Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bloody horrible day.

Lost a very precious pouch which i used to keep my iPod. Very pissed now. I hope the person who picked it (and decided to keep for their own instead of handing to the security) gets bad luck for the rest of his life whenever he needed good luck. Throw in some "rain after car wash", "rain when need laundry to dry", and more rain when he especially needed the sunshine. Example, maybe rain when he needed to walk into an office building for an important interview/ meeting, then he'll get all wet and made a bad impression. It's even better if right at this moment he PK. Though i won't know, at least if i do it'll make my day.
And it'll be better if his girlfriend (or boyfriend) rejects them when they are about to purpose, and (the other half) announces they are going off to overseas for studies (or promotion to another branch abroad) for another 3 years so any current plans have to be delayed. Plus the promotion he wanted is given to his colleague, not because the colleague is better, but just because he picked up my pouch and never bloody return it to me.
Ignorance is a crime. To me at least.
There are more i can say, but i believe in karma, so should shut up for now. But just so you know... there can be more.

I shouldn't even go to KLCC today to begin with lar. Bloody no point going useless trip turping asswipe piece of junk. Then i wouldn't need to waste any money, plus lost that pouch of mine. I know it's just a pouch. But i've had it for so long, and it's difficult to get. Like tahi lar. Very geram now. BAH!!!

Seriously lar, what i did wrong? Was i such a bad person i deserve all this bad luck? What did i do wrong? What bad stuffs did i do? I don't eat puppies for breakfast, i don't litter, i don't pollute (wait, since i drove to KLCC, maybe i did pollute), i don't insult people (then again, i just did, but it's justified. That person deserves it for not returning my pouch), i don't go around swearing at people... I DON'T EVEN BLOODY SWEAR!!! SO WHAT WRONG I DO??
Was it because i always take over the television when my grandmother's watching (then again she watches it the whole day, and i don't fight with her when it's the drama she wants to watch, so where's the justice in this?)? Was it because i was mean to that mosquito this morning (that thing bloody ass bit me and it hurt ok!! What was i suppose to do, let it drain all my blood?)? Was it because i've been a horrible person? Was it because i did some illegal copyright-related stuffs? Was it because i ate before dinner last night despite mom telling me not to? WHY???

It's not only the pouch matter, some accumulated stuff altogether.
It makes you question whether or not the thing called "karma" actually works (actually it does, but i'm just saying).

Today has not been a good day. Wait, that's an understatement. Today is a freaking bloody ass turping horrible day!!

I want to cry.
But it's not like crying can make the whole thing better.

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