Friday, February 27, 2009

Chao Monkey!

Sometimes i wonder how old i am.
I constantly discover new random words and will gleefully and happily yell it over and over again, like a little kid who just learned to talk or something (except that i will talk 12382t3871312837t1874t18273 more than the kid). Or a little kid who just learned a new word! Ah, that's it (^^ )!~

So yes, my "latest" word is, courtesy of my dear cousin Nana (that's why always have cousins who are "good influence", and not those that teaches you new random words =P), is...
I am thankful when the "Chao Monkey" era strikes me, i was with my brother, whose very used to me randomly yelling out er, random words... so he wasn't surprised nor think i'm weird or anything at all. In fact, my brother has pretty much mastered the art of "Ignore my crazy little sister and everything will be fine". Yes, his so good at ignoring whatever random crazy stuffs i do, you would've thought all i did was something as normal as breathing.

But it's pretty fun you know! Throughout the whole outing i was just talking when suddenly i'll yell "CHAO MONKEY" randomly and all of a sudden! You should try, it's pretty neat (^^ )!~
I even start calling HeeChul "Chao Monkey"!
Ah, i'm thankful my little girl is used to all the weird nicknames i give her all the time, because she just laps it up =D!
I guess sometimes when you're used to weird random people, it doesn't seem that weird and random anymore yah??

This never gets tiring (at least until tomorrow or when i learned another new word or something!)!!~
It's nice being around people who you know won't judge you no matter what, so you can just be your crazy whacky self =D!!!~

CHAO MONKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok siao, i go steal and hide the chocolates my dad bought first!!~ Hehehe!
I LOVE HIDING FOOD (and keep it for myself only)!!!~ WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!~

ps: "Chao Monkey" is also my cousin's new nick!
Be honoured dear cousin, you have a lot of nicks now =D! LOLS!~

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