Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I visited Kacy's Blog and saw this quiz thingy!

What does your birthdate mean for your love life quiz?

What do you know... its quite true o(=v=")o...
You may watch someone from afar before you finally decide to make your move.
It takes a long time for you to develop an attraction to someone.
Generally, you prefer to pick who you love. Anyone who tries to rush you is in for some heartache.

Number of True Loves You'll Have: 4

Number of Times You'll Have Your Heart Broken: 4

You are most compatible with people born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th, and 29th of the month.

The description seems true, but i hope the rest isn't =P!

Cuz it means i'll either end-up with someone who isn't my true love, or be a crazy animal-tree-environment-hugging-freak!

Honestly, if so, i'll prefer the latter =P!

Except if the one who isn't my true love is an amazingly gorgeous guy with a great personality whom i can tolerate!~

Taha, then no complains =P!

We should just leave our lives to the best that we could =)!

No point worrying about something which won't be happening anytime sooner!


Ok, go study...

Or sleep.

Either one.

ps: Edit@11:06pm:

I did another one:
Do You Follow Your Head or Your Heart?

And got:
You're rational, collected, and logical.
Generally, it takes you quite a while to fall in love.
In fact, you've even been accused of being very picky.
While you're cool, you're not ice cold.
You just know what you want, and don't mind waiting to get it.

If you know me, you'll know =D!~

But the scariest of them all:
How Boyish or Girlish Are You?

I got:
You Are 30% Boyish and 70% Girlish
Even if you're not a girl, you're very feminine.
You're in touch with your feelings, and your heart rules you.
A bit of a emotional roller coaster, one moment you're up and the next you're down.
But no matter what, you try to be as cute and perky as possible.
It means...

If I am a guy...

... I'm very likely to be a transvestite.


Eiyer, be like Pupu?

Don't. want.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Please bear with me.

Edit@2:25pm (Tuesday)

Last night i was chating with my classmate and we're talking about Xu Wei Lun's death, how its such a pity, and life is so fragile when he add that he love me.

Which comes to me, its so true, life is so fragile, we wouldn't know what might happen next, so, i started sending out my love =).

I returned my love to my friend.

I told my cousin SmellieSoeSoe that i love her, to which she reply she love me alot too.

I msged SiWon that i love him, to which he reply asking me "Is something up, kimchi?"*.

I msged KangIn that i love him, to which he reply that "I want you too, kimchi."*
... at least its equivalent lar o(=v=")o.
*Both msges send on behalf of me by hubby Brian.

Just now i sms-ed my cousin PrettyKatKat that i love her as well, to which she replied she love me too.

Then, came...

I told Auntie i love her, to which she reply love DongHae.


I had also sms-ed LooYee early this morning, saying i love her.
She. didn't. reply.


I need to find more worthy people to send my love to o(=v=")o.

Gosh, Xu Wei Lun's death is really such a pity!

She's a wonderful, talented and beautiful actress, not to forget really young and full-of-life with alot of good friends!

May she rest in peace.

To my dearest family members, close friends, Super Junior, Shinhwa, Jay Chou, w-inds., classmates, schoolmates, friends, acquaintances, that good-looking guy standing over there playing with my HeeChul...

Woops, my bad, thats my Wooky =P!

Anyways, the purpose for this Blog entry is to ask everyone for a favour:


I'm sure we all know that i'm currently taking Law @ that college-which-is-recently-made-university-college-and-despite-the-new-and- very-nice-renovations-and-all-its-still-very-chapelak-and-suck-money-but-at-least- much-better-than-a-certain-college-university-at-CyberJaya-which-sucks-MORE-money- and-have-idiotic-admins-and-lucky-my-admins-are-still-good... for-now-so-its-really-much- better-in-certain-ways.

Woo, thats long =P!

People who know me well will definately know that i'm one of the laziest person on the planet.

Heck, people who know me MOST WELL will definately think that i'm the laziest person in the universe!

No need to say aloud one, they can feel it from the air?

Even Eric is much more hardworking than me! And thats saying something, considering he lives in Eric-Planet who worships AuntMunMun and only CHUT all day round.
*avoids tomato from MunMunAunt*

I've started studying and doing notes now! Start abit the late, and not very efficient yet, but hey, at least its a progress right?

And i've realized that one of the best ways for me to remember most information is saying it out again =D!~

So yeah, if i ever suddenly started babbling out stuffs i've studied and all,

Just listen to it lar, i'll then realize i'm boring everyone and stop...

... hopefully =P!~


Its fun to annoy everyone XD!~

Just annoyed my mom last night with murder and provocation =P!

Tis fun XD!~

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Today is Sunday.

Shouldn't i be doing my notes etc?

Class tomorrow. 8am.

Feel like crying o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o.


Gosh, i love sleeping! SLEEP XD!~

Shall go prepare notes after finishing Hana Yori Dango 2!

Gah, i just love it XD!~

Although i know whats going to happen next, its still so gripping! As in it made me want to continue watching the whole series without stop XD!~

Thus now, i'm catching it EVERY WEEK without fail!

Much much better than the Taiwan version =P!

But i'm still very thankful and appreciative of the Taiwan version, otherwise i wouldn't have picked up how to read, write and speak mandarin better!

Ooh, don't forget the fact that this Hana Yori Dango 2... HAS MY OGURI SHUN!!!


So cute, hot, dashing, good-looking, gentlemanly, smart, good-actor, alot of good things in the world XD!~

Somemore he fits his character so nicely *blushes in delight*!~

YAH XD *dances around, ignoring nunpiks from behind*!~

Ok, enough, faster finish drama then do work now!



My deepest condolence to one of my favourite actress Xu Wei Lun 許瑋倫, who passed away this afternoon 5.09pm due to a car accident.

This really came as a shock.

Although i won't say i'm her biggest fan or had watched all her dramas and all, but i like her because i feel she's one of those actress who are apart from beauty, are talented and natural.

May she rest in peace!


Hehe, i felt like a hypocrite sometimes =P!

And i hate hypocrites, gah!

Hate myself? ANDUE!~

HeeChul's getting on my nerves; she got really pissed off at the new kitties, and she wants to approach them, but is afraid at the same time.

Can't blame her, when she was younger she tried to approach the older cats, ended up getting bullied like mad!

However, she's hissing and all when we bring her near to them, to one extend she tried to scratch me!

This did not help my mood at all o(=.=*)o.

Anyways, back to what i was supposed to say:

Hehe, why do i call myself a hypocrite?

Hmm... now thinking back, not exactly "hypocrite" THAT serious lar, but more like "contradictings".

Remember the pass few days where i got so annoyed by everyone else?

Nyat, i need a new Blog where i can just curse and stuffs!

Anyways, after "calming-down", i've made a resolution to TRY not to be easily annoyed!

Its a good thing as well lar, just control and all, no point being annoyed to people who are not worth-it!

Good for health also, annoyance is definitely a no-no!

And i've actually successfully made to it... well, sorta.

I'm no Superman, of course need time to "get-to-it"!

However, the contradicting part is that i felt i was not appreciated.

The thing with middle-years, we really need to feel appreciated huuh?

Taken for granted, isn't that sad?

Not even any thanks or concern, especially through all the trouble it went through.

Should not be that kind next time, to anyone who is not worth the trouble which went through.

But being kind is not just something you can just "don't-want-to-do" or avoid right? I mean, nobody's THAT heartless?

Nah, i don't think i'm being "kind", i'm just 8.

Should stop being 8, and be more "selfish" to unworthy people, and more "selfless" to worthy people.

I know its not nice to judge and rate people.

But like said, i'm not kind, so yeah, why help if it will just be taken for granted?

Its not like we're helping animals, and stop eating Shark's Fin soup and all.

And i know everyone would've said, even if i stop eating Shark's Fin soup, its not like the sharks will worship me or anything.

In fact, they'll probably see me as a threat to them if i enter the waters with them!

However, seeing them swimming freely around the ocean, isn't that worth the trouble? Isn't it beautiful?

They are just such magnificent creatures!

I know its beautiful to me, i love Sharks.

And people who just eat Shark's Fin soup are horrible.
*Of course, there is another contradicting opinion which i'll just "small-quote" it at the end of this post.

Oops, side-tracked again. Me and my animal-loving-side XD!~

Of course, contradicting again, sometimes when BIG TROUBLE really pursues, it won't hurt to help lar, even if it will be taken for granted again!

At least you know you tried =)!

Though, another thing is i felt that worst thing is NOT being taken for granted, but rather, when you need help or at least, need a "favour" to be returned, because it might be important to you, it was not returned.

Especially from constant emo-peoples like me o(=v=")o. I might need the constant attention, ehehe!

And thus, it made you felt worst for helping out others in the first place.

But its ok lar, i guess its just nice to help people =).

See how i contradicts myself o(=.=")o.

I should stop writing now, before i contradicts myself further and confuses everyone.

Going to flea-market later! See you!~

About the Shark's Fin part:
I have a friend whose uncle or someone catches sharks, and displays their fin at home.

I find that "ok", because although i generally opposed to any killings of any wildlife, at least those sharks are KILLED, and not just FINNED and left floating in the ocean to die!

Somemore my friend UNDERSTOOD me and my sharks, and even sorta apologized and felt remorse to me!

How can you get angry at someone so understanding? Especially when its not what they did, and its something you are more "ok" with as opposed to finning!

Just for a bowl of Shark's Fin soup, most sharks caught for their FIN will just be FINNED, then throw back into the ocean to be left to die.

Imagine someone catched you all of a sudden, chop off your hands and legs (Our hands and legs to use are like fins to sharks, we need it to be able to swim!), and throw you into the ocean.

Float-float-float... DIE!

If someone just say they can't help it for eating Shark's Fin soup, because they love it, and though they doubt they will stop but at least, its NOT something they are "proud" of, at least that is something i can "close-one-eye-open-one-eye".

Not that i can live with that fact, but when its your close friends and all, what can you do?

Catch them, throw them and feed them back to the sharks?

At least they are NOT PROUD of it!

But i've just met someone who had seriously annoyed me.

Not only he did not feel REMORSE for doing so, he darely say to me:

"Because sharks are getting lesser so he's going to eat alot of Shark's Fin soup before they are all gone."

And he said it as if he had just won the NOBEL PRIZE for eating Shark's Fin soup and stuffs.

Obviously, he was PROUD of eating Shark's Fin soup.

He has officially gone into my ANNOYED-LIST.

And his a nice guy, mind, but someone like that is just someone i truly dislike.

As much as he is still my friend and all, i doubt he'll be considered a true friend any time sooner.

If he didn't say it in front of me, but to everyone else, who cares lar, it was not infront of me!

But to say THAT infront of me, that's just PLAIN DISRESPECTFUL.

You don't do this to friends. Especially for something you truly believe in.

Especially for an animal-freak like me.

Bah, but technically, no matter how much i like someone lar, i will have a general dislike for anyone who eats Shark's Fin soup!

Yes, even if they are Super Junior, Shinhwa, Jay Chou, TVfXQ! or w-inds.!

Except for my Paternal Grandmother.

Because i feel she'll probably stop eating it for me, but out of respect, if she really wants it, i wouldn't have mind.

She's my grandmama for heaven's sake!

But i wouldn't know. She left before i got the chance to find out.

Where in the world is Natsuko when you need her?






I just bought THREE BOXES of it, after finishing my last one, because i REALLY LOVE it XD!~

Not just for the cover (TVfXQ! as cover XD!~), but THE VERY-YUMMY CONTENTS as well!


I've already have my collection of TVfXQ! Mi-sticks boxes, so no matter buying whose cover it doesn't really matter!

Except JaeJoong and ChangMin, because my collection is missing JaeJoong, and ChangMin is my little boy!


ps: HeeChul's Blog updated =D!~

Saturday, January 27, 2007

LOST in Ampang.

Not as in the tee-vee series LOST, but it sorta might as well lar =P!

After last night's BBQ party...
*Which the pit caught on fire, we told ghost stories, it was not exactly "successful" because we didn't manage to finish cooking everything else, but the fun part was jumping, throwing, pushing everyone else into the swimming pool =P!
More detailed stories next time!

... ended up waking up at around almost 10am today =P!

As opposed to the time i'm supposed to wake up, 8am!

I purposely pay an additional RM2, using Penchala Link, so i could get there faster!
Ended up stuck in a jam there for almost half-an-hour o(=.=")o...

So wasted. Gah.

Then reach, go walk-walk around, teman Auntie buy her mp4.

Yes, i'm VERY Chinese. Buy whatever also must have BEST DEAL!

Somemore the mp4 not for me one =P!

Then dee-dee-dah-dah later, i got my car (Aiyo, i paid an extra RM0.50 for 00minutes in the parking lot o(=.=")o...) and dropped Auntie off at Pasar Seni, for fear she might lose her way and ended up in Africa!

Actually, should just let her get lost lar!

Maybe she'll end up in Alaska instead, and i ask her to get me an Alaskan Malamute =D!~
*dreams of life with Gamba and a new family-member, who shall be named as Alaska for now =D!~*

Hmm, maybe her Blog will come with a new entry: LOST in Alaska. =D!~

Back to the story, hehe!

After dropping Auntie, i'm not sure whether there is NOWHERE to turn, or if i missed it, or i should've U-turn, but anyways, i ended up making a BIG U-TURN back to the same place o(=.=")o.

Somewhere near it lar, its almost reaching Pudu!

I wanted to go to Ampang Point!

I tried another new road lar, instead of the one i initially wanted to try, and ended-up using the highway!

Coming down the elevated-highway, i didn't want to use the U-turn like bro did, so i exited one stop earlier from the elevated-highway.


When i was going down the ramp, on the other side of the road was PACKED JAM! Cannot move those type!

I at first thought why so many cars parked like that o(=v=")o.

Then i missed the turning, because those idiots blocked the turning-in. I ended-up going STRAIGHT.


Don't know where i'm going to.

So "instinctively", i use those roads going right-way lar, at least nearer to my destination, but don't know end-up passby what alot-of-cars-but-very-kampungly type of road.

Then jam another half-an-hour when trying to exit to the main-road o(=.=")o

On the way back, explored new ways to use, and wasted another 3-5minutes because the road wasn't "usable".

When i got home. SO TIRED.

Next time, should just stick to the SAME ROAD.

Unless it jams lar =P!

Eitherways, i've learned a few new ways to use, so "no worries"?


And btw, normal-humans would've FREAKED OUT when they got the WRONG ROAD right? Somemore pass some places they wouldn't have normally passed, sure FREAK?

But in my case.

I'm not normal.

I laughed out loud like mad o(=v=")o.

Maybe it would seem as one of the, "freaked-out-ways", but seriously, i find it really funny XD!~


Argh, my legs are SO TIRED o(=.=")o.

Stood half-the-time walking around, stuffed with other people, and sat in the car with legs stepping the pedals half-the-other-time.

Tired tired.

Must sleep early.


Friday, January 26, 2007


There are times when you just need to.

Have you smiled today =)?

ps: I want to go to the nearest beach, waddle myself to the middle-of-the-ocean, and bury myself within the corals.

I've been looking through pics and vids of when i was chasing after SuJu at the airport.

I called KyuHyun "KyuHyUn".

RyeoWook was just somewhere-around-me (And i didn't notice.).

SiWon looked into my camera.
Or rather, at the crazy woman shouting like mad taking stalker-videos of them with a beautiful camera.

Or rather, he probably wanted my camera. I mean, who doesn't.

Too bad. Its mine.

And then remembering other embarrassing moments at the airport.

So. freaking. malu.

I hope SungMin never remembers me.
*To which he does, i'll go destroy Byul, to which he'll definately forget me adee =D!

So do KyuHyun for calling him the wrong name.

And KiBum for ignoring him.
His practically dancing at my side and i ignored him... because i didn't know his there till later.

There can always be more time in the future to "re-introduce" myself again.

And leave a good impression.

WITHOUT the embarrassing parts. Definately.

Now looking at the good side:
A lot of wonderful memories =).

How wonderful it would be if you could just erase the embarrassing parts and retain the wonderful parts o(=v=")o.

I miss them so much.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

So pathetic.

Gosh, whats wrong these two days?

Easily annoyed is one matter.
However, getting REALLY annoyed by everyone else is another matter.


AvoidAnnoyanceManagement, is there such course?

I bet i can probably make it into Hermoine's list of books for "light-reading"* by just listing the names and events of everyone who had managed to annoy me these two days.

Exaggerating-ly speaking, but THATS saying something.

*You would understand if you've read Harry Potter.

Even my phone just annoyed me o(=.=")o.

Some people and things just NEVER. CHANGE.

Its like asking my classmate Melvyn to stop talking, and asking my classmate Wai Keat to talk non-stop.


I'm quite pissed actually.

Is it easier to rely on people who are not that close, than with people who are closer?
Why sometimes must make until as if the affair is of no concern to anyone else, even though its sorta
related to everyone else, and thus, the I am free to jump into Klang River up to my liking?

Not that i want to, but anyways, that is a question-of-fact for another day. Back to the matter at hand...

That difficult to ask?

Some people are just tactless.

Is like asking me to die, but at the same time asking me not to jump down Klang River.

Make it a solo-escapade if so next time.

I don't know, and i find i didn't want to bother with it anymore.

One day when my patience has reached its limit, it'll burst, and you'll never hear the end of it.

Actually, or rather, you WILL hear the end of it.

Just that nothing else will be heard from me after that.

See, told you i'm annoyed with everything.

Even the fact i'm going to sleep later annoys me.

Or the fact i've had dinner just now annoys me. Because i'm getting fatter.

People born in the beginning of the year are difficult to themselves.

People born in the middle of the year are emotionally-difficult people.

People born in the end of the year are difficult people to everyone else.

Its like people who give, take-give, and take, only survives throughout the whole year.

What am i talking?

I need HeeNim.

I need the ocean.

And yes, we are difficult.

Don't bother. Nobody can ever understand us.

Or rather, middle-of-the-year peoples.


My Wooky is so thin now, his cheekbones had become so obvious.

As much as i love seeing my Wooky, seeing his newer pics are "sim-tia-ish".

Internet connection very bad. Can't listen to ChunJi today as well. KangIn-oppa o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better!

kimchi! FIGHTING Wooky!~

I had to go Sungei Wang today, then, unexpectedly, it brings back fond memories of when SuJu came to Malaysia.

Made me miss them more.


Except for CyberJaya and Bukit Jalil, i've been to (or passed) EVERY PLACE SuJu had been to when they were here last year for Boys in City photobook shoot + Dancing Out MV.

I went to Subang for class this morning, near Saujana Hotel where they took part of their Dancing Out MV and photoshoot.

Then, i head to Sungei Wang after class.

Which, through the way, i had passed by:

Dataran Merdeka.

Sorta passed-by Central Market.

Prince Hotel.

Regent Hotel.

Bukit Bintang.

Then, after finishing the stuffs i want to do at Sungei Wang, being pathetic and being very-Chinese*, despite my very-heavy-bag, i walked all the way to StarHill, mesmerizing that very day when we followed them to dinner.
*Why being Chinese? Because i had parked my car at the rooftop, and will have to pay RM3 for the first two hours no-matter-what, and if i leave early very "not-worth-it", so... gosh, i'm really so Chinese.)

Walking through Bukit Bintang, the song 걸음을 멈추고 by Super Junior - K.R.Y. played.

Just as i entered StarHill, when KyuHyun was singing his part, ngam ngam was the very place where i was JUST NEXT TO HIM.

Oh, very good-looking.

Then walking cross the path which KangIn and EeTeuk took as seen by me from inside the restaurant.

Oh, really good-looking.

Walked one round around KoRyeoWon* Restaurant, looking inside, imagining that very day they sat inside.
*If it was named KyuRyeoWon... oh. my. God.! YAH XD!~

How when we left, EunHyuk, SiWon and YehSung walked pass us with Giordano bags.

Oh, so good-looking.

Then on my way back to Sungei Wang, stood outside Starhill, next to Lecca Lecca, took a few pics of where they danced and shoot part of Dancing Out MV there.

Though i cannot find the underground-path to Regent Hotel, its still good remembering that day when...

Yah XD!~

And btw, how i regret wearing long pants plus 3/4 long sleeve shirt today.

So. freaking. HOT.


It still feel so good knowing that they were just there last year =)!

Made me emo, but how PROUD i am to be Malaysian! Their first photobook's main theme is my very city KL =D!~

I miss them so much o(ㅠωㅠ)o~!~

So hamsap.

Just yesterday, during class, i multi-tasked.

This time it involves:

- Hand meddling with my post-its and notes.

- Ears listening to what teacher was saying.

- Mind thinking of Super Junior Show when EeTeuk and rest "tortured" my Wooky by "waxing" his leg-hair with those thick, green-coloured selotape.

And the last one made me SMILE (with slight no-sound-giggling) like mad, luckily nobody saw me, especially the teacher, otherwise... they might've thought i went mad.

Or worst...

Malu sial o(=v=")o.


Then today.

During tutorial class.

I dreamt of KangIn who was sleeping on my bed, hugging a pillow (Or was it my Gamba?), and smiling happily and sweetly because he was dreaming of me o(=v=")o.

... 행복♪~!~


Really as titled, so hamsap o(=v=")o.

Hehehehehehehehe XD!~

So nice.

I love driving.

If my mom finds out, i have a feeling she might slaughter me for "wasting petrol" XD!~

After Sungei Wang, i purposely used the way which passes Puduraya and Masjid Jamek when heading home.

Hoping that it won't jam, i passed by Merdeka Square again.

Luckily there's no jam =)!

Why did i purposely use that way?

So i could drive into that road and go to the Bird Park and Deer Park =D!~

I was thinking of visiting Deer Park again initially, which my last time there was when i was 6 years-old for a kindergarten-day-trip, but long-story-cut-short, because of my heavy bag, so i canceled that idea and drove home, though did passed by both Bird Park and Deer Park =D!~

Next time go again =D!~

Driving through a no-jam-KL is just so fun =D!~


Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I went to watch a movie just now.

If it was for Death Note 2, i wouldn't have minded.

Not that the movie wasn't good, i just don't feel that it was worth-it.

Not the "worth-it" in terms of "spending money"... the movie was FREE anyways... but rather...

It was not worth-it, in the sense because i had missed my Wooky on KangIn-oppa's ChunJi Radio program because of the movie o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o...

Came back around 10.30pm, finish doing everything else, and when i switch on the radio, it was adee 10.50pm or so...

Heard my Wooky and KangIn-oppa talking for awhile, then both "Annyoung higesaeyo" (Or did he said "higasaeyo"?), then... FINISH adee o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o!


But gosh, he sounds so good when he talks, YAH XD!~


So do KangIn-oppa XD!~

I have a thing for guys with "special-voices"!~


Yes, i'm officially addicted to their voices.

Especially KangIn-oppa. Since i get the chance to listen to his voice almost everyday, should the internet be doing fine.

Though i don't understand a single word they are saying, except REALLY simple vocabs and all... but... better than nothing XD!~

Yes, if i didn't get to listen to ChunJi from now on... i guess i'll feel all weird.

KangIn-oppa's voice is just too addictive.

Luckily i don't know how to open Shukira or M.I.R.A.C.L.E. for you... otherwise GUARANTEE THREE COMS in the house will be playing THREE RADIO PROGRAMS with a foreign language NOBODY at home understands* at the same time...

Or my com playing the THREE RADIO PROGRAMS at same time which nobody will understand*, and all talking/ playing songs AT THE SAME TIME.
*This does not apply to my cat HeeChul. For all i know, he *might* be the only one at home who understands that language?
If only my HeeChul and i could communicate, i could get him to be my translator XD!~


What fun XD!~ Hehehe!~

Enough, go do work o(=v=")o... must try sleep early again today!



Note: Anyone who had watched Super Junior's FullHouse *might* be able to understand the contents of this entry better.

My English pronunciations can get quite off at-times, as i can get tongue-tied and sometimes without me knowing it.

Well anyways, it has always been bad, and now after watching Super Junior's FullHouse... *certain words/ sentences/ phrases* has had the Super Junior Touch to it.

All of it came naturally. Not intentionally immitating them or whatsoever.


Don't get me wrong.
I always end up saying it like how KangIn does now.
"Don't. get. me. wrong" with the KangIn-touch.
It is just natural for me to say it the KangIn-way to my friends who knew Super Junior... but to my classmates?

Obey me!
"Just because" comes in after this there and then.

Now i say it like EunHyuk, the time when he had to pass English Village's immigration gates.
Just now when i was talking to my mom about WorldVision, i was telling her the country options available and i went "There's also Thai-land~...".

You look like a something.
Monkey EunHyuk.

My intentions were good.
Not that i've ever said that actually. But watching back. Yeah, its stuck now.
If i ever say that, it'll end up like the way
EunHyuk said it.

Pretty face.

Yo touch man!
Ditto. HeeNim-style.

This is a CD.
's influence. Very big.
Thank God my cat, named
HeeChul, can't go "Yo touch man!" to me, otherwise guarantee i'll be saying it to everyone i see then.

Calm down.
My SimbaSiWon.
Can be continued with "Don't get me wrong" SiWon-style.
Or sometimes it can become:

-style's "Calm down", accompanied with KangIn's "Don't get me wrong".

Now the more "general-ones" (Which means the styles may vary from one member to another.).

You are so gorgeous.
Not like i have anyone to say that to (Unless HeeNim wants me to say that to him o(=v=")o...). But otherwise, yes, it would've been a SuperJunior-version.

Nice weather.
Mostly HeeNim and EunHyuk style~.

Thats all i can remember for now! Till later =P!~


Whats your favourite SuJu-moment =D?


I miss Super Junior FullHouse o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o...

Saturday, January 20, 2007

So. Malu.

I went to get the goodie bag for the OneCard i applied for last month!

So many goodies XD (Thus, it was named GOODIE BAG!)!

Anyways, there's this FREE toothbrush holder which i can get from this shop, hereby named as H!

So i happily went to this shop, which i thought was H, and go to the counter, and show him the voucher, asking for the free goodie.

He looked back at me and went "Huh?", so i asked again, though sensing SOMETHING WRONG.

"What free?" he asked, looking abit insulted, but amused at the same time as well.

Then i know.

Tahi. Wrong. shop.

So. freaking. malu.

I quickly make some reason how i probably got the wrong shop, and will check with my friend again. Avoiding the guy's eyes at ALL COST, i took out my phone to "pretend-try-to-call" while browse around the shop.

Thank God my cousin was there, so at least got someone to talk to and see how cute some stuffs are, while complaining to her that i can't get through to my friend (Which i didn't call anyway actually!).

Then FINALLY remembering where H is, i leave that shop immediately

Still... so freaking malu.

My cousin very lucky, she was outside the shop looking for her voucher for the free stuff, and when she was about to enter, she notice "something-wrong-with-me", thus didn't enter that early.

So smart.

I so smart as well.

And i still can't believe i got the wrong shop.

The agony of me getting the wrong shop, is far much more traumatizing than the "malu-part".

Like, OU is my second home. HOW CAN I FREAKING GET THE WRONG SHOP?

Now i feel i can never walk into that shop again.
Thank God its the smaller shop of that bigger shop.


Another good thing is, though that guy is a guy, which kinda reminds me of Eric btw, THANK GOD HE IS NOT CHOI SIWON OR ANY OF MY BOYS!

Which, they will never be lar, i think.

Otherwise i have this feeling i'll migrate to Mars or anywhere further than the moon as soon as possible.



I got the wrong shop.

This will scar me for life.


But no, i'm not going to dethrone my position.

Like duh, i'm the freaking Princess of OU, my second home.

I have to at least go there once a week, even if i have nothing to buy.

So yeah, its still my second home =).

However, one good advice to myself and everyone else would be:


Like always ensure there's an old man in that shop when you want to eat at KFC, and how a giraffe will be there when you go to Toys R' Us... and don't ever enter a shop with a huge Adidas logo asking for Nike Air...

Then, it would be SUPER MALU.

At least, always remember to read the shop's name which you won't go often lar.


ps: Thanks alot to AuntieMun for bringing the CDs out to me just now! Mom's car don't have umbrella cuz!

Although the rain is not too heavy, i'm afraid of getting my hair wet with rain water and having to wash it again!

Yes, i'm very particular of rain getting onto my hair when i don't feel like washing it again =P!

Thus, i've came out with a new SIMPULAN BAHASA.

You know Puteri Lilin, how someone is afraid of hot temperature and stuffs?

Well, i shall be Puteri Hujan i guess.

I hereby claim the term Puteri Hujan has nothing to do whatsoever with Mr "ugliest-album-cover-i-had-ever-saw-in-my-whole-life" Bi, or better known as Rain.

Its either i'll really play IN the rain;

... or i'll just get INTO the rain, knowing i'll wash my hair again later at home,

... or i shall stay AWAY from it, especially at night, because i don't want to wash my hair again.

So freaking mar-fun to wash hair again at night, when you had already did it in the morning!

Wah, short hair already like that.

If i long hair mar... jeng jeng jeng~~~!

Might as well just stay short hair =D!~

ps: Regarding the "malu-story"... must've gotten it from ProfessorBlurBi XD!~

*hides from the Professor*


Friday, January 19, 2007

Super Junior.



박 정수 - July 1, 1983
김 희철 - July 10, 1983
한 경 - February 9, 1984
김 정운 (종운) - August 21, 1984 (August 24, 1984)
김영운 - January 17, 1985
신동히 (희) - September 1985 (September 28, 1985)
이 성민 - January 1, 1986
이 혁재 - April 4, 1986
이 동해 - October 15, 1986
최 시원 - February 10, 1987
김 려욱 - June 21, 1987
김 기범 - August 24, 1987 (August 21 1984)
조 규현 - February 3, 1988

Why am i writing this?

I'm "challenging" myself to my SuperJuniorKnowledge.

The "basic-must-knows" anyways.

Those in brackets "( )" means i've got it wrongly =P!

Apart from getting YehSung-oppa's real name "JungWoon" and ShinDong-oppa's "Hee" in Korean wrongly (I had actually typed ShinDong's name correctly, but i changed it o(=.=")o... so clever...)...

Apart from mixing up YehSung-oppa and KiBum's birthday, and forgetting ShinDong-oppa's birthdate...

I've did quite well actually =D!~



If i could only do so for my exams.

Why can't there be an SM Academy, where i could major in the course, Super Junior?

While ProfessorBiBi, FireworksKacy and MCCQingy could major in TVfXQ!, i could side-major in the same course as well. Then we could help each other on assignments as well (But really, as if we needed any help honestly, pff~!).

Not forgetting we'll definately be the TOP STUDENTS of the Academy.

What a Wonderful World this world will be =D!~

Within SuJu, for me to call anyone younger than KangIn-oppa as "oppa":
... although they are older than me... but its just PLAIN WEIRD! Somehow!

*Immitates YehSung-oppa* Hajiman mola yo~~!

Especially SungMin!

I always have this urge to call KangIn-oppa as "hyung"... somehow.

I don't know why.

Ddo... *Immitates YehSung-oppa* hajiman mola yo~~!

I've stared at RyeoWook right at the face (sorta), and he had probably walked near me... but i didn't notice him o(=v=")o...

And he is supposedly my younger-Twin o(=v=")o...

Bad nuna...

Ddo ddo... *Immitates YehSung-oppa* hajiman mola yo~~!

Super Junior?
LeeTeuk-oppa, leader.

HeeChul-oppa, Cinderella.

HanKyung-oppa, Beijing-bap.

YehSung-oppa, stop touching your hair.

KangIn-oppa, musowo!

ShinDong-oppa, real good-looking real life!

SungMin-oppa, kwiyeopta~!

EunHyuk, monkey.

DongHae, fish.

SiWon, (my) Simba.

RyeoWook, voice of an Angel.

KiBum, beautiful smile.

GyuHyun, retarded.

My first-impression on them when i first meet them in real-life.
LeeTeuk, eyeliner.

HeeChul, pretty Cinderella.

HanKyung, can speak Chinese with him XD!~

YehSung, Lee JunKi XD!~

KangIn, beautiful, gorgeous Racoon smile with super dashing SMILE and WAVE XD!~

ShinDong, muscularly fit.

SungMin, KWIYEOPTA~~ XD!~... and stop staring at us XD!~

EunHyuk, didn't see me o(=v=")o.

DongHae, walked next to me.

SiWon, SiWon o(* v *)o!~

RyeoWook, who is that already?
(Feel like jumping out of my studyroom window o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o... how can i had forgotten my precious younger-Twin the first time i see him o(@@)o...)

KiBum, beautiful smile.

GyuHyun, CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTEly retarded XD!~

I love Super Junior XD!~

Whether i'm feeling up or down, they will always put a smile back on my face =)!

I'm an E.L.F., HeeChul-oppa's petals, and they are my ice-cream and 바다/ beach/ ocean =3!~




Whole day i have been SuJu-ing!


Whole class knows i love them.

Seniors are going to know i love them (Some of them already did.).

Juniors (Cohort 2) had known i love them (And most of them will by the end of the year, or next.).

Can't help it XD!~

Oh yes, and TVfXQ! as well XD!~

Must introduce Shinhwa to them someday as well, they only know me as SuJu and TVfXQ! fan o(=v=")o...

But i have a freaking big (sorta) pic of Shinhwa on the back of my file! So unnoticeable?

Hmm... maybe the 13 guys upfront shielded DongWan's appearance o(=v=")o...

Shinhwa will be releasing their Shinhwa Winter Story 2006-2007.

AuntieMun has been fretting non-stop about it, complaining, because this album had also contain their 1st Japanese album, Inspiration # 1, which she had already bought ages ago at around MYR100. And of course, she's planning to get this as well.

Aiyo, get over it (Japanese CDs ARE like that! Get use to it *looks at w-inds.*!), and just go do what i did.

1 - Take the album,
2 - Remove the CD,
3 - ... and throw it at Eric's head (Or any Shinhwa member, except DongWan!).

This works for me =D (Against Keita's head =P!)!~

BigBang is so freaking cute XD!~

Super bo-liaos XD!~

I shall like them if i want lar =P!

So cute! Hehehe!~

*runs back to SuperRetards SiWon, RyeoWook, KyuHyun, DongWan and ChangMin with huggles*

BTW, who would want to buy this...

Princess Hours Tofu Cushion

... at a freaking price of MYR993.40?

Or rather, if it wasn't for the discount, it would be MYR1,170.84?

The person must either be freaking rich, or freaking mad to purchase it!

I rather sew it myself!

Speaking of Goong (Or Princess Hours)...

Episode 3 is out =D!~



kimchi like as well =3!~

*Well, technically, he is VIEWABLE to me EVERYDAY, but this statement is pointing about his ChunJi Radio broadcast XD!~*


Traumatized now.

Having to go back to college on a NON-CLASS-DAY (Remember my 3-day-weekend?) is traumatizing me o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o...

Need. sleep.

Slept early, but still couldn't wake up this morning =P!

I shall attack my cousin later, and force her to watch SuJu with me XP!~


ps: Checking back my previous posts...

I've written certain things which i end up not remembering what it was about o(=v=")o...

And there was a double-posted entry without me realising o(=v=")o...

Shall ignore it...

I also remember posting about my class schedule.

But it turns out... i didn't, i haven't, and i didn't know about it o(=v=")o...

I had always thought i had posted it actually o(=v=")o...


pps: Freaking brother.

Forget to bring the receipt home.

When can i get Gamba fixed then?

Note to self:
Having to go college on a NON-CLASS-DAY is ANNOYING, and TRAUMATIZING.
Yes, TRAUMATIZING shall be my word-for-the-day.