Monday, February 16, 2009

I love animals.

I seriously do.
Except that RM1000 cat who i seriously hate i want to BBQ him.
(ok maybe not alive, too cruel, SPCA will hunt for my skin)

He hurt and traumatize my baby so often he should be put in jail and buried till his head is left and then the vultures can peck his head. Grrrr.
Unless he plans to breed his cat, otherwise he should've spayed that stupid thing.
But no, he chose to spay his domestic short hair (which coincidentally is Rain's sister) instead, and left the pure-bred full of balls. What turf.

Shouldn't he spay the pure-bred instead, so that that stupid thing wouldn't have the urge to leave the house and thus is safer since it's so expensive??
Bloody Malaysian's mentality on spaying.

Honestly speaking, whenever an animal did something wrong, you know it's NEVER the animal's fault, but rather, it's moronic owner.
Although saying "i hate that stupid RM1000 cat" is easier, otherwise imagine me having to say "i hate that stupid RM1000 cat's baboon moronic owner"... ok, the latter actually sounds nicer, what turf.
Bloody owner. I hope he gets buried till his head is left, then the vultures will peck his head and a skunk will fart at his face and an elephant (Charlie!!) will poo on him.
Good, what he deserves for allowing harm onto my precious Princess.

Might update later, since i tend to lao sai (hehe) posts nowadays, because geram now.

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