Sunday, November 23, 2008


My cow is back.
My pig very layan. Me rabu her very much. (Terms and conditions apply)
Omma is... omma. Eric's.
Omma's Pupu is... grey. Er.
Micky's Lover very kindly allow me to kacau her as always, as i advised her to tell Micky to not offend their coordi or stylist again. She said she'll pass along the word (or was it the Pig?).

And i concluded i can't really stand girly-girls at all, even the slightest, which somehow is a prevailing ailment threatening to harm (or rather, already harm) young girls these days, especially those within the range of primary to secondary school.

I blame Hannah Montana for this (hey, although i enjoyed watching it, it's not like i'm going "HM" now right? Maybe HSM though!). What happened to good old Disney classic cartoons? What's wrong with good old Disney classic cartoons?

We do have a special few cases, but somehow i realize people my generation are somehow, much tougher lor, i find.
Sure we squeal, scream and rant, ramble, complain etc etc to our own girlfriends... but we don't magnify small matters as if they are worth the Crown Jewels lor. Seriously.

But like Omma said, some guys dig it (those girly girl types). I think it's because (girly girls) are a cure or it "re-enhances" their male ego or something, seeing that girl's nowadays are a lot better and much tougher that they don't even need guys, so they (those guys) do need at least some people to make them feel macho again. I guess.

Or... maybe it's just me. I like to come up with baseless conclusions.
But i do see it that some guys prefer girly girls so they can "protect" them.

Sorry but... pfft!
Learn to protect yourself before allowing yourself to be protected, don't you think?

Ooh, food!


ps: Ok lar, to be fair, i guess "girly-girls" are not exactly "too" annoying to me, but those girls who do so because of a guy's presence, in other words "fake"... er... ello, who are you trying to prove yourself to?

And very obvious, i would be the girl who would be pretending that she's not afraid and all in front of guys, but deep down she's so scared she would... yeah, she's freaking scared, but pride gets in the way.
Pride and Prejudice. Ooh!

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