Thursday, November 13, 2008


A fellow Japanese-class classmate asked how old i was, last week when i attended our Japanese class' closing ceremony (Japanese are so dedicated, i didn't even know where to stop - will Blog about it soon, i hope), so i told her i was 21 to which she replied with a shocked look. I laughed and asked her if i don't look my age (used to this kinda reaction), which she told me she thought i was 20 only.

Of course i was flattered, so far i've only met ONE person who assumed my age to be younger than what i really was (then again he/ she may just be pulling my leg, but i lap up stuffs like this rather easily honestly)... but anyways...
If you think about it, 21 and 20 is only a year apart! Can you tell whether someone is 20 or 21?? If at least a 3-year gap that's ok but... a year apart??

I know i've always said age doesn't matter, and it's ok i didn't look my age, but to be rubbed into just because of my physical size... oh gosh the agony.

ps: Speaking of which, is it me or did Hayami Mokomichi looked different from *the* Mokomichi i know from Gokusen 2 days? Surgery?
He looked SO different!! I was scratching my head when i saw him in Zettai Kareshi's live-action series, because i felt i know him, but couldn't recognize him!! And i believe all the hair on my brother's head fell off when i saw his name "速水もこみち" at the credits, because i really couldn't believe it was him! So different! Hmm...

pps: Don't ask about "my brother's hair fall-off" part, it's just typically me to be abusing them instead of myself.

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