Wednesday, October 07, 2009

On other Bloggers.

I think i have a very high tolerance for some stuffs other bloggers write, especially my favourite ones.
Biasness is one of my very strong points - whether it's a good thing or bad - but anyways, the tolerance part is because if i find that i really can't stand a blogger, why am i going back to read what that Blogger wrote? There must be a reason why i keep going back right?
I totally disagree with those weird, very strange haters who have no life and goes all out to insult other (more famous) bloggers so to make them miserable (if ever they will, because i think most are immune liao). I don't know, most "haters" are weird!! It's like maybe by insulting others it makes them feel better about their miserable life? What i don't understand most is... if you really really want to insult, why stay anonymous?

Then of course, i don't believe in judging other people based on what they wrote. Especially not jumping to conclusion on those!! I for one, knows that sometimes i myself don't write 100% close to reality.
It kinda sucks sometimes to have people judge you based on what you write in your Blog or Tweet (since that's what i mostly do nowadays), when half the time you write it for amusement or entertainment purposes - whether for yourself or for others. Worst when it comes from people who actually know you!!
The sarcasm, the jokes, the idiocy and what not, i like writing about it! It may not be true!
As much as i'm attached to both (and FB), there is still some line between reality and those three, at least, for me. That said, of course most of the times they still hold some truth in it, just not 100%.
Furthermore, i really don't believe in judging others (and especially since i don't like to be judged myself), so i try my best not to do so if ever possible.

Hmm, i think i side-tracked there... but anyways...
When reading what other Bloggers write, there will always be stuffs which i agree on, and stuffs which i will disagree on, but i don't believe in commenting on it, because hey, it's their life AND they are free to what they want. Just because i disagree, it doesn't mean i have to lambaste them on it especially when i don't know them in real life!

However, recently i came across this entry by one of my favourite Bloggers which kinda hmm... annoyed(?) me that i find reluctant to return to her Blog (that is until she updates it with something new i guess).

Am still contemplating if i want to comment (on her Blog) on what she wrote, because for one, it's not my business on how she wanted to write and how she wanted to judge others - plus the whole "judging" thing and conclusion and what not - because i find commenting on what she wrote would be like me judging her too, won't it?

Oh yeah, i'm complicated. Get use to it. That's why i say judge or jump to conclusions on me, and you'll be surprised!

But seriously. It's kinda bugging me!! BLAH!

Update: Ok, i noticed an extra paragraph which i didn't see before. It could be me, i'm known to misread sometimes... but anyways, it kinda explained a hell lot, so yeah, am ok with it now what turf.

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