Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Law Ball 07'!

Thats right, last Sat was the Law Ball '07!

A night of glamour and yadda yidda yadda, hehe, don't know what else to add =P!

Sorry for the delay (typical =P!), anyways, Ah Ma and Tracy (Dang, i forgotten Sam's Blog again!) had blogged about it wayyy~ earlier than me (Shall not link NaiMa until she removed that hideous picture of me =P! Hehehe!)!

I'll start with what happened that day, so beware, long-winding, full-of-blabbering post =P!

I woke up around 11am (overslept), bath and proceeded to pick LooYee up so we could go Times Square to catch WuZhun and DansonTang together =D!

The journey was, if i may say, smooth, though we got kinda stucked before reaching Times Square, around Jalan Imbi, where we wanted to go for lunch before heading to the showcase.

Chicken rice, yum!! Thanks to cousNic for introducing to me that place years ago =D! Finally got a chance to "return" to the place!!

Somehow the road to TS was kinda jam (Jalan Imbi), but we got there "just nice" lar after lunch! Though Michelle-unnie end up having to wait for me for quite awhile =P! Mianhae unnie!

Long story cut short, we thought they weren't coming (alot alot alot of mountains of people!), so we went to do our own shopping when really... they DID come!

So instead of heading to the car we detour to the stage there to at least catch a glimpse of them! I mean, "wasting" right if we come all this way but didn't see them when they are already here? Like, 300m away from us? If not for all the other heads around us we could definately see them CLEAR!

But the very geram thing was... i purposely go there for Danson Tang, because i really really really like him (Yes YoungWoon, you first than him, and also SiWon, KyuHyun, RyeoWook, EeTeuk, EunHyuk, KiBum, HeeChul, DongHae, ShinDong, YehSung, SungMin, HanKyung... gosh i love you guys most XD!~)!

Ehem, back to the story, ehehe... I like to see WuZhun too, but i mean, i wouldn't have went there if it wasn't for Danson Tang honestly!

There was a large crowd on stage (autograph session), but luckily, i manage to get a CLEAR VIEW of WuZhun... and also... Danson's forehead (= =")... ONLY...

Damn "char dou", purposely went there for Danson but... but...

Why do i want a clear view of WuZhun lar honestly (>< )! I mean, i want to see him in real-life, to see if his really THAT good-the-looking (But SiWon is better btw! All SuJu members XD!!~ And i mean it, not being bias =P!), but but... I WENT THERE FOR DANSON!!

If not for the prom i would've stayed till the end and at least, maybe i'll manage to get a good glimpse of THE REASON I WENT THERE FOR but... haih...

So anyways, due to the "detour", i ended up reaching home LATE! Like real late, 6pm?

And there was a "fashion-disaster" (hehe, no hair accessories =P!) so i ended up reaching the hotel fashionably late, yes, pun intended, at around 8.41pm or so?

And i thought i was the latest, but NaiMa saved my butt XP!~ Hehehe!

Anyways, everyone looked SO GORGEOUS XD!~

But i honestly feel abit the underdress due to my ehem, "detour", i FORGOT alot of stuffs...

Forgot necklace, camera, "extra-accessories" etc etc!

Hehe, the "fashion-disaster" was because i forgot to mention earlier to my cousin to help me with my hair, so she didn't bring anything, and i didn't have anything! So we had to make do with WHATEVER THINGS i have =P!

And she's so good, i have NOTHING also she can turn something out =D! Its just a simple-do, but i REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE MY HAIR XD!~ Tee-hee!~

Thanks alot cousinNic =D! You're such a gem! You're a STAR XD!~ For always helping me with my make-up and make me look pretty-pretty all the time =D!

My miracle-maker XD!~
*dances to song Miracle*

For anyone who wants professional make-up at a reasonable and affordable price, please do look for my cousinNic =D (say you're my friend got further discount one!)!

"Living portfolios", me =P, and of course, AuntieAmane, who thought my cousin was some "artist" or something! The thing is her make-up's already "melted" one (whole day adee mar)!

That, is proof why my cousin rocks =D! Melted make-up also look like artist, kekeke!

No cous, i'm not trying to promote you or whatever, i not so free want to promote you =P! Hahahahahahahahaha!

I'm just saying THE TRUTH!

=D! Tee-hee!~

Ok, love to chat, but got SOMETHING to do =P! Hehehe!

So i'll just let the pictures do the talking =D!

Hehe, i forgotten my camera, so very little pics =P! Will try to get the other pics from the rest and upload them... sometime later =P?


There is actually this "game" that night, where we have to solve a "murder-case"! We have to find out who is the murderer was and what weapon used!

At the "weapon table", or evidence table?, it says there "don't touch", but the first thing i do upon being there was... erm... touch the stuffs on the table (=v=")...

Seated at our table was of course:
The gorgeous girls!

And the guy:

Sorry but i missed out NaiMa and NaiPa and also Ma and Pa's solo pic, that is why i didn't make a "solo-profile" such as above for you guys! SORRY!

But there is the whole table's picture together!... "sort-of" =P!

(From R-L, clockwise: Mel, Sam, Tracy; Jamie, Cheryl; Mak, Jacyn; NaiMa and NaiPa!

Of course, proms could never be complete without... FOOD XD!~

Sorry, only manage to get pictures of this two dish, the first one and my favourite one (^^;)... ok, the first one was also good too actually! Ooh, and also THE PRAWN XD!~

I love you NaiMa! Thanks SO SO SO MUCH for helping me remove the prawn shells (isn't there a better term for "prawn-shell-removal"? Cincai lar!)!

I love love love prawns, but i HATE HATE HATE the removing-shell part!

NaiMa is so nice, MUCH MUCH MUCH better than stupid XiaoDi!

When the prawns came, i actually approached XiaoDi to help me one, but he asked me to do it myself (= =")...

XiaoDi, you lost points in "gentleman-ness" here! Do you know during the hideous evil soup (kekeke =P!) after the server finished filling all the bowls, NaiPa actually stood up and helped serve us girls?

And you can actually throw a fit when we hid your bowl of soup (= =")...

Ok lar, must give credit to XiaoDi too, because he helped ErJie with the prawns and i complain to him, then only he give me one prawn...

One freaking-tiny-small prawn...



And also DaJie =D!

Okies, here's some pics which i've randomly snapped throughout the night!


Ok, gtg now, will try to get the pics from others asap and erm... perhaps upload ne =D! Heehee!~



야, 애기야...


엄마도 심심해 (-┏)...

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I love my cousinNic (I NEED A NICKNAME FOR YOU!!) for putting up with my SuJu stories XD!

Which are mostly KangIn-based XD!

And also RyeoWook!


... eh?


Did i just named out all 13 of them again?

So typical (-┏)!



Whose all the way, FAR FAR AWAY, in Korea now!

I'll Blog more about that next time, when Auntie comes back (or mails me the package, since she don't want to come back adee XD!)!


Ah~, and i don't love BiBi, but i love her for accompanying me to be good friends in "malfunctioning brains due to holidays" pals XD!

I have so many things to do everyday, but can't seem to put myself to do it!

Hmm... that doesn't seem to be a "malfunctioning point"...

What the hell, my brain malfunctions all-the-time (-┏)!

... What am i saying now?


See, another good point to prove my "malfunctioning act"?


Edit 10:21pm
I hate the government for the strict implements on piracy (>< )! Purposely went OU just now... wasted effort! Want to buy cream-puffs... HABIS!


Hopefully tomorrow the place i go to will have, otherwise i'm going to... i'm going to...




What can i do lar, honestly

I'm a duck...

From this quiz thing which i found in BiBi's Blog!

Ooh, and honestly, i really like this one (^^ )!
You Belong in New York City

You're the energetic, ambitious type.
And only NYC is fast enough for you.
Maybe you'll set yourself up with a killer career
Or simply take in all the city has to offer.

Honestly, i was always fascinated by NYC!

I don't know why really... maybe its from the movies (The Devil Wears Prada etc etc! WOOT!)? CSI: NY?

But i guess its a safer bet to say it was Shopaholic Takes Manhattan =D?

Gosh, i LOVEEEEE Sophie Kinsella's books! Especially the Shopaholic series!

And i find Luke Brandon is sorta "my purr-fect guy" type!

Long story, lazy explain. Ask me bah!

Though, i've just re-read the whole series again, and i find something "wrong"!

All along Luke has DARK HAIR...

But somehow since the age when i started the Shopaholic series (Thanks to Amanda dear for highly recommending it, and Auntie dear for starting me on Sophie Kinsella's books!), i somewhat has imagined Luke Brandon has...



I don't know why, but in my imagination he has BLONDE HAIR and it was stucked ever since! So it was kinda a "shock" to find that he has dark hair...

I need to pay more attention, fix my brain, or stop reading books before i sleep...

Long story again, lazy explain. Don't ask. Hehehe!

Oh, you know the Aussie blonde, the really cute doctor from the series House? Dr. Chase i think? Yeap, thats the guy who was portrayed as Luke Brandon in my imagination!

And i-don't-know-why-but-somehow-its-like-that, the Luke Brandon in my imagination, though blonde, has a similiar hairstyle to my little boy ChangMin XD!!

I think its during the "O"-period punya hairstyle? Shoulder-length, slight curl at the end or something!

So thats why it kinda surprised when i heard BiBi don't really like Luke Brandon!! I kinda forget that every different person has a different "Luke-Brandon-imagination" =P!

Ah, being Becky Bloomwood is really nice ne? Its like, LIFE'S SO PURR-FECT there!

I want a best friend like Suze too XD!~


Ehem ehem setting Shopaholic aside... hehe...

I have alot to talk about it but i'll just let it rest (Lazy would be the word =P!)... for now...

Hmm, i think i need to reconsider Kacy's nickname as ShopaholicKacy adee! I mean, its obvious she has more sense and logic than the term "shopaholic" i have in mind!

I mean, she doesn't have a kayak or inflatable raft (or fencing equipments) in her home just because they are on SALE right?

Ooh, and actually have ALOT of things i want to Blog, like about the PROM and all...

But as usual...

Lazy =P!

TEE-HEE *runsaway and hide*!~

Monday, May 28, 2007


Reading back what i post last night...


I really should start sleeping early, fix my brain (as usual, breakdown adee and needed maintenance), and all those stuffs !

I'm so random that i'm so proud of myself !!

Ooh, and i'm so proud of BabyHyun's Japanese skills, because he have a good teacher (ME!!) !!!

Oh, and my cat is SO WEIRD (Like owner, can't blame her =P!)!

He has a fetish for Hironobu's smelly shoes and slippers (= =")...

She was playing with his slippers, biting it and all and i went over, took away one side of my bro's slippers and gave her mine (mine smells good one =D!)...

She look look for awhile...

And wriggles to the other pair on the other side and continue biting (= =")...

And i have yet to bath her yet! WARGH!

Either the bloody exam or the bloody weather (not sunny, so can't bath her yet)!!


Ooh, and i had a very good dream last night XD!~



Just in case...

If anyone missed this: 10 Random Facts About Myself

Though i'm sure it'll not be missed =D!

Because i had posted and written so much these few days its bound to be at the bottom of the page, and afraid people would skip reading the newer posts and thus miss this one, cause... I REALLY WROTE ALOT THESE DAYS (and loving it XD!~)!!

Anyways, the reason for me bringing this up is just that i'm going to add some MORE into my random facts!

I mean, its only appropriate isn't it? I'm just so random that 10 is not enough (13 XD!~)!

But not now, my brain cells are dying from the previous exam-stress, slow internet speed, washing hair too much, constant late-night-sleeps, unorganized computer files, and increase in body weight, that the reason i'm still alive now is because Super Junior are my life-support system and... it really works !~

*flies to sleep*



Ooh, and in "reply" to no.10 in my 10 Random Facts About Myself list... and also the reason my brain cells are dying as above...

I've tons of SuJu files in my lappie...

But i haven't got the time to organize them properly that i'm feeling really "stressed" from it now (= =")...

And also loads of pics and files from the main com...


*runs to TeddyBear*


I feel so "blargh" =(...

One, now when i write SuJu members' names randomly, i tend to sometimes leave out someone, usually SungMin, RyeoWook or KyuHyun (>< ) ("Blargh" this!)! Two, my "talent" in head-count has finally "failed" me.
I mean, i'm still "talented" in being able to count if all 13 (or less, depending) of them are on stage at one go (Like, seriously, i'm really good at it!)... but i've failed in being able to recognize which member is performing and who is not (and this)...

Three, i love HeeNim's new hair, but his new hair also makes it harder to distinguish him immediately from the others (this especially, "BLARGH"!)!
Whats with HeeNim not performing for a good half-year with the boys, it still surprises me when i see him performing that... hey, it makes me happier actually XD (Ok, no "blargh" about this part!)!~
Except not being able to distinguish him immediately part!

And i got all my parts wrong in the song U, and i can recognizes all of their voices except HeeNim... i mean, how ironic can that get?

Told you my brain cells are dying (>< )! And no, you may not blame it SuJu for it, because its NOT!!

Gosh, i really am "gibberishing" now! FASTER GO SLEEP FIRST!


Uri Super~~ A-i-yah~~~!!~~~~~

Don't ask about the title, i guess you'll find out about it soon enough =P!~


After putting off my lappie for a week, i finally on it (only to be greeted by the bloody malfunctioning MSN, bah!) and i should feel happy right?

Not exactly...

The MSN made me feel like strangling it, and somehow i'm starting to feel SOMETHINGS WRONG with my freaking lappie as well.
MSN definately reinstalling, but i'll just hold off the idea of formating my lappie... for now.

Anyways, happy stuffs...


Gosh, i was so backdated in Super Junior news, but now, hehe, I'M BACK =D!

And warning, super full fangirly mode ahead!

Now that my darling collegemates are reading my Blog too, i don't want to scare them by not giving them "some warning" and all of a sudden unleash my fangirly side on them that they scare themselves, change their names and migrates to Alaska *grins sheepishly*!

Ok, thats just a joke, i think the place will be Antartica right guys =P?


I'm not going to hold back what i'm going to write anyways, i just write what i want (my Blog dei XD!~) and i'm just being me =D!

Anyways, i was happily spazing and chatting with my cousinNicole, and typically, being all fangirly and all as usual, and she called me hamsap XD!

Note, i'm not exactly delighted in being called hamsap lar! I just don't mind, cause... its true =P!

And i actually thought i scared my cousin!... but honestly, if you think deeply, she've known me SINCE BIRTH so she's used to it already!

And i wouldn't say, "if she hasn't, she'll have to get use to it", because its OBVIOUS she's used to it XD!~

Hehehe, i feel Auntie must be laughing her head off now if she reads this, and mind, she'll feel the need to want to migrate to Mars if not because she's use to me and my craziness XD!

Ditto to her =P!

Like... seriously =D!

And so do all my dear cousins, and like said, they've known me since the day i came to this world so, no surprise there ne =P?

Anyways, back to what i want to say...


I can stop grinning everytime i see Teuky on Shukira! Because it means one thing...


Now just wait for my beloved Baby and... YEAH XD!~

But honestly, i feel like taking hyung's vest and throwing it away! I've seen it so many times its like he didn't change his clothes (= =")...

Super Junior had a group performance again after so long!

Well, not exactly "very long" lar i guess, but after all thats happen, its a happy thing XD!
So i'm not going to complain about knowing about the broadcast late or whatsoever (even though i feel like strangling Clubbox cause i can't wait to watch the performance but it isn't loading fast enough!)!

Why my cous called me hamsap?

Because i was spazzing over a topless HeeChul XD! Hehehe!

Anyway it turned into a debate on whose bod is hotter later, which typically i acted like i'm an expert in Super Junior's bods (=v=")...

Which is TRUE, but i'm just going to be all humble and act like what i just said is a "joke" *angelic smile*!

I mean honestly, of all the hours i spend spazzing over them, if i didn't know who has a hot body i should just go stuff my head down my toilet bowl right?

Well, a "hot bod" to my standards anyways! With everyone having different tastes and all!

I don't really have "specific requirements" for me to consider one to be "hot" anyways! What i feel most important would be a healthy look, and "it fits you"!

Just as long as you're not like Malik Noor, or long and lanky and dancing as if your hands about to fly off like Johnny's Jr then i'm satisfied already!

So technically, Super Junior members had passed my "required-standard" 13 times over XD!~

I'm being slightly bias, but its the truth, so same-same lar!

Oh yah, and our HeeNim Kim HeeChul DOES have a GOOD BOD!
Its not "anything great", mind, but its definately not what everyone is thinking (skinny lanky etc)! He has a very nice healthy bod =3!~

Actually there's ALOT of things i wanted to say but somehow my brain can't digest them properly to regurgitate any out in proper form!

If i were to just blah it out now it would appear as if i'm gibberish, so... yeah...

I'll just leave it as it is here =P!


ps: Ooh, cousinNic (I NEED A NICKNAME FOR YOU!!) is forbidding me to eat watermelon from now onwards and i got all poutty because:

One, i LOVEEEE~~ watermelon!

Two, its like forbidding me to ever go near KangIn again (>< )! Because i call KangIn "SuBak Kang", or "Watermelon Kang" (Apart from his "TeddyBear Kang"! For being my big teddy bear XD!~), so asking me to abstain from watermelon is kinda asking me to stay away from him! Nyats!

I call my YoungWoon that because he reminds me of one of my favourite fruit, watermelon!


pps: Kim YoungWoon is LOVE XD!~


I think my lappies down with some contagious, serious, excrutiating, dangerous, annoying virus courtesy of my college com's friendly neighbourhood virus.


Long story, but still ok, i mean, have you ever use any com whose not "siao" before?

Anyways, though the most annoying crap one is the MSN.

The MSN part annoys me in the sense it'll "hang" by itself for no apparent reason. And i hate it because it usually happens when i'm in the middle of an important national-secret" conversation with my cousins and friends!

Very very annoying!

If once nevermind, BUT it'll happen again every other minute or so!

I could've uninstall it and re-install it again, but i couldn't bear losing all my lovely emoticons and all, ESPECIALLY my beautiful beach background!

Well i will do so lar... i mean, MSN is annoying me to the core! Really!

But i just have to wait for my lovely cousinNicole to come my house! Then i can happily re-install it!
Long story, lazy explain =P!

You can say i can surely live without my emoticons and and my that beach background...

Emoticons, i don't mind. But my background...

Always keep in mind that i love the beach, the sea and the ocean.

So sue me, but i can NEVER use MSN without that background, which i've been using eversince i started MSN!

Its so important to me, that whenever i lose it you'll see me asking NORTH SOUTH EAST WEST just for that background!

I lost it once, and tried to "live" without it...
Failed miserably! So miserably i almost vow not to use MSN anymore and thank God my darling niece YingYing got it and saved my life!

Yes, i know i'm such a drama-princess, live with it!

And after getting it, i send it to all my family and friends so they can keep it for me, and in case i lose it again (with MSN so siao, NEVER feel "safe"!) i can ask them back for it =D!

Yeah me XD!~

So yeah, that background is really important to me!

Its just not the same if i use my MSN on my own com WITHOUT that background =)!

Ok, i get side-tracked again... as usual =P!

BTW, from the time i opened this "Create Post" page till now (1:05am)... my bloody MSN has hang and shut-down by itself THREE FOUR FIVE SIX TIMES without any apparent notice OR reason.

If at least the previous message people sent me (i had no chance of reading it first, cause it hangs and i can't open the window AT ALL to read it) still remains after i reopen it, then its still not so "gek"!

But no, they don't...

Its like they disappear with the wind.


The first two times it hangs and i can't open the window at all after minimizing it...

Then matter got worst cause i typing halfway it'll announce its shutting down and WILL shut down just like that!

I think i'm going to go get my MSN re-installed ALONG with my laptop reformatted!

Very annoying me adee! GRR!

Idiotic bloody freaking college com's friendly neighbourhood virus!


More reasons to hate it and be annoyed:

Talking happily with my cousinNicole about my YoungWoon and ShinDong...

Talking happily with my cousinAnna about the stuffs i sent her, and she was telling me how cute my darling nephew Brandon was...

When it just hangs and auto-shut-down like that, the conversation had to stop cause i couldn't stay longer to type "MY MSN IS SIAO!" before they kick me out and auto-shut-down again.



On the plus side, rejoice people! For i'll be posting up pics from my prom (last Sat night) soon =D!

Everyone looks so pretty and dashing!
Well... except me, honestly!
I feel i put my cousinNicole to shame after all her efforts, because...

I'll just leave it for that post lar! Hehe, look out for it!~

Saturday, May 26, 2007






Apart from getting to hear all the wonderful stories i'll be bombarding her to tell when she gets back...



Ooh, and although i always ask people who went to Korea this, this time with Auntie going to Korea i get to "hear the truth for myself" too!

Because we usually agree when it comes who we think is lengcais and lengluis, so Auntie will be telling me if its true that there's no good-looking guys or pretty girls out in the streets of Korea =D!

Come to think of it, they've all become members of Super Junior, Shinhwa and TVfXQ! and etc etc adee! So i honestly doubt if there'll be anymore left =P!


Ooh, and getting to eat REAL dohbokki!


BTW Auntie, do you know that when you come back from oversea you'll give off a different aura? Can smell one!
Ok, i'm not and never going to smell you, and i don't mean the smell punya smell lar, but you can feel a different aura coming out from people who just came back from overseas one!

Maybe its the airplane cabin smell, pressure or something, but sure enough, "different vibe"!

Ooh, maybe its from inhaling another country's culture!

Woo, i really love culture exploring honestly! They're always so wonderful and interesting!

That said, i find Asian cultures, tribes and all far much more interesting and fascinating than Western one, honestly speaking =P!

I think its because i really like my own self-created "pray-for-rain" or "no-traffic-jam" the tribal "wu-ga-cha-ka" dance! Thats why i'm so fascinated with Asian or tribal cultures =P!

Hehe, but though she's the one who is going and should be excited, i feel i more excited than her (=v=")...

Setting aside my ulterior motive, not saying anything about it for now!

Anyways, i'm really excited as well, because apart from getting to hear stories from Auntie, just now i get to "invade" Auntie's luggage bag with LooYee! ITS SO FUN XD!

And nag her into bringing this and that and all! Ensuring she brought everything!

I call her "Auntie" but i think i more like her Grandma (=v=")...

LooYee can be the Great Grandma btw, cause she abit the nyanyuk just now =P!

Ok, better go to sleep now, tomorrow is going to be a BUSY BUSY DAY! Loads to do!



ps: I SS mad in Auntie's house just now watching SS501 and Super Junior (=v=")... as much as everyone in the room is use to it adee (like seriously use to it, they don't have any expression or feel surprise anymore when they see me SS!)... i hope i didn't scare her neighbours =P!

pps: Just now we were discussing if we could go live in another country, where would we choose!
Auntie chose France (eii~ you want to be chau-chau?), LooYee chose England (Oi! I love you Brits XD!~ I guess you can call me an anglophile?), and they ask me WHERE would i choose?

I shyly look up at them and say, "Malaysia!"

"WHY?!" they chorus together.

"Because there's good food and OU here *big grin*!"

"..." nothing to say.

Teehee, ITS TRUE you know =P!

Friday, May 25, 2007


Reading back my previous post...

I'm so fangirly I LOVE MYSELF XD!

And i love Super Junior XD!!~

Its just so me!~ So typically me =D!

Please do accept me for who i am and don't give judgements, because i'm just being ME!
I have no plans nor desire to change myself in order to suit anyone anyway *snort*, so its rather pointless for comments =P!

I'm just being me, and i like it!

Like what Hironobu always says:
"Whatever floats your boat..."

(And alot alot alot more of other stuffs too really XD!~)

And there are much more reasons to that!~


Ok, go study, haven't read anything yet (= =")...

From Sunshine to Rainy Day

After the exam yesterday, although there's still one more to go tomorrow (today), i can't help but to feel so happy!

I was smiling so happily like a mad woman, and SS the whole day, though which... Auntie reminded me, even before exams i always SS one, so it doesn't make any difference (= =")!

Ok, its true, i admit =D!

How can you not when you think of your most precious and couldn't help but to just smile at the thought of them!

Anyways, i've been feeling especially happy since yesterday's exams!

Even though i practically screw every single paper, but i was really happy as if someone just feed me laughing gas the minute i walk out from the exam room!

I was laughing while telling people how i screw up my paper!

Yeah, especially happy!

But i gatal go YouTube and watch the clips when SuJu is in Malaysia.


Seeing SungMin standing at the shops near to Kotaraya, WHERE I HAD BEEN BEFORE!

Seeing KangIn, KyuHyun, HanKyung, EunHyuk and Donghae outside Sungei Wang, WHERE I HAD BEEN BEFORE!

Seeing the whole of SuJu at the traffic light near Lot-10, WHERE I HAD BEEN BEFORE!

Seeing SiWon at some random monorail station, WHICH I PROBABLY HAD BEEN THERE BEFORE!

Seeing YehSung, EeTeuk, SiWon, ShinDong throwing SungMin in the air outside Pudu Jail, WHERE I HAD PASSED BY BEFORE!

Seeing HeeChul standing at the bridge at some random place in Putrajaya/ Cyberjaya where i had never been before BUT HEY, I WOULD GO THERE SOMEDAY!

Seeing EeTeuk and EunHyuk crossing the street at Petaling Street, which i'm sure, I WAS THERE BEFORE!


All this describing just makes me MORE EMO!

I miss them SO SO SO MUCH!

And i freaking regret not chasing them when they were here last year, although i was really grateful for the dinner with them, but i would've been happier if i get to chase them even much more to not regret this much!

At that time, think about it, while i'm at home rolling around they were actually like, less than 100km AWAY from me!

Nearer than NOW!

Heck, do you know that up till this day, i still get emo EVERYTIME i watch the Dancing Out MV? To the extend, i get emo even when watching news clips of them when they are in Malaysia!

And it was actually VERY DIFFICULT for me to put myself to watch Dancing Out the first time! Because i get too emo when it starts playing that i end up closing it!

I've got a couple of their news clip of when they were in Malaysia, although i thought i was OK adee with watching the clips, BUT everytime i play it i'll just close it back immediately after, because the thought that i didn't get to see them as much as i would've like last time hurts!

And to the extend, EVERYTIME i pass by the places where i knew they were there before (StarHill, Lot-10, Sungei Wang, Regent Hotel, Prince Hotel, Putrajaya, Cyberjaya, Saujana Hotel (Subang), Times Square, Pudu Jail, Pasar Seni, Petaling Street, ALL THE PlACES!), but because i wasn't there because I DIDN'T START CHASING EARLIER... i can get emo...

I knew they were coming for the photoshoot, but i honestly didn't think they would be taking it in the MIDDLE of KL CITY because honestly, WHY DO YOU WANT TO TAKE YOUR PHOTOBOOK IN THE MIDDLE OF KL CITY?

Ok, maybe its because i'm use to KL city, so... but...



Remembering the exact place where HanKyung sat outside KLCC while filming his part for the MV!

Remembering the place where KyuHyun stood at the traffic light near Lot-10 while filming his part for the MV!

Remembering the place right outside StarHill where the WHOLE LOT of them were dancing!


Oh yah, and KLIA and Dataran Merdeka... how could i forgot those two places?


And you know what makes me EMO OF EM' ALL?
Everytime i go home from college and uses the toll, i'm FORCED to remember that THEY WERE AT SAUJANA HOTEL!

But yeah, the good part is whenever i get emo from college, i can always go there easily and remembering that they were there before, and thinking of them makes me happier and it actually encourages me to be stronger (as though they were there)!
I didn't even need to travel all the way down to KL!

But hmm... how ironic can that be?
I get emo when i see those places, but when i feel emo i actually wanted to be at those place?

Ok, its me, i'm weird so live with it!

And if saying this is a prize to any people who dislikes me...
When i finally decided to chase them, on that day when i did, i left the place to go to the place they were at, only to find that they left the place where i'm at to go to the place where i just left.

Yeah, who ask you to dislike me, balasan to yourself lar.

But that day was "worth-it" in the sense we had dinner together (in a way) at the end of the day when we thought "all hopes were gone"!

Oh, and all of them were just an arm's reach away when we walked together to the restaurant!

Hey, we did ok, if you put it in my way!

Hah! Back at you for disliking me! We had dinner together AND we walked romantically together to the dinnerplace *sticks out tongue*!

But i'm just really pissed of the fact i missed them from welcoming them at the airport, to the days where they were less than 100km near me and i was rolling around my house.
Bo-song. Emo!

Ok, i should stop it. I'm getting so emo now (= =")...

Come back boys, i really miss you guys!

In fact...

Come back ok? How about Boys in City II?

Or how about Boys in Kampung?

Hey, we could always go to Penang and i could show you guys around it =D!
Well, Penang is not exactly kampung-ish, but hey, its MY kampung, so it "fits" the kampung description right?


Another reason for you guys to come back:

My Make-upQueen CousinSoey hasn't seen you guys before!


Oh gosh, I LOVE YOU GUYS!!~

ps: Just incase anyone is wondering which video:


Its really a freakingishly purely ALL-MALAYSIA-KL-CITY video!


And thats just one of it!
There's still the meanest of most video, but also MOST LOVED!), Dancing Out!


I MISS YOU GUYS so badly!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

10 Random Facts About Myself

1. I love...
Super Junior XD!
But hmm... not exactly random ne? Everybody knows that =D!

2. Happily Married!
Like what all fangirly does... and i'm not shy to admit it...

I'm happily married to Choi SiWon and Kim YoungWoon XD!

Thats why my self-given Korean-name is Kim/ Choi/ Han YoungJi =D!
Han was the "original surname" i really like and has chosen it to go with my Korean name all along, so no, its not related to Han Kyung, just in case anybody is curious!
Sorry Anna JieJie for not inviting you to the wedding, it just happens and we want to keep it simple =P! Heehee!

3. Twin brother!
I have a twin brother by the name of RyeoWook... only that we were born 8hours+ apart, in two different places from two different mothers.
I love my Wooky =D!

4. Cartoons!
I LOVE Fairly Odd Parents and SpongeBob SquarePants like mad!!
I can remember most of the times when both shows will be shown on ch60, and can never miss it, which if i did miss it i sometimes can feel really bummed!
Like that last episode i missed on Wanda's twin sister! Grr!

Just to clarify, both cartoons are under "Nicktoons" and supposedly for "children", but i honestly doubt some funny stuffs inside if those children watching it will understand, like seriously!
So stop being an old hag with an old-fashion view to life, and accept that no matter how old you are, LOVING CARTOONS ARE FINE!
Though if i say i love Barney or Little Einsteins please shoot me in the head. Thank you.

5. I'm very random. Bo-liao. Partly retarded. THINK TOO MUCH!
Thats why this "random facts thing" even exist, tee-hee!
And i really freakingishly am a THINK TOO MUCH person XD!!~

6. My little rascal!
I have a FAT CAT by the name of Kim HeeChul, named after the great and wonderful SuJu member HeeNim!
But as much as my little rascal HeeChul posseses HeeNim's fiery personality, that girl is NOWHERE near elegant as HeeNim.
She's as retarded as her omma me, SiWon-appa and ChangMin-appa, and takes after her DongWan-haraboji.
Trust me.

7. I love w-inds.!
Gosh, i still freakingishly love them!
Even though there's SuJu, but still, I LOVE w-inds. XD!~
Tachibana Keita still remains one of the HOTTEST thing on earth *love*!~
6 years and still running strong =D!

8. The SuJu Family!
The "SuJu Family" (15 members - 13 of the original member + me and HeeChul) speaks in their very own language which i doubt anybody outside our world can understand =P!

9. I believe in birthdates!
I believe that people who share similiar or "close" birthdates, or the month, usually tend to be more similar with each other either one way or another!
Like how sensitive and emo i can easily be (=v=")... like Teuky-hyung!
And i feel most of the times what Ella says speaks my thoughts!

Hmm, oh well, maybe its just me being bo-liao and think too much =P!
But i'm just saying nya lar!
Its not exactly accurate, though i'm still in midst of analysing (Oh yeah, i like analysing things too, must be the "effect" from psychology class last year =P!)!

But conclusion is i think is i think too much, as usual =D!

10. I'm a freaking "tidy" person, though it may not be "visible".
I am really afraid, and can wince at body-odour, sweat, "oil" generated from your body (not the one of the cooking range lar)...
... which is why i don't really like going to CyberCafe because THE TABLES THERE ARE FREAKING OILY *tremours in rembrance of that day she entered this cybercafe and vow never to go back there*!

All my computer files and books must be neatly arranged otherwise i'll feel stress, or feel bad for the whole day till i get it organized!
... hmm, i don't think i'm "tidy", i think i'm just 櫃毛, or can say "very particular"?

But that said... my room and study-table remains the messiest place on the face of the earth (= =")...
At least the books and papers must be tidied properly otherwise i can't do anything and feels "stressed"... but still...
Teehee XD!~


This is not exactly a "tag" actually, i just feel like writing about how random i am because... duh, I AM =D!

Princess bo-liao XD!~

And freakingishly retarded =P!
Blame it on ChangMin* and KyuHyun, i'm innocent! Retardedness spreads (>< )! And considering the fact that we are usually magnaes... yes, retardedness is very influential.
*But ChangMin has two younger sis, so i guess only me and KyuHyun?


Ehem... anyways... before i side-track as usual...

I would like to see what you guys have to say about your erm, randomness, and *snorts* i bet it can NEVER be better than me =P!

So you guys, go nuts =D!

I'm tagging:
1. Cheryl AhMa (Ah Ma, something to write other than FOOD! I'm such a good granddaughter =D!)
2. Tracy Maria (Lets see what you're going to write!)
3. Whiney Spoilt NaiMa (NaiMa, you regret branching on the "spoilt" topic now right =P?)
4. Sam ErJie (Er... nothing to say about ErJie =P!)
5. BiBi (I think you've written something similar before? But anyways, if you haven't, i'll be glad if you do this too =D!)


I so blah.

My bro asked us (me and Hironobu) if we want to go watch Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End this Saturday noon.

I was so excited at the prospect of watching PotC3, Orlando Bloom, Kierra Knightly, Johnny Depp (savvy~) and Chow Yun-Fatt i said "YES PLEASE!" without thinking of the consequence.
It'll just be me, my bro and Ee-leeng jie and bro's friends, 2 couples...

I mean, i like bro's friends, they're all really nice and funny... and i mean really funny XD!

But i'll be freaking bright lamppost (= =")!

And another "bad thing"...

I said "YES!" forgetting the fact that Danson Tang and Wu Zhun will be at Times Square at the exact same day AND almost-the-same-time... AND I FORGOT ABOUT IT!!

If no movie, i would've gone to see them (>< )!

Yeah, i told PrettyCousinKat that i wouldn't want to go because there'll be freaking MOUNTAINS of people... but...

At least go there catch a glimpse of Danson in case i regret right?

Now i really regret (= =")...

I was so desperate to watch that movie ASAP i forgot asking if Ah Ma you guys wants to watch together anot... because exam was still on, so i didn't dare ask if you guys want to go watch...

Think about it... we could've go watch it AFTER the exams ne? Bloody freak (= =")...

However, since bro already bought the tickets...

Need to go look for Danson's alternative schedule, and see WHEN ELSE i can go catch them!

Ooh, at least i get to go 1-Utama =D (I miss you SO SO SO MUCH XD!~)!~ And shopping!


Oh yah, and bro's paying for the tics, so yeah, "double yeah" i guess =D?

But i'll be missing Danson and be so-bright!


Its ok, BE POSITIVE! Getting to go OU is good enough for me =D!

Now i speak as if i was banished from OU forever (= =")... ehem...

Forget what i said =D!

Bro found friends who could replace my seat (And thank God for the empty seat next to my seat, so two of bro's friends can fill in!), so i can go catch Danson tomorrow =D!


And shopping!

But honestly, i'm aiming to go there just to "catch a glimpse" of them, to see if they are as hot real-life as they are on tee-vee (I know SuJu are XD!~ Just that SuJu are not as hot in real-life as compared to tee-vee... because THEY ARE HOT HOTTER HOTTER real-life XD!~)!

No way i'm lining up like those "little-fangirly" *snorts*, or wait like mad!

There's seriously be MOUNTAINS of people there!

I heard from my friend who said that this Singapore forum members plans to wait there the night before (= =")... kiasu-ism man... like the Shinhwa concert in Singapore last night!
Just that the Shinhwa concert those people waited for TWO NIGHTS nya...

Ooh, and the Malaysia forum members plans to wait there from 9am or 11am, when the event will start around 3-4pm...
I love you Malaysia and the Malaysia-time.

Please don't turn to Singapore.


So yeah, just there to see them, then ciao.
No waiting (maybe from the time the event starts lar, definately no wait like 3 hours before or anything!!).
No squishing myself with other people.

And best, no more smelling all those scary horrible smells =D!

Long story, shall perhaps talk about it another time, but anyways...



*big hugs to my SuJu before they get jealous*

I'm there to see Danson, but my heart will always be on SuJu =D!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

특이 형 왔어요!



*dances kimchi dance*


형 왔어요 XD!~

김치는 형을 보고 싶었어 *애교해*!

우리 엔젤 천사~~ 왔오요!!~

특이 특이~~ 이특이~~~!!~~



But... 어제 기뿐이 안촣아요...

그리고... 슈키라를 보아고... 기억하지 않아요 (= =")...

미안 형 (>< )!!

하지만 형 왔어의 뉴스 기억했어...

아 촣다 촣아, 수박이 박수!~

지금 기뿐이 많~~ 이~ 촣아요~!!


형을 사랑해!~

우리 슈퍼주니~~ ~~~ 에요!!~~~~~

Credit: 슈퍼주니어 KISS THE RADIO

Sunday, May 20, 2007


진짜 축고 싶어...

시험는 내일에요... 근데... 공부이 안해요...

공부해 안돼...

책상에서 열려의책을 봐요...

그레 봐요...

또 봐요...


왜 공부해 안돼 (ㅠ.ㅠ )...

자고있던 려욱이...

컴퓨터하는 성민이 형 (오빠)...

또 컴퓨터하는 예성이 형 (오빠)...

또또 컴퓨터하는 이특이 형 (오빠)...

나갈준비하는 동해 형 (오빠)...


아 짓긎어 짓긎어!!

영지도 갚이 공부해요 (ㅠ.ㅠ )...


Let's wear shoe-lifts!

Five for kimchi!

Three for Wooky!

Two for Donghae, EeTeuk and EunHyuk!

While KangIn lies about not wearing shoe-lifts and SiWon and KyuHyun towers over us laughing for they have no need for those...

Or do they?


아, 발이 진짜 앞어...

모리도 진짜 앞어... 아~ 팔리 미친겐내...

Saturday, May 19, 2007

So i lied.

Remember this post?

Yeah, i meant what i said.

And erm, well, i did pretty well actually.

Coming this Monday would be the SECOND week since i last put my step into OU!

Jeng jeng jeng~ *loud dramatic sound music stuff*!


Ok, its "nothing big" honestly, but considering that OU is my second home...

Thats SOMETHING REALLY BIG for me (>< )! Imagine not going back to your other home for a whole two week?

Its just a terrible, terrible feeling *sob*!

Gosh, i'm such a drama Princess.


Though about the other thing...


But i've been a GOOD GIRL, and i've kept myself from going online to the website and thus... very outdated (>< )!

But ah, till a few more days =D!


I've been such a good girl i deserve a big big hug and love from Teuky-omma XD!~

And the rest of SuJu of course =D!



Tis so mean =(...

Nobody asked me about my day today =(!

Even when i threatened to jump out my living room window (>< )!

Nobody was even concerned about my day, even when i specifically told them what i'm doing that day as well (= =")...

A "GOOD LUCK!" would be nice honestly, but to think that some people in this world can be so mean... hmph!

The nerve to ask me if i'm going out today somemore, what the bumalama (>< )!

Oh well, get use to it, i'm so fussy i scare myself... sort-of...

But at least i get to know what and who'll matter to me most, and what who not =D!

Anyways, tonight resting, tomorrow dying and the day after tomorrow, Monday, contract... dead.

Just saying =P!~

I'll do my best regardless =D!~

Thursday, May 17, 2007


And KyuHyun for making nuna smile her first honest smile today XD!~

And YehSung and Teuky-hyung for the heart-signs!~

And HanKyung and KangKing for acting adorable!~

And SungMin's head wobble!

And EunHyuk and ShinDong's wobble-head-raps!

And DongHae sitting on KiBum's lap (like father and son (=v=")...)!

And HeeChul and SiWon for being so charming as usual!~


Ok, i'm happy again now =D!



I told myself to study.

... *ponders on the title*

I told myself to study striking this title out

I FORCED myself to study.

But i couldn't and didn't do.

I've been so stressed out i've been turning emo that even a smile or a laugh its either because the tee-vee program's really funny, or i'm just "forcing it out".

I don't really like people around me to "follow my mood", i mean, yeah, i throw tantrums and my fuse easily burns these days, and i feel bad that my family members have to suffer because of it (but like they hadn't got use to it *snigger*), but i don't like the moody feeling of mine to effect everyone as well.

I prefer i emo, you happy, so you can cheer me up, and then we can bo-liao together =D!

Hmm, scratch the "stressed out" part as well, i don't think i'm exactly stressed... its not exactly the MAIN REASON i'm turning emo, but rather...


I miss going to sleep so much i turned SUPER-EMO and got really sensitive and cried myself to sleep last night, that even the thought of Super Junior couldn't cheer me up.

And THATS *points at statement relating to SuJu above*... SAYING SOMETHING!

My eyes are getting blurry now, and it hurts (>< )! I slept at dawn last night, and then i noticed the 988 radio's MORNING CREW DJ wishing everybody "Good Morning", and the sky outside is getting brighter than the street lamps could've caused...

Then i got emo because i miss sleeping! I miss sleeping because i want to go to sleep! Not because i have to go to sleep!

I miss waking up in the morning with the feeling of "Hmm... what should i do today?"!



All in all, then the bawling part came, and i decided that i should grab KangIn and Teuky and we shall form "The Emo 3" together, because seriously, we emo too much.

Like, seriously.
We emo so much, KangIn shall be King, Teuky shall be Queen, and i shall be the Princess who originated from Mipoyo-Land, where King YehSung and Queen RyeoWook rules and i was given as a gift to KangKing in exchange for him to don't emo so much, when Prince KyuHyun from SamSungLand came and took me away to SimbaLand where i shall rule there with him and Prince SiWon as well, and SungMin is our little Princess, and HanKyung is our Royal Chef, EunHyuk our Royal Eunuch, DongHae and DongHee our Royal Entertainer, and KiBum is our Royal Guard, while HeeChul can be the bad guy with the pretty Anna Sui hand mirror!

I was about to continue it, but if i were to do so it would never end.

Honestly speaking.

If i had a fruitful study session the night before, i wouldn't mind sleeping late or even, NOT SLEEPING AT ALL (though i worship sleep)!

But i didn't, i end up slump on the sofa, watched CSI and start talking to myself how this idiot could avoid liability and that fool over there should pay damages... nada nada nada! Nyet nyet nyet! Woof woof woof!

And two hours had passed before i realised i hadn't do a very good job of talking to myself (= =")...

So i decided i should just screw the fact pattern because i didn't really have a lot of ideas how to solve it, so i decided to just read up when because my brain has already short-fused that it didn't work, so i end up staring at my book for another hour and then decided its bed time, before i get a cardiac arrest (Got it from CSI!) because my heart was beating very fast signalling BEDTIME!

At least i did some reading before i attempted the fact pattern but it was just brief notes on all the topics, that HeeChul could read it and recite the whole thing to me and still have time to catch the random insect from outside the house and bring it into the house!

Bloody hell.

I need ice-cream =(... and Super Junior... and retail-therapy...

But i'm so numb to emotions from too much emo-ing that now NOTHING is doing any help... at all...