same sentence with the bloody fake accent for like 5TIMES, i tell you, its like telling me to ignore Shinhwa-oppas when i see them!


Edit 2:08pm:
Just finished lunch... had KFC =D!
But now sitting down infront of com adee... later sure o(=.=*)o...
Sien sien sien again o(@@)o...
Fighting wait till 5.30pm ne!~ Another 3hour+ to go o(=.=")o...
But anyways, at that time then can go home to my son =D!~
Yah, my little boy X3!~
Yeah, i'm posting here "oftenly" because nothing to do =P! Bo-liao eiko-chan strikes again XD!~
Meow nyan!~

Edit 3:41pm:
Oh no, mistaken someone o(>.<)o! Feel so paiseh lar o(=.=")o...
Big muaks!~
I had called this company several times, but the customer service was busy. When i finally got to her, she asked me to call someone else. When i called that someone else, he was not very sure of it as well, so he asked me to call the HEAD OF PR!
He said she'll be able to answer my enquiries, so anyways, i called her.
I've been very polite, telling her the reason and asking her if she could answer "just a few questions"!
She refused, but intead of being POLITE , she give me a straight "NO"!
Just a simple "NO"!
And not even friendly, its of the RUDE kind!
Seriously, if i was the boss of some BIG company, and MY PR staffs are this RUDE, i'll definately WARN her! Perhaps even FIRE her!
She is supposed to represent the company! If she can be this rude to just a "nobody" to the company, she could be THIS RUDE to ANYONE ELSE OR THE CLIENTS!
Serious B*TCH!
Hope she got warned by her boss soon and realises her mistake lar...

Ok enough, this is ruining my good image =P!
But its nice to complain or throw a "bf" in a while =P! Is this considered a "bf"? Hmm... mola...

Edit 5:01pm (based on my watch):
Nobody else to call dee o(^^;)o...
I seriously have phobia caling NZ now... ARGH!
Tomorrow how?

GO HOME GO HOME... sooon X3!~
I seriously need to make some progress tomorrow though! FIGHTING!
Need to "research" a new way to ask people for survey too i guess! My friend's one is like, SO AFFECTIVE!
Will stop blogging for today adee, and tomorrow try not to too!

I may be affected by it, it may be my fault but it may be partially their fault too!~
So whatever, kimchi is taking the "easy way"!
I may care but i may also choose not to care!
So i'm choosing not to care anymore =D!
Everything needed to say is said, even though not properly because of the opposite party own problem, but i've said it adee!~ So thats it!~
Its of course, my loss, but if thats how it should be, that's how it will be no matter what... right?
No time to worry too much or care too much if thats how the opposite party wants it to be... right?

Even if you don't want to answer anything!
Otherwise you may get talked-about behind their backs =P!
We have you "information", REMEMBER THAT!
I think i'm getting mental from all the work, the "NZ-phobia" and the "fever" which i feel i'm about to get soon... damn feeling "fever-ish" now... ugh...

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Time passes...



kimchi wants to go home o(T-T)o...
Won't MY SupermanPrinceDongWan-oppa come save his little kimchi???
Won't ANYONE???
Hehehe o(^^;)o...

Argh, just better finish work then can FLY home~!!!
I "FIGHTING!!!~" too much adee ler o(=.=")o... oh well...

Even if you guys can't answer the survey or anything, at least BE POLITE!
It would definately make one's day BETTER!
Well, definately for me that is o(^^;)o...
Except if the person who calls is rude! Then you have EVERY RIGHTS to be RUDE AND UNFRIENDLY back!

So tired...
I want to go home and cuddle my son to sleep...
I miss my boyboy =(...
WAH o(T-T)o!!!

Time is SO SLOW when you keep on checking it...
So stop checking it stupid kimchi...
Argh, i want to eat kimchi!!!
No, "eating-myself" won't do the trick !@#$%^&*...

GO WORK o(>.<)o!!!

Ever see a kimchi work?

Yeap, thats what kimchi me is doing now!
Its "quite" a fun work really, i enjoy handling the data and all!
Regarding making calls, its not too bad!
If the calls are within Malaysia that is (Some are just so friendly i feel bad for disturbing them X3!~)!
The reason i say so is because i need to make some calls to New Zealand, and...
And their not "really friendly" of most of the calls i've made o(@@)o... scary to an extend...
But back to the "understanding-part"... How am i going to survive when i go UK (Since its a requirement for most colleges for the degree i choose!)?
Their accent are MUCH stronger! ARGH!
But its a "good practise" now ler, in a way o(=.=")o!

Go work now =D!~

Miss me yo my son, my oppas and my dongsaengs!~
kimchi FIGHTING!~

p/s: Bloody angmohs... i can't understand them nevermind... but they can't understand me either o(=.=")o...
I have to put on a bloody fake accent, and even so, they still couldn't get me o(=.=*)o...
Bloody hell...

Monday, July 24, 2006


I don't know why i'm nervous like, NOW, but heaven yeah, i'm nervous now o(>.<)o! Probably because all of a sudden i'm like, having a "schedule" back in my life after graduating? Though, i feel that the biggest possibilities would definately be... Working + 8hours = NO Shinhwa SUJU FCShootDori TVfXQ! FTTS etc FOR THAT 8HOURS!
Or to make it simpler... NO LAZY-ING TIME!
I've spend my "holidays" LAZING most of the time for now! Even though at some times i was bored to heaven, but still...


24 hours a day, 8 hours in the morning-afternoon working, 8 hours to hug my beloved son to sleep... leaving 8 hours for me to play with my son, oppas and dongsaengs only o(T-T)o...
I'm just not prepared for this yet?
Eitherways just fighting ler!
Lazing around for 16 hours everday isn't doing any good to me anyways o(^^;)o, both mental and physical!
I guess my son will have to make do with his father to play with, and my oppas to play with my dongsaengs for now!


ps: I watched the episode where Kim JongGook-oppa have to leave ShootDori because he had to enter the army...
I've always avoided watching that episode, but eitherways, i've watched it this afternoon ler!
Made me cry like mad o(T-T)o!

And for now, i'm avoiding watching ShootDori's FINAL episode! Which was broadcasted last Sunday (23/7/06) night on Korea's KBS television-station!
Yes, my MOST FAVOURITE SHOW in the world has finally, against my wishes, come to an end adee o(ToT)o! WHY!
But oh well, it does have to end one day i guess... its just that i don't like, and don't want it to have come THIS FAST, especially when i've got SUPER-ATTACHED to the kids already =(...

Anyways, the reason i avoid watching it, is because i'm afraid i'll cry more and feel the emptiness i felt when SuJu left Malaysia...
I'm already missing ALL OF THEM o(T-T)o!!!

But for now...




Yeap, i'm ok now o(^^;)o!!!~

Minna saranghaeyo X3!!!~


Went for lunch with my darling ex-classmates just now!
Jacqui darling, Christine, Bryant, James and SooThian who joined us later!
Argh, i miss all of them ALOT o(T-T)O! The happy times whether its during Mr Moaz's WorldIssues class, Mr Graham's Psychology class, Nandos "dinner date", prom or PAINTBALL!
Especially since tomorrow i'll be starting "part-time-work" adee, i can't go for lunch with them anymore after that (Work from 9am-5.30pm o(@@)o!), so just make it today ler!
Anyways, hope we can go out again soon ne peeps o(^-^)o!~

Purposely chose AsiaCafe, because i BADLY miss the food there!
Even though just went last week ler o(^^;)O, but JUST MISS THE FOOD!
There's this new Takoyaki stall there!
Yummy, cheap-in-a-way, and DELICOUS!
And since that day Nakamura didn't get to eat Takoyaki, so i PURPOSELY takeaway a box for him! Somemore told my friends "I'm a very good sister =D!~"...
Went home, his asleep... so i end up finishing the whole box o(=v=")o... hehehe...
Just really too yummy delicious... YAH X3!!!~
Definately must ask cous sis Kat to takeaway a box for me tomorrow =P! YUM YUM YUM XD!~
Hopefully it'll still be edible by the time i get home =D!~
And pray no one who went for the lunch-session just now read this post! Otherwise... MALU SIAL o(>.<)o?

Argh, starting work tomorrow!!!
I think FatKingLazy passed on his RoyalLaziness to me? Thats why i turned extra lazy these days?
But i'm always lazy lar, oh well =P!
Anyways, though lazy, but its for the salary ler of course!
I'm saving up for my w-inds.Japan-trip next year! So must GANBATTE XD!~
If all goes well, plus CNY, i'll DEFINATELY be on the plane to Japan for w-inds.'s TourConcert next year =D!~
GANBATTE eiko-chan X3!!!~

Feel so "blank" sometimes, since FatKingLazy went back home adee =(...
Last time when his around, whenever i pass-by the dining room, i'll automatically look outside, and i'll see the FatKing, who'll sometimes be looking back at me and MEOWED me for attention!
Now... nothing there...
At night, i've made it a habit to go see the FatKing through the window and bid him goodnight before i go to sleep... just last night, i almost walked there but i remembered, so walk straight to room instead...
Argh, i really miss the FatKing o(T-T)o!
Especially staring out the window door looking at his FatFace staring back at my FatFace!
But good also ler, because since i'll be working, his RoyalHighness wouldn't get to go out as often if he were still to stay here!
Last time when i went star-stalking, his RoyalHighness practically stayed 24-hours in his compound because i wouldn't be home the whole day!
So yeah, now at least his RoyalHighness would get to lose some weight too =D! Hehehe!~
I'll fighting too ler o(=.=")o...

Better go get some nap later, otherwise will SURE doze off tomorrow during work o(=.=")o? I lack sleep EVERYNIGHT these days o(>.<)o!!!
To the extend that nowadays, whenever i look into the mirror, and i'll see pan-chan staring back at me o(=v=")o...
... i AM pan-chan anyways, wth o(=.=")o....


Sunday, July 23, 2006

Summer Beach Holiday - eiko-chan version -

Yeahs, more pics from the Penang trip o(^-^)o!
... even though its like, a month ago o(^^;)o...
But nobody can say "NO" to GOOD PICS nyan =D?

All pictures below are taken by me and only me! Therefore all rights reserved to me yah =D!~ Thats why all pics have my Blogwebsite!
No using in other websites without my permission and especially, THE CREDITING PART XD!~

Note, all pics below are in its "original state"!
No photoshop (Except to add words and all!~), colour fixing etc! I did not do anything to the original pic apart from adding the words!
My main point is, all pics are as nice as the REAL SCENERIES are =D!~


Previous Blog posts on the Penang trip:
Summer Beach Holiday - story version - Long winded version of the whole trip!
Summer Beach Holiday - amane version - Story on trip plus pics taken by Auntie!

Well, this is MY VERSION now!
A shorter story of the trip, and all pics taken by me o(^-^)o!~

We stayed in the Crown Jewel Hotel!
Old, but the scenery... WOW o(*v*)o!~
I definately wouldn't mind staying there again, as long as its in the EXACT SAME ROOM!

Seriously, the scenery from my room was just... SO AMAZING words can't describe how i felt the minute i stand at the balcony and feel the cool ocean breeze X3!~ YAH XD!~

Of course, the minute we enter the 3 bedroom suite, i immediately scout for the BEST ROOM because i wanted the room with the ocean scenery! Upon founding the room, i IMMEDIATELY "RESERVE" it already =P! Thus, thats how i got the BEST ROOM =P!
Hehe, BIG THANKS to my family *hugs and kisses*!~
I especially LOVE listening to the sound of the waves as i sleep at night X3!~ YAH XD!~
One of the BEST FEELINGS in the world o(^-^)o!~

There were two beds in the room! I took the one nearer to the wall!
The pic below is taken from me SLUMP lazily on my bed! That's our room balcony with its open sliding door!~

Beautiful isn't it =3?

The weather during our three-day stay there SURE was eventful!

All 3 pics above taken from roughly the same spot! Our room balcony XD!~

The beautiful sea!~

Love it *fells deeply in love*!~

Remember it rained almost the whole day on the 2nd day?
Though the rain stopped when we went to the beach in the evening, the waves was woosh! MAJESTIC!

The ocean is really POWERFUL!
Just on the first day, it was so peaceful and calm! But just because of some rain on the second day, it had turned so scary!
Not forgetting, it went back to NORMAL on the third day!
Nature's really WONDERFUL nyan o(^-^)o!~

My PC background for the moment!

My background have been images of the ocean/ sea eversince i start using my new computer! So seriously, what am i ever going to do without the sea? The beach? The ocean?
I doubt my background image will change until for a LONG TIME XD!~

On the first day, one of the reasons why we went to the beach, was because of this:

So "special" somehow there!~

Another reason, my OWN PERSONAL REASON... was because of:


When we got down to the beach, but went back up because of a short rain, and then went back down because the rain stopped the minute we got back into our room o(=.=")o... the sun suddenly appear REAL STRONG!

WOW XD!~ I almost can't see clearly the images i took from my cam's LCD screen!

And sure enough, there were DOGS there!
3 DOGS =D!~


But two of them are "quite" feisty! My fave remains this little boy o(^-^)O!~

Obedient and a good-natured personality! Shame i couldn't spend "more-time" with it =(... had to leave the third day, and he didn't appear on the beach on the third day =(...
He sat down so i could take better pics of him! And when i ask him to close his eyes, somehow or rather, HE REALLY DID CLOSE HIS EYES XD!~
Cute boy!~ Hope to see him again when i go back to the beach next time o(^-^)o!~

I think those three dogs were stray dogs? Or abandoned by their owners =(?
Not sure ler, maybe lifeguards or people working around there took them in or something! They're like, GUARDIANS OF THE BEACH XD!~
Eitherways, his really a good boy!~ Love him XD!~

And i especially love the paw prints those doggies make on the sand!

Cute nyan o(^-^)o?

Its quite difficult to find a "purr-fect" paw-print honestly! Some are half, some are destroyed and all, so you can imagine how happy i got when i found PURR-FECT ones o(^-^)o!~

Since it rained the 2nd day, no one except the doggies, were at the beach at first!
When we went down, there wasn't alot of people yet, so the paw-prints the doggies make by walking all along the beach was still there, undestroyed!~
I was so happy i couldn't help but take pics =P!~

I really love the purr-fect paw-prints X3!~


Auntie attempted to write SOMETHING, on where the sands are clearer with not much twigs and all... however, those "clean-spots" also means the wave can get it easy!


Right before the waves manage to engulfed it too!~
Urinun... Shinhwa imnida XD!~

Since the waves were strong on the second day, alot of "funny-stuffs" got washed ashore!
The sad ones: Rubbish =(...
Curse you mean people!
The funnier ones: FRUITS!
I don't know whether its washed ashore or people simply throw there ler, but eitherways...

That Durian-skin was also Loo2's SOUVENEIR from us from Penang =D!~
Hehehe XP!~

Some other things washed ashore includes this DEAD FISH!

We saw it earlier, but before we could do anything it got washed away!
Then, after awhile of searching for it, we almost screamed at a girl because she found the fish but she threw it back to the ocean before we could do anything o(>.<)o!
We look for it for awhile, then we found it =D!~
However, the waves tried to "take-it-back" again o(>.<)o!
Have you EVER...

I did...
Because before the waves could "take" the dead fish again, Auntie KICKED IT, and it "flew" in the air before landing back on the beach properly!
So we manage to take some GOOD QUALITY pics before the waves took it back again!
Thanks Auntie and the FLYING FISH =D!~

Did you see...

CrabbyHyeSung-oppa escaping the waves =P!~
A little "flat", sorry, didn't do properly o(^^;)o...
BTW, didn't see ANY crabs there AT ALL! Only "crab-holes"!
But good also? Otherwise we would've been "seeing" HyeSung-oppa everywhere XP!~

BTW, anyone looking for SHAMPOO MODEL???

Guarantee the shampoo SURE will sell till "out-of-stocks" in 1000 years =D!~
So mean =P!~

Oh yeah, side track abit...
We went to BukitBendera on the second day!

Auntie has officially declare that "small-pond" there as "MY OWN PRIVATE SWIMMING HOLE" =D!~
What fun!~
Too bad no better pic of it =(...

At the peak of BukitBendera, because of the rain, there were LOADS of mist! And we shivered like mad o(>.<)o! BLOODY COLD!
But we couldn't help noticing someone VERY FAMILIAR flying around the skies of Penang!

Its a BIRD, its a PLANE, NO... Its...

Yeah, Superman Andy keeping my Laksa and AisKacang safe from mean people =D!~ GO GO SUPERMAN X3!~

It was real fun on the beach =D!~ Of course!~
And the fun part was the night before we arrived in Penang, we were watching one of HyoRi's CF which was filmed at the beach!
Auntie attempted to pose like HyoRi when we were there... but the most embarassing thing was... it also involves ME running up and down the beach like a CRAZY MAD WOMAN while taking pics of her o(>.<)o!
The running-part is so i could take the pics with a more "natural-feel"!
... i'm not sure if anyone saw me, but i hope and pray NOBODY saw me doing that o(=.=")o...

I gave Auntie a 75% for giving a "almost" similiar-feel to HyoRi's poses... and as usual, Eric-oppa will always give Auntie FULLMARKS MORE-THAN-FULL marks!
We need a new judge?

PuPu saw what Auntie was doing from our room balcony...
Sure enough...

Nightmare for him?

Aiyar, Eric-oppa will like NO MATTER WHAT of Auntie one ler =P!

But... oh no... "someone" went MISSING!

Which made Auntie VERY EMO!!!

Auntie kept staring at the beach from the balcony...

I don't know WHY, but one things for sure, I SEE NO ERIC-OPPA THERE!

Really very "innocent-beach-goers"!~

Auntie keep on searching for Eric-oppa...

I don't know whether i should tell Auntie the truth anot...
Especially since she slept near the cupboard...
Oh well, don't care ler, since DongWan-oppa and MinWoo-oppa was waiting for me to play with them at that time =D!~
YEAHS X3!~ Hehehe!~

After awhile, Auntie decides to "stop-searching", and call DongHae-oppa, since well, she can't find Eric-oppa anywhere, so she got angry with him!

She didn't manage to call through to DongHae-oppa...
Because erm...
The DOUBLE Ks, KangIn-oppa and kimchi, plus SiWon-oppa...
We were hogging the phone line =P!
Since KangIn-oppa and SiWon-oppa stayed in the same dorm with DongHae-oppa, and because of them using the phone, she can't get through to him!
Mian-hae Auntie =P!~

Hehehe =P!

A brave little girl approaches Auntie to ask why she so emo!

Emo Auntie then decides to venture into the DEEP SEA in search of Eric-oppa!

Woops, bad move Auntie =P! Thanks for the reminder HyeSung-oppa!~

Hehehe, i agree =P!

Will Auntie manage to find her Eric-bear? Or has Eric-bear been KIDNAPPED by the EVIL PSY-WITCH (So mean of me to call her that =P!~)?
kimchi mola! Because all kimchi know is that kimchi better go now!
Go play with my son, my oppas and my dongsaengs X3!!!~

Of course, before leaving, some last few more random pics!~
Posted a total of ALMOST 42 pics in this entry btw! Not forgetting that some images are 2-3 pics combined o(@v@)o!~
Very satisfied though XD!~
Ok, gtg, JA o(^-^)o!~

Especially that its SUMMER now!!!~
Dancing in Summer Paradise X3!!!~

바다에 가고싶다!!!~

Seriously, my new nickname shall be 바다 nyan XD!~
It means the "sea" in Korean, and can be pronounced as "Pada" or "Bada"!~
Since i love the sea too much, and it sounds GOOD too! So why not =3?