Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Do you know?

It is sinful for your favourite food to be seafood.
Especially when it's not only fish.
And the ever sinful but i love it so much i want to marry it (then eat it)... SOTONG (i love it so much my nickname is Sotong-kia XD!)!!
(Oh yes, and crab and lobster, bamboo clam, prawn... omg...)

Do you realize how cholesterol-packed my favourite foods are? I consider myself in heaven if all 3 are served in a single meal.

But yes, very "hello-you-are-going-to-die-soon" type of diet i find. Hmph!

It should be made a natural law or something that seafoods are NOT high in cholesterol! I mean, come on lar! It's nature's gift right from the ocean (which is the best, so it should be the best too) ok! Why like that? Some more i like almost everything from the deep blue sea!! WHY!!!
Why can't they make chicken high in cholesterol or something? I can live with that! Why must the egg yoke (which i bloody love too) be the one high in cholesterol instead? Why?? (when frustrated i can ask a single "why" in 8 other languages btw)

Ok, i'm being delusional.
Do you know how difficult it is to cut down on food which you normally stuff down your throat immediately on first sight? BAH!!

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