Sunday, February 08, 2009

For the love of toiletbowls.

Sounds wrong. Whatever.

Did you read Ringo's latest post on Japanese toilets??
Reading that entry... makes me feel like visiting Japan just for the toilet (= =")...

Reminds me of the toilets in KBS. Ah, auto toilet, how fun!

Almost all of us spend an adequate amount of time in the toilet experimenting with the... er... toilet bowl's functions. What turf. All of us sounded very sua ku XD!!
(I think my latest word is "sua ku". You'll be hearing a lot of it these few days!)

My favourite is the seat warmer, toilet seat wiper and washlet!
The auto trash bin is good too, but since most bins in Malaysia are those "open" type, i don't need to touch them, so its ok.
Ah, if only they have auto doors (or no door) in Malaysia toilets. Then i would never ever had to touch the bloody toilet door again. I'm phobia-tic of it, so paiseh.

Anyways, cue Ringo's last words in that entry that someone should start a cult worshiping Japanese toilets... if such cult exists...

Sorry, i guess i have an obsession for cool toilet bowls??
Come on lar, we spend an adequate amount of time our whole lives on toilet bowls ok!! It's not weird (or wrong) that i want it to be a more pleasant experience lor!!!
Besides, cold toilet bowls in winter are perhaps one of the worst thing possible. Makes you feel as if your bladder froze as well, what turf XD!!!

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