Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Gem of Life.

HK (TVB) dramas are probably the only drama series i can be enthusiastic enough to "chase" everyday!! Serious! I can take like... one year to finish ONE 16-episode Korean drama series *coughLoveinHarvardcough*, but i can finish a 20+ episode HK TVB drama series in say... 2-3 days (or less)?

One of the reasons i like it most is you don't need to "look" at the screen to know what's happening, since you don't need to rely on subtitles.
I can sit in my study room while the show is showing on tee-vee outside, and *still* know what's going on. Yes, that's the power of understanding Cantonese ♡. And i thank HK TVB dramas for that (since i pick up Cantonese from watching TVB dramas when i was younger).

So yeah, "When you can live forever, what do you live for?"
For now, HK TVB dramas.
Currently watching "The Gem of Life 珠光寶氣"
It's a bloody 82-episode series.
And i told myself i'm definitely not going to watch this series after the long turmoil caused by the 40-episode Moonlight Resonance... because seriously, having to wait everyday is kinda suffering.
But typically... fail. As usual. Fullstop.

So yeah, "The Gem of Life 珠光寶氣"!

Moses Chan and Gigi Lai!!
They are so sweet together!

If not for them, i probably wouldn't watch it, because it's those "rich-people family drama" where someone will die, then will-challenging, money-fighting, lie here lie there type of drama, and how the antagonist will always win, which i don't really fancy. It's no fun having to wait till the end of the drama, only will the protagonist win.
But yeah, Moses Chan and Gigi Lai! Sweet XD! Will watch (actually watching already lor, but it's ok)!!

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