Thursday, February 19, 2009

For the love of French Manicure.

I don't like long fingernails, i really don't.
Except acrylic (which you can remove whenever you want), otherwise i never wanted long fingernails.

But... for the love of French Manicure (which i super heart)... well, let's just say if you don't have long fingernails, the FM won't be nice.
And so i kept mine.
And i stare at my nails so often (geram, because it's quite long adee ok lar also because it seems nicer)... you would've thought i had my 13 boys tattooed onto my nails. Yes, my obsession with (finger) nails (= =")...
Come on lar, having long fingernails... it's difficult to type, and creams and lotions etc keep getting under your nails, etc etc... so kacau!!

But... for the love of French Manicure... i kept them long.
And while watching imitated version of my boys Boys Before (Over) Flowers, i did this! Hehehe...

Ok lar, i lazy go find a nicer bottle =P!!
And... oh gosh, Korean dramas are so bloody long... i used one episode plus for both hands ok, and i made mistakes so many times!!
It's not purr-fect, especially the left hand, but i'm satisfied! First time i try doing FM!! I'm happy with the results (^^ )!

It's so nice (albeit cacat-ed) i can't help but to keep staring at it =D! Hehehe!
Luckily Nana not around, otherwise guarantee she'll shove my head down the toilet bowl, lols!!
The retarded things i do around her =P!! Hehehe!!!

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