Sunday, February 15, 2009


Actually i hastily wrote this two nights before, when i was about to sleep.
Was very emo then, so with all the emos and all, it made me realized a lot of things.
Although i don't particularly like 2008, but i'm still thankful for the good times i had in 2008.

I'm glad i made the decision to go to Korea last year, just for the boys.
Being a very indecisive person, it was difficult for me to make such a "big" decision (since i'm going by myself only), it was to the point of breaking down for me. I was so depressed up until the time i finalize everything.
There was nobody i feel i could talk to, nobody i could discuss the matter with. All in all, it was something i had to "face" alone. Furthermore, it's a trip i am making ALONE, which escalates the tension factor.

That said, when i settled my concert tickets, flight tickets and accommodation and everything, it calmed me. From then on i was very excited. It's like an adventure, and mind, it is!
Even though i was going there alone, i met up with a group of wonderful people who welcomed me to join them despite we've never met before!

Thank you Gaia, Joyce, Cam and Carol!
The boys brought us together despite our differences, and although it's a year ago and all, i'm still very glad i made that decision (^^ )!~
Thank you very 감사!♪~~

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