Friday, February 13, 2009

Platinum Fashion Mall.

It's the place where each and every one of us (Me, Cow, Cam, Holly, Carol, Joyce...) entered...

... and died in there.
*Died*... but very very very happily died.

I'm someone who finds it difficult to buy clothes due to my size, but i manage to go crazy in there!! So imagine those people who have nicer bods which is easy to buy clothes!!!
Sure die 10 times also not enough lor!
If you're going, GOOD LUCK!
You'll need it!

The good luck is for:
  • That you have sufficient luggage space for all your stuff.
    Cow and i were struggling to find extra space to fit all our stuffs at the end of the trip (= =")...

  • You aren't taking AirAsia.
    So you wouldn't be limited to 15kgs only. Trust me, YOU NEED EVERY KG.

  • You are smart enough to choose Platinum as your "last stop".
    "Last stop" as in going there last for the entire duration of your trip, and you wouldn't have time to go back there anymore.
    Because if you didn't, you are guaranteed to go back there very often. I actually
    "forcefully" fitted in another Platinum trip on our last day, even though we are rushing and all. Hehe!

  • You are smart enough not to choose Platinum as your "last stop".
    Yes, i know i contradicted what i said before. But this is so you would be perfectly satisfied instead of saying "aiyar should've spend more time there" at the end of the trip. You choose, either satisfied buys, or PK kao-kao.

  • You are not tired, and your feet is well-rested.
    You need all the energy and stamina. And not forgetting the strength to carry all the bags!

  • You've changed enough Baht.
    Gosh, i love that currency. Just because.

  • You didn't go there on a public holiday or weekend.
    The crowd on a public holiday... eeeeeeek!
    Then again, with that many people, Cow and i still managed to shop up a storm. Imagine if there isn't a crowd... sure go nuts!

  • That you are not a shopaholic.
    Most important luck you'll ever need.
Trust me, you need all luck possible.

ps: BTW, i didn't take the picture above, i googled it.
Because upon reaching i was so mesmerized by the place, taking pic is the last thing i want to do. I just want to start SHOPPING ♡!!

pps: Cow actually got TRAUMATIZED from shopping at Platinum. Think carefully whether you are willing to take the risk, and decide wisely. All the best!

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