Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pretty nails.

I love nail art!
Albeit very fussy. I only like 3D types where its pop-up and all (rhinestones included). I don't really like those which requires drawings.


After a long break!
I got too lazy and stopped doing them for... *checks older pics*... WOW, the last time i did nail art was last year's March (= =")...

Er... this time round i only did my thumbs because i erm... a bit the lazy... and i kiam my rhinestones because i'll be removing it in two weeks time anyways.
And it's not very elaborate because my nails are short, and since i'll be removing it in two weeks time, no point wasting my prection rhinestones.

I'm not very creative, and i do my designs "on the go", hence, some looks really weird.
I mean, if what i did isn't very nice, it's stupid having to remove it and doing it all over again, because i have no patience... so i just improvise on the spot.
But erm... when you improvise, sometimes good results are not er... guaranteed.

Let's see if i'm lazy or not, or i'll post some of my older one year old and very ugly designs =D!

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