Saturday, November 29, 2008


OMG. This is damn funny. Before i forget...

I was watching Juno last night (good movie btw), then when i slept... i dream I was pregnant.
No kidding, it was like... damn real ok, i was really convinced that i was (indeed) pregnant!!
It was like a "plague" or something, a whole bunch of us got pregnant at the same time (i remember CheanVoon, Amane?)!!
But it wasn't a "big deal" or anything (in the dream), it's like, something very normal to everyone else.

This is the funny part.
Ok, so i am "pregnant" (in my dream). I was like... totally ready to have a child. You can say i'm prepared for "motherhood". I was bracing myself, along with my girlfriends, to prepare for whatever may come.

Then, i remembered something... that if i have a child... i can't go to Redang *that* easily anymore, without "something holding me back". And it's difficult to go to Redang with a baby isn't it??
At that instance, snap, i thought "ok i don't want to be pregnant anymore", and immediately... i woke up.

The ironic part is, my (handphone's) alarm rang at the same time... and it was the song "浪花一朵朵" from the movie Summer Holiday, which was filmed in Redang XD!!

OMG, seriously. Redang. Me. Really. Omg.

Then i fell asleep again, and dream of a scary "ghost-like" situation which happened in my old house, but i'm not scared. At all.
Gee, i must reevaluate whether am i "that brave"... or just in my dream nya. Somehow i always appear to myself as being a timid person when it comes to this kinda stuff.

And i found a lot of stickers (ㅠ.ㅠ)... oh why!!

Yeah, my dreams are always that weird, hehehe!

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