Friday, February 13, 2009

My other "loot" from Bangkok.

Which is being addicted to the following songs.

SS501's "U R Man".

The "scariest" part is the same song kept playing in my head THE WHOLE DAY!!
(= =")...

And also got addicted to SNSD's "Gee".

When this song was released, i didn't want to listen to it because i knew it would be an addictive song. I was so right.

And i also got addicted to JongHyun SHINee's songs:
"누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay)" (literally translated as "Nuna very pretty").

Thank you.

"산소같은 너" (literally translated as "You're like Oxygen").

Yeah i know, can't live without me ne?
Ok i shall stop with stupid captions. What turf.
OMG TaeMin is so adorable. I want him to be my little sister.
Ok, that sounds wrong.

"아.미.고 (AMIGO)".


I almost bought Shinee's album because i didn't want to waste my USD5 coupon... but i was too late and it expired (= =")...
Ah, reminds me of the SMTOWN LIVE'08 in Seoul keychain.
Should've bought it. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!

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