Sunday, November 16, 2008

HeeChul is sick again.

UPDATE 17/11/08: I'm worried about my fat cat.
She has been sleeping TOO MUCH (after it all)! I'm at wit's end now.


This is even worst than injuries, at least "technically", the last two times she was injured, she doesn't need to suffer as much since once the wound heal, it won't hurt.
Now she got inflamed tonsils, which could be caused by chemicals somehow, and she can't eat or drink. It hurts her. She only wants soft food now.

I wanted to cry while the doctor was examining her. He had to put her on mild anesthesia so he could look into her throat better (without her protesting and all). Although she was drowsy at the time, she was crying and screaming like mad when the doctor put this metal instrument down her throat. I feel like crying and screaming myself. Damn sakit hati lor.

After the examination, it tire her out and she just "konk" and slepy all the way home. The nurse said she'll wake up in about 4 hours, 6 for "full awareness" (because the other 2 hour is mabuk time)... but Her Royal Highness regain consciousness i think 2 hours on? And proceeded to annoy and torture us (whoever in the study room where she's confined) for the remaining hours.

Imagine stuck in a room with high-pitched non-stop meowing for at least 4 hours or more. But i am grateful at least her tonsils are not too inflamed that she can't even meow! And at least she didn't lose her appetite! VERY GRATEFUL!

I think she's sleeping now ala face-on-floor-as-if-praying-style. She always sleeps that way when she is recovering from the sedation. I think it's because she was crawling around and all, and when she think she wants to sleep, she'll just plop her head down without a care in the world.

She's on medication for the next few days until she recovers. As much as i hope it'll speed her recovery, i dread feeding her medicine because she makes such a big fuss all the time. Oh well!

Hoping for the best!

ps: I think it's karma lor. I always say i do my best to take best care of HeeChul, and also that she doesn't cost a lot. So while she *really* doesn't cost a lot, she purposely injure herself so she can cost a lot now. Not forgetting injuring herself so she can make me eat my words. Stupid cat.

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