Friday, February 20, 2009

"On 988, on 唐禹哲."

My voice is famous ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ.
So it deserves to be quoted.
"On 988, on 唐禹哲"
- eiko-chan
20th February 2009 @ FM98.8

Before that.
OMG i speak in weird English.
It's even weirder than SuJu-English.
After paying at MPH, i stood at the counter organizing my receipts (omg so OCD-ish), when the next customer (angmoh) asked the counter if they sell stamps. Obviously MPH don't, and so he asked them if there is anywhere in OU which does.
The cashier doesn't seem to know, so i just instructed the angmoh how to go to the post office at B1.
The guy nodded and all, and he *seemed* to understand (with a smile), but when i thought back on how i give directions...
OMG super weird English.
My primary school's English teacher (how to give directions are taught in primary right?) will be so ashamed of me she would jump out from her living room window.
Hopefully her living's room on the ground floor otherwise...

I'm so Chinese that i'm very proud of myself. My ancestors will also be very proud of me showing off my Chinese roots because i'm so Chinese. I think they must be laughing in their grave while singing my praises how i brought honour to the family.
Ok, i think i watched too much Disney cartoons.

Ok, back to what i was saying...
As much as i love books, i usually wait till there's a sale to buy books (unless if i really like it). Yeah, first sign that i'm super Chinese.
And, MPH is having this sale from 18th-22nd (15% off for all books), and members get additional 5% from 18th-20th.
So when i went there on the 18th to buy some books, i found out that every Friday they have this promotion (due to their anniversary) where you get a RM5 voucher with every RM50 purchase.
So obvious what i'm going to do next right?
Yes, i didn't buy anything that day, and went back to MPH again on the 20th (which is a Friday, today). AND, i actually calculated all the prices of the books i'm going to buy *before* i pay, so i can get 20% off all my books AND the RM5 voucher for every RM50.
Which then, i used all the voucher to buy another book, get 20% off for it too, and only paid RM6+ for it.

And very lucky, there was this book i wanted (also because it'll help me reach the RM50 mark), but it was OUT OF STOCK!! There's actually another girl who inquired for the same book at the same time i asked at the service counter, but too bad for the both of us.
I initially give up, but when i check the database there's still 2 books left, so i went to the main service counter to ask, and the lady informed me that it's because the 2 copies are reserved. The lady wanted to help me call the customer (to see if they still want the book) but unfortunately, it was reserved by their manager and thus has no contact number! I asked her if she can ask her manager, but he wasn't in!
After a while, i decided i want to reserve the book anyways, so i went back to the counter. Before i even say anything, the lady told me her manager is back, and she'll ask him if he still wants the book. The manager doesn't want it anymore, SO I GOT THE BOOK!!!
YEAHS!! ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ *dances weird dance*

On the other hand... i should stop sleeping late.
Never mind how i would look psychically (from sleeping late)! It's the mental part! I actually get REALLY REALLY REALLY weird dreams!!
It's so weird, i don't even know what happened in the dream. It involves having to go somewhere (or is it escaping?), catching something which turned into goldfish... just plain weird i know! And when i woke up i was all confused as to what happened.
And yes, i think it (sleeping late)'s killing my brain cells as well. My memory is so horrible these days i...
I can't remember what i was about to say. Turf.

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