Friday, February 20, 2009

Contended with the little things in life.

It's an amazing experience seeing a DJ talk in front of you!
They are so spontaneous that it's just... wow!
Then again, that's why they are "DJ" ne (^^ )!~

I love it when it's early in the year!
Because the sky turns dark later  ̄ー ̄)!
Yesterday, it was reaching 8pm but the sky's still "bright" and all, me very like it (^^ )!

I'm such a klutz.
I don't remember why, i just know i am. Somehow. I'll update once i remember.
It always happens especially when i'm carrying lotsa things. Like my head couldn't balance or something, what turf.
And ESPECIALLY when i walk to my car at the parking lot!
Because i tend to drop my parking card A LOT, and because i *always* forget about them the minute after i pay. What turf.

Shopping = Paradise!
Even if you look like a crazy woman from carrying all the heavy bags, your hair is flying everywhere and your earphones is dangling and all...
Paradise ♡!~

Being able to see someone, that it makes you smile the whole day even when there's nothing to smile about.
Even when you're walking around the shopping mall looking like a retard smiling to herself.

Have you looked at the sky today?
Nice fluffy clouds makes me happy and never fails to put a smile on my face no matter what!
But its dangerous. Because if i'm driving... i'll tend to whip out my phone (or camera) and start shooting away =P!

But the best is still after a long, tiring day, my little girl standing at the door way welcoming me home =)!
(Ok lar, more like she wants to know if i bought her anything...)
Even if i have a super horrible day... it's like my mood will take a 180degree turn immediately, and without fail every time (^^ )!

And last but not least..
Do you see his hands while playing the piano in Secret???
I mean... seriously.
It amazes me every time (O_O;)!!!

ps: *points at last paragraph*
Oh right, we know that!!! XD

There's this earring... it's like a double-sided arrow.
I lost the first one, so i bought another one.
I loss one side of the arrow, so i used the old one to replace it. There, finally.
While bathing today, it came off and *almost* went down the drain, but i saved it in the nick of time...
Then just now while walking i accidentally dropped one side of the arrow (sorta fling it away too) and can't find it anymore (= =")...

That's it. I'm buying it for the third time, and if it's lost again, we just weren't meant to be.
What turf.
Who has earrings which has this kinda drama stories???

Edit again:
Ok, i've found it!! LUCKILY!!!
But seriously... rofl!!!

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