Friday, October 16, 2009

What is WRONG with you?

For weeks i've been checking the internet every now and then.
I've concluded that, hey, no news is good news. END.

I even checked yesterday, and there was nothing.
Then last night (early morning?) i was feeling crappy all of a sudden but i brushed it off. It's nothing. I should so learn to trust my intuition more.

This morning, i woke up thinking, oh today is such a lovely day.
I was just so chirpy and happy today, and you have to go mess it all up.

Why? What is wrong with you? Why are you doing this to me?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Current addiction.

My current addiction (Twitter-aside Follow Me!) is definitely Left 4 Dead.
It's no secret to people who knows me how addicted i am to L4D! Because i kept saying "let's go kill some zombies" every so often!
Ok lar, more like i look at you with glittery eyes and ask if you want play too =D! Hehehe!

Admittedly, i've only played it thrice. But OMG i do think of it everyday! If you let me play everyday also i don't mind, because you can't exactly play the game the whole day see... so it's healthy really! Once you've have your satisfaction for that day you can go off not thinking about it... well, until the next day perhaps.

Oh yes, it's still a form of addiction, but if you compared it to Sims and the likes of it, i can just sit there and not move from morning till night. So you can see which is healthier really!
Ok, we do have to pay RM2 per hour, but if i sit home play computer also need to use electricity mar, so in many ways we do save more by playing L4D lols what turf ok i stop giving excuses to myself, hehe!

Anyways, i thank my fabulous girls Ah Mama and SuSuYoung for introducing to me L4D and being the absolutely best team mates anyone can ever ask for!!
To be honest, i am super scaredy cat!! I panicked easily, and am always the last one (to be fair, i do try to guard us from the back... occasionally...)... but now sometimes i just run to the front and am first to jump out what turf. Like "chargeeeeee goooooo~~~~" those type see.

And OMG head shots. Have i told you how much i love head shots? The satisfaction is just amazing. Especially when the zombies are just idling there and from far PENG and it just falls (not funny though when it comes charging at you because i start screaming liao turf).

The funniest and most satisfying combat came from last night, when we finally have enough time and finished a map!
Admittedly it was an easy one! But still! FIRST MAP FINISHED!
Hoping with many more to come (^^ )!

The best part was playing with the girls. We erm... gave really funky names to our characters erm...
Ok, i named my Chao Ah Beng, Ah Mama name hers Chao Ah Pek and SuYoongYoong named hers Chao Ah Girl. LOLS!

The cybercafe isn't quiet to begin with, what's with everyone else's game what not. So imagine those noise coupled with our shouting, screaming and everything...
Plus we shout when we talk to each other (otherwise cannot hear anyways), and together with the names... hehehe...
"Eh eh Chao Ah Pek Chao Ah Pek, you go first."
"Save Chao Ah Girl save Chao Ah Girl!
"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh witch!! Save me!!!"
"Where's Chao Ah Beng??" (You hear this a lot LOLS!)
"Chao Ah Girl ler??"
"AHHHHHHHHH Witch got Chao Ah Girl save her!!"
"Chao Ah Beng save me!!"
"Ok ok Chao Ah Pek i'm coming i'm coming!!"

Wonder what we should name our characters next? Hehehe!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Everybody wants my SHIT.

And i meant it literally =D!

Hehehe, told 'ya so!

I love my SHIT(s) - because i have two of it - because i can make as many SHIT JOKES as i want and it won't be dirty at all.

OMG i love puns. Except they aren't exactly puns ne =P??
Because i really meant it literally mah! ㅋㅋㅋ

On other Bloggers.

I think i have a very high tolerance for some stuffs other bloggers write, especially my favourite ones.
Biasness is one of my very strong points - whether it's a good thing or bad - but anyways, the tolerance part is because if i find that i really can't stand a blogger, why am i going back to read what that Blogger wrote? There must be a reason why i keep going back right?
I totally disagree with those weird, very strange haters who have no life and goes all out to insult other (more famous) bloggers so to make them miserable (if ever they will, because i think most are immune liao). I don't know, most "haters" are weird!! It's like maybe by insulting others it makes them feel better about their miserable life? What i don't understand most is... if you really really want to insult, why stay anonymous?

Then of course, i don't believe in judging other people based on what they wrote. Especially not jumping to conclusion on those!! I for one, knows that sometimes i myself don't write 100% close to reality.
It kinda sucks sometimes to have people judge you based on what you write in your Blog or Tweet (since that's what i mostly do nowadays), when half the time you write it for amusement or entertainment purposes - whether for yourself or for others. Worst when it comes from people who actually know you!!
The sarcasm, the jokes, the idiocy and what not, i like writing about it! It may not be true!
As much as i'm attached to both (and FB), there is still some line between reality and those three, at least, for me. That said, of course most of the times they still hold some truth in it, just not 100%.
Furthermore, i really don't believe in judging others (and especially since i don't like to be judged myself), so i try my best not to do so if ever possible.

Hmm, i think i side-tracked there... but anyways...
When reading what other Bloggers write, there will always be stuffs which i agree on, and stuffs which i will disagree on, but i don't believe in commenting on it, because hey, it's their life AND they are free to what they want. Just because i disagree, it doesn't mean i have to lambaste them on it especially when i don't know them in real life!

However, recently i came across this entry by one of my favourite Bloggers which kinda hmm... annoyed(?) me that i find reluctant to return to her Blog (that is until she updates it with something new i guess).

Am still contemplating if i want to comment (on her Blog) on what she wrote, because for one, it's not my business on how she wanted to write and how she wanted to judge others - plus the whole "judging" thing and conclusion and what not - because i find commenting on what she wrote would be like me judging her too, won't it?

Oh yeah, i'm complicated. Get use to it. That's why i say judge or jump to conclusions on me, and you'll be surprised!

But seriously. It's kinda bugging me!! BLAH!

Update: Ok, i noticed an extra paragraph which i didn't see before. It could be me, i'm known to misread sometimes... but anyways, it kinda explained a hell lot, so yeah, am ok with it now what turf.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

8 fail-proof ways to annoy your Cat.

  1. Flash.

    Camera flash lar obviously!

  2. Say hello.

    As near as possible! Try breathing out from your mouth too when you greet her!

  3. Dress-up.

    "Decorate" your Cat with fluffy, cute stuffs!

  4. Nerd-i-fy her.

    Let her wear your glasses.

  5. Stitch-fied.
    Sure work one.

    Put a Stitch on your cat, and let him do the job for you!

    No? No work??
    Then go all out to annoy your cat!!

  6. Annoy.
    Put a car on her.


  7. Bite/ chew her head.

    Of course, let the Panda do the dirty work.
Still doesn't work???
Oh well. There is another way... but i'm kinda reluctant to reveal it...
Because it is well... kinda extreme. I will never ever advise anyone to try this, because well... like i said, it's extreme.

Oh heck. I'll just reveal it!
If your heart cannot take it, please stop scrolling down and just leave this Blog (clicky the "x" at top right corner). I bear no responsibility should anything happen to you, or your health - psychically or mentally.

Ok, so here's the final one.
Please prepare yourself.

The EIGHTH and LAST WAY to annoy your cat... is to...
NO I AM NOT KIDDING!! Guarantee will annoy her to the max!!!
And i meant LITERALLY ok!! Not "give your cat shit" or whatever... NO! I really meant:

See, i'm not lying ok =D! LOLS!

OMG i just take bo-liaoness to a higher never-ever-reachable level haven't i?

ps: Yeah lar yeah lar, she didn't so much as move. This goes to show my 8 fail-proof ways has actually failed what turf. XD

Cute cat!

I super love to see a cat pawing at something!!
Whether it's to investigate something, to tell you something, to show you it's annoyed (or just because)... it's still one of the cutest thing ever!

My favourite is when HeeChul slap something because it's annoyed =D! And when she jumps on her two "feet" while trying to "paw" (or catch) my feet (when playing catching). It's like a jumping ninja-cat!!
So adorable you would think cute babies are overrated =D!

Friday, October 02, 2009


I miss Shin-chan and Doraemon heaps.

"他们的中秋也不会寂寞!" - 988 DJ Anson 阿晨.
In times like this, it just reminds you that you are growing up.

But hey, it doesn't mean that you have to forget the happy memories from your childhood!

The past 49 volumes of Shin-chan are the best mangas i've ever read!
And so are all the Doraemons i own!
The original manga-senseis might not be here anymore, as sad as it may be but it's ok, because we are left with so many happy stuffs from when we were young!

Thank you for the happy memories (^^ )!