Friday, February 27, 2009

Chao Monkey!

Sometimes i wonder how old i am.
I constantly discover new random words and will gleefully and happily yell it over and over again, like a little kid who just learned to talk or something (except that i will talk 12382t3871312837t1874t18273 more than the kid). Or a little kid who just learned a new word! Ah, that's it (^^ )!~

So yes, my "latest" word is, courtesy of my dear cousin Nana (that's why always have cousins who are "good influence", and not those that teaches you new random words =P), is...
I am thankful when the "Chao Monkey" era strikes me, i was with my brother, whose very used to me randomly yelling out er, random words... so he wasn't surprised nor think i'm weird or anything at all. In fact, my brother has pretty much mastered the art of "Ignore my crazy little sister and everything will be fine". Yes, his so good at ignoring whatever random crazy stuffs i do, you would've thought all i did was something as normal as breathing.

But it's pretty fun you know! Throughout the whole outing i was just talking when suddenly i'll yell "CHAO MONKEY" randomly and all of a sudden! You should try, it's pretty neat (^^ )!~
I even start calling HeeChul "Chao Monkey"!
Ah, i'm thankful my little girl is used to all the weird nicknames i give her all the time, because she just laps it up =D!
I guess sometimes when you're used to weird random people, it doesn't seem that weird and random anymore yah??

This never gets tiring (at least until tomorrow or when i learned another new word or something!)!!~
It's nice being around people who you know won't judge you no matter what, so you can just be your crazy whacky self =D!!!~

CHAO MONKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok siao, i go steal and hide the chocolates my dad bought first!!~ Hehehe!
I LOVE HIDING FOOD (and keep it for myself only)!!!~ WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!~

ps: "Chao Monkey" is also my cousin's new nick!
Be honoured dear cousin, you have a lot of nicks now =D! LOLS!~

Why you should not sleep on chairs...

She was in such a deep sleep she actually snores!!
So adorable XD!~
Until my cousin brother came along and...

Instead of "rescuing" her i actually took pics first =P! Hehehe!
She was so annoyed she kept scolding us until she was released!
Quick, someone call SPCA for animal abuse =P!! HAHAHA!!!

ps: No worries, she wasn't harm in any way, i think. Considering the way my cousin sat prevented her from getting up, and not penyet her or anything.
But it was funny, look at the look she gave us XD!!!

What you should not watch before you sleep.

Ok, guarantee no need sleep tonight or risk nightmare. Hehehe...
But you've gotto admire Korean variety MCs, they'll do almost anything and everything!!!

My favourite part was the "忍... 忍... 우웩" part... ROFL XD!!!
(It means something like, "tahan... tahan... *vomit sound*"... XD!!!)

ps: Big Bang is ♡ XD!!!

Look for Part 2 yourself =P!
... ok lar, i've linked it, so bo-liao ㅋㅋㅋ!~

pps: Yeah, i feel like slapping 대성 too, ㅋㅋㅋ!~

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Best Job In The World.

I want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it...
I want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it...
I want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it...
I want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it...
I want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it...
I want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it...
I want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it...
I want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it...
I want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it...
I want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it...

You can see how much i wanted that job, when i hand-typed (how many of us even does that these days?) the first 13 times, then proceeded to copy-paste for the next 13 lines.
I don't simply do anything 13 for something which is outside my 13 ok!! So you *really* know how BADLY AND MUCH i wanted that job!!!
What turf, like i promoting it nya!
I assure you, i'm not promoting it nor am i receiving any $$ from them or whatever. Not like they needed the publicity anyways, it's just... OMG I WANT THAT JOB I WOULD GIVE KYUHYUN AWAY FOR IT!!!... for one minute ONLY!!!
(Sorry BabyKyu, if it's any consolation, i would bring you over once i get the job =D!!)

Being able to do something like that... getting to live by the beach, do conservation works *and* get paid for it at the same time... MY DREAM JOB OK!!!

I first read about this dream job on the flight to Bangkok (wait, or was it *from*?) last few weeks, and OMG how much i wanted it i can't stop disturbing a sleepy Cow whose trying to sleep!!
But as i read on... ah...
I'm not qualified.
At all.
It's like a frying pan flying towards your face and hitting you right at your nose that you require a nose-job after that.
But still... can't help but dreaming about that job!!!

I've been to the website where they interview staffs who's working there and all ... and i found *the* purr-fect position for myself there that, and because i so badly would like to work there, i'm gonna have to work extra-hard for it ne =D!

Dream on, but hey, at least it's a good dream (^^ )!~ Nyans!~

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My cousin brother sat on my cat.

And as opposed to being a "good mother" who'll immediately rescue her and all...
I took pictures instead.
(Will post (pic) another day, very lazy now...)

Hah, i'm a GOOD BLOGGER now *beams* (but turned into a lousy mother, what turf)!!
So retarded. Hehehe!

ps: My brother just randomly threw something at me, which i got frightened (who wouldn't lar?? you weren't concentrating and suddenly something just flew in front of you), and those two can't stop laughing now.
What turf. Very funny now is it?


I just pulled HeeChul's tail *really hard* (= =").
I mean, i pull at base lar, but conclusion is i shouldn't even have pulled it at all even though i've did it before.
OMG, i feel so guilty now. Its even guiltier than not attending 10 Korean classes by saying i have to bath my gold fish.
Yes, good point i know, i don't even *have* a gold fish, unless i can paint the fish in the freezer gold.

HeeChul likes to wait for me to come home by standing (super freakishly adorably) at the entrance. Then, when i turn off the engine, she'll walked and wait outside my car door, and when i open the car door she'll jump into the car for some exploration time.
Probably seeing if i bought anything new, but it's mostly she's just KPC, and it's *super* difficult to get her out once she entered. It's like she have to performed a series of really complicated acrobats in the car before she's satisfied before coming out.

Anyways, today i just washed my car, interior vacuumed and all... so when she attempted to jump in, i pulled her tail to stop her from getting in.
And now i'm guilt-ridden. Gees.
(Sometimes her paws are dirty and she has gotten paw prints all over my car before (but it's so cute!!), i don't really care about her fur honestly. But anyways, main and irrelevant point is i just wash my car so... whatever lar...)

Will make up to her by giving her tuna, although i really know, she doesn't really care.

And is it me, or WHY in the world does it *always* rain once you wash your car? I JUST WASH MINE AND IT FREAKING RAINS THE MINUTE I GOT OUT FROM PARKING !@#$%^&*...
If anywhere in the world complains that they lack rain and all, you know where to find the dirtiest car in the world. What turf.
People staying in the desert should consider washing their car 24/7.
Ok lame, i go get HeeNim some tuna now.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Do you remember today?

A year ago?

I do (^^ )!~

Wedding Anniversary, ㅋㅋㅋ!♪~

The consequences from not attending Korean Class.

I hate it when i dream "realistic dreams".
I dreamed that it was 12pm when i woke up (and felt guilty that i didn't wake up in time for Korean Class), but when i *actually* do woke up, it's only 10am.

It always happens ok.
I think this means my brain constantly malfunctions and that i'm too obsessed with waking up at the exact time (so i could lie in even if its just one minute) to the fact that i'm scared i'll wake up late so...
Whatever lar. My brain is weird.

The reason why i won't go for class tomorrow...

Please do not read this post.
I don't even understand what i've written.
It's too incoherent and not making sense at all.
But i like it when my brain doesn't make sense, so i'm not deleting this, so... yeah...


안녕히하십시오. 영지 입니다.
선생님 공고하시죠?

조금문채있어서, 내일 클래스가올수 없습니다.
선생님는 난께 "왜 오지 안아"를 질문하면, 도말할 수 안돼요. 그래서 질문하지마세요.

어제 난 일찍부터 늦게까지 "꽃보다남자"를 보서, 아침은 일어날수 안돼요. 그래서 오지 않아~~ 요!
마음부터 너무 미안해요.

확실히 짐에서 공부를 많이합니다.


If i send this to my lecturer, guarantee either she agrees that i should not go for class tomorrow (and possibly forever - hopeless case).
Or even if i die she'll dig me up to attend her class so i won't disgrace her for all the years she has been teaching me Korean.

Oh, lazy... i want to sleep (ㅠ.ㅠ)...

Don't bother asking what i've written. I don't know what i've written as well.
Even if i did know, i wasn't making any sense anyways.
Where got people say "i shall not tell you so please don't ask", but then next line explains "why i cannot come"... what turf. I think it's only me.

Should start sleeping early (ㅠ.ㅠ)!!!
Why can't 김범 (기범~~~) teach me Korean? Guarantee my eyes will 반짝반짝 as if in Gee's lyrics. I'll even attend the class early, and leave late.
What turf. Might as well i sleep early now and dream that it really did happen in my dream. Plus all my 13 boys. Guarantee i can speak fluent Korean in one-hour ♡!~

Ok, go sleep. What turf.

ps: In no way am i saying my teacher is not good!!! She is one of the best and most dedicated teacher ever!!!
It's just that i want to sleep. Badly. And i lazy wake up so early. And i want 김범 (기범~~) and 내 열세 꽃미남 to teach me Korean JUST BECAUSE.
Gosh, 강인 should stop teaching me English.
Now i speak weird English and Korean!!!
Ooh, and 시원 with 구 준표's hair!!♡♡♡ XD
(농담만. 진짜 모리를 숭장하면 너 죽어.)
I seriously wonder why i'm so caught up with 꽃보다남자.
Is it because it's a new drama but which i'm familiar with?
Or is it because i see my 13 boys everywhere in the drama??
Ok, it's both.
It's a storyline i super heart since before, and it made things better♡ that the boys are involved. In a way.

Ok, go sleep.
I'll be typing Thai next if not.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Contended with the little things in life.

It's an amazing experience seeing a DJ talk in front of you!
They are so spontaneous that it's just... wow!
Then again, that's why they are "DJ" ne (^^ )!~

I love it when it's early in the year!
Because the sky turns dark later  ̄ー ̄)!
Yesterday, it was reaching 8pm but the sky's still "bright" and all, me very like it (^^ )!

I'm such a klutz.
I don't remember why, i just know i am. Somehow. I'll update once i remember.
It always happens especially when i'm carrying lotsa things. Like my head couldn't balance or something, what turf.
And ESPECIALLY when i walk to my car at the parking lot!
Because i tend to drop my parking card A LOT, and because i *always* forget about them the minute after i pay. What turf.

Shopping = Paradise!
Even if you look like a crazy woman from carrying all the heavy bags, your hair is flying everywhere and your earphones is dangling and all...
Paradise ♡!~

Being able to see someone, that it makes you smile the whole day even when there's nothing to smile about.
Even when you're walking around the shopping mall looking like a retard smiling to herself.

Have you looked at the sky today?
Nice fluffy clouds makes me happy and never fails to put a smile on my face no matter what!
But its dangerous. Because if i'm driving... i'll tend to whip out my phone (or camera) and start shooting away =P!

But the best is still after a long, tiring day, my little girl standing at the door way welcoming me home =)!
(Ok lar, more like she wants to know if i bought her anything...)
Even if i have a super horrible day... it's like my mood will take a 180degree turn immediately, and without fail every time (^^ )!

And last but not least..
Do you see his hands while playing the piano in Secret???
I mean... seriously.
It amazes me every time (O_O;)!!!

ps: *points at last paragraph*
Oh right, we know that!!! XD

There's this earring... it's like a double-sided arrow.
I lost the first one, so i bought another one.
I loss one side of the arrow, so i used the old one to replace it. There, finally.
While bathing today, it came off and *almost* went down the drain, but i saved it in the nick of time...
Then just now while walking i accidentally dropped one side of the arrow (sorta fling it away too) and can't find it anymore (= =")...

That's it. I'm buying it for the third time, and if it's lost again, we just weren't meant to be.
What turf.
Who has earrings which has this kinda drama stories???

Edit again:
Ok, i've found it!! LUCKILY!!!
But seriously... rofl!!!

"On 988, on 唐禹哲."

My voice is famous ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ.
So it deserves to be quoted.
"On 988, on 唐禹哲"
- eiko-chan
20th February 2009 @ FM98.8

Before that.
OMG i speak in weird English.
It's even weirder than SuJu-English.
After paying at MPH, i stood at the counter organizing my receipts (omg so OCD-ish), when the next customer (angmoh) asked the counter if they sell stamps. Obviously MPH don't, and so he asked them if there is anywhere in OU which does.
The cashier doesn't seem to know, so i just instructed the angmoh how to go to the post office at B1.
The guy nodded and all, and he *seemed* to understand (with a smile), but when i thought back on how i give directions...
OMG super weird English.
My primary school's English teacher (how to give directions are taught in primary right?) will be so ashamed of me she would jump out from her living room window.
Hopefully her living's room on the ground floor otherwise...

I'm so Chinese that i'm very proud of myself. My ancestors will also be very proud of me showing off my Chinese roots because i'm so Chinese. I think they must be laughing in their grave while singing my praises how i brought honour to the family.
Ok, i think i watched too much Disney cartoons.

Ok, back to what i was saying...
As much as i love books, i usually wait till there's a sale to buy books (unless if i really like it). Yeah, first sign that i'm super Chinese.
And, MPH is having this sale from 18th-22nd (15% off for all books), and members get additional 5% from 18th-20th.
So when i went there on the 18th to buy some books, i found out that every Friday they have this promotion (due to their anniversary) where you get a RM5 voucher with every RM50 purchase.
So obvious what i'm going to do next right?
Yes, i didn't buy anything that day, and went back to MPH again on the 20th (which is a Friday, today). AND, i actually calculated all the prices of the books i'm going to buy *before* i pay, so i can get 20% off all my books AND the RM5 voucher for every RM50.
Which then, i used all the voucher to buy another book, get 20% off for it too, and only paid RM6+ for it.

And very lucky, there was this book i wanted (also because it'll help me reach the RM50 mark), but it was OUT OF STOCK!! There's actually another girl who inquired for the same book at the same time i asked at the service counter, but too bad for the both of us.
I initially give up, but when i check the database there's still 2 books left, so i went to the main service counter to ask, and the lady informed me that it's because the 2 copies are reserved. The lady wanted to help me call the customer (to see if they still want the book) but unfortunately, it was reserved by their manager and thus has no contact number! I asked her if she can ask her manager, but he wasn't in!
After a while, i decided i want to reserve the book anyways, so i went back to the counter. Before i even say anything, the lady told me her manager is back, and she'll ask him if he still wants the book. The manager doesn't want it anymore, SO I GOT THE BOOK!!!
YEAHS!! ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ *dances weird dance*

On the other hand... i should stop sleeping late.
Never mind how i would look psychically (from sleeping late)! It's the mental part! I actually get REALLY REALLY REALLY weird dreams!!
It's so weird, i don't even know what happened in the dream. It involves having to go somewhere (or is it escaping?), catching something which turned into goldfish... just plain weird i know! And when i woke up i was all confused as to what happened.
And yes, i think it (sleeping late)'s killing my brain cells as well. My memory is so horrible these days i...
I can't remember what i was about to say. Turf.

Just because.

I Super13 heart my nails.

So it deserves every single entry i dedicate to it.
I rabu you!~

ps: And no, i don't drink etc, and that's not mine.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Because we love Carol.

[carol*] - ㅁㅈㅅㅁ; says:
would you rather walk in the hot sun?
[carol*] - ㅁㅈㅅㅁ; says:
you can do that in KL you know
[carol*] - ㅁㅈㅅㅁ; says:
or come to singapore XD

Gotto love Carol XD!!!
많이 사랑해요!! 아자 파이팅!!!~

For the love of French Manicure.

I don't like long fingernails, i really don't.
Except acrylic (which you can remove whenever you want), otherwise i never wanted long fingernails.

But... for the love of French Manicure (which i super heart)... well, let's just say if you don't have long fingernails, the FM won't be nice.
And so i kept mine.
And i stare at my nails so often (geram, because it's quite long adee ok lar also because it seems nicer)... you would've thought i had my 13 boys tattooed onto my nails. Yes, my obsession with (finger) nails (= =")...
Come on lar, having long fingernails... it's difficult to type, and creams and lotions etc keep getting under your nails, etc etc... so kacau!!

But... for the love of French Manicure... i kept them long.
And while watching imitated version of my boys Boys Before (Over) Flowers, i did this! Hehehe...

Ok lar, i lazy go find a nicer bottle =P!!
And... oh gosh, Korean dramas are so bloody long... i used one episode plus for both hands ok, and i made mistakes so many times!!
It's not purr-fect, especially the left hand, but i'm satisfied! First time i try doing FM!! I'm happy with the results (^^ )!

It's so nice (albeit cacat-ed) i can't help but to keep staring at it =D! Hehehe!
Luckily Nana not around, otherwise guarantee she'll shove my head down the toilet bowl, lols!!
The retarded things i do around her =P!! Hehehe!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Project 365: Take a photo a day.

I've read this entry by Boss Stewie about a project called Project 365, which basically is you take a picture of your life everyday, and post it up somewhere. Then in the future when you look back at the pictures you've taken, it's as if it reminds you of a story you've once heard.

As lousy a blogger i am, i do tend to... regurgitate a large amount of posts whenever i feel like it. But sometimes when i don't, i just... don't. And i'm a very very lazy person, mind, so what are the chances of me actually being able to commit to this project? Like... never lor honestly! Hehehe!

But i don't know. It's interesting to me, somehow, so yeah, i'm going to attempt it!!
I like looking back at fond memories, and as much as i love this Blog of mine, it's nice to see things from another point of view, since this Blog basically is my views from... er... every side of... er... *awkward silence*
What better day to start than today (^^ )?

I'll be back!
I need to think of a name for the new Blog i'm using for Project 365!
Let's just hope i'll really participate and not forget about if halfway, like what happened with my food Blog, hehehe =P!

This is the Blog i created for Project 365!
Don't mind the skin, a bit the lazy to do any editings now, just posting nya =P!

Will "tidy" the skin as time goes, meanwhile, just pay attention to the post (^^ )!~

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I bought a bottle of Ocha.

From Shojikiya, the Japanese goods shop, because they have my pan-chan on the bottle.

Oh yes, my pan-chan is very famous (in Japan anyways).

But in the process of selecting a bottle with nicer label...
I took one without pan-chan on it...
And didn't realize it until i got home (= =")...
What turf.
RM7.90 go to waste.
I'm thinking should i go exchange it, or just get a new bottle? RM7.90 dei. Turf turf.

Went for sushi with brother.
They ran out of sauce plate, so guess what they gave us.

Er... ok...

And the best part is...
HeeChul finally sleeps in her Royal Bedchamber!!

She used to enter it just to make me happy, because after awhile she'll come out and find somewhere else to sleep, but today... FINALLY (touchwood though)!!
Must be the towel i put inside! I'm a genius ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ!~

The cutest part was while i was trying to wipe her wound (because of that stupid RM1000 cat) last night, she ran away from me and hide inside her Royal Bedchamber.
And and also, to persuade her to go into her "room", i used to feed her treats only if she's inside. So last night (too), when i wanted to feed her treats she automatically entered her room, even though i have no intention to feed her from there.
ㅋㅋㅋ HeeChul is adorable isn't she?

Baby One More Time.

The song which played over and over again on tee-vee so many times our heads were full of it that i would gladly slap the person next to me who sings it. It's not our fault the only channel worth watching is Mnet, and the bloody channel is replaying latest MVs like over and over again whenever they are free or something.
But the live performance were good!!

Watching 꽃보다男子 now!
Gosh it's nice! I'm grateful that it wasn't a let down, i fear it would be, but very thankful it's not!
That said, only watched till ep3 now (thanks to Amane!!), so i shall reserve any further comments (for now), but till then!~ Off to continue ep4 now!

ps: I even dreamt of the drama last night, what turf O(≧∇≦)O!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

꽃 보다 男子

So far so good (^^ )!~
Most important, of course, don't compare (ok lar, it's inevitable because there was TWO successful ones before this version!!! AND OGURI SHUN OMGSOBIASED!!! O(≧∇≦)O).

I was worried this version wouldn't be good, because when i first watch short clips of it a couple of weeks back, i wanted to slap the Korean version of Tsukushi (JanDi).

She a bit the menyampah imo when she was fighting with the girls. But while i was watching the whole episode, she seems ok!! I prefer Tsukushi (Japanese version) of course, but she's acceptable!
Only watched one episode though, so don't want to say too much first.

I want to slap the "Ginger, Sunny and Miranda" (whatever) though.

Super annoying menyampah "oh my God" go pronounce it better before you use it so many times lar what turf ヽ( ._.)ノ...

Before i go on, i seriously very super wish hope PRAY that the Korean version will be good and they don't add those very typical "typical Korean-drama scenes/ scenarios" inside. Please don't! Don't ruin such a nice given gifted plot ok!! Honestly i like 花より男子's plot, so please don't ruin it or i really have to swear of Korean drama.
Oh wait, i already had. Sorta.

About the Korean F4...

JunPyo reminds me of SiWon (=v=|||)...
I'm a bit "not-use" to their Korean names, because even the Taiwan one was translated from Japanese.
And yes, he is the best looking Tsukasa! Although i super love MatsuJun's "俺様" (ore-sama), but he (MinHo) seemed good for the choice as Tsukasa, so i'm happy with him casted as *the*
俺様 Domyouji Tsukasa. Good choice!

Ah, i want to do this too!~

And ah, Kim Bum.
He so reminded me of Bummie!!!
It doesn't help that he *looks* (to me anyways) like Bummie to me, and his (real) name *pulls hair*!!! And personality!!! (except the "womanizer" part)
Why not they just choose Bummie as Soujirou (EeJung)??? Then i would be perfectly happy not to see him during SMFEST, but no, they didn't. And there was no explanation why he wasn't there.
Ok, i shall stop emo-ing. Moving on...

Akira! Or WooBin!
Ok, i never like this character, whether Japanese or Korean, but i prefer him than the Japanese one because his Mafia-ish is not too Yakuza-ish. Like those well-corporated Mafia-style.
Ok, what am i saying.

Then last but not least...
My favourite...
Ok no, actually Tsukasa's character is my favourite character, BUT in the Japanese version i'm a super Rui fan because i super heart Oguri Shun ♡!~
But anyways, HyunJoong-ah...

I'm not being biased, but Oguri Shun is, was, will be, still, blah blah blah *THE* BEST Rui ever!!
HyunJoong's yawning part isn't convincing, kinda fake, he fails to give me the "귀공자" feel that Rui oh-so-purr-fectly emits... (give me back leader-ssi who bullies magnae please!!)
But like i said before, first episode, hope it gets better as it goes on, but nevertheless...

I heart Shunkerbelle
Even my brother agreed, but then again, my brother is super 100% Japanese version biased (and very 100% hates the Taiwan version, even though he didn't watch that), so his views aren't exactly not-bias.
I was watching the first episode halfway when my brother joined me and gives his views based on his first impression on the Korean F4. Biasness runs in the family, hehehe!

As for the drama setting and all, the Korean's version is very glamour, in terms of the school ground (i like the Kindergarden to University part), the interior of the place, and the classroom (during the opening)...
The uniform is very very nice (btw i think Korean uniforms are better than Japanese because they flaunt the S-line unlike Japanese's which is kinda... yeah...) and... OMG I LOVE THE UNIFORM!!

But so far haven't feel the "omg-i'm-so-rich" vibe yet from the students, unlike Japanese version when the opening shows the students flaunting their designer brands.

And, hehehe, SHINHWA!!!
I was laughing like mad when they started talking about Shinhwa, because i *only* thought of *the* band Shinhwa!!!
Shinhwa Mart, Shinhwa High School... imagine your school with 6 handsome men in the school board!!! WOOT!!!
Or when shopping at the check-out counter DongWan smiling at you, MinWoo at the Fish section weighing the fish... etc etc!!
Lols, i love my imagination XD!!
I think Shinhwa is based on Samsung, because that's how big Samsung is in Korea.

Ah, and i don't like the mother. She a bit the menyampah. I prefer the Taiwan and Japanese version better. They are more ババ-ish, ㅋㅋㅋ!~

Ah, this part i *really* don't like.
JanDi got a scholarship into Shinhwa ("Everlasting~~ You are my everything~~~..." ♪~). If i remember correctly Taiwan and Japanese, Tsukushi got into the school because her parents worked like mad just to afford her tuition fees right? That's why as much as Tsukushi doesn't like the school, she still attends it because she doesn't want to let her parents down, and tahan tahan tahan until she finally exploded.
That said, in this version it was said that it's very difficult to get into the school even if you're rich, so i guess it makes sense. A bit not use to this plot-change (if you think about it it's kinda a big one), but still ok.

Looking forward to watching this drama! I really hope it all goes well and the plots not spoilt and all, since it's a drama which i really enjoy watching since Taiwan version!
아자 파이팅!~

And just because!!

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ_彡☆!!♪~~~

I love animals.

I seriously do.
Except that RM1000 cat who i seriously hate i want to BBQ him.
(ok maybe not alive, too cruel, SPCA will hunt for my skin)

He hurt and traumatize my baby so often he should be put in jail and buried till his head is left and then the vultures can peck his head. Grrrr.
Unless he plans to breed his cat, otherwise he should've spayed that stupid thing.
But no, he chose to spay his domestic short hair (which coincidentally is Rain's sister) instead, and left the pure-bred full of balls. What turf.

Shouldn't he spay the pure-bred instead, so that that stupid thing wouldn't have the urge to leave the house and thus is safer since it's so expensive??
Bloody Malaysian's mentality on spaying.

Honestly speaking, whenever an animal did something wrong, you know it's NEVER the animal's fault, but rather, it's moronic owner.
Although saying "i hate that stupid RM1000 cat" is easier, otherwise imagine me having to say "i hate that stupid RM1000 cat's baboon moronic owner"... ok, the latter actually sounds nicer, what turf.
Bloody owner. I hope he gets buried till his head is left, then the vultures will peck his head and a skunk will fart at his face and an elephant (Charlie!!) will poo on him.
Good, what he deserves for allowing harm onto my precious Princess.

Might update later, since i tend to lao sai (hehe) posts nowadays, because geram now.


I'm So White. (← Please highlight to see.)
I used to think it was from Teukie's influence, but if you really look way back... the addiction started with ☆★Simba★☆, which then Teukie came in and added more flavouring to it, and so... wow.

And SiWon is my Vanilla Ice-cream!~~
Still Choco, but Vanilla as well!~

I'm so irrelevant i love myself!~

공주병너무 심각한의 영지.
Let's dance ~~~♪ ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ ♬~~~.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

ChangMin the Flower Seller.

It's OK!
LittleBoy made me happier ∨( ̄︶ ̄)/!

ChangMin the Flower Seller®.

(Not florist, but *Flower Seller®*. Just because. What turf.)

One of favourite memory from SMTOWN LIVE'08 IN BKK.
He made me laugh so badly that night with his dorkiness!!
I was watching him during SMYL (i think... stupid deleted message), since he was at my side, and he was busy taking those toy flowers from fans (who are near me).
He took like almost every toy flower given to him from that area's fans, and ran around with it!! FLOWER SELLER® XD!!!
I regretted not paying more attention to him and LittleBaby Kyu (lols, it's been so long since i used that nickname XD!) that night!! Apparently... there was a lot of magnae love ╮(╯▽╰)╭!!

Oh well, at least i have a very flowery memory from it all \(^∇^ )∨♪~!!~~


Best 4-5 hours spent in my life.
The best concert (after Super Show) ever.
But i have to delete all my thoughts from the concert in just a split second.
Very pissed now.

I want to kill.

During SMTOWN LIVE'08 IN BANGKOK, i actually spent some time during the concert typing some notes (mostly of the song list) into my phone, just so i could write about it later.
It consists of around 8-10 messages. That is how much i've written.
But in a split second i accidentally deleted that message and now it's gone forever.

What a wonderful time spent at the concert which could've been spent better by ogling at my boys, but no, i have to spend it by jotting down stuffs which i'll accidentally delete in the future.
Yeah *sarcasm*! What turf.



I'm happiest being an ELF.
Because i have my boys to cheer me up whenever i'm down (^^ )!~

I guess i have a strong need to "belong", knowing that i'm part of something, that i belong no matter what, it makes me happy and i'm very grateful for everything (^^ )!~
감사 very much!~


Actually i hastily wrote this two nights before, when i was about to sleep.
Was very emo then, so with all the emos and all, it made me realized a lot of things.
Although i don't particularly like 2008, but i'm still thankful for the good times i had in 2008.

I'm glad i made the decision to go to Korea last year, just for the boys.
Being a very indecisive person, it was difficult for me to make such a "big" decision (since i'm going by myself only), it was to the point of breaking down for me. I was so depressed up until the time i finalize everything.
There was nobody i feel i could talk to, nobody i could discuss the matter with. All in all, it was something i had to "face" alone. Furthermore, it's a trip i am making ALONE, which escalates the tension factor.

That said, when i settled my concert tickets, flight tickets and accommodation and everything, it calmed me. From then on i was very excited. It's like an adventure, and mind, it is!
Even though i was going there alone, i met up with a group of wonderful people who welcomed me to join them despite we've never met before!

Thank you Gaia, Joyce, Cam and Carol!
The boys brought us together despite our differences, and although it's a year ago and all, i'm still very glad i made that decision (^^ )!~
Thank you very 감사!♪~~

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I'm very super13 happy.

I love my new keychain!

There's two meaning to both letters! Go figure (^^ )!~

And another super13 happy part is this picture is the 13th picture i took using my handphone (i reset the file number every time after i uploaded the pics into my com), and so this file's name is "DSC00013"!
Super13 happy ok XD!!~

But the downside is...
Two keychains = super13 heavy.
So my keychains are actually heavier than my key now (〒▽〒)...

Went to Bar-B-Q Plaza with Pig, Bi, M, and L today.
For starters, the Pig who i "celebrated" Valentines with due to our multiple "special and very confusing" relationship.
And both who are very tired from flying all around the world for our love ones.
... ok you don't need to understand. It's just something between the both of us.
(btw i actually think Valentine's Day is overrated. I would eat my own pants if i ever "celebrate" Valentine's in the future.)

Bi, my dongsaeng who i super13 sayang because she is super13 adorable.
Ah, i don't like it when people i'm close to emo... and worst is when there's nothing you can't do to help. Makes me emo too!! (╯‵□′)╯︵┴─┴
Fighting sayang, you know we'll always be here for you!~

M, who i got to meet her boyfriend today!
You can feel the "i'm-very-happy" *love love* aura all around her, it's infectious!! Makes me super13 happy and excited too O(≧▽≦)O!!
It's nice seeing your friends so happy, you'll feel very happy yourself! Sharing happiness is one of the best thing ever \( ̄︶ ̄)/!

Then there is L.
(Not Death Note's L lar!!)
Ok, it's just L. Nothing special.
LOLS!! Just kidding!
The L who misses me because she was stuck with only M when i was in BKK (where i was very happy with my 13 boys).
Ah, you only miss me when i'm not around (╬ ̄皿 ̄)???
Why do i sound so HeeNim-ish in this post (-┏)???
I even used his "trademark emoticon", what turf turf!!


Ah ah.
Its been such a long time since reading about the boys made me cry.
I miss them so much.

Somehow i'm emo now because of my boys.
Don't worry, i'm not delusional. There's no need to bring me to a psychiatrist.
So anyways... yes, what i'm feeling now... it would be nice to be able to find someone i could talk to who would understand me and without the fear of being laughed at or judged. I'm bad at expressing myself, it always comes out wrong, so thus, the misunderstanding, but given time and being listened to, not heard, but listened too... i expressed myself better. I think its because i panic at being misunderstood, so when i tried to clarify myself hastily, it comes out even worst.

I don't even know how to express my feelings to fellow ELF. Lols, i'm difficult.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Platinum Fashion Mall.

It's the place where each and every one of us (Me, Cow, Cam, Holly, Carol, Joyce...) entered...

... and died in there.
*Died*... but very very very happily died.

I'm someone who finds it difficult to buy clothes due to my size, but i manage to go crazy in there!! So imagine those people who have nicer bods which is easy to buy clothes!!!
Sure die 10 times also not enough lor!
If you're going, GOOD LUCK!
You'll need it!

The good luck is for:
  • That you have sufficient luggage space for all your stuff.
    Cow and i were struggling to find extra space to fit all our stuffs at the end of the trip (= =")...

  • You aren't taking AirAsia.
    So you wouldn't be limited to 15kgs only. Trust me, YOU NEED EVERY KG.

  • You are smart enough to choose Platinum as your "last stop".
    "Last stop" as in going there last for the entire duration of your trip, and you wouldn't have time to go back there anymore.
    Because if you didn't, you are guaranteed to go back there very often. I actually
    "forcefully" fitted in another Platinum trip on our last day, even though we are rushing and all. Hehe!

  • You are smart enough not to choose Platinum as your "last stop".
    Yes, i know i contradicted what i said before. But this is so you would be perfectly satisfied instead of saying "aiyar should've spend more time there" at the end of the trip. You choose, either satisfied buys, or PK kao-kao.

  • You are not tired, and your feet is well-rested.
    You need all the energy and stamina. And not forgetting the strength to carry all the bags!

  • You've changed enough Baht.
    Gosh, i love that currency. Just because.

  • You didn't go there on a public holiday or weekend.
    The crowd on a public holiday... eeeeeeek!
    Then again, with that many people, Cow and i still managed to shop up a storm. Imagine if there isn't a crowd... sure go nuts!

  • That you are not a shopaholic.
    Most important luck you'll ever need.
Trust me, you need all luck possible.

ps: BTW, i didn't take the picture above, i googled it.
Because upon reaching i was so mesmerized by the place, taking pic is the last thing i want to do. I just want to start SHOPPING ♡!!

pps: Cow actually got TRAUMATIZED from shopping at Platinum. Think carefully whether you are willing to take the risk, and decide wisely. All the best!

My other "loot" from Bangkok.

Which is being addicted to the following songs.

SS501's "U R Man".

The "scariest" part is the same song kept playing in my head THE WHOLE DAY!!
(= =")...

And also got addicted to SNSD's "Gee".

When this song was released, i didn't want to listen to it because i knew it would be an addictive song. I was so right.

And i also got addicted to JongHyun SHINee's songs:
"누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay)" (literally translated as "Nuna very pretty").

Thank you.

"산소같은 너" (literally translated as "You're like Oxygen").

Yeah i know, can't live without me ne?
Ok i shall stop with stupid captions. What turf.
OMG TaeMin is so adorable. I want him to be my little sister.
Ok, that sounds wrong.

"아.미.고 (AMIGO)".


I almost bought Shinee's album because i didn't want to waste my USD5 coupon... but i was too late and it expired (= =")...
Ah, reminds me of the SMTOWN LIVE'08 in Seoul keychain.
Should've bought it. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

My loot from BKK.

It was so fruitful this time around.
I discovered the joys of Platinum.
And suffered the consequence.

Nevertheless, my loot from Bangkok!
My luggage and hand carry (ESPRIT).

First, the contents of my hand carry.

Then, the contents of the plastic bags which was inside the hand carry.

Then... er...
Actually, after that picture, i unlooted more loot from my lootful luggage (what turf), and added them to the collection and it became this:

Then i got lazy to take individual pics and just tidy up everything and went to bed.

Hence, my loot from BKK!!

I honestly should've just taken individual pics before i tidied everything, but i was too tired and sleepy, and i didn't want to leave it for tomorrow so...
Oh well =P!!



Pretty nails.

I love nail art!
Albeit very fussy. I only like 3D types where its pop-up and all (rhinestones included). I don't really like those which requires drawings.


After a long break!
I got too lazy and stopped doing them for... *checks older pics*... WOW, the last time i did nail art was last year's March (= =")...

Er... this time round i only did my thumbs because i erm... a bit the lazy... and i kiam my rhinestones because i'll be removing it in two weeks time anyways.
And it's not very elaborate because my nails are short, and since i'll be removing it in two weeks time, no point wasting my prection rhinestones.

I'm not very creative, and i do my designs "on the go", hence, some looks really weird.
I mean, if what i did isn't very nice, it's stupid having to remove it and doing it all over again, because i have no patience... so i just improvise on the spot.
But erm... when you improvise, sometimes good results are not er... guaranteed.

Let's see if i'm lazy or not, or i'll post some of my older one year old and very ugly designs =D!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm keeping it.

Because Stitch loves it very berry Hawaii much.

Sorry, bye bye.

The things i do for Kim HeeChul.

My baby lar, not *the* Kim HeeChul.
I'm proud to say she's behaving less and less like *the* Kim HeeChul. Her behaviour is getting so much better, and not typically "HeeNim"-ish.
(ps: The "approach and worship" trait is still there though.)

This might be a little known fact, but i'm Claustrophobic (and Enochlophobia (fear of crowds)). And Bromidrosiphobia (fear of body smells) too.
It's not very bad, but... yeah...
I hate crowds. SUPER hate crowds. Which is why i don't like clubbing or going to crowded places. Except concerts (heehee).
There is just something about having to touch random strangers that i seriously hate. And sometimes... the smell... sweat...

That's why when i went to Chatuchak Market, i refused point blank to go into the narrow lanes even though there are more stuffs to shop there.
But because of Kim HeeChul.
Yeah, i braved (i actually took a deep breath before going in) the crowd and smells and everything and went inside the narrow lanes just so i could get HeeChul a bed.

And because i was so "traumatized" (ok lar, more like excited that i'm finally found a nice shop), i forgot to ask for discount (= =")...
But "ok" lar, it'll be much more expensive in Malaysia anyways even without discount... but erm... nevermind, forget about it, otherwise the "buts" will never end.

So yeah... the things i do for Kim HeeChul.

Regarding annoying kids on the plane...

It's not the kid's fault.
Please go murder the parents.

On the flight home, the kid behind me kept kicking my chair (told him off and he stopped), then he let down his table tray thing, and kept hitting on it.
I "retaliate" by straightening my chair, then let it down again really quick. He got the message.
If his parents are responsible to begin with (can't think of a better word), they wouldn't even let him kick the chair (in the first place) so i don't even need to tell him (the kid) off (in the first place).


On another matter, there was two kids who kept running UP AND DOWN the bloody aisle. One of them was seated at the first row, another at a few rows behind me, so they kept running up and down playing with each other.
I feel like strangling their parents.

ONE: Responsible parents should NOT allow their kid to run around the plane. It's dangerous!!
TWO: What about courtesy to other passengers WHO IS TRYING TO SLEEP???

They are lucky i'm the one seated at the aisle seat, and Cow is next to me.
If Cow got the aisle seat, guarantee somebody will get thrown off the plane.
I'm not telling who~~!
But somebody.
Ok, i'll stop imitating Russell Peters, what turf.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

I hate dislike don't really like Kim HeeChul. I think.

Don't siao, not my baby girl lar, the real HeeNim.

I have to strike out "hate" and even "dislike" because both are such "strong words" i can't bear to use it on any of my 13, even if i'm just kidding.
Ok, now everyone knows i'm just joking... and i'm trying to make it seemed as if i was serious. What turf.

But yeah... no denying how much i want to chop (the real) Kim HeeChul now. ARGH!!!

For the love of toiletbowls.

Sounds wrong. Whatever.

Did you read Ringo's latest post on Japanese toilets??
Reading that entry... makes me feel like visiting Japan just for the toilet (= =")...

Reminds me of the toilets in KBS. Ah, auto toilet, how fun!

Almost all of us spend an adequate amount of time in the toilet experimenting with the... er... toilet bowl's functions. What turf. All of us sounded very sua ku XD!!
(I think my latest word is "sua ku". You'll be hearing a lot of it these few days!)

My favourite is the seat warmer, toilet seat wiper and washlet!
The auto trash bin is good too, but since most bins in Malaysia are those "open" type, i don't need to touch them, so its ok.
Ah, if only they have auto doors (or no door) in Malaysia toilets. Then i would never ever had to touch the bloody toilet door again. I'm phobia-tic of it, so paiseh.

Anyways, cue Ringo's last words in that entry that someone should start a cult worshiping Japanese toilets... if such cult exists...

Sorry, i guess i have an obsession for cool toilet bowls??
Come on lar, we spend an adequate amount of time our whole lives on toilet bowls ok!! It's not weird (or wrong) that i want it to be a more pleasant experience lor!!!
Besides, cold toilet bowls in winter are perhaps one of the worst thing possible. Makes you feel as if your bladder froze as well, what turf XD!!!


Obviously i will not be the only Malaysian fan who went to BKK just for SMfest.

We met this group of Malaysian fans outside Dusit just now... and i thought it was this other group who are quite "stuck up" so i didn't bother to chat with them and all...

I think i ignored the wrong group of people what turf (= =").



I love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys.
I love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys.
I love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys.
I love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys.
I love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys.
I love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys.
I love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys.
I love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys.
I love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys.
I love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys.
I love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys.
I love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys.
I love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys.

Just because i hardly mention them nowadays, doesn't mean i don't love them!!
Somehow or rather, i felt... i don't know... that 13 is so part of my life that it's something which comes so naturally, i don't need to "purposely" emphasize it nor point it out. It's just something which comes naturally with me really, like a part and package type of deal (ok, weird English. whatever).

But yeah, i love my 13 boys very much, and it's a fact!~ (^^ )

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Bad influence.

Stupid Pig.

Me and my suckerness for rock-ish pop band-ish songs.
Sorta. Whatever. I just know i really like rock-ish style band-ish type of songs.
*cue Wonder Boy*

Jiro strips!! WOOOOOOOOOOOT ♡!!!~
*prints three copies, sticks one full size in room, one give Pig, another send to BKK.*

ps: Honestly should give Calvin something better to do, like bass. I feel he like very "chor deng" lar!
Although apparently the "mouse pupu" (老鼠糞) in the band is apparently, or imo, Chun. ROFL!!!

pps: Drummer and Lead vocal-guitarist are the best part of any band!!! NYAH!!!~

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Malaysia uniform???

This website *actually* commented that Malaysia has nice school uniform.
I'm thinking they are probably referring to non-public schools?
Actually, public or private, school uniforms in Malaysia still sucks BIG TIME. Who wears polo shirts as school uniform? Oh right, Malaysia. And funny orange blue colours too.
Hehehe =P!

But seriously.
UK, yes (Harry Potter-ish, go read kennysia's post on London!).
Ireland, i guess so.
(ps: Isn't Ireland in UK?)

I'm too appalled to even think something out. What turf.

Wow. Amazing.

Had an amazingly horrible day.
Wow, i love my contradictions almost as much as i love cucumber. What turf.

It's such a shitty day that even one of my favourite shirt kena bird-shit. Wow. Ironic.
(Just in case you're curious, i wasn't wearing it when it kena, it was hanged outside when kena. Somehow this bloody bird has taken up residence at the place where we hang clothes and don't know what the bloody thing it ate that the stain won't come off the minute it comes into contact with your clothes. Turf.)

And what starts out as an innocent good gesture (whatever) ends up me getting politely commented about my grammar.
I never think my grammar is good to begin with, since my approach towards "grammar" is, like what my classmate used to say, "if it sounds right, it's right".
And although i am indeed VERY THANKFUL that someone pointed it out, that way, i can work out some improvements before it gets worst.
But still, it stings (a little) because it reminded me of the fact that i have not master any single language. What turf.
If i was in a good mood that person can start a musical on how much my English sucks and i would even join in the musical (i love musicals!)!!
But now (since i'm already in a bad mood) i just feel like setting the stage's curtains on fire and laugh evilly as the whole place burns down along with its cast and crew. What turf. I'm turning evil. Must be Cow's fault, for once. I think. Whatever.

So from now onwards i'm speaking nothing but English till my grammar improved. What turf. Except to 老婆 just because. Don't ask why.

Apart from that, i totally absolutely hate it when people uses the elevator (not escalator; because when i speak too fast i'll always accidentally calls it "escalator" , what turf) to go one floor up (or down)... when there is an escalator or staircase nearby!!! What turf, walking up one floor won't kill you right??? Not like you're carrying the Crown Jewels or something so heavy you're unable to walk up???
What happened was, and what i very geram about... is this girl came in the elevator, press 1st floor (we're taking the lift from ground floor), then went "eh?" and ran out to use the stairs.
Since you *already* press, might as well just use it right???
Sweat drops.

Then when i went to buy McD, i specifically said LARGE... but the lady gave me a regular... what turf, no wonder so cheap lar. My fault for not checking the screen (drive-thru), but i literally screamed my head "LARGE" ok??? Like that also can??
Then when i had my McFlurry Oreo, it kena-ed my favourite Jay shirt. Luckily can wipe off.
But it kena a second time and left a huge stain in the middle, very visible. My devil seat-belt band thing also kena (yes i know, how ironic my seat-belt bands are Devil when my car's name is Angel). Like bad luck all in a row. Turf.

Also at the stretch of road outside 1-Utama (between Old Wing and New Wing), i was from the junction near the housing area wanting to cross the junction between TTDI and BU, and since the lights were green, but blinking, i *can* still make it.
But the bloody Civic in front of me suddenly decided to drive oh-so-slowly-a-snail-walks-faster-than-him... and so i ended up having to wait a few minutes because the light turned red afterward!!
And here's the geram part...
He drive slowly and happily and cut into the next lane.
The lane which there was no car earlier.
The lane which would not have obstructed me crossing the junction earlier before the lights change.
What turf, can't you cut earlier??? At least if you did, i can still rush before it turns red ok??? Turf turf!!!
Some more not like his an old man you know (some old man drives slow, that i can understand)!! His those young "fa-leng-zai" types!!! TURF!!!

Times like this i miss everyone so badly.
People who love and accept me for who i am, and never leave me behind, leave me out etc no matter what. People who will actually listen to me blab, not hear me, but listen to me, as i ramble on-and-on on how beautiful my 13 boys are. Eh?
Conclusion, people who i can just call and tell them how bad my day was and everything will be fine after wards.
The family is in UK (i hope you guys become popsicles), stupid Nana in Korea, heck, i even miss XiaoDi and is very willing to give a piece of tissue from my car just to see him.
Ok, stop using XiaoDi as a joke. It's not funny. I know.

Ok, it's kinda ironic again when i said those people never leave me behind no matter what, yet those are the people who left me to go abroad, leaving me here. ALONE *heavily emphasized*.
And this year i have to come with another 2 leaving again (but the first one is unimportant, so it's ok.). Then i'll be the only one left here. What turf. I'm getting emo. Byebye.