Thursday, February 05, 2009

Bad influence.

Stupid Pig.

Me and my suckerness for rock-ish pop band-ish songs.
Sorta. Whatever. I just know i really like rock-ish style band-ish type of songs.
*cue Wonder Boy*

Jiro strips!! WOOOOOOOOOOOT ♡!!!~
*prints three copies, sticks one full size in room, one give Pig, another send to BKK.*

ps: Honestly should give Calvin something better to do, like bass. I feel he like very "chor deng" lar!
Although apparently the "mouse pupu" (老鼠糞) in the band is apparently, or imo, Chun. ROFL!!!

pps: Drummer and Lead vocal-guitarist are the best part of any band!!! NYAH!!!~

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