Thursday, November 27, 2008

"When you can live forever what do you live for...?"

Edward Cullen.
Nuff said.

ps: Will update soon about the movie. I LOVE IT!!
It's worth waking up early in the morning (well, not *that* early) just to catch it ASAP! Finally... after waiting so long!
Can you believe i still have that surreal feel? Even now? I still can't believe i had watched it XD!!

pps: I hate little girls in cinemas when watching hot guys. Seriously annoying. I feel like giving them two tight slaps around the face, kick up the ass, shove their head down the toilet bowl, then air dry them on top of a tower so lighting can strike them.

Yes, i am THAT annoyed!
From no onwards, i'm willing to pay additional RM2-5 JUST SO to watch the movie at night, where other patrons would not be as annoying as those little girls.

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