Friday, November 14, 2008

Otsuka Ai

One of my favourite Japanese female artist is no one other than Otsuka Ai, thanks to my brother's influence.

She has a very nice and special voice, and i like her songs a lot, because they are all very her! But that's of course, since she writes all her own songs!
They are either very cheerful, plain kawaii, or even weird, and my favourite are those touching to the core that i felt like crying just by listening to it, because it's just too meaningful!

I also like to call her "Ms. Repeat", because since she writes her own songs, a few of her songs always has repeated words, like in "大好きだよ。" (Daisuki da yo), she kept repeating "zutto zutto zutto". But that said, she's one heaven of a talented singer! Every song of hers is rather unique, and i like her "girl-next-door" image! She doesn't strike you as a diva despite her popularity, don't she?
And among all the different images by different artists, hers is one of my favourite! Casual, yet stylish and so Ai!

I've seen clips of her in variety shows. She's not those "fake-look-at-me-i'm-so-cute" type of artist (which is so prevalent in Japan, especially girls from Hello! Project), but rather, she's really "real" and naturally cute without even needing to try.

My favourite video of hers is definately "大好きだよ。" (Daisuki da yo). The song is so meaningful, and the PV is so touching, i cried and had watched it a dozen times i believe. I love singing this song in K, even if it means screaming my lungs out (since i'm not exactly her key and all).

Her latest singles, "ポケット" (Pocket) and "クラゲ、流れ星" (Kurage, Nagareboshi) are really meaningful, me like!

Oh have i mentioned she was the one who sang the ending theme to the first season of 花より男子! The title is "プラネタリウム" (Planetarium)!
I like that song too (^^ )!

She loves rabbits, that she even created a bunny character named "Love-chan"! Love-chan even have her own single ok (TWO to be exact)! Don't siao siao!

Then again, i think my Usagi-pon (the rabbit I, as in ME and not "Ai", created) is way cuter =P!!

And the best part about her?
Her name!!
This is her trademark "Ai" brand! Cute isn't it?

"Ai am BEST"!
Pun XD!!

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