Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I surprise myself everyday.

So fail. Because i always think, "where there is a will, there is a way". And there's no such thing as "no solution". If there is a problem, it's usually fixable. It's only a matter whether or not you want to get it fixed!

But i failed to realize sometimes people just need to rant, like what i always like to do! After ranting, then all is well. There's no need to offer solution to problems when it's just a rant. For example, just because i rant about some stuffs very often, doesn't mean i need to get it fixed asap, right?

Gosh, brilliant eiko-chan, it only took you 21 years to figure it out. What next, only realizing that different people have different thoughts when you're 42 years-old? Oh wait, i already know that.

I guess i'll come up with something to "figure out" for when i'm 42 year old, i hope. Hmm... maybe when i'm 63 year old, only i'll come to realize Melvyn is actually a guy because his a grandfather then! Wow, see, i amaze myself again!

ps: Cause Mel doesn't read my Blog, so it's ok to "use his name in vain" and with no worries.
Besides, his more than 10552 km away from me, so who cares XD!! HAHA!!!

Ok retard.

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