Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Current addiction.

My current addiction (Twitter-aside Follow Me!) is definitely Left 4 Dead.
It's no secret to people who knows me how addicted i am to L4D! Because i kept saying "let's go kill some zombies" every so often!
Ok lar, more like i look at you with glittery eyes and ask if you want play too =D! Hehehe!

Admittedly, i've only played it thrice. But OMG i do think of it everyday! If you let me play everyday also i don't mind, because you can't exactly play the game the whole day see... so it's healthy really! Once you've have your satisfaction for that day you can go off not thinking about it... well, until the next day perhaps.

Oh yes, it's still a form of addiction, but if you compared it to Sims and the likes of it, i can just sit there and not move from morning till night. So you can see which is healthier really!
Ok, we do have to pay RM2 per hour, but if i sit home play computer also need to use electricity mar, so in many ways we do save more by playing L4D lols what turf ok i stop giving excuses to myself, hehe!

Anyways, i thank my fabulous girls Ah Mama and SuSuYoung for introducing to me L4D and being the absolutely best team mates anyone can ever ask for!!
To be honest, i am super scaredy cat!! I panicked easily, and am always the last one (to be fair, i do try to guard us from the back... occasionally...)... but now sometimes i just run to the front and am first to jump out what turf. Like "chargeeeeee goooooo~~~~" those type see.

And OMG head shots. Have i told you how much i love head shots? The satisfaction is just amazing. Especially when the zombies are just idling there and from far PENG and it just falls (not funny though when it comes charging at you because i start screaming liao turf).

The funniest and most satisfying combat came from last night, when we finally have enough time and finished a map!
Admittedly it was an easy one! But still! FIRST MAP FINISHED!
Hoping with many more to come (^^ )!

The best part was playing with the girls. We erm... gave really funky names to our characters erm...
Ok, i named my Chao Ah Beng, Ah Mama name hers Chao Ah Pek and SuYoongYoong named hers Chao Ah Girl. LOLS!

The cybercafe isn't quiet to begin with, what's with everyone else's game what not. So imagine those noise coupled with our shouting, screaming and everything...
Plus we shout when we talk to each other (otherwise cannot hear anyways), and together with the names... hehehe...
"Eh eh Chao Ah Pek Chao Ah Pek, you go first."
"Save Chao Ah Girl save Chao Ah Girl!
"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh witch!! Save me!!!"
"Where's Chao Ah Beng??" (You hear this a lot LOLS!)
"Chao Ah Girl ler??"
"AHHHHHHHHH Witch got Chao Ah Girl save her!!"
"Chao Ah Beng save me!!"
"Ok ok Chao Ah Pek i'm coming i'm coming!!"

Wonder what we should name our characters next? Hehehe!

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