Sunday, February 22, 2009

The reason why i won't go for class tomorrow...

Please do not read this post.
I don't even understand what i've written.
It's too incoherent and not making sense at all.
But i like it when my brain doesn't make sense, so i'm not deleting this, so... yeah...


안녕히하십시오. 영지 입니다.
선생님 공고하시죠?

조금문채있어서, 내일 클래스가올수 없습니다.
선생님는 난께 "왜 오지 안아"를 질문하면, 도말할 수 안돼요. 그래서 질문하지마세요.

어제 난 일찍부터 늦게까지 "꽃보다남자"를 보서, 아침은 일어날수 안돼요. 그래서 오지 않아~~ 요!
마음부터 너무 미안해요.

확실히 짐에서 공부를 많이합니다.


If i send this to my lecturer, guarantee either she agrees that i should not go for class tomorrow (and possibly forever - hopeless case).
Or even if i die she'll dig me up to attend her class so i won't disgrace her for all the years she has been teaching me Korean.

Oh, lazy... i want to sleep (ㅠ.ㅠ)...

Don't bother asking what i've written. I don't know what i've written as well.
Even if i did know, i wasn't making any sense anyways.
Where got people say "i shall not tell you so please don't ask", but then next line explains "why i cannot come"... what turf. I think it's only me.

Should start sleeping early (ㅠ.ㅠ)!!!
Why can't 김범 (기범~~~) teach me Korean? Guarantee my eyes will 반짝반짝 as if in Gee's lyrics. I'll even attend the class early, and leave late.
What turf. Might as well i sleep early now and dream that it really did happen in my dream. Plus all my 13 boys. Guarantee i can speak fluent Korean in one-hour ♡!~

Ok, go sleep. What turf.

ps: In no way am i saying my teacher is not good!!! She is one of the best and most dedicated teacher ever!!!
It's just that i want to sleep. Badly. And i lazy wake up so early. And i want 김범 (기범~~) and 내 열세 꽃미남 to teach me Korean JUST BECAUSE.
Gosh, 강인 should stop teaching me English.
Now i speak weird English and Korean!!!
Ooh, and 시원 with 구 준표's hair!!♡♡♡ XD
(농담만. 진짜 모리를 숭장하면 너 죽어.)
I seriously wonder why i'm so caught up with 꽃보다남자.
Is it because it's a new drama but which i'm familiar with?
Or is it because i see my 13 boys everywhere in the drama??
Ok, it's both.
It's a storyline i super heart since before, and it made things better♡ that the boys are involved. In a way.

Ok, go sleep.
I'll be typing Thai next if not.

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