Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Project 365: Take a photo a day.

I've read this entry by Boss Stewie about a project called Project 365, which basically is you take a picture of your life everyday, and post it up somewhere. Then in the future when you look back at the pictures you've taken, it's as if it reminds you of a story you've once heard.

As lousy a blogger i am, i do tend to... regurgitate a large amount of posts whenever i feel like it. But sometimes when i don't, i just... don't. And i'm a very very lazy person, mind, so what are the chances of me actually being able to commit to this project? Like... never lor honestly! Hehehe!

But i don't know. It's interesting to me, somehow, so yeah, i'm going to attempt it!!
I like looking back at fond memories, and as much as i love this Blog of mine, it's nice to see things from another point of view, since this Blog basically is my views from... er... every side of... er... *awkward silence*
What better day to start than today (^^ )?

I'll be back!
I need to think of a name for the new Blog i'm using for Project 365!
Let's just hope i'll really participate and not forget about if halfway, like what happened with my food Blog, hehehe =P!

This is the Blog i created for Project 365!
Don't mind the skin, a bit the lazy to do any editings now, just posting nya =P!

Will "tidy" the skin as time goes, meanwhile, just pay attention to the post (^^ )!~

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