Friday, November 14, 2008

"ZIG☆ZAG" by Nakaji Yuki.

Nakaji Yuki is one of my favourite manga artist!
I still remember when i first stumble upon her works. I was at this shop near my high school, and was browsing through the comics there. I believe i was bored? Anyways, i'm someone whose VERY fussy with the drawings, so i was going about wondering which should i get, when i came upon "ビーナスは片想い" (Venus wa kataomoi).

The drawing on the cover seems nice, so i just bought it. Who knows from then on, it would be an endless stalking of it's remaining books every month or so!

So far i've only read two series from her (which i chased after every month or so when i know a new book will be out (don't ask, it's a natural born-with instinct kinda stuff), that the uncle can recognize me because i'll always ask if the stock has arrived); the first one being "ビーナスは片想い" (Venus wa kataomoi), the second is "ZIG☆ZAG"!

"Venus..." is the earlier one, finished at book 12, and i love it to bits! I thought "ZIG☆ZAG" would be continuing for some time, but alas, it would be ending at book 9 (the next book i'm waiting for). And there upon i would end my trips to Pasar Malam for a good few months or so because there won't be any book i'm after, hehe!

From the two series i've read, her stories are mostly love stories within a group of young adults (or teenagers). It's all very simple and pure, innocent stories, that it makes you wish life was like that sometimes. Her characters are all very lovable, and just plain nice, and you see as the characters grow.
What i like most about her works, apart from the nice characters, "simple love story" and all, is how she incorporate really nice casual fashion to her characters! I love their clothes! She also adds sketches of accessories she likes (which mostly i like too, we probably have similar taste?) in her books, and my favourite, she'll draw a few picture-stories about her two cats "Cara" and "Mel". They are adorable!

As much as i can't wait for "ZIG☆ZAG"'s last book, it's sad that it's coming to an end. And then it'll start the "new cycle" of waiting for her new book, then (every month or so) wait for the new book's newer book, and so it goes...

(Shoujo) Manga rocks (^^ )!

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