Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I hope the person who came up with the idea of "protected CD" gets pee-ed on by a dog. And a llama (plus spit). And may his car get stampede upon by a horde of angry wild buffalo even if his staying in the middle of NYC.

What's the purpose of "protected-CD"?

But they fail to consider one fact:

Seriously lar, i was trying to rip a couple of my CDs, so i can put the songs into my Ipod see...
But instead of ripping, some weird player comes out.
As much as i think it's cool to protect the copyrights of the artist and all... I WANT TO LOAD THE SONGS INTO MY IPOD!
Which part of LOADING SONGS INTO IPOD do you not understand? Do you expect me to use portable CD-player??? What happens if i want a mixture of songs?

Honestly, protected CDs are only encouraging more illegal downloads lor. Stupid gits.

And stupid Apple. What happen to good old nice and simple way to do stuffs? Why must make the Ipod so stupidly complicated?
I don't mind the complicated part actually, but what i HATE most is, why can't i transfer my songs from my Ipod to my Itunes lor (without it being too complicated)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just formatted my com see.

You may ask, why i so anxious to transfer songs from Ipod to Itunes? Well, because i want to restore my Ipod (The "Others" took over 1gb, i beh-song), and i don't want to lose all the songs i have inside!
Yes, i may add the songs into my Ipod again... but you see...
My Ipod is freaking neat ok!! I doubt you can find a neater Ipod in the world than mine, seriously! And it took me quite long to finally organize everything until so purr-fect!!
And i don't want to lose everything just like that! Just because i'm annoyed at the "Others" part but...
Gosh, i'm fussy alright. Ehem.
ALL my album covers, songs according to artist, the proper spelling of names... EVERYTHING IS SORTED NEATLY.
Yes, quite anal, i have to agree. But yeah, otherwise i get annoyed.
And i quite lazy to do everything again, although i know if put into the situation i will (do it again)... but you think i so free meh?

You know what, just forget about it. It's not like i have exactly 4gb worth of songs that i need the extra 1gb the "Others" is taking.
Besides, the same thing will probably happen again, then what i do then?

Sods, i hate this. Why i so anal lar seriously.

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