Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Gem of Life.

HK (TVB) dramas are probably the only drama series i can be enthusiastic enough to "chase" everyday!! Serious! I can take like... one year to finish ONE 16-episode Korean drama series *coughLoveinHarvardcough*, but i can finish a 20+ episode HK TVB drama series in say... 2-3 days (or less)?

One of the reasons i like it most is you don't need to "look" at the screen to know what's happening, since you don't need to rely on subtitles.
I can sit in my study room while the show is showing on tee-vee outside, and *still* know what's going on. Yes, that's the power of understanding Cantonese ♡. And i thank HK TVB dramas for that (since i pick up Cantonese from watching TVB dramas when i was younger).

So yeah, "When you can live forever, what do you live for?"
For now, HK TVB dramas.
Currently watching "The Gem of Life 珠光寶氣"
It's a bloody 82-episode series.
And i told myself i'm definitely not going to watch this series after the long turmoil caused by the 40-episode Moonlight Resonance... because seriously, having to wait everyday is kinda suffering.
But typically... fail. As usual. Fullstop.

So yeah, "The Gem of Life 珠光寶氣"!

Moses Chan and Gigi Lai!!
They are so sweet together!

If not for them, i probably wouldn't watch it, because it's those "rich-people family drama" where someone will die, then will-challenging, money-fighting, lie here lie there type of drama, and how the antagonist will always win, which i don't really fancy. It's no fun having to wait till the end of the drama, only will the protagonist win.
But yeah, Moses Chan and Gigi Lai! Sweet XD! Will watch (actually watching already lor, but it's ok)!!

Useful phrase.

I think language and literature are one of the fabbest thing in the world.

One of the reasons why i love Twilight so much, despite it giving me unrealistic expectations in men... is due to the witty quotes the characters say. Some which i love so much, i can re-read that sentence a few times for er... no apparent reason i guess... if you think about it.

Anyways, one of my favourite tagline from the Twilight movie, is this:
"When you can live forever, what do you live for?"
Don't you think it's really cool?
The best part is, it's especially useful to describe what you're "obsessed" with at the moment.

My boys goes without saying. So if i were to ask myself the questions above now, what will be my answer?

Seriously, as corny, cheesy, say whatever you want about it... i heart HK TVB dramas!
Grew up with it, learned Cantonese from it... it's probably the only drama series in the world i can ever finish really quick.

I guess, you may also call it, "boil drama series" (direct translation of bo kek chap) XD?

Saturday, November 29, 2008


I usually don't like "lyric parody" of proper MVs, as i think sometimes the lyrics are really weird, awkward, not funny, obscene, not creative etc.

But i really really like this two MV!
It's funny, not too obscenely weird or anything, and it (the lyrics) really matches the MV that you are convinced that TVXQ really sang those lyrics!! The gestures they make etc... seriously, the best parody ever, without even needing to give them "new character" whatsoever!!

Part 1: Neurotic Mirotic

Red Boxers. HAHAHA!!

Part 2: Wrong Number

Ferrari XD!
I love this most ok! Super funny!!

Good parodies are really hard to come by (^^ )!~


After don't know how many donkey years, the Malaysia Govt is *finally* (heavily emphasized) taking a serious stand on protecting animals against animal abuse!!

Govt gets serious about fighting animal abuse

Of course, now only "say say lar", whether or not they will really implement it is another matter. But at least, we are improving.

Personally, i've always thought people who abuse animals or abandon their pets should be seriously and severely punished. Our old law is seriously hopeless.
He said the department also hoped to table a proposal in Parliament next year to amend provisions under the Animals Act, seeking heavier penalties of up to RM10,000 or six years’ jail or both for animal cruelty, and a fine for people who abandoned their pets.
Honestly, i think they should be lock-up in a jail with no window nor any hole, with only one small bulb, and then it shall has no sewage system so the whole room will stink. Then, their face should get shove down a public toilet bowl, then hung them to dry at lightning rod so shun bian let them kena struck (ok fine, "reusing-idea", but i created it so i have all the rights to reuse it right?), then they shall be spread onto semen floor under hot scorching sun to be dried further (like ikan-masin), then later rendam into air longkang for a further few days, before finally released.

Another thing i can't stand is people who abandon their pets. I realize a lot of Malaysians see puppy very cute, buy buy buy... without realizing they can grow one lor... then when become dog dog already not cute anymore, so throw throw throw... at least now that useless toy breeds are introduced into Malaysia, these are not so rampant anymore.

I can't stand irresponsible owners. Seriously to the core.
I feel like slapping them, then strip them to their undergarments, pour cold water on them, then hang them by their pinkies in a very windy place.
OK, i think i'm getting lebih with all this stuffs. Stop. Even though they deserve it.
“Previously, the fine was only RM200 and there was no jail term. The proposed fine for abandonment will look into the intentions of pet owners to see if their animals got loose by themselves or ran away. Abandonment of pets is the main reason behind the huge number of strays,” he said. (also because you didn't spay your pets)

The department received 57 complaints of animal cruelty and had taken enforcement action against 207 cases last year.

Dr Abd Aziz said it was time that Malaysians treated animals more humanely because “we are a maturing country.”
But honestly, to think it took them THAT long to notice (that the current law is useless)...

How long has it been since Sheena's case which shocked the nation? I think even before then (2005, in case you are wondering), SPCA etc has been collecting signatures for petitions to get the govt to re amend our current law on animal abuse.
Oh well, it only took them THREE YEARS to finally "realize" , at least better than nothing really.
Though, i very char-dou is the reason why the law needs changing is because "we are a maturing country", and not because it is more humane to do so.
It's as if saying "because we maturing so we need to be more humane". Eh?

That said, i'm not complaining. ANYTHING to ensure that the animals gets the respect and "rights" they deserved here.

BUT BEAR IN MIND that guy said they "*hoped* (heavily emphasized) to table a proposal in Parliament next year to amend the Act". HOPE only yah.
Whether it will actually go through, whether they will even approve it... ANOTHER STORY.
Like i said, 3 years ok? The petition got a lot of support from members of the public also like... no news about it. So... yeah... no complains, but to HOPE FOR THE BEST TOO!!

Wait... oi, what about changing the law to protect my sea turtles eggs eh??
Oh well, maybe it'll only take additional 5 years or something i guess.
But seriously lar, it's illegal to harm sea turtles, but not illegal to "harm" their eggs. What's the reasoning in this?
Like say i cannot eat chicken, but i can eat chicken egg. What?


OMG. This is damn funny. Before i forget...

I was watching Juno last night (good movie btw), then when i slept... i dream I was pregnant.
No kidding, it was like... damn real ok, i was really convinced that i was (indeed) pregnant!!
It was like a "plague" or something, a whole bunch of us got pregnant at the same time (i remember CheanVoon, Amane?)!!
But it wasn't a "big deal" or anything (in the dream), it's like, something very normal to everyone else.

This is the funny part.
Ok, so i am "pregnant" (in my dream). I was like... totally ready to have a child. You can say i'm prepared for "motherhood". I was bracing myself, along with my girlfriends, to prepare for whatever may come.

Then, i remembered something... that if i have a child... i can't go to Redang *that* easily anymore, without "something holding me back". And it's difficult to go to Redang with a baby isn't it??
At that instance, snap, i thought "ok i don't want to be pregnant anymore", and immediately... i woke up.

The ironic part is, my (handphone's) alarm rang at the same time... and it was the song "浪花一朵朵" from the movie Summer Holiday, which was filmed in Redang XD!!

OMG, seriously. Redang. Me. Really. Omg.

Then i fell asleep again, and dream of a scary "ghost-like" situation which happened in my old house, but i'm not scared. At all.
Gee, i must reevaluate whether am i "that brave"... or just in my dream nya. Somehow i always appear to myself as being a timid person when it comes to this kinda stuff.

And i found a lot of stickers (ㅠ.ㅠ)... oh why!!

Yeah, my dreams are always that weird, hehehe!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

I hate day-movies.

I vow never ever to go for movies in the day again. Ever.
(Ok, maybe not that serious lar, but to start on that note sounds cool yo.)

And i don't mean those "screaming crying talking" types. Those i can take, because they usually don't mean it. Sometimes the questions they ask are even adorable, and it's usually not too bad.

Those i really can't stand, however, are those ranging from say 12 years-old to 17 years-old.

It's so annoying ok!!
This is my personal experience while watching the movie Twilight:
  • Non-stop screaming when Robert Pattinson comes on screen.
    It was even worst (tenfold) than Troyfan. At least she just squealed.
    This time, when Bobby first came on screen, it was CONTINUOUS SCREAM for at least 3 seconds or more!! What the???

  • There's this group on my same row (to my left) who kept laughing... for *no reason*.
    If it's funny, i understand. But those group of girls...
    People happy, laugh.
    People sad, laugh.
    People romantic scene, laugh.
    People plotting plans, laugh.
    People in danger, laugh.

    I so regret i didn't give them a piece of my mind. I was too caught up with Edward, that i just bear with it (seeing him more important).
    I should've shouted Korean at them, then throw Loo Yee and Cheng Yee at them. That would teach them to mess with me. I too am shock how patient i can be.

    After the movie i took a glance at them. Is it me or how twerpish can they get?
    They were all "ee ee ah ah" prancing around the seats gleeing happily like idiotic pieces of headless chickens when the movie ended. Like they never see guys on big screen before, so they all very excited. I estimate their age 15 or so?
    Some more their laugh very HORRIBLE OK!! If it sounds "nice" ok lar, to an extent. But no, it's a scary horrible laugh. Can die dot com.
    My laugh scary also i can't bear to put people through it, unless they deserve it.

Finally, the "best" for last...
There's THIS OTHER GROUP, seated at the row behind me, which made me think joining the Facebook group "After Reading Twilight, Humans Boys Just Seem Lacking" is a wise decision.
Seriously, those group of "LITTLE BABIES"...
There's this group of "teenage boys probably haven't reach puberty" sitting behind us, and they annoyed me to the extreme.
I feel like turning around, and aim rubber bands at the crotch so they can just shut up.
One of them kept kicking my chair. Told them off, then they stop. Ok, fine.

But what they can't seem to stop is those freakingishly childish cheers and laughs. Like when it comes to romantic scenes, etc... i don't know why but they kept giggling and laughing like a bunch of little girls at those parts!!
They are such an embarrassment to Edward's kind (the XY-boy-chromosome kind, not the vampire "immortal" kind) that i seriously begin to wonder if i ever did anything wrong in my life to have to suffer in this world where Edward doesn't exist, and around me seemed to be limited to this type of "little kids".

And oh behold the worst part... whenever there are intimate scenes between Bella and Edward, such as Bella lying down on the grass next to Edward... or even when they were on the bed together... you can almost immediately hear those boys whooping, or giggling.
They were expecting some "extra-intimate" scenes... you know what i mean.
To "secretly anticipate" it is one thing. To cheer and whoop is just an embarrassment. Seriously. I'm very sure they haven't reach puberty to be so obsessed and curious towards those kind of stuffs.
The "paling memalukan" is when they went to Edward's bedroom... like... omg please faster go reach puberty (and pass it) for our sake lar, PLEASE!!!

Very ruin mood one lor. Us girls (the "normal" ones anyways) are all in lovey-dovey mood, like "awwwww so sweet", suddenly a group of immature, not-yet-reach-puberty juveniles start reacting like they never seen this kind of stuffs before.
And sorry to disappoint you, Twilight don't have those type of scenes one.

It was obviously pure torment to be stuck in a cinema with a group of crazy laughing female-hyenas on the left, and a bunch of immature, childdish, not-yet-reach-puberty little "baby boys" at the back row... Thank God for Edward on the big screen.
Otherwise i might just flop and die on the spot (but not before sending them first).

GSC should have just kept the rating to 18PL.
I promise if they do so, i will stop complaining about the rating to my face all the time.
At least if 18PL, even if some did manage to sneak in because they *look* mature... at least won't have too many kacau-kacau immature kids kacau-ing my time with Edward.

Is it too much to ask for a free, peaceful time in the cinema?

There's this group in Facebook...

"Because I read Twilight I have unrealistic expectations in Men".
"After Reading Twilight, Humans Boys Just Seem Lacking".

I so agree XD!!!
Sei lor, sure alone for the rest of my life unless if someone like Edward Cullen really exists.
Or maybe i can die first... then wait a century or something... maybe my other half will appear then?? No??? Yes no??? Ooh!!~

"When you can live forever what do you live for...?"

Edward Cullen.
Nuff said.

ps: Will update soon about the movie. I LOVE IT!!
It's worth waking up early in the morning (well, not *that* early) just to catch it ASAP! Finally... after waiting so long!
Can you believe i still have that surreal feel? Even now? I still can't believe i had watched it XD!!

pps: I hate little girls in cinemas when watching hot guys. Seriously annoying. I feel like giving them two tight slaps around the face, kick up the ass, shove their head down the toilet bowl, then air dry them on top of a tower so lighting can strike them.

Yes, i am THAT annoyed!
From no onwards, i'm willing to pay additional RM2-5 JUST SO to watch the movie at night, where other patrons would not be as annoying as those little girls.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hi, you wanna buy carendar?

Got 13 beautiful boys a not?

Oh behold the adorableness of my 13 beautiful boys!~
*screams and runs around in circles*

ps: The typo's fixed now btw.
But just how such typo came about... i don't know. To think it was distributed around before they finally realized their mistake, hehehe!
Then again, i always type calendar as "calender" too, so.... teehee!

pps: Oh, btw, i didn't know that cat's blood specimens are send to the same lab as humans for testing!
Now me and my baby's blood report looked exactly the same! Adorableness XD!

I'm off!

Super backdated post of about 2 months or so, but lazy to photoshop pics then, and totally forgotten about it.
MAS was having their cheap domestic flights promotion then, and so it "inspired" this entry (more like annoy me, since i know either way chances of me going there *now* is as good a chance of Daniel Radcliffe changing his name to "Harry James Potter"... which is *very unlikely*.)


So i've packed my bags.

So SiWon-ish. Hmm.

Ooh, never forget my SuShow DVD!


And my besties!

So Disney-ocean-themed, don't you think?
(except for the stupid panda and cat)

And i'm off!
Where i'm going, you ask?
Where do you think i'm going! Since it's cheaper to fly to Kuala Terengganu than Penang, of course i'm off to Redang!!
Do you even need to ask? *wink*

Screw you monsoon season! Even if i puke my guts out (ewwwwww, but i guess as long as it's good for the fishies), i'm going to Redang!
I'm at Redang!! Yeah!
*screams and runs around in circles*
Yes, i know i'm a sad kid.
But one can have imagination, fun and be delusional at the same time can't they?

You can't? Sad you. Too bad! Haha!

Stupid YesAsia.

A small matter. But when geram, geram it is.
I understand that my previous order (with YesAsia) is eligible for a free Japan Mini capsule toy, however, i only noticed that it was not included in the item list after shipment. I had chosen a Japan Mini using the "Click here" link under "Remark" in the Shopping Cart page. Would just like to check if the Japan Mini was included in this order, if not, will i be reimbursed with another one in my next order? Thank you.
I've clearly indicated my questions and concerns right?

This is the reply i got:
With reference to your email on 26 Nov, 2008, upon checked, no Free Japan Mini was added to your order.
Kindly please note that if a customer does not choose a Japan Mini toy series, no Japan Mini toy will be added to the order, and no compensation will be provided from
What turp, i don't understand the "Kindly please note that if a customer does not choose a Japan Mini toy series..." lor. I've clearly stated that i *have* chosen a Japan Mini, so what does this reply mean?
Some more beneath the comment sheet, it was written:
Please clearly indicate and explain your questions/concerns, and make sure to include all the necessary information.
What should i do then, when it's clear the bloody dude didn't even bloody answer my question?

I'm not pissed because i didn't get the Japan Mini i was entitled to (despite the fact that it was bloody cute, and it was bloody expensive, and i was supposed to get it for free), since i should've checked my shipping list earlier instead of relying on them... but seriously, i'm very pissed with the reply lor. It's rather "what turp reply is that"?? At least explain clearer lar! It's not even answering my bloody question!! I already clearly stated "I HAVE CHOSEN", but they reply me such. How can stand?

So this is my reply:
Dear YesAsia,
Upon receving a reply from YesAsia for my previous email:
"With reference to your email on 26 Nov, 2008, upon checked, no Free Japan Mini was added to your order.
Kindly please note that if a customer does not choose a Japan Mini toy series, no Japan Mini toy will be added to the order, and no compensation will be provided from"

I have indeed clearly chosen a Japan Mini (Japan Mini: SAN-X All Stars Mini Stamp & Seal) following the instructions YesAsia has provided on the website before i proceeded with my order. Unless there are any special "hidden instructions" which is there that i didn't adhere to, i do not believe there is any mistake (in choosing a Japan Mini) on my part. If there is any it would've been a mistake with YesAsia's website.

Although now i understand that YesAsia would not be compensating the Japan Mini i deserved, which undoubtedly i have decided to Blog it about it as it was not my fault but rather, there is a problem with YesAsia's website, i am intending to buy from YesAsia again in the future despite its website's inefficiency. But if such technical problems with the site were not rectify to begin with, how can i ever trust YesAsia again to honour what i was clearly eligible for initially?

I understand that i should have double checked my shipping list and notified YesAsia upon the slightest suspicion, however, i trusted YesAsia to provide me with good customer service as i have been a customer since 2006, and was very satisfied with it's service until now. Unfortunately, i guess i was wrong to put my trust in YesAsia, and i am very disappointed with YesAsia's lack of efficiency and problematic website. Rest assure i would be advising my friends to double check their orders, just so they could avoid such problems from occurring in the future. Thank you.
Freakingishly long, but subtle, and my message is well expressed, that...
As much as my Blog is not as famous as Kennysia or Ringo's that you couldn't care less, because whatever i've written probably wouldn't even affect you the slightest... but this is to *assure* you that for bloody once, YOU HAVE GOTTEN A BAD REVIEW!!
(because all along YesAsia has been getting good reviews, heck, i was one of those who gave them good reviews before!! Not anymore!)

And yes, as much as i will still continue buying from YesAsia in the future, since it's in my blood to like good deals, just so you know, i'm NEVER singing praises for YesAsia EVER AGAIN. To think i like buying from this bloody place because of "good customer service" (before). Pfft!!
Just so you know.
Seriously, stupid customer service. And i thought DVDHeaven's was bad.

I love Chinese Vampires.

Of this variety.

(Credit as tagged.)

ps: Choi SiWon.
May you catch a mild cold for showing off in cold weather.
*mumbles incoherently about Thailand being hotter but why no choco?*

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Will you shut up already?

I was buying tickets online (so modern yah) last night for (probably the most anticipated movie of 2008, after 꽃미남 연쇄 테러사건, eh wait, that movie is 2007 lar. OMG how time flies. PFFT!!)... *drum rolls* TWILIGHT!
Yes, Twilight!
EDWARD *waves banner*!!
Initially we wanted to catch Wednesday's midnight screening, but after much consideration, we decided to go on Thursday morning instead, since Wednesday's screening is in the smaller cinema.
"Trust me, Edward is worth every minute of the big screen," said Monkey to Cow.
But no, Cow not going. I think they have a strict "no-farm-animal-policy" in the cinema.

So anyways, yes, while i was buying the tickets online, i got bothered to no ends by the bloody website.
No, it all went smoothly for me, but what bothered me was the constant display of 18PL sign ALL OVER THE PLACE!
Please be reminded that this movie is classified under 18PL!
18PL: Only for patrons above 18 years of age.
Like i get it already. No need to constantly shove it into my face lor!
(Ok lar, to be fair, only appeared like two-three times? But it's like rubbing in the fact that there is no need for me to "sneak" into cinemas anymore, so i not happy, and so i rant it out here. Ah, what happen to the good old days of sneaking into 18 and above movies? Oh right, it's approximately 3 years plus ago. Darns.)

Then again, i don't understand, why is the movie 18PL? The book's for young adult for Pete's sake (why Pete? Why cannot Jacquilyn or Lizzie or even Mark?)!!

Oh right, because Edward (ala Robert Pattinson) is so hot, TOO HOT, that if not for the 18PL rating, we would have the "High School Musical 3: Senior Year Troy Fan" incident all over again. Thanks GSC for being so considerate!
See, if it's 18PL, chances of little girls sneaking into the cinema is less-er (considering the fact most girls these days look younger than their age... blessing or not, it depends whether if you're an avid cinema-goer), so there's no need for us "older-patrons" having to go through the agony of "squeals and gasps" by little girls during the movie, which would've interupted the quality time spent of us ogling at Edward!
Yeah GSC!!

But of course, it's ok if us "older-patrons" squeal and gasp in the cinema, since they have no other reason to avid us legally! Mwehehehehehehe *evil laugh*!!

Ah, can't wait!! Yeah!!!

ps: Damn. This afternoon i fell asleep, for 3 hours, AFTER A BLOODY AFTERNOON SNACK!!! ARGH *pulls hair*!!
Tak boleh tak boleh, must bloody go swimming soon already, otherwise... *sobs*!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


My cow is back.
My pig very layan. Me rabu her very much. (Terms and conditions apply)
Omma is... omma. Eric's.
Omma's Pupu is... grey. Er.
Micky's Lover very kindly allow me to kacau her as always, as i advised her to tell Micky to not offend their coordi or stylist again. She said she'll pass along the word (or was it the Pig?).

And i concluded i can't really stand girly-girls at all, even the slightest, which somehow is a prevailing ailment threatening to harm (or rather, already harm) young girls these days, especially those within the range of primary to secondary school.

I blame Hannah Montana for this (hey, although i enjoyed watching it, it's not like i'm going "HM" now right? Maybe HSM though!). What happened to good old Disney classic cartoons? What's wrong with good old Disney classic cartoons?

We do have a special few cases, but somehow i realize people my generation are somehow, much tougher lor, i find.
Sure we squeal, scream and rant, ramble, complain etc etc to our own girlfriends... but we don't magnify small matters as if they are worth the Crown Jewels lor. Seriously.

But like Omma said, some guys dig it (those girly girl types). I think it's because (girly girls) are a cure or it "re-enhances" their male ego or something, seeing that girl's nowadays are a lot better and much tougher that they don't even need guys, so they (those guys) do need at least some people to make them feel macho again. I guess.

Or... maybe it's just me. I like to come up with baseless conclusions.
But i do see it that some guys prefer girly girls so they can "protect" them.

Sorry but... pfft!
Learn to protect yourself before allowing yourself to be protected, don't you think?

Ooh, food!


ps: Ok lar, to be fair, i guess "girly-girls" are not exactly "too" annoying to me, but those girls who do so because of a guy's presence, in other words "fake"... er... ello, who are you trying to prove yourself to?

And very obvious, i would be the girl who would be pretending that she's not afraid and all in front of guys, but deep down she's so scared she would... yeah, she's freaking scared, but pride gets in the way.
Pride and Prejudice. Ooh!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Since then...

Some things you remember, some you forget...

But some stood out distinctively clear from the rest.

OMG, we're getting OLD together.

The Kei who will always have a special place in my heart ♡.

What do you do when you are frustrated?

PMS can never come at a better time as well.
And never procrastinate, because it'll end up like an avalanche burying you alive with no room to spare.

Friday, November 21, 2008


This is so bloody frustrating.

The vet can't provide a good enough explanation, which i understand, but sometimes how i wish there could be a conclusion to it. At least i know what's wrong, and it wouldn't be this frustrating.

Her condition isn't improving at all, and it could not have come at a better time, seriously. I really don't know what to do. There are just so many reasons to it, each leading one to another bla bla bla. But more importantly, i just want her to be healthy and fine. Sometimes i wish I was the one sick instead, at least i wouldn't be this frustrated, and i probably wouldn't cause frustration to others, because i can talk and i'm turping vocal that if i'm not feeling, you bloody expect i will make sure the whole world knows about it.

If you think taking care of a sick kid is frustrating, try taking care of a sick Princess.
I seriously don't know what to do anymore.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bloody horrible day.

Lost a very precious pouch which i used to keep my iPod. Very pissed now. I hope the person who picked it (and decided to keep for their own instead of handing to the security) gets bad luck for the rest of his life whenever he needed good luck. Throw in some "rain after car wash", "rain when need laundry to dry", and more rain when he especially needed the sunshine. Example, maybe rain when he needed to walk into an office building for an important interview/ meeting, then he'll get all wet and made a bad impression. It's even better if right at this moment he PK. Though i won't know, at least if i do it'll make my day.
And it'll be better if his girlfriend (or boyfriend) rejects them when they are about to purpose, and (the other half) announces they are going off to overseas for studies (or promotion to another branch abroad) for another 3 years so any current plans have to be delayed. Plus the promotion he wanted is given to his colleague, not because the colleague is better, but just because he picked up my pouch and never bloody return it to me.
Ignorance is a crime. To me at least.
There are more i can say, but i believe in karma, so should shut up for now. But just so you know... there can be more.

I shouldn't even go to KLCC today to begin with lar. Bloody no point going useless trip turping asswipe piece of junk. Then i wouldn't need to waste any money, plus lost that pouch of mine. I know it's just a pouch. But i've had it for so long, and it's difficult to get. Like tahi lar. Very geram now. BAH!!!

Seriously lar, what i did wrong? Was i such a bad person i deserve all this bad luck? What did i do wrong? What bad stuffs did i do? I don't eat puppies for breakfast, i don't litter, i don't pollute (wait, since i drove to KLCC, maybe i did pollute), i don't insult people (then again, i just did, but it's justified. That person deserves it for not returning my pouch), i don't go around swearing at people... I DON'T EVEN BLOODY SWEAR!!! SO WHAT WRONG I DO??
Was it because i always take over the television when my grandmother's watching (then again she watches it the whole day, and i don't fight with her when it's the drama she wants to watch, so where's the justice in this?)? Was it because i was mean to that mosquito this morning (that thing bloody ass bit me and it hurt ok!! What was i suppose to do, let it drain all my blood?)? Was it because i've been a horrible person? Was it because i did some illegal copyright-related stuffs? Was it because i ate before dinner last night despite mom telling me not to? WHY???

It's not only the pouch matter, some accumulated stuff altogether.
It makes you question whether or not the thing called "karma" actually works (actually it does, but i'm just saying).

Today has not been a good day. Wait, that's an understatement. Today is a freaking bloody ass turping horrible day!!

I want to cry.
But it's not like crying can make the whole thing better.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I surprise myself everyday.

So fail. Because i always think, "where there is a will, there is a way". And there's no such thing as "no solution". If there is a problem, it's usually fixable. It's only a matter whether or not you want to get it fixed!

But i failed to realize sometimes people just need to rant, like what i always like to do! After ranting, then all is well. There's no need to offer solution to problems when it's just a rant. For example, just because i rant about some stuffs very often, doesn't mean i need to get it fixed asap, right?

Gosh, brilliant eiko-chan, it only took you 21 years to figure it out. What next, only realizing that different people have different thoughts when you're 42 years-old? Oh wait, i already know that.

I guess i'll come up with something to "figure out" for when i'm 42 year old, i hope. Hmm... maybe when i'm 63 year old, only i'll come to realize Melvyn is actually a guy because his a grandfather then! Wow, see, i amaze myself again!

ps: Cause Mel doesn't read my Blog, so it's ok to "use his name in vain" and with no worries.
Besides, his more than 10552 km away from me, so who cares XD!! HAHA!!!

Ok retard.

Do you know?

It is sinful for your favourite food to be seafood.
Especially when it's not only fish.
And the ever sinful but i love it so much i want to marry it (then eat it)... SOTONG (i love it so much my nickname is Sotong-kia XD!)!!
(Oh yes, and crab and lobster, bamboo clam, prawn... omg...)

Do you realize how cholesterol-packed my favourite foods are? I consider myself in heaven if all 3 are served in a single meal.

But yes, very "hello-you-are-going-to-die-soon" type of diet i find. Hmph!

It should be made a natural law or something that seafoods are NOT high in cholesterol! I mean, come on lar! It's nature's gift right from the ocean (which is the best, so it should be the best too) ok! Why like that? Some more i like almost everything from the deep blue sea!! WHY!!!
Why can't they make chicken high in cholesterol or something? I can live with that! Why must the egg yoke (which i bloody love too) be the one high in cholesterol instead? Why?? (when frustrated i can ask a single "why" in 8 other languages btw)

Ok, i'm being delusional.
Do you know how difficult it is to cut down on food which you normally stuff down your throat immediately on first sight? BAH!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

HeeChul isn't well.

Update: I think i'm scaring myself, but it might be something serious. I don't know what to do now (apart from bringing her to the vet).

I don't know how i'll cope with it if something happens to her. I really don't know.


There's just something wrong with her, which i don't know what.

Sometimes how i wish i can understand animals better. Like maybe i can communicate with them some way or somehow. Then i can dedicate my life to fighting crime and the forces of evil helping animals and conservation. It's just so frustrating, it's even worst than confronting a baby who is crying his or her lungs out for no reason. At least the baby has a reason, which is no reason. With an stupid fat cat animal it's just... ARGH *pulls hair*!!!

I looked at HeeChul this morning, frustrated to the brim, and asked her what's wrong with her, and if she can tell me what's wrong with her.
She looked back at me with her beady eyes and blinked. I came up with a few theories what that might mean:
"Stop bothering me."
"I want appa."
"You're mad, you're talking to a cat."
"Yes i know i'm beautiful, stop staring."
"You forgot to bow before Her Royal Highness, but because i am Royal, and come from a noble bloodline, you are forgiven."
You know, anything is possible really.

She's going to the vet again tomorrow if she's not improving. I don't know if she's just pulling my leg, or if she really is not feeling well. BAH!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

HeeChul is sick again.

UPDATE 17/11/08: I'm worried about my fat cat.
She has been sleeping TOO MUCH (after it all)! I'm at wit's end now.


This is even worst than injuries, at least "technically", the last two times she was injured, she doesn't need to suffer as much since once the wound heal, it won't hurt.
Now she got inflamed tonsils, which could be caused by chemicals somehow, and she can't eat or drink. It hurts her. She only wants soft food now.

I wanted to cry while the doctor was examining her. He had to put her on mild anesthesia so he could look into her throat better (without her protesting and all). Although she was drowsy at the time, she was crying and screaming like mad when the doctor put this metal instrument down her throat. I feel like crying and screaming myself. Damn sakit hati lor.

After the examination, it tire her out and she just "konk" and slepy all the way home. The nurse said she'll wake up in about 4 hours, 6 for "full awareness" (because the other 2 hour is mabuk time)... but Her Royal Highness regain consciousness i think 2 hours on? And proceeded to annoy and torture us (whoever in the study room where she's confined) for the remaining hours.

Imagine stuck in a room with high-pitched non-stop meowing for at least 4 hours or more. But i am grateful at least her tonsils are not too inflamed that she can't even meow! And at least she didn't lose her appetite! VERY GRATEFUL!

I think she's sleeping now ala face-on-floor-as-if-praying-style. She always sleeps that way when she is recovering from the sedation. I think it's because she was crawling around and all, and when she think she wants to sleep, she'll just plop her head down without a care in the world.

She's on medication for the next few days until she recovers. As much as i hope it'll speed her recovery, i dread feeding her medicine because she makes such a big fuss all the time. Oh well!

Hoping for the best!

ps: I think it's karma lor. I always say i do my best to take best care of HeeChul, and also that she doesn't cost a lot. So while she *really* doesn't cost a lot, she purposely injure herself so she can cost a lot now. Not forgetting injuring herself so she can make me eat my words. Stupid cat.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


I'm talking about the game Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side: 1st Love, if you didn't play the game, chances are you wouldn't understand what i'm saying. Excuse me, but i really need to rant.

Honestly lar, it's just a game, but STILL!!
Of all the hot guys in the game, who in the world would want to date the *old man*? And what more, an old geezer? (Ok, maybe his not exactly that, but he creeps me out bad, and he is so dandy it's scary)
Something must be wrong with Konami's brain when they are creating the different characters. Contrast my Kei with that... that... EWWWWW!!! Honestly, who would want *that guy* when you have a selection of hot younger guys (i would honestly rather date Wataru than him lor)?
He creeps me out just by appearing on screen, and what more, he creeps me even further when i have to avoid him like mad, but it didn't work at all!! What wrong did i do in my life (in the game) that he have to come after me EVEN WHEN I DID NOTHING!! What part of "i-like-good-looking-hot-guys" does he not understand? (then again it's a game so i shouldn't be too serious about it but seriously, he creeps me out)
I rejected him like tons of times adee lor, to no effect, and the worst part, the affection meter just goes up WHEN I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!!! TO THE EXTEND IT RUIN THE FUN OF THE WHOLE GAME!!! WHY THE HELL YOU GIVE ME HIS CG LAR!!! I DON'T BLOODY HELL WANT HIS CG!!! WHO THE HELL WANTS HIS BLOODY CG LAR (except collectors and avid gamers, and those who like the old geezer but i honestly doubt there's any)!!! GIVE ME MY KEI'S BEAUTIFUL CG (although i already have it, but honestly there's just too little of him to go around even for just one person?)!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *pulls hair*
One whole freaking bloody day wasted because i spend the whole day on the game... but *still* couldn't get the ending i wanted. Oh my darling Kei, why oh why are you so hard to get lar!!! (then again, it's because you're the main (and hottest) character inside with no rival, that's why)

I swear Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side: 1st Love is so much more difficult than TMGS: 2nd Kiss. In the latter game, i got who i wanted in first attempt nya lor, unlike stupid TMGS: 1st Love which i spend like... so many hours playing but to no avail AT ALL (only ONCE!!). That stupid (but oh-so-beautiful) Kei is just too (super extra ultra very much) difficult to get. No wonder they twitch down the requirements for part 2. Must be because it's too difficult (in the part 1) that a lot of people (or maybe only me, the lousy gamer) complained and threatened to burn Konami's office down or something.


Very geram. I will burn the moustache of the next person who i see with a moustache. Stupid old geezer.
(then again it's partially my own fault, and maybe also some of the other bishounens fault too... but it's so much more fun to blame everything on the old geezer, because if you think about it, it really is his fault after all)

Friday, November 14, 2008

6 years.

6 freaking years of playing this one game...
(Yes i know i suck. I'm just not as dedicated to go through every game till the end unlike others. I tend to get bored quick having to be idle at one spot in front of the television.)

Either stopped halfway, or didn't get the ending i wanted... but... finally...
FINALLY... *tears of joy*
珪ちゃんや ♡!~
The true purpose of getting my 「☆けいた☆」 is finally fulfilled! やった!!


Are you feeling lonely?

Ever feel like you needed a friend? Especially in times of need?
Or you just need a friend? Someone to share with, someone to enjoy life with?

Say no more, just walk, and you'll find that special someone! Yes, it really is that easy!
Just follow the direction below.

Yes, it's *the* bridge to cross, and find the friendship you've always needed!
(Terms and conditions apply.)
What the turf.
It's only in Malaysia you find funny names lor (which only Malaysians will find funny though).

Ok, this is retarded. And i think i'm the only one who finds it funny (=v=")...

Otsuka Ai

One of my favourite Japanese female artist is no one other than Otsuka Ai, thanks to my brother's influence.

She has a very nice and special voice, and i like her songs a lot, because they are all very her! But that's of course, since she writes all her own songs!
They are either very cheerful, plain kawaii, or even weird, and my favourite are those touching to the core that i felt like crying just by listening to it, because it's just too meaningful!

I also like to call her "Ms. Repeat", because since she writes her own songs, a few of her songs always has repeated words, like in "大好きだよ。" (Daisuki da yo), she kept repeating "zutto zutto zutto". But that said, she's one heaven of a talented singer! Every song of hers is rather unique, and i like her "girl-next-door" image! She doesn't strike you as a diva despite her popularity, don't she?
And among all the different images by different artists, hers is one of my favourite! Casual, yet stylish and so Ai!

I've seen clips of her in variety shows. She's not those "fake-look-at-me-i'm-so-cute" type of artist (which is so prevalent in Japan, especially girls from Hello! Project), but rather, she's really "real" and naturally cute without even needing to try.

My favourite video of hers is definately "大好きだよ。" (Daisuki da yo). The song is so meaningful, and the PV is so touching, i cried and had watched it a dozen times i believe. I love singing this song in K, even if it means screaming my lungs out (since i'm not exactly her key and all).

Her latest singles, "ポケット" (Pocket) and "クラゲ、流れ星" (Kurage, Nagareboshi) are really meaningful, me like!

Oh have i mentioned she was the one who sang the ending theme to the first season of 花より男子! The title is "プラネタリウム" (Planetarium)!
I like that song too (^^ )!

She loves rabbits, that she even created a bunny character named "Love-chan"! Love-chan even have her own single ok (TWO to be exact)! Don't siao siao!

Then again, i think my Usagi-pon (the rabbit I, as in ME and not "Ai", created) is way cuter =P!!

And the best part about her?
Her name!!
This is her trademark "Ai" brand! Cute isn't it?

"Ai am BEST"!
Pun XD!!

"ZIG☆ZAG" by Nakaji Yuki.

Nakaji Yuki is one of my favourite manga artist!
I still remember when i first stumble upon her works. I was at this shop near my high school, and was browsing through the comics there. I believe i was bored? Anyways, i'm someone whose VERY fussy with the drawings, so i was going about wondering which should i get, when i came upon "ビーナスは片想い" (Venus wa kataomoi).

The drawing on the cover seems nice, so i just bought it. Who knows from then on, it would be an endless stalking of it's remaining books every month or so!

So far i've only read two series from her (which i chased after every month or so when i know a new book will be out (don't ask, it's a natural born-with instinct kinda stuff), that the uncle can recognize me because i'll always ask if the stock has arrived); the first one being "ビーナスは片想い" (Venus wa kataomoi), the second is "ZIG☆ZAG"!

"Venus..." is the earlier one, finished at book 12, and i love it to bits! I thought "ZIG☆ZAG" would be continuing for some time, but alas, it would be ending at book 9 (the next book i'm waiting for). And there upon i would end my trips to Pasar Malam for a good few months or so because there won't be any book i'm after, hehe!

From the two series i've read, her stories are mostly love stories within a group of young adults (or teenagers). It's all very simple and pure, innocent stories, that it makes you wish life was like that sometimes. Her characters are all very lovable, and just plain nice, and you see as the characters grow.
What i like most about her works, apart from the nice characters, "simple love story" and all, is how she incorporate really nice casual fashion to her characters! I love their clothes! She also adds sketches of accessories she likes (which mostly i like too, we probably have similar taste?) in her books, and my favourite, she'll draw a few picture-stories about her two cats "Cara" and "Mel". They are adorable!

As much as i can't wait for "ZIG☆ZAG"'s last book, it's sad that it's coming to an end. And then it'll start the "new cycle" of waiting for her new book, then (every month or so) wait for the new book's newer book, and so it goes...

(Shoujo) Manga rocks (^^ )!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


A fellow Japanese-class classmate asked how old i was, last week when i attended our Japanese class' closing ceremony (Japanese are so dedicated, i didn't even know where to stop - will Blog about it soon, i hope), so i told her i was 21 to which she replied with a shocked look. I laughed and asked her if i don't look my age (used to this kinda reaction), which she told me she thought i was 20 only.

Of course i was flattered, so far i've only met ONE person who assumed my age to be younger than what i really was (then again he/ she may just be pulling my leg, but i lap up stuffs like this rather easily honestly)... but anyways...
If you think about it, 21 and 20 is only a year apart! Can you tell whether someone is 20 or 21?? If at least a 3-year gap that's ok but... a year apart??

I know i've always said age doesn't matter, and it's ok i didn't look my age, but to be rubbed into just because of my physical size... oh gosh the agony.

ps: Speaking of which, is it me or did Hayami Mokomichi looked different from *the* Mokomichi i know from Gokusen 2 days? Surgery?
He looked SO different!! I was scratching my head when i saw him in Zettai Kareshi's live-action series, because i felt i know him, but couldn't recognize him!! And i believe all the hair on my brother's head fell off when i saw his name "速水もこみち" at the credits, because i really couldn't believe it was him! So different! Hmm...

pps: Don't ask about "my brother's hair fall-off" part, it's just typically me to be abusing them instead of myself.

Wonder Boys

This is my 3rd time posting this, but really can't help it. I'm amaze every time i see this video.

Anyways, i honestly think the boys are either really good...

Or they secretly want to be girls, and this is their only best chance to act like one, so they go full out on it.
Except my boys and SeungRi, because i honestly they are just plain good (^^ )!

I standby my earlier decision that TaeMin is the best candidate to be a girl, very cute but not too nauseating, but then that JoKwon... menyampah until two slaps across the face also not enough (but you can't deny very good lor, can dance until i doubt even WG can follow exactly).

If you're reading this you should've realize i'm just plain bo-liao! HAHA!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I hope the person who came up with the idea of "protected CD" gets pee-ed on by a dog. And a llama (plus spit). And may his car get stampede upon by a horde of angry wild buffalo even if his staying in the middle of NYC.

What's the purpose of "protected-CD"?

But they fail to consider one fact:

Seriously lar, i was trying to rip a couple of my CDs, so i can put the songs into my Ipod see...
But instead of ripping, some weird player comes out.
As much as i think it's cool to protect the copyrights of the artist and all... I WANT TO LOAD THE SONGS INTO MY IPOD!
Which part of LOADING SONGS INTO IPOD do you not understand? Do you expect me to use portable CD-player??? What happens if i want a mixture of songs?

Honestly, protected CDs are only encouraging more illegal downloads lor. Stupid gits.

And stupid Apple. What happen to good old nice and simple way to do stuffs? Why must make the Ipod so stupidly complicated?
I don't mind the complicated part actually, but what i HATE most is, why can't i transfer my songs from my Ipod to my Itunes lor (without it being too complicated)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just formatted my com see.

You may ask, why i so anxious to transfer songs from Ipod to Itunes? Well, because i want to restore my Ipod (The "Others" took over 1gb, i beh-song), and i don't want to lose all the songs i have inside!
Yes, i may add the songs into my Ipod again... but you see...
My Ipod is freaking neat ok!! I doubt you can find a neater Ipod in the world than mine, seriously! And it took me quite long to finally organize everything until so purr-fect!!
And i don't want to lose everything just like that! Just because i'm annoyed at the "Others" part but...
Gosh, i'm fussy alright. Ehem.
ALL my album covers, songs according to artist, the proper spelling of names... EVERYTHING IS SORTED NEATLY.
Yes, quite anal, i have to agree. But yeah, otherwise i get annoyed.
And i quite lazy to do everything again, although i know if put into the situation i will (do it again)... but you think i so free meh?

You know what, just forget about it. It's not like i have exactly 4gb worth of songs that i need the extra 1gb the "Others" is taking.
Besides, the same thing will probably happen again, then what i do then?

Sods, i hate this. Why i so anal lar seriously.

w-inds. is LOVE.

I'm the world's most horrible w-inds. fans.

But you can't deny they are the best!! And i love them loads even after all these years (^^ )!

Their latest single Everyday!


Update: So yeah, it turns out it's flappy because it wasn't screwed properly. So though they fixed it, genius me forgot to "check" the sound the keypad made when typed (i assumed all should be well)... so the right side still sounds funny when i type on it. I guess i'll have to get use to it. What the turf.

YEAH (^^ )!
The fan was spoilt, and it was for quite sometime that i think it fried the mother board (something like that) as well. Woops, should have sent it for service earlier!

But... the bad thing is...
I think they have to dig open my laptop or something, that one side of it is like... cacated now (= =")...
And yes, the same one side, the keypad's sound also sound wrong.

Have to send it again later, what the turf...
I hope it's not something they can't fix, otherwise... ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Throw tantrum, smack the daylights out of them, and ask them to give me a NEW laptop! Yeah!~

Ok, stop being retarded!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Holy Macaroni!

I was just thinking how much i like rock (listening to a rock song now too btw), and how i think my style is rock-casual and all the other day, and... BAND!! YAH!!!

And omg, RyeoWook KyuHyun singing with JunSu and ChangMin?
The same day, i almost bought the Neurotic Mirotic album which contains JunSu and ChangMin's badge)s the other day (^^ )!
Nyah, magnae power (except JunSu, but he qualifies!)!!

And KangIn's movie's kissing scene.
Being the curious me, i open the window, and braced myself before opening it.
I was ready... and i open the window...
An ad was blocking the pic.
I was like... all the "preparation" for nothing??
But also... it's as if like... don't want me to see?

It's funny really, at least, i find it (^^ )!
(So i saw it in the end, but somehow i'm fine, maybe because i like the actress. I can imagine if it's an actress i don't like... guarantee the world shall never have peace.)

Can I Have This Dance?

It's no cool to be crying in a public area.

I just saw KangIn and EeTeuk's latest pic, and i just teared as if on cue. I'm very thankful i didn't bawl.
Especially when i'm listening to this song!
And the lyrics are just so meaningful, it's like describing how i'm feeling!
And you can't keep us apart (even a thousand miles, can't keep us apart)
'Cause my heart is (cause my heart is) wherever you are...

Coincidentally, i was on this part just as i saw their pics!

I miss my 13 boys!!

ps: Going through 3rd Anniversary's pics, almost made myself appear like a sad kid-on-crack crying in public. Gosh.

I have a lot to catch up.

My laptop is MIA-ing.

It's going to be ONE WHOLE WEEK tomorrow.
Gosh, how did i ever survive without my laptop for one week... i don't know.

And i miss my boys.
A lot is an understatement. Words can't even describe how i felt.
I find i'm a gatal person (as usual).
When my laptop was infront of me, i was so lazy to even lift a finger (and my eyes to read too) to check on their updates, but now that my laptop's "away", i've been hungering for news. What the turp.

And also, because i was "away" (from the internet etc) for such a period of time, i find it difficult to even remember what i want to Blog about. It used to be so easy before.
To think i spend the past few hours trying "very hard" to remember what i wanted to write. BAH!!

ps: Yes, as much as i've emphasized i would avoid traveling to China, i would and will, need, want, etc etc, travel to China... just for Super Show.

Yes, i'm desperate to get married (again).

pps: KangIn's new movie Simple ManHwa (순정만화) would be out on Nov 27, the same day Twilight is out in Malaysia.
Two can play the game when it comes to affairs. HAHA!! Ok retard, bye bye.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

I really hate the bloody TOPIK examiner who marked my paper.

Seriously, i'm not a "high-achiever", but this paper is something i was *really* confident in despite not preparing well for it... not full-marks, but at least 80 plus...
But yes, "over-confidence" can ruin a person. I was a good example.
I got bloody low marks for the paper i thought "easiest", and highest mark for the paper i was always very horrible in. What is this? Candid camera?

Enough about me being bad. I know i did bad, but being me who love to rant, so i shall rant on how it's the bloody examiner's fault, and not mine.
I know, living in denial... but it's me being me. Shut up. Don't kacau me. Being mad at the examiner is much better than being mad at myself for being so incoherently dumb of the fact that i'm actually dumb enough to be dumb on a paper which is quite dumb for me that it just shows how dumb i am for getting this very dumb mark.
Thank you dumb dumb. Now don't you feel dumber just by reading the dumb remarks i just made? It's actually a evil dumbly villain-ish plot i hatched just so you'll feel as dumb as me. I know, it's a dumb method, but it works, because you're still reading what i'm saying.

So anyways...
You know what, instead of ruining my lovely karma *snorts*, i'll just go and eat more ice-cream (the "all-natural cure") and ruin my chances of being slimmer. Ooh!

Besides, it's because my brain isn't functioning properly to come out with sarcastic mean evil but witty and well-defined cryptic not-easy-to-understand curses at the poor TOPIK examiner. Yes, it's all his fault. Get over it, and blame him for everything, thank you very much.

And also because i want to go to the toilet now. Toodles!