Monday, February 16, 2009

꽃 보다 男子

So far so good (^^ )!~
Most important, of course, don't compare (ok lar, it's inevitable because there was TWO successful ones before this version!!! AND OGURI SHUN OMGSOBIASED!!! O(≧∇≦)O).

I was worried this version wouldn't be good, because when i first watch short clips of it a couple of weeks back, i wanted to slap the Korean version of Tsukushi (JanDi).

She a bit the menyampah imo when she was fighting with the girls. But while i was watching the whole episode, she seems ok!! I prefer Tsukushi (Japanese version) of course, but she's acceptable!
Only watched one episode though, so don't want to say too much first.

I want to slap the "Ginger, Sunny and Miranda" (whatever) though.

Super annoying menyampah "oh my God" go pronounce it better before you use it so many times lar what turf ヽ( ._.)ノ...

Before i go on, i seriously very super wish hope PRAY that the Korean version will be good and they don't add those very typical "typical Korean-drama scenes/ scenarios" inside. Please don't! Don't ruin such a nice given gifted plot ok!! Honestly i like 花より男子's plot, so please don't ruin it or i really have to swear of Korean drama.
Oh wait, i already had. Sorta.

About the Korean F4...

JunPyo reminds me of SiWon (=v=|||)...
I'm a bit "not-use" to their Korean names, because even the Taiwan one was translated from Japanese.
And yes, he is the best looking Tsukasa! Although i super love MatsuJun's "俺様" (ore-sama), but he (MinHo) seemed good for the choice as Tsukasa, so i'm happy with him casted as *the*
俺様 Domyouji Tsukasa. Good choice!

Ah, i want to do this too!~

And ah, Kim Bum.
He so reminded me of Bummie!!!
It doesn't help that he *looks* (to me anyways) like Bummie to me, and his (real) name *pulls hair*!!! And personality!!! (except the "womanizer" part)
Why not they just choose Bummie as Soujirou (EeJung)??? Then i would be perfectly happy not to see him during SMFEST, but no, they didn't. And there was no explanation why he wasn't there.
Ok, i shall stop emo-ing. Moving on...

Akira! Or WooBin!
Ok, i never like this character, whether Japanese or Korean, but i prefer him than the Japanese one because his Mafia-ish is not too Yakuza-ish. Like those well-corporated Mafia-style.
Ok, what am i saying.

Then last but not least...
My favourite...
Ok no, actually Tsukasa's character is my favourite character, BUT in the Japanese version i'm a super Rui fan because i super heart Oguri Shun ♡!~
But anyways, HyunJoong-ah...

I'm not being biased, but Oguri Shun is, was, will be, still, blah blah blah *THE* BEST Rui ever!!
HyunJoong's yawning part isn't convincing, kinda fake, he fails to give me the "귀공자" feel that Rui oh-so-purr-fectly emits... (give me back leader-ssi who bullies magnae please!!)
But like i said before, first episode, hope it gets better as it goes on, but nevertheless...

I heart Shunkerbelle
Even my brother agreed, but then again, my brother is super 100% Japanese version biased (and very 100% hates the Taiwan version, even though he didn't watch that), so his views aren't exactly not-bias.
I was watching the first episode halfway when my brother joined me and gives his views based on his first impression on the Korean F4. Biasness runs in the family, hehehe!

As for the drama setting and all, the Korean's version is very glamour, in terms of the school ground (i like the Kindergarden to University part), the interior of the place, and the classroom (during the opening)...
The uniform is very very nice (btw i think Korean uniforms are better than Japanese because they flaunt the S-line unlike Japanese's which is kinda... yeah...) and... OMG I LOVE THE UNIFORM!!

But so far haven't feel the "omg-i'm-so-rich" vibe yet from the students, unlike Japanese version when the opening shows the students flaunting their designer brands.

And, hehehe, SHINHWA!!!
I was laughing like mad when they started talking about Shinhwa, because i *only* thought of *the* band Shinhwa!!!
Shinhwa Mart, Shinhwa High School... imagine your school with 6 handsome men in the school board!!! WOOT!!!
Or when shopping at the check-out counter DongWan smiling at you, MinWoo at the Fish section weighing the fish... etc etc!!
Lols, i love my imagination XD!!
I think Shinhwa is based on Samsung, because that's how big Samsung is in Korea.

Ah, and i don't like the mother. She a bit the menyampah. I prefer the Taiwan and Japanese version better. They are more ババ-ish, ㅋㅋㅋ!~

Ah, this part i *really* don't like.
JanDi got a scholarship into Shinhwa ("Everlasting~~ You are my everything~~~..." ♪~). If i remember correctly Taiwan and Japanese, Tsukushi got into the school because her parents worked like mad just to afford her tuition fees right? That's why as much as Tsukushi doesn't like the school, she still attends it because she doesn't want to let her parents down, and tahan tahan tahan until she finally exploded.
That said, in this version it was said that it's very difficult to get into the school even if you're rich, so i guess it makes sense. A bit not use to this plot-change (if you think about it it's kinda a big one), but still ok.

Looking forward to watching this drama! I really hope it all goes well and the plots not spoilt and all, since it's a drama which i really enjoy watching since Taiwan version!
아자 파이팅!~

And just because!!

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ_彡☆!!♪~~~

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Anonymous said...

kyaa~~ i totally agree with you eiko-chan! shun is the best!!!! ~~~~ i think the same about the HYD versions :D:D i don't like the part in the korean version when they changed the plot then the whole story changes. grrr them. hahaha. :D

puuriincess <3