Thursday, November 27, 2008

I hate day-movies.

I vow never ever to go for movies in the day again. Ever.
(Ok, maybe not that serious lar, but to start on that note sounds cool yo.)

And i don't mean those "screaming crying talking" types. Those i can take, because they usually don't mean it. Sometimes the questions they ask are even adorable, and it's usually not too bad.

Those i really can't stand, however, are those ranging from say 12 years-old to 17 years-old.

It's so annoying ok!!
This is my personal experience while watching the movie Twilight:
  • Non-stop screaming when Robert Pattinson comes on screen.
    It was even worst (tenfold) than Troyfan. At least she just squealed.
    This time, when Bobby first came on screen, it was CONTINUOUS SCREAM for at least 3 seconds or more!! What the???

  • There's this group on my same row (to my left) who kept laughing... for *no reason*.
    If it's funny, i understand. But those group of girls...
    People happy, laugh.
    People sad, laugh.
    People romantic scene, laugh.
    People plotting plans, laugh.
    People in danger, laugh.

    I so regret i didn't give them a piece of my mind. I was too caught up with Edward, that i just bear with it (seeing him more important).
    I should've shouted Korean at them, then throw Loo Yee and Cheng Yee at them. That would teach them to mess with me. I too am shock how patient i can be.

    After the movie i took a glance at them. Is it me or how twerpish can they get?
    They were all "ee ee ah ah" prancing around the seats gleeing happily like idiotic pieces of headless chickens when the movie ended. Like they never see guys on big screen before, so they all very excited. I estimate their age 15 or so?
    Some more their laugh very HORRIBLE OK!! If it sounds "nice" ok lar, to an extent. But no, it's a scary horrible laugh. Can die dot com.
    My laugh scary also i can't bear to put people through it, unless they deserve it.

Finally, the "best" for last...
There's THIS OTHER GROUP, seated at the row behind me, which made me think joining the Facebook group "After Reading Twilight, Humans Boys Just Seem Lacking" is a wise decision.
Seriously, those group of "LITTLE BABIES"...
There's this group of "teenage boys probably haven't reach puberty" sitting behind us, and they annoyed me to the extreme.
I feel like turning around, and aim rubber bands at the crotch so they can just shut up.
One of them kept kicking my chair. Told them off, then they stop. Ok, fine.

But what they can't seem to stop is those freakingishly childish cheers and laughs. Like when it comes to romantic scenes, etc... i don't know why but they kept giggling and laughing like a bunch of little girls at those parts!!
They are such an embarrassment to Edward's kind (the XY-boy-chromosome kind, not the vampire "immortal" kind) that i seriously begin to wonder if i ever did anything wrong in my life to have to suffer in this world where Edward doesn't exist, and around me seemed to be limited to this type of "little kids".

And oh behold the worst part... whenever there are intimate scenes between Bella and Edward, such as Bella lying down on the grass next to Edward... or even when they were on the bed together... you can almost immediately hear those boys whooping, or giggling.
They were expecting some "extra-intimate" scenes... you know what i mean.
To "secretly anticipate" it is one thing. To cheer and whoop is just an embarrassment. Seriously. I'm very sure they haven't reach puberty to be so obsessed and curious towards those kind of stuffs.
The "paling memalukan" is when they went to Edward's bedroom... like... omg please faster go reach puberty (and pass it) for our sake lar, PLEASE!!!

Very ruin mood one lor. Us girls (the "normal" ones anyways) are all in lovey-dovey mood, like "awwwww so sweet", suddenly a group of immature, not-yet-reach-puberty juveniles start reacting like they never seen this kind of stuffs before.
And sorry to disappoint you, Twilight don't have those type of scenes one.

It was obviously pure torment to be stuck in a cinema with a group of crazy laughing female-hyenas on the left, and a bunch of immature, childdish, not-yet-reach-puberty little "baby boys" at the back row... Thank God for Edward on the big screen.
Otherwise i might just flop and die on the spot (but not before sending them first).

GSC should have just kept the rating to 18PL.
I promise if they do so, i will stop complaining about the rating to my face all the time.
At least if 18PL, even if some did manage to sneak in because they *look* mature... at least won't have too many kacau-kacau immature kids kacau-ing my time with Edward.

Is it too much to ask for a free, peaceful time in the cinema?

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