Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Will you shut up already?

I was buying tickets online (so modern yah) last night for (probably the most anticipated movie of 2008, after 꽃미남 연쇄 테러사건, eh wait, that movie is 2007 lar. OMG how time flies. PFFT!!)... *drum rolls* TWILIGHT!
Yes, Twilight!
EDWARD *waves banner*!!
Initially we wanted to catch Wednesday's midnight screening, but after much consideration, we decided to go on Thursday morning instead, since Wednesday's screening is in the smaller cinema.
"Trust me, Edward is worth every minute of the big screen," said Monkey to Cow.
But no, Cow not going. I think they have a strict "no-farm-animal-policy" in the cinema.

So anyways, yes, while i was buying the tickets online, i got bothered to no ends by the bloody website.
No, it all went smoothly for me, but what bothered me was the constant display of 18PL sign ALL OVER THE PLACE!
Please be reminded that this movie is classified under 18PL!
18PL: Only for patrons above 18 years of age.
Like i get it already. No need to constantly shove it into my face lor!
(Ok lar, to be fair, only appeared like two-three times? But it's like rubbing in the fact that there is no need for me to "sneak" into cinemas anymore, so i not happy, and so i rant it out here. Ah, what happen to the good old days of sneaking into 18 and above movies? Oh right, it's approximately 3 years plus ago. Darns.)

Then again, i don't understand, why is the movie 18PL? The book's for young adult for Pete's sake (why Pete? Why cannot Jacquilyn or Lizzie or even Mark?)!!

Oh right, because Edward (ala Robert Pattinson) is so hot, TOO HOT, that if not for the 18PL rating, we would have the "High School Musical 3: Senior Year Troy Fan" incident all over again. Thanks GSC for being so considerate!
See, if it's 18PL, chances of little girls sneaking into the cinema is less-er (considering the fact most girls these days look younger than their age... blessing or not, it depends whether if you're an avid cinema-goer), so there's no need for us "older-patrons" having to go through the agony of "squeals and gasps" by little girls during the movie, which would've interupted the quality time spent of us ogling at Edward!
Yeah GSC!!

But of course, it's ok if us "older-patrons" squeal and gasp in the cinema, since they have no other reason to avid us legally! Mwehehehehehehe *evil laugh*!!

Ah, can't wait!! Yeah!!!

ps: Damn. This afternoon i fell asleep, for 3 hours, AFTER A BLOODY AFTERNOON SNACK!!! ARGH *pulls hair*!!
Tak boleh tak boleh, must bloody go swimming soon already, otherwise... *sobs*!!

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