Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Baby One More Time.

The song which played over and over again on tee-vee so many times our heads were full of it that i would gladly slap the person next to me who sings it. It's not our fault the only channel worth watching is Mnet, and the bloody channel is replaying latest MVs like over and over again whenever they are free or something.
But the live performance were good!!

Watching 꽃보다男子 now!
Gosh it's nice! I'm grateful that it wasn't a let down, i fear it would be, but very thankful it's not!
That said, only watched till ep3 now (thanks to Amane!!), so i shall reserve any further comments (for now), but till then!~ Off to continue ep4 now!

ps: I even dreamt of the drama last night, what turf O(≧∇≦)O!!!

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