Saturday, September 25, 2010

This Blog is still ALIVE.

I assure you this Blog is still alive. Really!! =D
Will try my best to update soon, because truth be told, i really don't know what to write, hehehe!

So here's my most favourite-st MV in the whole world, by my Awesome boys. ♡
Super Junior. 8D

Monday, September 20, 2010

I remember...

When i first came to the United Kingdom.
It was for my eldest brother's convocation in July 1999.

My parents, second bro and i arrived at the Manchester airport in the morning.
I remember passing the immigration with my dad, and the nice lady asked me my reason for traveling, and i replied it was for my brother's graduation.

She smiled and added, well maybe in the future it will be your turn to come to study in the UK.

11 years later, a little slow, but hey, i'm here to study like my brother did!
Something i had dreamed of since then. 8D

Oh yeah! Let's do this thing! =D
I seriously don't want to think negatively of someone.

I like that person a lot, so having to think negatively really hurts.

But sometimes... i guess... once you've seen someone's true colours, and finally admitted to it...

It's really difficult for you to see anything else anymore.

You can try convincing yourself, again and again, that it is not so.

But in the end, it will still prevail.

It just hurts.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Super Show 3.

Backdated post of 15th August 2010.

If you think Super Show 1 and 2 was purr-fect...

Super Show 3 puts everything out of the way. ♡

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

For believing in something.

"If we don't stand up for what we believe in and don't stand up for our rights pretty soon we're going to have as much rights as the meat on our bones."
- Lady Gaga

It gets frustrating when you personally believe in something which you feel will help the environment, and instead of being supported or ignored, you are laughed at, made fun of... or worst, being ridiculed and "challenged".

That said, i'm not giving up, because i know if i did (give up), it wouldn't be me.

At least i try to make a difference. Do you?